The Bully Short Film

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Video Transcript:

Good morning class you guys have a good weekend all right listen I hope you didn't your homework we're gonna be doing just a little bit of a review okay so who thinks they can solve this for us Justin why don't you come up here and show us how it's done Justin were you listening this week well go on back to your seat so Kingston why don't you come Up here and show us how this is done yes sir very good Kingston well done thank you mr. Thompson never embarrass me like that you're gonna pay for the whole class you're gonna die he bullies everyone it not pay back and feels good right guys yeah bullies one of us including New Kingston and now you want to protect him no it's not that I just think people should be treated the way they want to Be treated well he deserves it first foremost you and I didn't know how it felt when you're being true that like that I want to apologize to all of you and I want you to know that from this day forth I'm going to be more helpful instead of hurtful it's okay I forgive you how about you guys yeah I guess I forgive you too you

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