Cheerleaders in the Chess Club | Season 2 "Romance"

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Cheerleaders in the Chess Club - Season 2 MORE YAP PLAYLISTS: GIRL WITHOUT A PHONE PLAYLIST: SHORT FILMS: CHEERLEADERS IN THE CHESS CLUB: QUARANTINE - A LOVE STORY: YAP SKITS: LATEST UPLOADS: YAP MUSIC: SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: MERCH STORE: #YAP #YoungActorsProject Written, Produced and Directed by Robert Randall for the Young Actors Project Ashley's old boy friend joins chess club - causing to Howard to stand up for her. Gwen reveals her true feelings for Howard - but she knows she can't compete against Ashley. Garth and Beth get pressured into a relationship.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] sorry yo I mean that weird sound it's called whistling something happy people do yes I know what this thing is actually I cannot life is too good we just received new equipment how do we surplus from the cheer team plus we have eight new subs on our blog and plus again I had yoghurt at lunch wait you Had yoghurt yes and no rash well okay I believe you but what about your allergy it's not uncommon for allergies to fade as people mature I've heard that I just didn't know they could fade that quickly well sometimes people can mature at an advanced rate a lot has happened lately with Ashley and I wait are you saying that Ashley kissed you and now you're no longer lactose intolerant I'm not lactose intolerant it's an Allergy they're different and yes there could be in in direct correlation so you and Ashley is there actually something yes Oh in fact things could be getting pretty serious super my teens I never said she could keep them but haven't you seen how they looked on her Oh care I loaned them to her for the party only she knows that but that was before Trevor complimented her hello Jessica Ashley Hey hey we got new equipment what boards and timers okay I don't care what Trevor said if he only likes her for my genes then maybe Trevor isn't right for her text her okay oh my god what's happening it's honey is she all right why do you keep seeing me spelling talk is there anything I can do to help yes talk to it someone an idiot is this okay [Music] We should help her right so like Brandon how do you actually or is it I'm sorry what well who's got two thumbs and can get you anything you want who this guy check it out doing not bad told you I had a guy how much 25 what you said 20 24 my guy five for the middle man what's going on nothing it's not a drug deal Garth then why does it look like a drug deal it's nothing what's in your hand Howard Elliot it's Just a gift you're not allowed to know for Ashley I'm not saying what does she need a gift for it's just something to welcome her to the club [Music] something's going on with Howard oh don't worry a lot of people get bullied he's not getting bullied he's having delusions huh okay correct me if I'm wrong Howard and Ashley aren't really a thing right oh my god no no thank you Not losing my mind but I think Howard maybe wait does he think it's real I think so that's hilarious it's not funny we need to tell him why this is killer he might get hurt so let her ride the way if he thinks he's a rock star and like a rock star he's going to crash and burn and we get to watch it happen don't you think that's a little cruel Oh totally [Music] so what are we gonna do Let her cry no Cindy always takes care for when she's like this oh okay and that's good penny it's gonna be all right we're gonna get Cindy everything's gonna be fine no no okay what Cindy's not here she's on a mission trip with her Spanish class to Guatemala well when will she get here she won't [Music] [Music] yeah Howard oh thanks is that forum ash yeah you're such a Good guy seriously she's lucky to have you really yeah girls love presents well I hope she likes this one that's so sweet have you thought about how you're gonna give it to her what do you mean well you could consider doing it publicly something big and bulton in front of everyone really cuz love that kind of stuff yeah maybe you think that would work I would make an impression for sure Howard Howard don't listen to her what Why because because things aren't what you think they are what are you talking about a conspiracy theory freeze you're not helping Howard this thing with you and Ashley it's not real I know you want to believe it is but from an outsider's point of view she called me her boyfriend you were there she was just using you to get back at Tiffany okay look don't listen to them be down there I am saying this as your friend because I don't want to see you get hurt Listen to your heart Howard you and Ashley your legit [Music] maybe you're right or maybe you're jealous jealous of what you don't like people being happier than what like when I was whistling you couldn't stand it I'm trying to help I don't need your help I know what I'm doing attaboy and she's not your girlfriend [Music] Stop that stop it Howard listen to me okay what's your user name super duper Cindy Cindy super duper