आपका POOP आपके बारे में क्या बताता है? What Does Your Poop Say About Your Health

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Signup kro, aur fatafat paise kamao. Link: https://www.skillclash.com/en-in/login?id=HQbd1hqa&ref=x6LYwE&utm_campaign=GetsetflyFact&utm_content=GF01&utm_source=youtube Hello friends, ever wondered what your poop color tells about your health? Like what does green poop, brown poop, or yellow poop tell about your body? And did you know once in Black Friday Sale, customers went crazy and purchased poop, that too bull's shit!! And are you aware that the cotton balls that come along with your medicine box, have to be immediately discarded? If it is to be discarded, then what's the purpose of putting it in the medicine box, in the first place? And you know, once upon a time during the 1960s, people protested against Barbie dolls! Yes, you heard me right! According to people, barbie dolls were body-shaming girls. Shocking right? And you won't believe it, but Calvin Klein's "obsession perfume", not only makes girls go crazy, but it also gets animal crazy under its trap! Like legit wildlife photographers, spray this perfume on their cameras, to get wild animals such as lion, tiger, cheetah to come close for a pose. So stay tuned for more such amazing and shocking facts in our today's video. FOLLOW me on: Instagram (Personal account) → http://bit.ly/2xGbu6d Instagram (Channel account) → http://bit.ly/2vpq7Kq Facebook Page → https://rb.gy/mtwum1

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