Make Quick $100 Per Day Using YouTube Shorts And ClickBank

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Ross Minchev

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Hey what is going on guys ross minichief in the house and today we're going to see the fastest way to make money on clickbank and i'm going to show you a very powerful strategy that will allow you to generate 50 to 100 per day and even more and this is going to be a step-by-step video tutorial in which we're going to be using something very new which is youtube shorts this is Still underground and it's still in the blue ocean not many marketers are using it but it's very very powerful and this is how we're going to be making our money so in a nutshell how the entire system works we're going to be copying literally copying videos from facebook you don't have to create the videos yourself you don't have to be a video producer we're going to be using public free Videos from facebook that they don't have any copyrights on them and then we're going to be pasting them onto youtube shorts and thirdly we're going to be collecting our money from clickbank this is how it works this is the entire system in a nutshell if you want to see how it's done smash the like button for a good luck and keep watching because now it's time to put everything in action and try to Make some money shall we let's do it all right so before we begin with the actual setup of the system let me just walk you through of what is a youtube shorts for those of you who are not familiar with youtube shorts these are short video clips no more than 60 seconds in length that are very trendy right now on youtube this is a new feature youtube rolled out like a couple of months ago so it's brand new And it has huge potential because as we can see from these clips right here i just found this fella on youtube his videos his shorts are 34 seconds 30 seconds etc and he already has hundreds of thousands of views and even millions of views as we can see two weeks ago 4.7 million views on a 30-second clip so this is huge a huge potential here now it's the time to jump on before Everybody else jumps and saturate the market and so this guy is actually recording himself on the videos but today i'm going to show you how to take any clip you don't have to shoot it yourself you just copy and paste it onto youtube shorts and you're going to see how and it's very very easy now the first step you need to do is a way to get paid so for that reason hop over to the website called this is an affiliate Marketplace and sign up for an account here this is where you're going to uh get your money so sign up for a free account with clickbank once you do that just follow the process click sign up and fill out your country your first name last name phone number etc and click join clickbank after you create your account and walk in for the first time in clickbank this is what you're going to see Go over to the marketplace and here from the marketplace you're going to see some categories on the left side but what i recommend just click the magnifier glass so you can see all the offers that you can promote and get paid and basically this is what we're going to be doing we're going to promoting these affiliate offers on our youtube shorts and this is how we're going to get paid for today's example just browse through these offers and find One that you like now the top categories here are diet and fitness health lifestyle makeup diy do it yourself and hobbies hobbies crafts and entertainment as well so today i'm gonna go with an offer called ted's woodworking so this is an offer for people who want to do woodworking stuff for woodworking crafts and projects now leave it like it is just pay attention To this number 62. this is the amount of money you're going to earn every time somebody buys this product from your links and i'm going to show you how to create your affiliate links in just a minute now let's hop on over to youtube short so we can find the relevant video and make sure that we have a lot of people interested in wood working this is how to validate our Niche our category and our offer so hop on to youtube right here and in the search bar i have already typed in short but what you need to do is type hashtag then shorts and then this is a trick uh hit space type plus sign and then type the keyword of your category in this case we are in the wood working so i'm going to type would working so would working right there i'm going to hit enter and Now we're going to see all of these youtube shorts again 57 seconds 59 um 34 seconds 25 seconds these are youtube shorts that are related to woodworking and right now we can see that we have huge potential because all these woodworking youtube shorts have 16 000 views 1 000 views then we have 12 million views this is a video uploaded a week Ago woodworking tips then we have another video 454 000 views three months ago so now we have validated our category and our offer now we know that there is a market for this clickbank offer and now we know that people will be interested in this offer and usually this is what i like to do i like to calculate how much money i'm going to make if one percent of these people Buy my product or buy my affiliate offer from clickbank so i'm going to be very very skeptical and this is how you should be too so i'm going to take like uh not the least of the video with the least amount of views but very very like skeptical so i'm not going to take the video with 400 000 people i'm going to take just this one with 16 000 views so let's say if one percent of 16 000 views how much money we're going to make if just one percent of these people buy our product so i'm gonna pull out my calculator and i'm going to calculate one percent out of these 16 000 people is one a 10.01 this is one percent times 16 000 people equals to 160 people and then times the amount of money the the average commission which is 62 dollars So times 62 dollars i already clicked times 62 equals to 9 000 dollars of course you're not going to make this 9 000 doors in just one day this is you know across many days weeks etc now that we have validated the offer now that we know there is a potential we have an audience we know this is going to convert we calculated how much money we can make Now it's time to start setting up um our system and start sourcing our videos next step jump over to facebook so in this search bar let's type woodworking ideas and of course this is for in my case in your case if you go with diet just type diet ideas or weight loss ideas or makeup ideas whatever category you decide to go with but in my case again woodworking ideas hit enter And now zoom out and go over to um right here in the left left menu and click