आपके EYEBROWS आपके बारें में क्या बतातें है? What Your Eyebrows Say About You?

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Hello friends, do you know what your eyebrows tell about your personality? Well, Chinese face reading techniques have a lot to tell about this. And ever seen this kind of movie promotion, where Sony production company actually turned a small village of Spain "Jazcar" into blue? Yes, all houses, everywhere you go, you'll see everything painted in blue for the promotion of the movie smurfs! And did you know mudskipper fishes, the fishes found in Africa, Australia, and Polynesia actually live without water! Huh? How does that make sense? And did you know in the coming 2 years Japan is actually gonna release all its nuclear radioactive elements in the ocean? I mean how can they? And what about the destruction of marine life? Well, stay tuned to know more such amazing and interesting facts in our today's video. Tb inspired by The Bright Side. FOLLOW me on: Instagram (Personal account) → http://bit.ly/2xGbu6d Instagram (Channel account) → http://bit.ly/2vpq7Kq Facebook Page → https://rb.gy/mtwum1

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