Affiliate Marketing With a Blog: 3 Examples

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Welcome To Todays Video - Affiliate Marketing With a Blog: 3 Examples ➡️ Start your FREE affiliate blog ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ? FREE - 6 Part Training Series To QUIT Your Job In The Next Year! ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ In this video, I am going to share how you can make money online using affiliate marketing with a blog. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. You can do it in your spare time, and with very little investment. Having a blog means you can also use affiliate offers as content for your site! The 3 blogs we look at today are all earning money with affiliate marketing and one of them earns over $100,000 per month!! Obviously, it doesn't start like this but over time, with some effort, you can make a pretty decent income online, especially with affiliate marketing and a blog. ========================================================= ? Simple $7 Affiliate Marketing Program That Changed My Life ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ My YouTube Passive Success Course ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ========================================================= ? GRAB THESE FREE COURSES ? ➡️ My Completely FREE STEP-BY-STEP Affiliate Marketing Course ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ? My Completely FREE STEP-BY-STEP YouTube Growth Course ? CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➡️ Affiliate Marketing Articles. ⬅️ CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ========================================================= Affiliate Marketing Resources: ➡️ The BEST In-depth (FREE) Affiliate Marketing Course ⬅️ ➡️ Build Affiliate Sales Funnels (2 Week FREE Trial) ⬅️ ➡️ The BEST Auto Responder (2 Week FREE Trial) ⬅️ ➡️ Learn How To Build Affiliate Websites (FREE ) ⬅️ Never miss a video about simple ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Subscribe here --- #AffiliateMarketing #AffiliateMarketingWithaBlog #EarnOnline Inspired By: Miles Affiliate Dude ? POPULAR PLAYLIST VIDEOS ? ➡️ Make Money On YouTube Without Creating Videos ⬅️ ➡️ Affiliate Marketing ⬅️ ➡️ The Best Side Hustles ⬅️ ====================================================== Affiliate Disclaimer: While I may receive affiliate compensation for reviews or promotions on this channel I always offer an open and honest opinion related to the product or service itself. My goal is to help you make an informed and best purchasing decisions, however, the views and opinions expressed are mine only. With any purchase you should always do your own due diligence before making any kind of purchase. By clicking on links or purchasing products I recommended on this page may generate an income for this website from affiliate commissions and you should assume we are compensated for any purchases you make. ====================================================== Thanks for watching/reading today's video

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In today's video i'm going to share with you three affiliate marketing blog examples now in terms of affiliate marketing with a blog many people ask me this question all the time they say you know what is the difference between an affiliate marketing blog and a website and in terms of a blog blogging website they're essentially the same thing the only difference is a blog is Updated quite regularly whereby a website you know if it's for like a company like say like a doctor's or a dentist or a chiropractor that content isn't updated all of the time so they're essentially the same thing but let's jump into this video and i'll share with you three different examples i'll share with you a broad niche i'll share a specific niche and i'll also share with you some Earnings because i think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you could potentially earn with affiliate marketing and the blog and the great thing about a blog like this one on the screen here this is one of my blogs you know once you create the content it becomes evergreen so you do the work once and potentially you can be any money many years down the line now if you want some free resources For affiliate marketing check out the links down below but let's just go ahead and jump into website number one or blog number one okay so first of all let's jump over here on to this website here now this is one of my favorite websites it's called now this here is in the financing as you can see it's quite a big niche it's quite broad it's not very specific Over on this website here you can see we've got side hustles jobs blogging passive income and much more but this website here sorry this blog here that you'd be you'd be incredibly surprised at how much money this ends comment down below how much you think this blog dollar sprout earns a month because drumroll plays it ends over a hundred thousand dollars every single month On this website here and specifically most of this earnings come from affiliate marketing it's just insane so how do they earn money well let's just look at an article look see this here 189 side hustle ideas let me show you inside of the article so scroll down here let's just go down you see anywhere look paid online surveys if i click on there It will go over to different online surveys and guess what anybody clicks and goes through to an online server this dollar sprout here then an affiliate commission for sending somebody over to a survey site let's go a bit further down look not one on this one not one on this one but throughout the article it will be littered with affiliate links So if a comment favored on the page here i mean look at this is a great one here look get cash back when you shop so they give you a brief introduction about it and look here are two articles so click on this article here and open it up scroll down the page here look rebates