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Corn Warriors

Cory shows off some of his intercropping soybeans, Temple meets with Agronomist Paul Miles from Monty's Plant and Soil Products, and Chris finds a special surprise. Produced by Swood Media © CornWarriors 2021

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You think you can beat me in soybeans forget about it we do have two tropical storms or hurricanes coming in to go that gets a lot of wind a lot of rain so who knows what's gonna happen you know i'm a sixth generation farmer can i keep expanding what can i do what am i not doing right i'm confirmed sixth generation farmer it's stretch Pretty thin right now it's just that time of year it's not gonna be hard to beat weaver he's not even in my realm of thoughts like pick out the worst plant that should be how weaver's crap looks so right now we're only 45 50 days in we've probably got three more trips maybe four more trips that i'll make across this field but at the end of the day we're going to see where it takes us to We got a good crop planted we had a lot of moisture in the soil we ended up getting the stand that i was after we'll go out here and we'll look there's a lot of branching on them a lot of ballosums on them hopefully we're getting ready to make another application we've taken now four tissue samples weekly since they've been planted we're gonna dig up some roots we're gonna see what the root mass looks like So we're gonna try to see what we got and see where we can go from here [Music] working with temple on this field of beans we put down a starter fertilizer we've got a very good root development i mean that's awesome looking out here we've used all monty's products once you get it all pulled apart that's the branching that's happened on this plant it's not terrible it's not the end of the world I'm actually thoroughly impressed for where they are i didn't know that they were actually at this stage if we keep getting rain i will keep in the fields from now until they mature which will probably be the end of september for us i will continue until they turn yellow i will put every 20 days i'll put a fungicide trip on here and i'm going to keep them healthy we got a while to go there's going to be a Lot of maintenance between now and finish if we especially if we keep getting rain a lot of maintenance these beans will be temple this year as we get out and look at some other fields i promise you i will help temple but i will make sure i beat temple it's not going to be hard to beat weaver that's not going to be a problem i can beat him on my double crop beans that i don't put anything on It'll be easy he's not even in my realm of thoughts like pick out the worst plant that should be how weaver's crap looks i don't have any like that [Music] so we're in uh y mills maryland we're on another farm that i've got we're just spot checking some some fields running around trying to do a little scouting it's this field here has had fungicide on it um Three times so far pre-axle has been on it we're not really low in anything but now is the time that maybe there's a product that we can use to add a little test weight so that's kind of where we're at if i can add test weight maybe i can kind of finish this yield off it's extremely healthy plant we'll walk in here in a minute and we'll look from the top to the bottom And see if paul can find any diseases but that's kind of where we're at we choose hybrids on every farm on every acre every field that we go on we especially on dry land irrigated we treat a little different but on our dry land farms we pick a race horse variety and we pick a workhorse variety and we run them on all of our dry land fields and it's helped us Create better averages overall regardless of the year you have a bad year the workhorse get you through if you have a good year the workhorse obviously isn't gonna it's not gonna out yield the racehorse but that's when the racehorse takes over [Music] so let's let's put the combo b in there and help bring a test weight up some what rate are we using you're just using a quart yes of course And i uh i checked on the soybeans for the silica and chris said that we've got a product in r d it's a 14 silicate and he will have product to you next week now we're talking see figuring things out [Music] i mean you can definitely see it in here this is the aggregate yeah a little nicer here I mean it's two days difference in in maturity but we don't when we also when we plant these hybrids and you choose a you know a racehorse versus a workhorse i also don't make i never use the exact same maturity i always go two to two to three days one way or the other and i spread it out i feel like it helps our pollination Window is larger that way and maybe it's not true but i feel like it's helped us out i don't seem to have the pollination issues that you know a lot of times when we have and with this heat the heat at nighttime it didn't bend below 80 and week and a half yeah and you know a lot of our corn pollinated in 90 degree temperatures plus Yeah by planting by planting two different varieties even though it's only three or four days difference in maturity you're expanding that you're expanding that pollination window yeah so good looking horn one of the better products that we've seen come out here lately is veltima from basf the thing i like about this is how long it's going to last in That plant it can give me a longer window to make that decision i'm really loving it melting it has the longest residual of any product out there let's control something that we're able to control this year veltima reduces stress in the plant reduces the temperature happy corn makes more grain [Music] this was nate's test plot field that nate gets to be proud of this year to Say hey these are my beans these are what we're gonna do dad's got a field and we're gonna go to mine here in a minute right now we're going to go in here we're going to look at nate's contest bean see what he thinks and how they're looking and how they're progressing