you forgot the duper how do you spell duper famous even Bowie [Music] Master fingers it probably won't work it's like a third-world country there's probably no signals let's find out [Music] what's it doing we have this thing hi Ashley hey can you hold this for me Uh sure just right here okay the yearbook committee wants a photo of me for Chess Club are they going to include us this year the key to taking a perfect selfie is to know your angles right I almost forgot I uh I have something for you what is it you have to open it here's the card thank you this is good bounces right up guess for the double chin actually maybe I don't need it hang on [Music] that's better okay move it up a little bit and frame it so there's room beside me I might want to add a quote later something inspirational live for the moment or something like that yeah the moment but now and that's important how's that have me that thing again okay I I hope you like it what do you think it might be a little savvy yeah you're right I don't need to blow my hair Selfie should be authentic right keep it real that's what I'm always saying I know right keep it real maybe that's the caption Howard you're the best okay thanks Howard I can take it now I don't need you anymore don't you wanna know yeah like that no this is my good side I told you Howard it's all about the angles right found the password are you ready Hwan for EVR how did you know that it's on a sticker they put it on the back of every Wi-Fi router in the school I'm more than just a pretty face ladies it's connecting calling SuperDuper Cindy and and thanks Garth you're the best any time Cindy can you hear us I can hear you but I can't see you okay see you Cindy I can't believe it's you are you all right I didn't think your father would work there are you kidding everywhere we need your help What's going on it's penny don't say his name yes you have to talk to her okay put her on it Cindy what is it she's really cute he's cute too does he want to be my boyfriend [Applause] hi Cindy adios Ricardo can we please focus we're here to play chess [Music] [Music] so is that it It's over I guess it never really started what are you gonna do now I don't know what can I do there is a time in my life when I didn't know what to do I was at a crossroads just like you yeah whatever girth but then I heard a voice a wise old man he told me two words that inspired me and gave me a direction yeah what were they man up that was me I told you that yeah don't you see you're the wise one Howard you don't need me to tell you what to do You already know the answers inside you man up you bought that for Ashley it doesn't matter that she's the captain of the cheerleaders doesn't matter they're Howard doesn't know you deserve her I do you're good enough I am yes really yes you guys belong together like the Sun in the moon like ice cream and apple pie like c-3po and r2d2 yeah like that you guys are meant for each other Howard she's your girlfriend powers go mad and go get her all right I will She's yours our she's mine yeah oh don't forget gift [Music] hmm Howard what are you doing here I came here to give you this who's this this is Howard from Chess Club Ashley what is he doing here I'm just chilling dude is that right yeah what's your problem this is BEC well BEC I'd like to kindly ask you to leave my girlfriend alone Howard your girlfriend That's right leave her alone let me explain don't tell me what to do even loser Beck don't Howard listen to me Ashley I just want to give this to you oh you are trippin bro that was unnecessary Howard I think you misunderstood what happened the other day I just want to talk to you in private oh forget it dude she's not going with you I will decide what I do let me go your hands Off of both of you guys just Oh make me Jess hey Howard what are you doing here first you hit him Howard are you okay that's good to hear go go away I don't want to see you anymore what about tonight there is no tonight there's notes and Laura we're done just go away whatever hey you're lost if you want to be with that little puke how I I'm so sorry it's not your fault I shouldn't have Done this no I'm glad you did now I know what a jerk he is don't believe any of those things he called you I don't think he's good enough for you Thanks but neither am i don't say that it's true if anything I'm not good enough for you what you just did there how it was really stupid great [Music] so I guess you're not really my Girlfriend I'm sorry however probably better this way if we're in chess together we probably don't want to see on Kongregate right yeah you can still have this if you want I don't have the receipt [Music] Oh Howard it's the Queen you don't have to bear it I will [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi honey I'm home how was work the usual another day another dollar well I appreciate how hard you work for us dinner will be ready in just a minute I made your favorite oh honey you know I love your meatloaf how's my little princess I made this for you I love it and I love you