Joe Rogan and "Lone Survivor" opinions on Jocko Willink and David Goggins (#1622)

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On episode #1622 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and "Lone Survivor" Marcus Luttrell talk about Navy Seals David Goggins and Jocko Willink who came on the podcast on episode #1080, #1492 and #729.

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Jocko's listening to metal at 4 30 in the morning and he's doing dips and muscle ups need those guys joe rogan had a very interesting conversation about david goggins and jocko willink with navy seal marcus latrell the man that the movie lone survivor is about david goggins and jocko willink have both came on the podcast in the past and in this conversation Joe and marcus admire their personalities joe rogan begins by talking about david goggins and how he is always telling joe to stay hard but anyways here is that you know what i mean i feel like it's such a douche he forces himself to do it too that's the thing that guy's got a full-time job i don't feel sorry for him now because advertising this through you and on the on the web like hey this is i run it like goggins He'll never stop running i don't think he can no he might be one of the hardest dudes on the planet him and can yeah there's a few of them they get together too showed up in vegas where goggins lives they just he just knocked on his doors let's go and they went out and ran 20 miles at a six and a half minute mile pace hey [ __ ] what's up i saw you on on on Youtube you want some exactly exactly well they're good friends they are yeah they push each other they push it like goggins will send me text messages out of nowhere i'm just letting you know stay hard you know she's texting what are you doing getting hard of course you are stay hard you know yeah you stay that way so i don't you know i can get Soft it's again people like that like they're fuel for everybody else like they ex and goggins knows it one of the the conversations i had with him recently goes he goes i think this [ __ ] is bigger than me because when i get up in the morning i'm running it's bigger than me like uh there's something moving through me and i think that's real i mean it sounds hyperbolic It sounds like it's exaggeration but i don't think it is i think there's something that's moving through him that is forcing other people to action and it makes him greater than just an individual it makes him like almost like an antenna like there's something like he's he's beaming in the power of discipline and the benefit that it has on on a human being next marcus luttrell tells joe rogan a Story about david goggins in specific he talks about a time when david goggins was running barefoot in one of his races marcus then tells joe about why david goggins does all of his crazy fitness challenges and the reason may surprise you marcus shares his stories about david goggins with joe and this really puts into perspective how tough david goggins truly is but anyways here is that he's real he's Real he's the real deal there's no doubt about it man obviously with us too it's an evolutionary thing right i mean meaning like day by day yeah i've heard stories of my favorite one was when he they took his shoes off during one of his races and that was bleeding through his toenails you know toenails like hey man that's like hamburger down there you probably gotta be in a lot of pain you Should quit he's like why would pain make me quit that's he's he's the real dude i mean i gotta we would do patriot tours like i was on tour with him and he would run from city to city and then he'd show up all greased up with his abs and he's kind of you know he's got that sexy caramel look that milk dud head and all all the wives i mean all the girls everybody's like where's david is Here yet and i was like no he's still running from 500 miles away you know he'll get here in a [ __ ] in a couple minutes if i remember when he first started this with mojo and i he started because of all the guys that died he's like there are a lot of people that don't like that don't understand david i don't want to say don't like him because if you if you knew him then you you'd Like right i agree with that so there are there are men down here like in your family you have those uncles that you're like don't don't don't mess with him he's he's ornery he's mean you know he's just you have to you can't understand him and he either likes you or does her day is david i mean he picks on me and mojo all the time he's like what are you doing i was like oh just laying around he's like getting Soft i'm like no not really i was just kind of taking a break he's like we don't take breaks next joe rogan explains how we need tough people like jocko willink and david goggins in the world people like jocko and david don't come around often and joe explains how people like them are essential to society also marcus latrell tells joe rogan a story about jocko willink while they were serving in The military we all know jocko willink is tough as nails and marcus really proved it right here but anyways here's that jocko is the same way that's real you have to have those and then there's the interim in between like i told you in the teams we got [ __ ] they're magnificent but they belong to us and then you've got guys who are to read physics books and doctors And like ivy league graduates that have multiple degrees like ten pound heads when they try to talk to us when they they still we're brothers under the bird that's what we said yeah like under the trident brothers under the bird and um you need all of them every one of them yeah so take one of them guys from each walk of life in this country and throw them into one fraternity you're not going to figure out satellites without The eggheads that's it period yeah you want to see them and you need the guys like choco you want to get up at 4 30 in the morning and put themselves through hell correct with no one around because some of the eggs they're like i don't want to get up and giaco is like get your ass up jaco's listening to metal at 4 30 in the morning and he's doing [ __ ] dips and [ __ ] Muscle ups dude we need those guys we were ramadi it was the worst place i'd ever been after afghanistan went to iraq excuse me anbar province chris kyle was there that's when he got that let's explain to people that people many people don't even know this after that movie what the events that happened in the movie lone survivor you re you went back yeah i was still in yeah You went back you drank more tours right coming out of afghanistan and then go and then rolling into iraq i remember seeing jocko and he was just he had his war face on so he didn't talk to me choco wakes up with his face no but i mean imagine like when he's got permission to jack you up yes you know what i mean jocko he's gonna jack you up right like he'd go out And raise an american flag out in the middle of the day just to start just to get some get it going he's the real deal so when we found out we were going out there i was like yeah but then in my head i was apprehensive because i just had my ass kicked real bad and going back i mean i had to go back out here in texas man if you get your butt whip you go back in for more when you get healed up did you feel that way Yeah i had to immediately immediately i mean look at the fraternity i'm in and they never they never looked down on me because we went through buds together bud stands for basic underwater demolition seal training but it also means if you take everything away from us we're still buds next we have a little part from early in the podcast where joe and marcus Explain how we really do have tough guys like jocko willink and they truly are real joe also explains how jocko willink is the archetype of tough men and i totally agree with him but anyways here's the video and then i deployed back to iraq in 0607 i ripped jocko out i know you met him love jocko great guy and he loves you man he was he was my one of my bosses he Got so excited when he when he heard you were coming on he texted me and we went back and forth hey something i called him he's just what you see is what you get he's never noticed his face looks like it could perfectly fit in a spartan helmet yes you know tomorrow oh yeah he's always i mean when it comes to leadership break glass that's in case of war we have those guys yes they're real I know you've met some of them yeah we need those guys they exist they're terrifying they i'm so happy they're real yeah they're real yeah and jocko is my he's he's the archetype yeah yeah he was there's a reason why he was over chris and michael and mark if you noticed in the seal teams all of our middle of honor guys named michael you ever noticed that no yeah yeah those are called mark angels They always get the medal of honor you get a mark in a michael running together and seal team something bad it's gonna go down so you always joke about that but when the book came out i was in iraq i remember the lawyers and everybody would they would write me emails and like please don't die and i was like well try not to thanks thanks for watching everybody subscribe for more videos and tap these videos on The screen to see more content

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