Can I Play?

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Can I Play? MORE YAP PLAYLISTS: GIRL WITHOUT A PHONE PLAYLIST: SHORT FILMS: CHEERLEADERS IN THE CHESS CLUB: YAP SKITS: LATEST UPLOADS: YAP MUSIC: SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MERCH STORE: A boy who wants to play basketball at school comes up against the class bully. This movie was developed by the Young Actors Project in partnership with the student leadership group at Green Timbers Elementary School in Surrey, BC, Canada. #YAP #YoungActorsProject

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We're leavin my player I'll show you she's a ball I can shoot I'll juice you from there make it and you go the next key that's fear right okay that's nice shooting us a great tunes you said if I make it I can play okay let's see what you got you missed now go go the gross I don't look good you pick your nose two more at school hey count cookie sure for that I'm gifting basketball you know cuz I'm nice that pay attention or you won't learn anything let's move on how to shoot basketball my hand on the bottom on the side bend your knees swish I spent lunch that was you lunch that your gun with there I sure need to get better at basketball and by the way next to the cookie Sonny yes guard they don't worry it's nothing oh sure Shug Josue play you in charge he fix his nose and I'm wanting for things of all what you go do the Chinese Checkers or something don't let you play you should tell a teacher that's okay it's not okay he's bullied that you're handling you don't have to handle it let teachers at harm telling the teachers not going to do any yeah not if they're supposed to do tying a teacher is just gonna make it worse well well what do you suggest I know he lives you should go throw toilet paper on his house oh oh yeah real smart advice Better than telling a teacher what are they gonna do how are you I was just punch him in the face don't listen to her you have to stand up I'll just keep doing it it's all right oblong well what is it I'll ignore him I'm gonna go tell the teacher what's the problem there is no problem that's not what the girls tell me you're just big basketball and you want to play ball reading needing her please see you threw the ball at his head doesn't actually I Sorted this yourself the ball running in my hand we have a zero tolerance for bullying here I totally agree boy these are cool how am I gonna resolve this ego field us now we need extra guy he's our friend I want to see more including less excluding got it absolutely I love you kitty come on Charlie sorry excluding you Charlie yeah house ball charlie tomorrow Hey stop doing that that's not rain like She's my friend Josh come on let's go oh man you smell so bad one chocolate D this is our end that's a loser side and you stick it up once you go through over there come on guys let's go what come on guys what are you doing in school can I live sure what's going on Jess I'm gonna pee over here we'll dip very funny you

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