The Girl Without a Phone - a Princess and the Pauper Story

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[Music] once there was a beautiful princess who went to school in a faraway town her beauty was surpassed only by her tart and she was admired by all but this princess had blood which she wanted to be just like everyone else it's so she did her best to forgive she hated the fact that she was different but her royalty was hard to disguise and her fellow students were often reminded That she was indeed not like everyone else you know why didn't she want to be a princess she just did like all the attention you know it was too much pressure hmm I was like that when I got my glasses everyone was staring at me was this story really about you no I'm making it up it's provide creative writing class we all have to write our own fairy tale you should read it about those two they're like real life Princesses stop getting distracted sorry um what happened next well being a princess was it easy she had a lot of duties to appoint good and pout I want attitude good bring this down off your shoulder yes yeah huh fears by the line good this one hmm what should the caption be make me your queen okay post it and I'll put it on my story in tag Brendan and not say anything you think that'll work Please he's a guy besides you're perfect for each other right see you after school Queen Victoria [Music] and all these expectations that were built upon her was like a tower that trapped her for being her real self and sometimes this caused a little chill in her heart what are you looking at so was she mean to people yeah but only because she was angry at herself it's not a Popular girl what she was mean to me and everything is she um yeah I guess she's pretty popular are you new I don't go to this school it's a nerd yeah and a jock oh my gosh there's everything here we try not to label people our school it's just like in the movies well what are you doing here I have an exam that's in room 306 do you know where that is oh I think that's the site through it's a chemistry exam well we can take you there if you Want are you guys the nice ones we try to be so what school you go to it's called discovery never heard of it it's for homeschoolers are they true leaders they're probably in class can I see them um maybe we should just get you to your table thanks for liking my pose are you gonna thank all 557 of us personally good that's a lot of likes in ten minutes you know you're making all of us basically are you kidding you're so not basic okay Please don't adjust about oh my gosh what's the problem there's gum under the table don't worry I'm not eating it it's watermelon hey you are you coming tonight yeah I'll see you there behave can I get a little more time yeah that's fine [Music] Brendan's asking him out tonight what how do you know I texted Chris you can handle this right of course wear something red lots of makeup and Leave your hair down let him do the talking you just be freaking gorgeous let nature take its course right you deserve this Thanks it's like you've officially arrived toodles it seemed so crazy to give up all that she had I mean she knew that she should be thankful to be so privileged and admired but she wasn't happy being a princess this kind of reminds me of the prince in the popper Story like when the prince didn't want to be the prince I thought that was the princess of the partner that was the Barbie movie oh right I remember that so what did she do who the princess in your story okay well what could she do she was trapped trapped in her tower alone with the person she was pretending to be well let's make up there's something red let him do the talking yeah of course whatever you say hey Victoria get it Together you are a slayer just do it just do it just this is a stupid highschool romance [Music] feel so romantic Brendan you're so lucky look at me [Music] romantic loser what the hell I'm sorry no just leave it why are you standing there it's pretty creepy I'm sorry I'll go no I'm sorry I didn't mean that I just freaking out right now they need a Minute I don't name that that was those done right you're pretty you're a popular girl right what what kind of question is that you don't know me the jacket is so fetch fetch don't they say that unlike girls or something who says that sorry that was I I just never talked to a popular girl before like in real life what the hell are you I'm homeschooled I don't know what category that is maybe Just like the outcast like Lindsay Lohan and Mean Girls okay whatever whatever my gosh that's so cool I used to dream I was a popular girl one Halloween I went as Rizzo from grease she's in the Pink Ladies I've watched so many movies I couldn't even act like one watch this you were nothing before you met me you are a Girl Scout cookie what is that like no heather's that's my favorite sorry I've just watched a lot of movies I think I said that already you know you Actually remind me of cher not the singer Alicia Silverstone from clueless the way you dress your so put together do you have an amazing life I bet you have an amazing life mine is totally boring you would not want to be me I bet being you is cool I would like that I'm just saying not for forever just for fun to be a popular girl that would be like totally cool you look like me I do yeah yeah like with a bit of makeup you changed your hair Yours is nicer you you could be me okay do you want to go to a party today you're gonna be mean tonight I'll get to wear this yeah just for tonight my gosh you'll be helping me out I have a bit of a situation what is that like like a boy thing yeah exactly are you serious okay wait you have to pretty cool yes of course i know i cool i I can be cool I'll be so cool super cool wait are you gonna give me a makeover I've seen this in a movie Aren't I [Music] bibbidi-bobbidi dang I look good I'm just like you yeah you're just like me okay now what okay well you need to do more than just look like me so let's hear you walk oh I got this whoa stop that's no not all popular girls are like runway models just like I'm sure not all homeschoolers I like you they're not Know actually I'm the only one I know who can dance watches oh my god okay no no um there's no dancing yeah it's not that kind of party what kind of party is it it's just like a big cool kind