I love you too honey dinner's ready come on let's go let's go come on what are you doing let's go it's time to eat let's go come on let's go glidin come on let's go hmm it's time for chess club come on we're gonna be late Yeah right I'll be right there try and be professional do you think you'll like it Ricardo yeah absolutely three can you help me what set up the chessboards no okay really Yes why would I do that okay [Music] Haggar hey how many we're not here yet okay so do you want to help set up the chess boards huh the chess boards you want me to help set them oh yeah like put the mountain stuff um sure actually yeah sorry I'm late just give me a minute okay Howard Howard what did you see what just happened I Just got here Beth just asked me to set up the chess boards and and she asked me to set up the chess boards I think she likes me what why else would she ask me that maybe she needs help setting up the chess boards Howard Garth are you still gonna help um yeah just give me a minute okay did you see that see what she wants me Garth something you shouldn't know about me I don't understand girls very well and It's possible that you don't either maybe you should go talk to penny she might be a better assistance three can I talk to you God do you have to its so guards okay what he's acting weird it's Carl get used to it she was looking at me weird I think he hates me why would he hate you maybe I did something like what did you do nothing [Music] Okay I know what's going on here what she doesn't hate you bet oh good no it's way worse what he likes you he does so what does she say about me I can't say penny it's me Garth i pinkie promise not to tell so she does say something if she did I'm not going to tell you okay you don't have to tell me let's try this if she said that she's into me blink once but I don't understand hey don't bother it's pointless he's a teenage boy what do you Mean his brain doesn't work properly it's under attack by an army of hormones he's basically an animal he is [Music] [Music] yes I knew it and when they get like this you see they can't talk properly and that's how you know that they like you they can't talk no they say stupid things and their words don't make any sense really just make sure you use your wishes wisely okay but what if I don't Have access to it Gini lab then I suggest a time machine where am I supposed to get one of those ask the genie what does this have to do with Beth Garth girls are complicated [Music] what's up Garth hey you wanna um do you know what time it is yeah it's garth why don't you check your watch well or your phone or the the clock on the wall right it's a three fertile Levantine er fertile Levantine er it Doesn't make sense oh my goodness it's true yo yo yo how do you test nerds we have big news yeah yeah yeah what's going on okay you tell him no no no you okay okay that's sturdy okay listen up my name is Ashley and I am Jeff we are cheerleaders but we play check and we with hanging out on the strip we gotta function what check it out Dean owner of big Bobby's hobbies and games is sponsoring our chess club how Did you do this well he was kinda creepy I think you like Jessica who big Bobby yeah he gave us three hundred dollars in store credit we just have to promote a store in our video blog we kind of lied about how popular they were who cares this is next level a sponsor to clobber here you better keep that now everyone will know about the Bulldogs get the camera set up let's get started can you believe this we did it yeah it's great this is just the beginning there will be A snowball effect next we'll have shirts hats phone cases with our chests ratings and logos inscribed how do I look [Music] great actually I'm big Bobby insisted Jessica be the spokesperson oh okay sure we can do that give me this thing kind of like commercial first or okay I'll go make cue cards here [Music] Eat your vegetables I will mommy pass the potatoes darling of course what's that on your collar hmm you have something there a smudge is that lipstick I don't know it is well it must be yours that is scarlet red I were baby pink Howard whose lipstick is that daddy are you cheating on mommy Howard where did that come from mr. Elliott Ashley what are you doing here you left some paperwork at the Office [Music] I told you not to come to my house I just had to see you Howard darling it's no bit looks like not cool I know it's going on leave her run away with me I would get her out of my house oh boy oh boy what fun I'm having playing chess have you ever seen a chess set as nice as this the pieces slide so smoothly across the board mmm the finest quality Did I mention that it's affordable whatever will I do with all my leftover birthday money you are probably wondering where a girl like me got such incredible chess set well where else a big Bobby's Bobby's and games that good no um it's big Bobby's hobbies and games what did I say you said Bobby's I thought it was Bobby's the Bobby part is Bobby's but the Hobby part is it let's just try it again hobbies and games