made this here is an affiliate link so if i just click on there now it opens up in a new tab And along the top did you see that it says i look reference equals dollar spro so anybody who goes ahead and reads this article you know about cashback apps and they click on here to go over to the website and this company here this they pay dollar sprout and affiliate commission scroll further on the page look capital one all of these here i can tell You now all of these here will have affiliate links without a doubt every single one of these they will earn affiliate commissions from doing this so in terms of this website over here this dollar sprout you know they're earning over a hundred thousand a month which is just incredible but they have been around for a number of years they also had a previous website called Breaking the one percent and the recently just merged them but essentially this is what this website here is about it's about finance and again look if you click on any of these look how well then this one here how to get started with real estate investing if you're going to here they'll probably be linking out to a course or you know a company or something like That so look let's just go down look start learning look this website here come down here set a goal and you see this here this here as you can see right by the top is an advertisement this is a company called mediavine and basically they're also advertisements or adverts like this one here and this one here inside of their blog articles and look how to sell your house Click on here lock market hacking related if i go into this article i think i think you get the picture it's basically the create content and then they put links in here and anyone clicks any of these links and they add an affiliate commission now this website it's all about personal finance pretty this is quite a broad niche it's not you know niche down specifically let me share Something which is very niche with you so this website over here it's called lineman boots and tools now everything on this website or this blog so i keep saying website but everything on this blog here is about this here this is a niche it's all about lineman boots and so we'll see you know people who work in this industry here it's all related to them so look lineman dopes five must-haves vr boobs if i Click on here scroll further on the page here look come down come down ankle support come down here good traction and treading full steal shank and you see in here there's affiliate links inside of here and you see all of these reviews down here people who work in this industry you know they will need some of these lineman boots so they're going on google and you know They'll be typing in you know westco highliner review i like this one here flashpoint leather boots review and then what happens is they land on this page here so let's just go in this huffman books one for example so people are going on google they're searching for this product here then you know they're checking out reviews for this to see if it's actually any good And then what happens here is look if i click on here it will take me over to amazon it's the same look you see here like amazon with next day delivery these are amazon affiliate links so anyone clicks any of these and they're going over to amazon now this website here this is incredibly specific but it's catering to everyone who works in this lineman trade or this lineman industry so you can see on here We've got lime and boots the tools that you would need lots more but predominantly a lot of this is geared around reviews and if i scroll favored on the page here i'm sure we'll see some more on here so look at this one and there's some more on here this one and this website here about uh sorry this blog here this is actually one of my blogs i purchased this a few well probably about six or eight months Ago but i've got to go through and you know edit it and add other bits in but essentially this here is known as a niche website so this one over here is abroad niche this is a specific niche a niche now let me share with you another example so this website over here is called just a blog sorry now if i Scroll down here you can see this is what i've got here we've got organizing decorating and blogging now let's scroll down here you can have a look at the articles that this lady is putting up on here so this is abby this is her blog so you see this here the best smart home voice assistant alexa vs google versus siri guess what's going to be inside of here i think you are here i think you think This blog here is there in a month because i think again you'll be surprised when you see this look diy mugs this one here so all of these all of this content what people are sharing is essentially to earn money because if we land on the website like we are here now there's ads popping up down here and other bits so they're in and they're in commissions from these ads inside of the actual article so you see These down here come further on the page come further down look look amazon smart speakers click here that goes over to amazon then abby and hair blog will earn an affiliate commission this one here again it's all the same and look this is in terms of affiliate marketing with a blog the internet is just surprisingly affiliate marketing Websites or affiliate marketing blogs it's just everything if you were searching for let's just say you wanted ladder now let's say a new bike for your toddler let's just go with this so we'll type in best bikes for toddlers okay scroll further on the page here look five best bikes for three to five year olds made for mums i mean this one here made For mums this is gonna just be a huge affiliate affiliate marketing blog so let's scroll down here here's our handpicked bikes look so this is the one a picture of the product a little bit of information this here will be an affiliate link scroll further on the page look amazon