videos now most of these videos that you see right here are public most of them they don't have any copyrights but i'm going to show you a way to be 100 sure that you're not going to increase any copyrights so just browse through these videos just find a video that you like and make sure it provides value and make sure it's interesting and It's engaging make sure it's something that people don't see every day for example let's go with this one i have already watched it and it looks pretty good so i'm gonna go with these four amazing woodworking ideas looks pretty good woodworking ideas awesome so now this is the video and boom it looks pretty good so we're going to take this video i'm going to pause this one and i'm Going to hit these um three dots at the top right corner and i'm going to click copy link and it's always a good idea to let the page owner know that you're going to use their video so usually what i do i would just hover over the page i'm going to click the page and i'm going to send them a message and be like hey guys i'm going to promote Your video on youtube do you mind can i use your video i'm going to spread the word out you know you're going to get exposure so most of the time they will say yes because who would not say yes of a free advertisement because in reality this is what you're going to do you're going to promote their video for free of course you're going to get paid to do So but it's a win-win situation where you promote their video for free and you get paid through clickbank again hover over the fan page or just send them a message open a new tab and just ask them or let them know that you're going to use their video now that you have copied the video from here open a new tab and type facebook down water okay there we go get the first um website click that and In here type paste the url that you just copy it so paste so we want to download this video click download okay so you don't see the image right here i know why i don't know why but i can just click this button download in hd quality so i'm gonna click that here is the video oops i'm gonna reduce the turn off the volume now from here right Click over the video and then click download video as and just save the video on your computer so click save next step we want to edit this video a little bit before we upload it to youtube shorts and this is uh we're going to use a free software called canva so this is canva in canva right here go over to this button that Where it says create a design click this button and in the search bar type mobile and we want mobile video all right now it's loading perfect now next step is click here on the left side where it says uploads and upload the video you just downloaded so click upload medium and click device and now just click the video clip you just downloaded Choose for upwards right here and now the video is uploading perfect now click hold and drag this video to your canvas but make sure it's not rasterizing like that make sure it's centered in the middle that's important don't do that make sure it's in the middle like this and what we want to do we want to drag the corners uh click and drag the corners to the Right a little bit to make it a bit bigger so make it a bit bigger like that and make sure you leave some space on top and at the bottom you're going to see why we're going to put some call to actions so we want to prompt people to click our affiliate links so we can make money what we want to do is click crop this icon right here because now it's 3 minutes and 25 Seconds we want to make it less than 60 seconds if you remember because click this and find a nice kind of place where you can crop the video so for example this one looks pretty cool where they do some stuff with the wood and i'm going to um make it something like okay like this 40 seconds 43 seconds perfect so if i play the video there we go pretty Interesting video this is woodworking ideas awesome actually this one looks pretty good and smart oh look at this one okay anyways enough distractions now that you have your video like that go over to text right here and at the left click text we want to put titles and call to actions so let's pick a title let's go with i don't know maybe this one looks pretty good so i'm gonna Drag this and drop it right here i'm going to reduce the size like that and i'm going to say click the link click the link below like that and i'm going to make this bigger click the link below there we go click the link below like that i'm going to center this now hover over this text command or control c and then command ctrl v to duplicate it drag this below the Video and here i'm going to say instead of click the link below is i'm going to say click below click below for more wood working tips and i'm going to make this even smaller like 50. there you go click below for more woodworking tips now we have two call to actions and now what we want to put is some arrows basically to drag their attention To the actual link because in the description below we're going to have our affiliate links that people can click now go over to the elements right here at the left sidebar click elements and in the search bar right here type arrow so arrow down actually and this one looks pretty good so click this one and make it a bit smaller put it right here and there you go let's see yep and then Command control c or command or ctrl c or v for a mac or um or windows and then there you go click the link below and we want to make this as well for the bottom uh call to action so i'm gonna put one more arrow right here so now it looks pretty good next step is click download and just save this video so click download mp4 Download all right now download this video by just i'm going to change the name to uh youtube yt shorts and then clickbank underscore cb stands for clickbank and then uh underscore would working there we go and i'm gonna hit save all right congratulations you have your first shorts ready to go now it's time to upload this short To youtube shorts so hop on to uh youtube so on youtube you have to create your youtube account probably you're watching this on youtube right now so i'm assuming you already have a youtube account you can do this from desktop either desktop or your mobile phone on the desktop you can you have to click right here where it says create this is the camera so we're basically going to create a new Video and so i'm going to click here and i'm going to click upload a video and now we want to upload the video we just created so i'm going to click select files this button and as we can see this is our youtube shorts clickbank woodworking video so i'm gonna select that one choose for upload and boom voila now we are reporting our first youtube short Now