hobbies and Games we'll go from you're probably wondering and action you're probably wondering where a girl like me go such incredible chess set well where else at big hobbies Bobby's and games [Music] what that was backwards um you said hobbies bobby's instead of Bobby's hobbies right that's okay that's fine you're doing fine just reverse it okay fine one more time take three you got this Jess you can do it I can do it just freed the cards yeah I can read and action you're probably wondering where a girl like me get such incredible chess set where else that's big boobies who B's and James let's just take a break [Music] [Applause] [Music] mommy where are you going I'm just going away for a while when will you be back I'm not sure mommy don't leave us don't worry Ashley's your new mommy now where are you going I just have to go how come are you coming back I don't know big boogies movies and games I'm never gonna get this it's all right it's it's fine breathe the chat we can rewrite the script simplify it where's Gwen she left where uh when [Music] Ashley back what are you doing here I came here to apologize oh really yeah I was a jerk yeah you were I didn't mean to hurt your friend I'm sorry for that okay well thank you it's not the kind of guy I am I want you to know that okay be sure to tell Howard I will okay well thank you for this yeah so anyhow what do you say what do I say for what for you know we can get back together I don't think so what I don't want to get back together I Apologized so Ashley Bank I was being real okay I came here and I apologized let's go back to what it was I don't want to go back to what it was why not I've moved on that's why I'm sure you can respect that no I don't fine then but can you please leave now you're being rude rude you call this being rude I'm trying to be nice really yeah I'm a nice guy great goodbye a nice guy you want to see rude here This is rude that's right Oh real classy go yeah you know what I'll go you stay here with the Geek Squad I'll go hey buddy what you got anger issues yeah maybe I do what's it to you I like it what do you want you're in that band right social something anxiety I've heard you guys you're okay who are you you give up pretty easy what Ashley that was pretty lame I don't care what you think she still wants you I'm Just saying what do you know more than you think so does social anxiety you practice Tuesdays or Thursdays why do you care you want to get Ashley back you got to do more than just throw a hissy fit okay what does Tuesdays and Thursdays have to do with it that's when we meet chess club yeah chess club yeah I'm not joking you want to get her back this is where you do it if I want to get Her back I'll go watch the cheer practice no you won't why wouldn't I because you're afraid of jocks what do you know I know that all those football starts hanging out of practice they scare you then how come we didn't do anything in gym when tanner miles made fun of your hair what yeah I saw that spider what's it to you about issues I do but don't worry so does everybody in Chess club you're trading [Music] what are you doing nothing I just have a lot of homework and I can't do chess today it's like a big project okay it's just stressful what project we have all the same classes together there's no project okay just what what's going on I'm quitting chess club what are you crazy I'm not needed what are you talking about Ashley Ashley yes Ashley she Raises money better than me she plays chess better than me she's prettier you don't need me anymore you're part of the club I don't want to be part of the club not when you have her what do you mean have her have her your girlfriend okay I'm sorry but it's too painful to watch and I was going to tell you but now it's too late tell me what that that I like you okay there I said it I like you I can't do anything about it and I feel so stupid because I like you And I feel so stupid because I told you and and I wish she wasn't your girlfriend and I was but I was invisible and I wish I would shut up and I wish that these feelings would go away and they won't and now I'm gonna go play in traffic when she's not my girlfriend [Music] she never was so stop feeling stupid because I'm the stupid one [Music] so are you coming tonight of course you didn't lost your I'm not afraid of parties so what do you think I should fight any boys I don't know maybe well do you want me to look who told you that I don't know yes are you doing I can't think of any how about Matias okay trust them sure or maybe the car no why don't why do not invite him he's weird he see I know that's why he's weird What's so weird about that it's just weird he probably thinks you're cool could hang out me or he had brain trauma he's cute all right he thinks he's cuter than he really is so you think he's cute a bit yeah not like that if you tell him I will kill you yes I will punch you fine pinky promise you better not so it's true Yep she says you're an 11 out of 10 only 11 could go higher well she has good taste yeah and she really likes