Nectar Mattress Review - The Most Comfortable Mattress Of 2022? (UPDATED!)

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✅ Click the coupon link to get $100 and $399 of FREE Nectar accessories(pillows, mattress protector, and sheets) with your purchase - Are you looking for a comfortable memory foam mattress that is also a great value? Pay attention because we’re talking about the Nectar mattress! We maintain an affiliate relationship with some of the products reviewed, which means we get a percentage of a sale if you click over from our site (at no cost to our readers). See our full disclaimer and disclosures here: 0:00 Nectar Mattress Overview 1:01 Nectar Mattress Construction 1:59 Firmness and Feel 2:49 Sleeping Positions 3:22 Pressure Map 3:56 Motion Transfer 4:42 Edge Support 5:10 Who Should Get The Nectar Mattress? 5:46 Who Shouldn’t Get The Nectar Mattress? 6:18 Nectar vs. Purple mattress 7:12 Nectar Mattress Unboxing 7:44 Additional Info 8:11 Is the Nectar a good mattress? 8:30 Can you flip the Nectar mattress? 8:44 How long will the Nectar mattress last? 8:56 Wrap-up The Nectar is one of the most popular memory foam mattresses on the market. It is a great match if you like that slow-moving quicksand feel. Also, if you are a side sleeper or back sleeper, you should feel very comfortable on the Nectar. However, the Nectar might be too soft for stomach sleepers. Also, it might not offer enough support for larger sleepers. Lastly, if you like more of a responsive mattress, the Nectar might not be the best fit. For more information on the Nectar mattress, make sure to read our full review: Click to see Marten’s author bio: 🔔 To catch our latest Mattress Clarity videos, make sure to click the link to subscribe - 🛏 If you are interested in purchasing a mattress, check out our top picks below and use our exclusive discounts! ↓↓↓ ✅ Helix Mattress - Helix Mattress Coupon - Click the link to save up to $200! ✅ Layla Mattress - Layla Mattress Coupon - Click the link to save $200 and get 2 FREE pillows! ✅ Casper Mattress - Casper Mattress Coupon: Use coupon code CLARITY10 to save 10% on the Casper! 🎦 Take a look at some of our most popular videos: Best Mattress: Best Mattress for Back Pain: Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: Best Hybrid Mattress: #nectarmattress #nectarmattressreview

