I have too many board games - How do I start - selling the collection?

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Are you gonna be in the video are you are you grumpy about this what oh uh hello welcome to quakalove thank you for being here no ash come back come back thank you for being here today we're talking about getting rid of board games which is something that a few of my friends specifically jan the co-host of this channel and alex From board game co are experts at to the degree to which jan has maintained a one calix shelf collection for years and alex has an entire business built around selling and trading called board game co which to me just sounds absolutely mind-blowing and horrendous you see i don't like getting rid of games and I'm down in kentucky right now with a few of the games that haven't made their way up to maryland yet trying to decide am i taking them all am i selling some where do i make the determining line and up in maryland the thing that you all haven't seen yet i have three calyx shelves and a closet full of board games that have spanned over the four or so years that i have been invested in this Hobby and let me tell you that is too many games it just is there's too many games for me to ever play ever table ever learn and more games are coming out all the time so i've been struggling to try and decide what games do i keep what games do i give away what games do i sell how do i draw that line and i wanted to Have a conversation with you all the audience today talking about my thought process and desperately asking you for yours how do you decide what games are part of your permanent collection how do you decide what is going to be liquidated and sold what if you're going to be buying a game again this is a conversation that i want and i think we really should have so let's get into it Why don't i like selling games well i don't like selling games because for me i don't like the process of listing and finding a price and going through a buyer and going to the post office packaging all of them i i have a lot going on with my normal work with photography videography quackalope i'm very very busy and busy specifically with the things that i enjoy doing the most And i don't enjoy organizing listing or selling nearly anything that goes with camera equipment that goes with games that goes with collectibles i have a stockpile of things that should have been liquidated years ago that i just never have including a uh six rig gopro camera system that was designed to make a 360 video back when that was new technology you remember that when everyone was Finding these 360 degree videos to be the most mind-blowing thing ever yeah i bought into one of those rigs thinking to myself well this will be good to use at weddings and i still have it sitting in a case if i'd sold that years ago it probably would have been a better you know a better investment of my time and money whatever the case i don't i don't enjoy selling and then combined with that I also just i like giving things away i like handing games off to people if i can give it to a fan or give it to a friend that came over to play i prefer that so much more to the degree to which i've probably given away thousands and thousands of dollars worth of games that have been sent to me that i've owned for years that i bought and enjoyed but friends seem to enjoy more this hobby is all about the community You have it's all about investing in each other and giving back to the space that you exist in and so if i have an opportunity to do so well it's exciting i was just over at a friend's house today who i happen to have given uh a playstation 4 to uh one of my one of my close friends someone who's been there for me when i needed some people to be around And him and his kids were sitting down and playing with it and to me that was worth that present right like that that was worth the fact that his family is getting joy out of it out of something that i was never using and utilizing so let's get down to the brass tacks how do we make a decision in this hobby space how do i decide what games i'm keeping what games i'm getting rid of and what Games i'm giving away because the reality of it is i can't just keep holding on to them all it's not the responsible thing to do it's not the realistic thing to do and there's so many games coming out all the time i'm gonna need to set some guidelines for myself so here's my thought process so far i'm going through the titles and trying to decide if i'm Ever going to play the title sitting in front of me then i'm trying to look a little bit wider trying to decide if the group i'm with is ever going to play the titles that are in front of me and then finally i'm asking myself that core critical question if i'm not playing it what is it still there for do i intend to play it for coverage or because i want to do channel content Am i holding on to it specifically because i have some sort of like nostalgia or good memory am i waiting for a wife to show up so that her and i can spend the next 10 years playing through a game like gloomhaven that's a reasonable question to ask i mean i could justify holding on to a few of these big box campaign games with the hope that i'll find a partner who's interested in playing them with me But until i get there i have to know why they're staying in the collection let's look at some of the games that i still have here in kentucky and examine the reasons for me holding on to them and i'll ask you all the question should they be going like should i still have them starting over here i have all of cosmic encounter still in shrink wrap because a couple Years ago i was watching shut up and sit down and when i first got into the hobby i bought everything they recommended and this is one of those games that a lot of people love and they love for good and fair reasons but i never played it you need too many people to play i never had a game group up and operating and never had someone to teach me and then recently about four months ago i did get a chance to Sit down and play it and i'm gonna be honest it wasn't it wasn't the game for me i didn't love it i didn't enjoy it but i still have that part of me that feels like i'm wrong like i should love it like it's the right type of chaos that i would really really enjoy sitting down and playing again so do i hold on to this out of the hope that i will play it and will Enjoy it is it time to sell it because well i'm not playing it and i didn't enjoy it or do i give it away to a friend who would legitimately have fun with it i mean there's a decent amount of money invested in there at what point is a gift irresponsible versus a gift reasonable to just kind of hand off to people over here with a bunny kingdom bunny kingdom still here's drill and shrink you know Why this is still in shrink it's not because i don't like this game i absolutely adore bunny kingdom but every single friend that i play games with in my game group currently owns a copy of bunny kingdom and the sky expansion and we play those we play those a lot this game's amazing but do i need a copy of it i mean a copy that i've never opened a copy that i've never Tabled i don't know that i do most of the time i'm visiting friends to play games with them and everyone in my circle already has a copy of this so do i gift it well everyone already owns it do i sell it well i really want my own copy one day and if i don't have the same friend group i'm gonna need to get my own I don't know do i just store it leave it on the shelf for the time being still in shrink wrap trying to figure out that question that's the uh that's the ultimate debate and up here we have millennium blades this is an example of a game that i am very conflicted and split on because the idea of millennium blades is amazing the execution of it is remarkable and i'm going to be honest i bought that game and the expansions Specifically because that is my best friend's favorite game jan co-host of this channel that's his game that's his baby that's his thing now jan never plays millennium blades it's a big game to get down onto the table it's kind of like my version of kingdom death right it is massive and ambitious and nostalgic And never makes it off of his shelf and so i bought millennium blades because i wanted to learn it and play it and teach him and be excited about the thing he was excited about and that was a year ago and mines also never made it off the shelf so do i keep that game because it's one of my closest friends favorite games of all time i mean should someone buy and keep kingdom death because they're good friends with me Do i give away that game i mean that's a couple hundred dollars worth of content and expansions is that a reasonable thing to gift or do i sell it i mean i'd feel bad selling it i sort of won it in my collection but i'm not gonna put this game to the table for the next three to five years and by that point i will have a couple hundred other games coming through my collection That i'm gonna need to deal with so help me out let me know what uh what am i supposed to do about this what would you do about this how do you make a decision around what games are staying selling or being gifted to those in your gaming group whatever the case whatever you do don't forget to do the important thing stop stop buying games for a second like take a moment play some of the ones you Already have on your shelf i mean dear dear lord there's enough out there already and spoiler alert in like a month i'm going to be telling you about a few more that you really should pick up because there's some great ones coming down the line you better make room for them we'll see you next time thanks

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