guys who can bottle flip alright if I land this I'll come to your party yes six o'clock don't forget to make it alright I'll be there what there's something else okay she wants you to ask correct huh but don't tell her I told you she said that yes and it has to be today in Just know what you have to she's expecting it I'll make sure everything is just right I don't know if I'll go to chess today she's counting on you alright if I land this I'll do it but upset yeah that's impossible I can do it don't try and get out of this nothing's impossible but like did you really say that it was just like a basic breakup like I I think we should see other people Bla bla bla you know oh he said that yeah well according to Emma oh there should totally be a couple I ship them so hard you don't even know oh my god Jessica that is so true cuz you and one two three four eight other people who liked it who's the one who didn't oh wait that's me like oh my god okay that's just rude who let him on here block him so much today's fun way I loser if either of you seen when today why I'm Just wondering if she's coming I saw someone with the same hairstyle as her but they weren't on the other side don't you guys have most of the same classes together why didn't you just ask her yourself I was busy I was focused on my schoolwork so no then she's coming you talked to her yeah I'd like to she was helping me science what's she saying just I'll see you in chess why are you obsessing about what I'm not obsessing you sound like you're obsessing she's Not even late Jessica do you think he's obsessing I'm just wondering where she is I'm co-captain and she's co-captain and I'm just checking if she'll Co be here he's obsessing obsessing about what I nothing Jess I'm obsessing about chess everything is normal what no one said anything look let's just get things started when I need you to catalog this book and add it to Dewey Decimal number to the spine [Music] [Music] we talked about the other day in a minute let's just get things going first I'll catalogue the book use of the board there were just a lot of things said actually you have better handwriting I'll go work on the board look all I want to know is when you said that I think I'll get Jessica and Ashley to help they should do their fair share [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what are you doing nothing I was just doing my hair really it just looks like you're trying to get Howard's attention nope okay here's the deal Gwen you want to get a boy's attention don't be subtle Just drag them over sit him down what's going on tell him to shut up and listen thanks about the other day which thing in the hall okay I said some things that I didn't think I was gonna say okay but you said something to Gwen nah shut up and listen okay I know that it's hard for you to deal with your feelings me too but we can't just pretend like it didn't happen hello maybe it is better if we pretend it didn't happen How I was talking to my parents they want me to focus on my grades okay this is an important year our grades count towards college acceptance people with girlfriends and boyfriends their marks go down now might not be the best time but you didn't think that was a problem and you thought Ashley was your girlfriend I wasn't thinking and it probably wouldn't have worked out our grades won't suffer remember when we were study partners we Got straight A's that was different we were in grade 3 we were learning about turtles how long are you gonna do everything your parents want it's not just what my parents want I wanted to and don't you two get into a good university have a good life yes of course but this is our lives too right now are we not allowed to be happy or are we just getting ready for real life when we're older I just want to be smart About it well I'm tired of being smart [Music] do you have something I can punch I have a scream pillow at home but wholesome dealing with my parents I just realized something guys suck oh my god yes see so do what stop Hey perhaps forgot are you serious yeah it's all filled out this is incredible yes this means the school will officially recognize us as a far city club what Difference does it make think about how that would look on a resume oh okay and we get letterman jackets what else everybody we're in Chess Club yes don't you want one absolutely not there are a lot of benefits to being an official school club school bus transportation for tournaments a dedicated page in the yearbook and a group photo I might be sick that day this is big and guys lie like all the Time like they will literally say anything and if they're into you yeah great but as soon as you're into them they think you're obsessed or something oh my god yes they like they think it's a game like it's all about getting the girl but as soon as I got you they don't even care about bill did you and move on and they'll ditch you for an older girl one time a guy just me for an 18 year old he said I wasn't mature enough excuse me do I look immature to you oh My gosh and guys are