of pretty okay okay I can be cool but don't get excited okay don't get upset right and whenever you're talking to someone don't stare at them for too long like you're doing right now correct I mean right I'll just be cool this is Nikki she's my friend just do whatever she says this is like a mission yeah and this is Sophie I I don't really know her but it's her party how come you get to go to her party if you don't even know her oh you're popular yeah sure that's so cool this is Brendan Wow now listen carefully he's gonna ask you out tonight you have to say yes and then you have to kiss him there should be witnesses and tomorrow At school I'll return just being me and dump him and then you will have lived your dream of being a popular girl and I will be out of this mess wait a sec why don't you want to go out with him doesn't matter right it's probably best I don't know he's a playboy okay he thinks he's all that you know God's gift to women and after you kiss he'll probably brag about it to his friends and exaggerate what happened Total womanizer he's pretty cute yeah and he knows it but don't worry I will be with you in your ear the whole night okay have your hair down and we'll live video - just keep your phone out so I can hear and see everything you're doing we'll have the screen brightness to zero so no one can see and I'll just tell you what to do let's test it though so give me your phone what is that it's my phone this is your phone this is my phone are you serious This is like a dead person's phone you can play Tetris on it okay Plan B this is a smart phone you have to know this is just my old one but do you know how to use it okay that's that's fine you just have to hold it and never put it down because this is how we're gonna communicate back and forth I'm starting to feel like a spy yeah it's like Charlie's Angels can you hear me yes no I mean in your ear pod Oh talk again okay check one two three can you hear me Roger-dodger don't say we're on your Dodger okay makeup check are you nervous yes don't worry just stay relaxed remember you're supposed to be me right oh my gosh what I don't know your middle name why would you need to know that what if somebody asks me I should know these details right no one's gonna ask you my middle name you have any brothers or sisters no what about a favorite color I don't Have one it's okay listen if anyone asks you this I will be there to tell you just go into that party and look pretty wait penny party party party remember you're a popular girl but I'm a popular girl let's party [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay hold the foot drag this is whining there's a guy walking with a blue bag in A robe on telephone system cool hey Victoria she's talking to you oh hey thanks so what is this it's sprite oh I don't remember it being so fizzy don't talk to me unless you actually have to be super jealous so say something that sounds kind of nice but it's actually [Music] thanks ducky thank you back look not Nicki Dixit stop it Brendan's over there stay there a lot of [ __ ] you Go talk to him go go go go go Jamie what's hot why are you on the floor get up stand up [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hey hey pretty hard huh yeah I was just checking yeah like to steal over what Jamie with oh crap what's happening So so [Music] Oh what do you what do you think of the music it's good yeah that's cool yeah very did you see the game yes yes yeah yeah you guys weren't great we lost right yeah I know just uh it was a good effort I like your jacket then you won't run off sir [Music] it's big it's nail it for you looks good thanks this could be a start something New it feels so right to be here with you what what did you just grow nice the musical no you did no you know you did it first though I was being awkward how did you know that I thought you were a jock I have sisters correct you're different than I was expecting it's not like we haven't met each other of course you're right you're different too I am I don't know what it is it's something by you tonight it's different It's cool though I like it oh thanks I just say weird things sometimes especially if it gets awkward do you want to go out what what I did again you can't hold him since on that uh reversers who even says oopsies not me I don't um that's weird okay well uh yeah yeah what yeah I'll go out with you oh yeah cuz I exhaust you yeah you did yeah so it's official yeah yeah I guess Hang on for a second I just need to go I'll be right back what the Freak is going on in there I lost the air pod but I did it it's official official I have a boyfriend you have a boyfriend we have a boyfriend how do you ask you I asked him are you kidding why would you do that I would never do that I'm sorry I'm just being me well you can't be you you have to be me remember right but you know he's actually not like he said he seems Really nice yeah it's called being smooth okay not everyone is who they seem to be so what now go back in there and kiss him I don't know if I can do that why I kind of like him all the better but if it was meaningless and I'd be fine but for someone I actually like I don't want to go so fast it's not like it's going anywhere let's just pretend it's all gonna be over tomorrow all right okay you're right this is it this Is it my only chance to kiss a really hot guy Yeah right here right now one glorious night and it'll never come again let's do this hey it's not gonna be easy it's gonna be really hard we're gonna have to work this every day but I want to do that because I want you I want all of you forever you and me every day isn't that from the notebook oh my gosh how did you know that I love everything what the heck who are you seriously I Mean for real [Music] hang on what's the matter I I can't why okay look this is this is gonna sound totally cringy but um I like you I do and because of that I just I don't really want to rush things between us I just feel like when people in relationships do that it just fizzles out really quick and that's exactly what I want people should know some does heart foundation yeah otherwise you may Not even last yeah ask me more than you just physical come on each other I'm really bad Yoshi go slow yeah hold back yeah yeah yeah legendary actually it's about to be even more legendary Victoria you're not a bunch