this one here that they're sending people over to amazon they are an affiliate commission Confirmed on the page look this one here ebay come further down et cetera so all of these look at amazon again another bikes one come favorite on the page frog ebay and lots more so in terms of affiliate marketing with a blog it's a pretty simple process you decide on a niche or a category you then create content around that natural category and inside of your blog you simply you Put affiliate links like this one over here like we saw over on this one here so if we just go back on here and show you inside of any of these did it look confirmed on the page look at this one here check out the lineman boots here this is an affiliate link and the same over on at this dollar sprout here click on here look download the free app at the End and the commission confirmed on the page commission confirmed on the page you know commission and the reason why people like this method of making money online is once you've done the hard work in creating the content then over time as these blog articles start to rank on google or you know you're sharing them over on pinterest or facebook or wherever They're evergreen and what that means is you know you're not going to remove this person you're not going to take it down so it becomes an evergreen passive income for you so it's pretty good now in terms of blogging you know you can spend thousands of dollars you know taking online expensive courses you know getting um hosting and lots more if you want a free resource To literally get started with affiliate affiliate marketing with a blog then you can go ahead and check out this website over here i'll drop a link to it below for you it's called wealthy affiliate now this here it's a platform designed for affiliate marketers of all levels but what i like about this is scroll down the page here you can see it walks through the entire process from start to finish and also To give you a free blog but if you start at the beginning you can see here you can transform your ideas into profits so in here there's over a million lucrative niches and look anything can be an issue you can create a blog about smart watches you could create one about you know speakers cameras vitamins weight losses shoes whatever it doesn't matter you can make money in honestly in Absolutely any niche if we scroll down here we've then got you get a website so you can see on here the process takes less than 30 seconds i think that's exaggerating a bit it's not going to take 30 seconds i'd say realistically it will take you about about 10 or 15 minutes you don't have to you know create the blog yourself it's it's done inside of wealthy affiliate And it's basically it's drag and drop you just pick a couple of themes give it a name and then it's up and running for you and then scroll down here what i like about this wealthy affiliate platform here is they actually show you how to drive traffic you can see on here proven strategies to attract loads of traffic over to your blog and there's lots inside of here and you can see on here Different companies you can partner up with ebay see you know many many more and let me just quickly show you inside of a wealthy affiliate because not only will it teach you how to do this there's a big community inside of here so this is literally you can see inside of the dashboard this is the home look someone here when was this 18 hours ago first sight index on google i'm excited for the Future so there's a huge community on here there's a live chat on the right hand side so you can go ahead and ask any questions in here and people answer this for you and you can go through and everyone shares you know their latest blog article and a lot smart also you've got training you've got research and there's lots more in here but just going to the training section here You can see there's lots of training in here so look at getting started building your own traffic producing website making money there's an affiliate bootcamp in here and lots lots more so overall it's a free resource for you i'll drop a link to it down below if you want to go ahead and check this out and get your own affiliate blog up and running then you can do so For free so yeah but look overall affiliate marketing with a blog it's simple it genuinely is simple it's decide on a niche find products to promote create content and when you're creating content just make sure you're following a structure whereby you know you're creating the content in the correct way you're including headlighter so you're including keywords and other bits and this website over here this wealthy Affiliate they'll show you how to do all of it for free so look that's today's video i hope you found oh no no i've just forgot one thing do you remember this website over here was talking about it won't we this um sorry i nearly forgot this website over here this just a gallon hair blog so back in if you come up here you go to income reports The last one she actually put on the page was in december 2016. now in december 2016 so she's not produced one for about four years so it makes me wonder how much this blog is ending currently but scroll down the page here confirmed on the page look at this 41 000 in income expenses 6 300 so this was back in 2016 net profit 35 360 dollars profit from this blog here and look feel free to go ahead and check this out when you know go through this if you come over to this blog here and you click on income reports you can go ahead and read some of their previous income reports you see they randomly stopped in 2016 probably because she didn't want people then how much she was earning anymore but it was just Ridiculous amounts of money insane really is so look that is today's video i'll drop links to everything down below but look yeah thanks again have a great day and i'll see you tomorrow [Music] you

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