but i know nate's done a really good job of throwing a kitchen sink at it this year so uh let's go in here and let's see how Nate's going to look for the end of this year we've been really really dry one of the things we are noticing is a bunch of four bean pods a lot of three bean pods really not a lot of abortions when we're looking at it for all the dry weather we had except for down here at the bottom nate you can see that these beans are filling out really nice means we're gonna have big beans not bbs I'm really looking forward to having nate go against tom and i and dad this year but i don't think he's gonna beat us what are you seeing nate well like you said there's definitely a lot of four beans last time we were out here we had three of them in a row i mean for as much dry weather as we had just those low end abortions that's about it but i mean a little bit of insect Damage we took care of that when we flew them that's a heck of a plant sitting right next to you there [Music] and then for beans that come up to your chest normally you think they spend a lot of time growing not so much time making a making the bean but these did pretty daggone well i'm not really worried when beans wall into each other they keep Standing up the only thing that would really lay this field of beans flat right now would be a hurricane we have two coming but right now i will take the rain [Music] all right let's go down look at some other beans i haven't seen any five bean pods yet but yeah i've never found one so if they're out here we're going to certainly try to find it But we're not going to pick any more four beam pods or we just cost ourselves 100 bushel [Music] we are kind of diversified very nicely we are linked with sagamore rye whiskey this was one of our rye fields that we come back and we double crop no-till beans through there's no pods on them yet but you can start to see that there's a lot of blossoms coming on these beans You're seeing a lot of unevenness and inconsistency out here because of the fact we've been in dry weather but for us we got it tied in with sagamore to make rye whiskey there's several guys going corn for him myself and another guy and next county down we're supplying them with the rye that they need to make sagamore rye whiskey with maryland-grown crops so one of the Benefits to us is we're able to come back out no-till beans behind it so if we could get a shot of rain here tonight we'll be in really good shape mother nature as my buddies always said is queen she'll win i'd really love to see a rain event but unfortunately i don't think we're going to be blessed with that but it has been great weather to make dry [Music] Head we all know our big limiting factor this year is just rainfall you know when it quit raining it buried us man i will take rain in any form any way any possible shape we could right now i mean if we're doing this and we're in this dry weather imagine what's going to happen when we're In nice weather [Music] we have 47 tubing pods here we've got 200 three bean pods here 15 4 bean pods here for a total of 318 pods 754 beans one plant you know we're really fortunate to have nate as part of the team and you know right now this is one of those aha moments for nate for both all three of us but you know this all goes back to nate's hard work Like i said like tom says controlling the controllables and i say let's go slow and make sure we're doing everything right so nate i got to give it to you man good work [Music] oh my god stop it it's a five bean pots [Music] wow let me see it i never thought i'd see a five bean pod that's my first five beam pods We just hit a five beam pod and i'm thrilled i'm jacked up today um it's not often around here i'm a happy guy and today i'm really really happy i mean a five bean pod that's something we haven't done before and i'm glad you were here seth while we filmed one five being pot i'm still happy this is me smiling and happy you don't see it very often have you ever heard of the tooth fairy The bean fairy's coming tonight boys good god i never thought i'd see a five bean pot in my lifetime that plant had a hundred fours on it just imagine what we're going to do next year now [Music] private tech is a brand new product from basf we're really excited for that review tech is going to be able to help growers stretch yields more than they have in the past The number one name of the game should be reducing stress you reduce stress you increase yield i'm excited about rev tech we use it on every acre we're looking at upwards of 60 days control it's going to take great farmers and just propel them so much further than we've ever been before [Music] so [Laughter] Yeah so what happens you guys show up just even the grill breaks down [Music] it's my favorite grill too see it's trying oh well i'll tear it apart tomorrow all right so today is august 24th monday currently working on combine behind us trying to get it prepared for harvest we mainly just use that combine for the bean harvest try to run three in the beans It harvest about 30 days away so trying to button up [Music] we're going to walk some plots today we're going to walk some of our own [Music] field [Music] here's the beans from the inner cropping some four padres way behind once again with green mother nature planted june 3rd So the beans are just way behind they're trying [Music] got a good amount of beans six seven pods per node that's a good sign but we're just going to need a lot more rain to finish filling these guys out pretty healthy we're on the lighter side of the soil here but for june planted beans you know i'll take what i can get it's not bad they're three seven beans So we still got a long way to go on these but as long as we can keep them going here you can tell they're later planted i did not stress them tell the spacing between the nodes here on the internodes you really want to see on beans a little bit shorter net where they're just stacked upon each other and this one being june 3rd planted it just does not have that sign Of that whatsoever they're