Using ONLY ProPresenter to Switch a Live Show

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An overview of a workflow that we've found to be efficient for many of our shows. Follow us on Instagram:

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Today we're going to look at our playback computer and specifically how we use it with the 4k ultra studio mini the cool thing about this thing is it has two sdi outputs one of them is for a fill and the other one is for a key well why do you need two outputs for downstream keys that's one way we use our playback laptop let me show you What i mean so right now we have uh there's preview on the left and program on the right we have a custom lower third going on top of the super source in the background here i can show you it is separate by turning on and off just the lower third okay we're using a downstream key in order to make this happen and what's really cool about doing all This with propresenter the way we have it set up is that we can pretty simply switch between let's say a video or a holding slide the lower thirds and even some looks uh without really any do doing any cuts or anything complicated on the switcher let me show you what i mean so right now we have a lower third and let's say i want to go to a video right And all i have to do here on propresenter is click on this it's going to play the video it's showing here and then it's showing up in my program okay so that is one of the pros being able to do this now i want to go right back to seeing that woman with a lower third i just click up here in the lower third and i'm back to it now the way we do it is this isn't a Super source so which means i can very easily if i get back here to my transitions i can really easily take that to a two box right or to a three box or to a four box and then i can go right back in to some more pre-recorded video and then what i could do is i can be changing the look in the background right So let's say i want to make my super source be a one box i can go to maybe a different look that i have here set that up and let's find out one that i have here here's one right and so when i'm ready to go back i can go back and now i have a completely different look so what you're seeing here is a show that we recently did where we used this Idea of using the downstream key having everything listed on pro presenter and i'll go through that in a sec and then being able to switch between different looks swap our super source in the background behind the downstream key and then pull up that new look so for instance in this show here i have everything listed out so we have everything from our welcome and holding Slides every single um part of the sh of the show on our run of show is listed out here um and now let's take a look at how we kind of ran this show so it started off with a holding slide like this you know it then went into a video and this works really well when you have a lot of pre-recorded videos and you're not going back-to-back Panel discussions right this would not be a great way to do that although it is a great way to kind of overlay looks and lower thirds on top of super sources in multiple boxes so we then had a video and then we went right into a toolbox before i switched that to box i need to make sure my super source has the look that we need we program all of our looks Ready to go in our super source so now when i click on a two box you can see our two panelists or hosts for this case showing up and it's seamless right there's no cut everything's a fade it looks really nice and polished so then we went right back into some more slides right they're talking about things that are going on we can click through these and then go right back to them Again i'm one person and i'm pretty much switching this entire show um now we do usually have a switcher with us and and they're handling other things swapping out the looks uh helping people you know come in virtually things like that even you know being an audio tech so um for instance let's go to a different look right so i'm in here i'll go to let's say a holding slide I can swap out my look and then i can come right back to a new one all right then let's say we have a video so our video is going to come up and let's go to a different look here let's see i have oh perfect i have a four box all right and then out of our video we can come right into our four box everyone has their own custom lower third um You know we could swap people around if we needed to and that's pretty much how we run our show you know and then we can go back here so i really haven't had to touch the atem switcher i didn't even touch the control panel at all and i just switched kind of a whole live stream show uh with you know a couple buttons on companion and pro presenter doing most of the work The key to this is prep okay prepping everything we prepped all of our different box looks that we would need so all we had to do was click a button and they would show up right uh we prepped all the pro presenter out so it was seamless we set up timing so that it would go through you know holding slides or slide shows automatically on you know a 4 5 6 10 second interval so that's key to running any good live stream show prep prep and prep some more so that's pretty much it pro presenter is awesome we use it it's simple right we could use playback pro we could do a lot of things that could do this but the key is having pro presenter set up with our 4k ultra studio mini here in order to do a key and a Film all right and let me show you real quick let me set this up in program and preview for you all right we would never do this on a live show but let me show you what this guy is actually outputting all right on the right side we see the fill let me show you what the key looks like alright so in preview here i should be able to pull out the key let me Find it playback one key that is the key it's all white it's saying everything in white i want you to pull the color from the fill okay for everything in white let's go ahead and look at what something else might look like now you're seeing the key with the transparency right so what's in black i want you to ignore and show what's Behind all right what's in white i want you to show what's in the fill okay we can do this for a couple different looks here all right if i switch to a four box here same thing you can see the key and the fill all right so if you're not sure what a key in a fill is this should be a really good representation of what it's capable of let's just show a couple different examples here Where's that two box that we had perfect there's a two box right so we have our two box here uh let's show one with and without so this is without a box there's a holding slide and then let's say i want to bring in uh let's see here do i have these buttons set up this might work and then this is it With a you know being able to see behind it so this is just some examples here uh this is not necessarily the scenes that we use for the show but just to explain and make sure everyone knows what a key and a fill is so that is uh that is how we switch the show for this particular one uh worked out extremely well we've done a couple other times uh but we plan on doing it even more and more When it works right back to back panel discussions not a great way to do it okay you really should cut from one super source to the other you have the 8k constellation you have two super sources so you're good to go uh you might think about doing it other ways with some smaller switchers other cases where this is not a good idea uh Anything where you're having to switch like power points and different things and like pretty much when you walk away from just using pro presenter in like one look uh it's good for that anything where you don't have pretty much just those two constraints you should really just use the cut bus fade use the atem switcher as a switcher but if you're doing let's say a more simple show or very well planned out Show uh then this becomes very useful very powerful and very simple for something like one two three people to use um and not get you know over complicated and and keep costs down right because we want to keep costs down um and things like that if you have to have a crew of 10 people running your live stream Your costs are probably pretty high so this was a good way to kind of combine some roles uh when when it was available so i hope you enjoy this um if you want to know more about how we set up our pro presenters for our live streams feel free to reach out we might do a video on that but this is the 4k ultra studio mini with two sdi outputs one for key one for phil um and It's a beast we love it and we're gonna get more uh so we can have more backups and and more abilities with overlays and our downstream keys thanks

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