of ditching another one are you we don't want to disappoint my fans what hell are you doing why are you just like are you trying to be me no that's it's Rizzo from Greece there's a closest I had oh my god you can't be here there Can't be two I don't want you to break up with him well it's not your choice and why do you care so much you know why because you like him yes well that doesn't make any sense because you're not the one going on with him I am I mean even if you did go out with him which you won't also have to break up with him okay so like that that makes sense but but what but I still don't want you to break up with him you're not getting much to do it What let me break up with him I was just the one to ask him out I should be the one to end it but that is not happening this is my school you can't walk in here and think that you can you know like go [Music] great why are you dressed in it Oh my shirt got wet I'm here too yeah hey Brendon hey so good to see ya thanks yeah I need to tell you something yeah me too um you can you can go first okay um I uh Yeah mines hard to say okay I can go first um there's a no I I bet I better go first actually I okay if I'm you go first okay there's a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show tomorrow night so I got us tickets oh I've been dying to see that yeah it's thrower like the audience they join and they throw food and everything's I'm oh my gosh that's that's right that's good but I want to Do that but there's not one small problem what's that I I don't have anything to wear oh okay you're supposed to dress up right we can just go thrifting after school and we can get something for you then you down yes yeah we got English so I can just walk you to class so maybe we could grab a bite for the show or something yeah okay I just let's just new please what are You doing okay are you okay I'm fine he literally ripped your shirt what do you yeah I know I can I can think that I'm really sorry I could what this is so you were done obviously I tried but he's just so sweet of his heart no one it doesn't matter you need to leave the school you don't belong here what about the break-up I honestly don't care I'll send him a text or something you can just take your stupid clothes back and now you're done Hello everyone my name is mr. Hendon I'll be substituting for you today as per your teachers instruction we'll be watching a movie so let's all get settled in [Music] this person they can be slain with a kiss from a beautiful princess all right everyone quickly quietly on to the sports field this is not a drill gone too far Sparks big criminal I didn't pull the fire alarm I don't care you have to stop being me and you're not going back out there just like that put this on fine thank you you know I don't get you nobody does join the club why don't you want to go out with him I just don't you know he's nothing like you've said he's actually an amazing guy sure he is then why didn't you give him a chance or try to get to know him it's none of your Business okay how could you say it's none of my business after all you made me do I request on someone else okay okay why need you say that before we didn't want anyone to know everyone has a crush that's no big deal yeah most people what do you mean uh doesn't matter okay hope it works out for you someday she sits in front of me she so that's why it's bins are does anybody know Are you just afraid of people judging you well yeah obviously it's kind of hard to be yourself and everyone thinks if someone you're not I don't go to a school like this so I guess I don't really know what it's like yeah you do it's just like the movies people judge you you stand out there you go we could form a tie I'm sorry I should go that's her she pulled it I saw her Brendan hey where did you go I need to talk to you it's not something to joke about I know it wasn't but you can tell that to the fire marshal and to the principal who has a suspension waiting please I didn't do it I am done talking with you she didn't do it I did does someone want to tell me what's happening here it's tros but there went off over there she had nothing to do with it I'll be right There principal's office 15 minutes Thanks what's going on we broke up I told them everything I'm sorry I caused all this it's okay it's really not your fault guess he'll be suspended yeah you know probably just make me popular well I'm sorry again hey where you going I don't go to the school I know I just Thought I mean I know we technically don't even really know each other I just I like you so I thought maybe we could be friends or something I can't be friends why not you're way too hot it's a boyfriend they're nothing I guess I can do boyfriend then I'm Jamie by the way I'm Brendan yeah yeah [Music] Yeah oh my god where were you huh the teacher marked you absent he thinks you perished in the fire I was what are you doing you know just re-evaluating my life choices been there Emma yeah do you want to go out yeah sure that'd be cool unless wait what do you mean like go out go out yeah no never I thought that's stupid I know oh my god no that's totally cool I just I didn't know that about you it's okay I'd Go out with you as friends I'm just I'm not gay yeah of course hit me up on Instagram now we can slang and um I think it's really cool that you just told me that hey that was really brave are you listening I didn't mean to eavesdrop I just wondering if this was yours someone said you left at my party yeah thanks and yeah that's my number just in case you can text or call if you need to Contact me or want to hang out hang out yeah okay I'm Sophie by the way right I wasn't sure if you knew my name I did you sit two seats in front of me and one over in math right right yeah we never really talked much we should talk more we should cool cool [Music] I should want to go I'm in really big trouble with the principal you'll have To tell me about it I will bye bye bye so zhehan yeah the princess realized she doesn't have to hide who she really is and it's cool to be different but does she live happily ever after what do you think yeah I think it should be happily ever after okay fine happily ever after the sky is blue the Sun is high save me I think of you here on my pine you know to me that's all right

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