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In this tutorial i will show you how you can make money online by simply copying and pasting some text this will work anywhere in the world and it requires no writing skills or any equipment of any sort to work for those of you who stay until the end of the video i will also give you a bonus platform that will allow you to double your earnings So make sure you keep watching to find out what it is now just before we start i want to give you a small gift i want to share with you a brand new youtube channel that helped me so much the channel name is tube cash they're talking about how to make money on youtube without showing your face and without filming videos just like myself so if that's something you are Interested in then i highly recommend you check out their channel by clicking on the link in the description down below i also have small rewards for those that watch all of their videos like comment and subscribe in the next 24 hours i will announce winners tomorrow on my instagram so make sure to go out there subscribe to tube cash and watch their videos okay so today guys i will show you how Copying and pasting text can actually get you paid and before we get to the sites that will pay us you guys will first need to head over to a website called as the name of this site suggests this is a site where you can find thousands upon thousands of articles and blog posts which of course doesn't make it that Special but what does make it quite special is the fact that it gives you full rights to do whatever you want with the articles in question you can claim you are the author you can edit them however you wish you can sell them and make money off them and so on this bit of info is of course hugely important for us and this is why i said you will be Making money by literally just copying and pasting some text anyways when you come on here below you will be able to see all of the different article categories this website has to offer they range from art and entertainment business computers to health and fitness investing pets reference and education and so on in short you have a lot of categories to Choose from let's say that for the sake of this video we want self-improvement articles now i am just using this as an example so keep that in mind you can choose any category you want to in any case check out what happens when i click on self improvement here it will show me all of these subcategories to choose from So not only do we have so many categories but also many more subcategories as well and let's say that i go along with inspirational here when i click on that it will take me straight over to this page here where i can find all of these different professionally written articles and on the first page alone we will have like 10 to 15 of them if not more but take a look at this guys When you scroll down to the bottom you'll be able to go to the next page and as you can see there are over 700 other pages for just this subcategory alone so if we have like 15 articles per page then that's 10 000 or so articles which is just mind-blowing and you can see that my estimate is actually quite correct because on the right hand side here it tells us that the inspirational Subcategory has 14 000 articles so i wasn't that far off whatsoever now just think about it if you find some sites that pay like five dollars per article you have the potential to make thousands upon thousands of dollars from articles in this subcategory alone this shows you just how much potential this has to get you paid big time furthermore you can never run out Of these articles since not only are there so many of them but new ones are being published by the day in any case your goal now is to simply open some of these articles here's one i will be using as an example now when you open up an article of your own choosing once again it doesn't have to be this one in particular you will want to rewrite it now as i Said you do have the rights to do whatever you want with this article but you do want to rewrite it because then it will be a unique article which of course adds originality and thus allows you to make more money off of it and so since you want to rewrite the article but of course you don't want to do that manually Your next step is to come over to this is a software that for free can rewrite the previously shown article for you now there is a bit of a catch with this as you can see when i pasted a random part of the article in here it shows that there is a limit as to how many characters you can rewrite at once but this shouldn't be too big of a deal Because it will take you way less time to have this tool rewrite the article for you than for you to do it yourself all you will have to do is just copy smaller parts of the article instead of the whole article paste them in here then click on paraphrase for this to rewrite them for you and then rinse and repeat until you have rewritten the entire article Now once you have the entire article rewritten you will want to check for mistakes quillbot in my opinion is one of the best tools for rewriting articles it's far better for example than which i've shown you in some of my previous videos but quillbot is nevertheless still a software so there will be a few errors here and there so you should invest 5 to 10 minutes of your own time to correct all of the mistakes and when you do once you're certain the article has no more mistakes then you want to head over to the next platform one that will actually pay us for the article the first site i have for you that will pay you for those articles and yes there are multiple platforms i will show you is This one called now what this is is a freelancing platform and the reason we are using it instead of like fiverr for example is because it's far far less competitive and thus you'll be able to make more money by selling those articles if you tried to create a gig on fiverr meanwhile since there are so many freelancers Already offering their services chances are you won't be able to get that many sales if any anyhow what you need to do when you first come on this platform is click on make money right here so that you can sign up and then you'll just have to enter in your username email and password before clicking on i'm not a robot and on the sign up button down below now once you log into your own account You will want to create a gig like some of these people have about writing articles and as you can see some people sell their writing skills for like five dollars most of the time as will you this might not seem like a lot of money but keep in mind that the inspirational subcategory alone that i went for has 14 000 articles so if we sell all of those articles for like five Dollars that's well over sixty thousand dollars made so this can as you can see make you a lot of money whenever someone reaches out to you wanting an article of some sort you will just come over to this platform find one and copy it what you will choose depends of course on what your customer is asking of you you will then rewrite The article using quillbot before sending it back to your customer and getting paid for it however as i said before conquer is not the only platform i'd recommend where you can sell your writing skills another one i really like is called in my opinion seo clerk is actually the better of the two but i'd still recommend you use both of them to maximize your results Since in the end both are good platforms and both will get you paid what you will do on seo clerk is similar to so you want to simply create an account by clicking on join in the upper right corner then once you log in you will want to once again create a gig like some of these people have and get paid for those articles that you didn't even have to write in The first place and with that said this is it for today's video if you enjoyed it and you like my content then be sure to give this video a thumbs up below in appreciation and so you don't miss out on future videos to come hit that red subscribe button and turn on the notifications so you get notified whenever a new video pops up as always thank you for watching and i Will see you in some of the next videos

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