even all the way through so we did the best we could the node spacing is pretty darn even some branching this is a big bushy hybrid this beans been fed its entire life it's had a lot of nitrogen because of the inner crop and corn so this is not what i typically like to do on my bean program this is a different approach But we're more after the corn yield on this and whatever the beans get they get so it's it's going interesting it's been fun watching this all year long because it has looked pretty good all year long we'll see what happens [Music] i think we can get close to around 100 bushel with these when we first did this goal was to have 300 plus bushel corn and 100 plus bushel beans I feel pretty confident that the 300 bushel corn will be will be achieved easily the beans it's just been a rough year here for us for beans they've gone through a bunch of different weather changes just trying to keep them clean insect pressure free last winter we did not have a winter at all very very warm we didn't have a winter kill of hardly any insects so Trying to keep these darn beans clean has been fun the height of them trying to keep control of i want to want to be much taller than this i'd actually prefer maybe a little bit shorter stacked more but from all the research that we've done we've learned that stunning beans late in the may early early june as a no-no we've we've lost too much yield on that So we missed a window to really attack these beans how we normally would so we've just been limping along through the season with them feeding the crap out of them and they love it too much and when beans love life too much they get lazy on you [Music] so after walking all these fields today you get really excited we know we got a big crop sitting here i think uh We're gonna break our personal records so many different things that we're waiting on that still have to go right for us things have gone right for us up to this point you know it's been a it's been a year that's tested about every nerve on and off the farm just with the coven 19 and everything and it's going to test our patients but i i Think we're going to get there and just hope mother nature leaves us alone until we do [Music] this barn it's gone from it was milking cows a long time ago beef cows then it went to pigs then went back to cows then it went back to pigs then it went to a dog kennel and then now it's cows sheep et so multi-purpose [Music] they all have different personalities which is cool it really is such a wonderful wonderful thing to watch your your kids take an animal that's although it's domesticated it's still generally wild when it's born and to go through that process of having that bond and teaching them how to walk on a leash like a dog would and take him in the Show ring and they really do have an incredible relationship [Music] the old guy told me one time said the average farmer in his lifetime gets to grow 47 crops no more than 47 crops in his lifetime on his own 47 crops and he said how many times do you want to mess that up that's how he put it to me and i went you know what that makes a lot of sense You know how how many times do you want to screw that up if you can take that much and add to all those acres you know how much that ends up in the end the number is huge i mean it can be phenomenal and i think that's what a lot of guys with a lot of these yields are like oh it's just it's kind of all crap and you know it all doesn't make sense you're not trying to make sense of all Of it you're just trying to see what component you can take and grow on the big acres and that's what all the guys are going dave hold on all of them they're they're trying to take small things and put it into production it's trying to find there is no silver bullet no i mean there's not never will be trial and error yep and you hope that you find something That can help you with the rest of your operation correct [Music] [Music] with the corn warrior podfather crew here we actually turned it around to be a good day nate behringer's with me nate's part of our team we found a five bean pod 650 650 pods one plant and how many four beam pods do we have 118. I haven't been doing this as long as chris has but you know for me it's just a tremendous experience first time i've ever seen one you know i've heard of them i've seen pictures online but to hold one in your hands in real life that's a truly unique experience and i'm blessed to have it here with with weavers and for somebody's just coming up in this business that you know getting to learn from these guys and see Something like that that's a once in a lifetime opportunity pretty pretty miraculous all in all for almost no rain you know looking at pod abortions and everything we had i you know i i just can't believe it a lot of our attention goes into our teamwork our attention to detail everything that we're doing it's really paying and as a team we make the decisions as a team we talk out our Plans and i'm going to tell you it's a game changer and we're pretty excited today after hearing all that but we couldn't have done it without nate and uh getting us off to a good start i'd say we'll probably start harvesting corn in about three weeks and beans were probably about five weeks away from starting stay tuned follow us throughout our Journey since we found a five bean pod and we've got 118 uh four bean pods i think we're on to something here nate i hate to tell you this it's getting dark and we've goofed off long enough with these guys today so let's get to work see you guys [Music] private tech is a brand new product from basf we're really excited for that revvytec is going to be able to help Growers stretch yields more than they have in the past the number one name of the game should be reducing stress you reduce stress you increase yield i'm excited about rev tech we use it on every acre we're looking at upwards of 60 days control it's going to take great farmers and just propel them so much further than we've ever been before

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