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Hey guys martin here from mattress clarity if you're looking for a comfortable memory foam mattress that's also a great value you come to the right video today we're talking about the nectar mattress we're going to take a look at its construction my experience with it who it's a good fit for and who it's not a good fit for let's get started first off you want to see a list of our Top picks for mattresses head over to they're going to find some other reviews on mattresses bedding pillows and some great discounts on mattresses like the nectar you'll also find some great coupons in the youtube description below so as the name suggests this mattress comes from nectar producer of some very high quality and great value mattresses this is the nectar classic their flagship model Has some very comfy memory foam right on top and some great cooling features as well how does it all work let's find out right now so now let's take a look at the construction of the nectar mattress first off it is 12 inches tall then starting off on top and working our way down first off on top you have a cooling cover very thin and breathable as well first top layer here you have a thick layer of gel Infused memory foam definitely has that that kind of quick sandy feel right on top of the mattress also again infused with gel to help with cooling below that you have a foam transition layer very bouncy very responsive as well add some more response to the top of the mattress below that you're gonna have a base support foam very durable and firm as well So what does all that mean well first off speaking of cooling it is an all-foam mattress that might trap a little bit of heat that being said it does have a cooling cover right on top here and a gel infusion in the top memory foam layer as well and speaking of durability taking a look at its construction this you know high density foam here high density foams right on top a very nice cover should last for Between seven and ten years so now let's talk about firmness and feel in terms of firmness i thought this mattress was close to a six and a half out of ten about medium in terms of firmness that's because on top you do have some softer layers easy to press into beneath that some firmer more supportive layers i also want to note though that i'm a larger person i'm 250 pounds if you weigh less than this might feel Softer to you than it did to me but again for me a six and a half out of ten now speaking of feel on top it has that slow moving kind of quicksand feel again pressing my hand in takes a little bit of time to reform so it kind of has that quick same feel right on top but to test out the bounce we have our ball here i mean look at that the ball is pretty much completely dives on top of this Mattress not too surprising with sloping memory foam right on top so overall not too easy to move around on the nectar so now let's talk about how i feel in different sleeping positions on this mattress starting off my back a very good match for me a nice balance of comfort and support my hips sink in the right amount good lumbar support excellent contouring as Well moving to my side some pretty good pressure relief on my shoulders and my hips however i am a larger person i'm pressing pretty far into this mattress i'm around 250 pounds if you weigh less than me you should feel better pressure relief on the nectar however moving to my stomach not quite supportive enough for me especially someone of my weight My hips are bowing in and i'm getting out of alignments here at mattress clear i like to mix subjective opinion with objective tests and one of those tests is the pressure map so i lie down on my back side and stomach you see anywhere from blue for no pressure all the way up to red for high pressure now pay close attention to my side sleeping results specifically on my shoulders and my hips Let's get started [Music] if you sleep with a partner you also want to think about motion transfer basically lying down on one side of the mattress your part moves around on the other side are you going to feel that motion or not test out the motion transfer on the nectar place a glass of water here then push the other areas around it There's really not too much disturbance in the water a little bit there apply more from the frame not the mattress and that's because we have some slow-moving foam right on top of the mattress handling this motion transfer quite well now to further test out the motion transfer on this mattress i laid down on one side and tanner moved around on the other side he changed positions he got in and out Of bed and i didn't feel too many his movements transferred to my side of the mattress overall a pretty good handling of motion transfer if you sleep with a partner or you like sleeping towards the edge of the mattress you also want to think about edge support base if you're sitting down or lying down at the edge of a mattress do you feel secure or more gonna roll Off and onto the floor so here i'm staying down near the edge of the nectar mattress it is collapsing a little bit under my weight but not too much i could lean over and tie my shoes comfortably now lying down on this mattress i can lie very close to the edge not collapsing too much under my weight so overall some decent edge support so now let's talk about the pros and who i think the nectar might be a good fit For first off it's a great option if you like that slow moving memory foam feel when you lie down on the neck you're going to slowly sink in feel some great contouring and great pressure relief as well off of that is a great match i think for side sleepers specifically average weight side sleepers and lightweight side sleepers you're going to sink in and feel almost No pressure on your shoulders and your hips lastly i think also a great match for back sleepers a very good balance of comfort and support on this mattress very comfy but also has some good pushback and some great support so an excellent match for back sleeping so now let's talk about the cons and who i think this mattress might not be the best fit for First off you prefer more of that balanced foam feel with more response to it probably not the best match for you this has more of that kind of slow-moving memory foam feel so you might want to look elsewhere also i think if you're a much larger person over 250 pounds probably not the best match for you probably look for something with some more supportive material such as coils In the support layer and off that as well probably not the best match for stomach sleeping this is around a medium firm mattress so you probably need something on the firmer end if you're taking a look at the nectar you might want to know how it compares to one's major competitors the purple mattress let's do that right now so first off there are some major construction Differences namely in the comfort layers with the nectar right on top slow moving memory foam but on top of the purple a unique hyper-elastic gel polymer that's firm and pressure-leaving at the same time this gives it a different feel to the nectar mattress so with the purple mattress kind of a squishy gel like feel it's also quite responsive with the nectar again more of that slow moving memory foam feel Speaking of firmness though they are quite close a six and a half for both mattresses so who should get one and who should get the other in terms of who should get the nectar i think a better option for lighter sleepers side sleepers and also fans of slow moving memory foam i think the purple's a better option if you want something a little bit more durable A little bit more supportive and a better match for combination sleepers so the nectar mattress is a bed in the box mattress it's going to come to your house in a cardboard box how do you unbox it well first off ask a friend for help these boxes can be quite heavy you don't want to hurt or strain yourself then bring that box inside and into your bedroom open up the top of the box and take out Your rolled up mattress then place it on your framer foundation and slowly carefully cut the layers of plastic you don't want to damage your brand new mattress then give it about 24 to 48 hours to completely off gas and expand and you're good to go so now to give you some additional information about the nectar mattress first off it comes with free shipping and returns a 365 night sleep trial A forever warranty they offer other mattress models accessories and financing as well now if you are interested in purchasing this mattress head over to for the best coupons [Music] so now to answer some frequently asked questions about the nectar mattress the first question is is the nectar a good mattress in our opinion it is definitely a good mattress But it's more about what you're looking for if you like that slow-moving memory foam feel you're a side or back sleeper a great option for you however if you're a larger person like something more supportive and something for stomach sleeping i probably look elsewhere the second question is can you flip the nectar mattress and the answer is no you cannot flip this mattress it's only designed to lie one way with Support layers on the bottom transition layer on top of that the comfort layer then and on top the cover the last question is how long will the nectar mattress last now this does depend on your weight and how often you use the mattress but taking a look at its construction its materials should last between seven and ten years in the end eye for the nectar is a great option if you like that slow moving Memory foam feel your side sleeper or your back sleeper well that's about it if you're just getting started looking for a new mattress head over to we also do a lot of videos just like this hit the like button and subscribe [Applause] [Music] you

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