the next step you need to do is give it a title the title is important because in order for youtube to understand that this is a youtube shorts video you have to name it with a hashtag so put a hashtag and type shorts this tells youtube that this is a short video for only youtube shorts next hit space and just type woodworking Tips and this of course is should be related to your niche you can type diet tips healthy tips makeup tips clothing tips etc so we're going to just type woodworking tips and tricks let's say and now this is the important part this is the most important part this is how we're going to make our money the description in the description the first thing people need to see Is the link you promised them this is the link remember we put click the link below so the link below is actually this link this is the link below in the description so what we're going to say we have to go back to our woodworking uh offer from clickbank so go over to clickbank remember ted's woodworking this is the offer now click promote and grab your affiliate hop link so Click generate hop links and this is your unique affiliate hop link from clickbank and every time somebody clicks this link and purchase the product you're going to get paid 62 dollars which is pretty pretty good deal now copy this link i'm going to copy it and it's actually a good practice to shorten it so i'm going to open a new tab and in the search box just Type bit dot ly this is bitly and in here you see where it says shorten your link paste your affiliate url from clickbank so paste that click shorten and now this is your shortened link click copy now open a new tab and make sure that this thing actually works so paste it on a new tab right here hit enter and now it should redirect to The actual website from ted's woodworking boom there we go basically redirects you to a website with a video sales letter this is called vsl for shorten and it sells you know people the these woodworking plans so if you scroll down you can see all these woodworking projects that people will get when they buy this product so it's actually a pretty good offer as you Can see hundreds and even thousands of projects 16 000 projects and plans for woodworking so it's an awesome awesome kind of product and it works okay now that you have tested your links go back to your youtube shorts and here we're going to type get more wood working plans here and then i'm going to type column and i'm going to paste my link Bitly there you go or you can say something like watch watch more wood working techniques let's say but make sure that if when you say something let's for example because i have watched this video this one that i showed you from clickbank and i know that they are showing more techniques so make sure that You watch this video right here from clickbank and make sure that whatever you say in the description here in youtube shorts matches what they actually show on the video from clickbank so i know that they they're going to show some more you uh woodworking techniques that's why i can say uh click here actually click here this is the link And then i'm going to say to watch more woodworking ideas or or tips or in your case or most of the cases i'm going to say grab sixteen 000 plus wood woodworking plans and projects boom here projects here there we go and so now i have grub 16 000 woodworking plants and projects here And we know that they are 16 000 woodworking plants right here we can see that number and the next thing is usually what is a good practice is give a credit to the facebook owner of this video so i can say something like original video column and then i'm going to just grab the link this one that you copy it remember and i'm going to copy this link Copy link and just i'm going to paste it in youtube shorts in my description so i give credit to the actual fan page from facebook which is pretty good it's a win-win situation so this is original video you can actually give it a couple of spaces like that and leave it somewhere on the bottom it doesn't matter and in between them you can give some Context you can say if you are a woodworker or um or you like to work in your backyard or something like that just give it a give some context if you want if you don't want it's up to you and now for thumbnail right here we already have this thumbnail so we are not going to change it so leave that thumbnail like this something important Click show more this button and we have to give some tags and these are the tags by default that youtube gives me for my personal account but i have to remove all of them just i'm going to delete them and choose tags related to your video to your initial category in this case i'm going to type would working basically this is how people Will find your youtube shorts by these stacks so these tags are basically to tell youtube what this video is about without these stacks youtube doesn't know what this video is about and it's not going to recommend it to a lot of people maybe just a few so woodworking comma then i'm going to type wood ideas comma and then i'm going to type wood working Projects comma basically when you type comma it creates a new bracket of keywords so this is how it works next step click next right here click next and a copyright no issue found perfect we're perfect to go um usually if you have some copyright issues it's going to tell you the reason so you have to change the video maybe Or to change something it's going to tell you actually what you need to change but in our case we are good to go so i'm gonna hit next and i'm going to hit publish boom and voila we should be yes perfect back in the game this is your your first youtube short and you're ready to go you're ready to start making those sweet Affiliate commissions from clickbank so i can open a new tab right now and just paste my link to see how the video looks like the one we just uploaded and let's see pretty good there you go click the link below click below for more woodworking tips they're going to see that and look what we have they're going to click the link below which is this link they're going to click that link and Guess what they're going to be redirected to the clickbank woodworking offer where they can purchase their their woodworking plans and we are going to make our money all right fellas that's about it for today smash the like button if you think you've learned something today and also hit subscribe if you haven't already and hit the bell icon to get notified Every time i release a new video usually i try to upload a video every week sometimes every second week but that's about it so thank you so much for watching and i will see you in the next video cheers

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