so different when they're with their friends oh my god yes remember when you were cursing on William he was so sweet bonus friends came around it became such a jerk what did you do I broke up with him she dropped him it's the only move he wasn't worth it no guy is guys are dogs they beg not us Ashley came up with that that's my girl us girls got to stick together and support each other this moment calls First selfie say Girl Power Girl Power Girl Power oh hold on what William just like my last post Jess he might still be into me Jess hey girls speaking of guys I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our club what hey is this a prank actually it's not this is such a prank he's joining are you serious just signed up and you're okay with it actually it's a good thing now we have 10 members and that gives us official varsity status Don't touch me uh sorry Gwen can you give him a welcome package whose idea was this of course that would use another guy oh and you just happen to pick my ex I didn't pick him he wanted to join I'm sure maybe to get in another fight with Howard it's okay I'll just keep my distance he did not stay technically anyone is allowed to join he won't join if he doesn't feel welcome this school has its policies Bree tell Him to leave oh but don't be mean it's not like me I'm serious jokes over you got me now end it end it it's just getting started I'm serious I don't want him here no she's not getting her way it's so fun watching you squirm why don't you tell him Howard you do it you're the captain everyone deserves a second chance he's had enough second chances maybe you should leave the club oh you'd like that wouldn't you actually I would you know what no I think you Actually want me here oh really yeah cuz without me you wouldn't be able to cause all these problems and that's what you love most making people mad well I won't give you the satisfaction unlike you I have true friends who will always be there for me Jessica yeah I need you to tell back to leave the club can you do that for me okay Thank You Jessica hey are you like gonna play chess with me or something I don't really know what goes on here oh no I Just want to talk cool so what do you want to talk about chess what about it have you ever played checkers but that was boring Oh chess is worse really oh oh yeah you're gonna hate it oh no I heard it's good for your brain if you're a musician no no it's the it's the opposite it makes you bad yeah the pieces they only move one way it makes your brain work the same when you play music you can only play it one way well that'll be a Problem I never do what people tell me do so well what I'm trying to say beyond are your eyes blue or green it green ish they look like animals shining in the ocean really yeah but you probably get that all the time not that often yeah I've been reading this sign I've been stuck I think you just told me I did yeah well your eyes did my greenish eyes yeah hey Jessica Beth talked to you over here sure what the hell are you doing what this What this well I wasn't doing that yeah you were I saw em first okay so drop the pretty girl crap it's getting old okay sure but you can do me a favor oh sure whatever he's in a really cool band right and it's a band that I want to be in oh I didn't know that you gotta play a little guitar and sing my dad's a professional musician he must be really cool he's alright so what I want you to do is Go back there and try to talk me up a bit okay see if he needs a backup singer something like that okay yeah just be cool I'll be cool hey hey again I wanted to talk to you about cheer band cool so it's a rock band yeah that's cool so you play rock music yeah I was wondering if you would ever need any backups here we can always use backup singers and makes everything sound better let me hear you sing oh oh no that's not what I mean This is cool movie shy here try this it's an a-minor let it rip don't say thing loosen up make a thing [Music] no take it up can you reach this [Music] hey you really yeah that was killer forget backup you could be lead singer yes very nice careful you don't hurt your voice Jessica I'm sorry I just got carried away everybody everybody can you Please go into the hall what it's an emergency I need you in the hallway now okay close your eyes huh just close your eyes okay why you'll see just me can you guys please go to Hall / it's a woman can I open them now no not yet just wait what's going on nothing just a whole eye meeting with these people or darling [Music] yeah I guess yeah let's go yeah Shh What what are we even doing Shh just wait what did everyone go I think they just went to get some water or something oh yeah so are you okay yeah my stomach just feels a little funny Oh crackers no I'm good okay so yeah I was wondering uh huh what's that book like oh it's pretty good it's about these sisters growing up it's kind of a romance cool Do you like romance books that is yeah well some are kind of stupid but this one's pretty good what about you I've never really read any oh that's okay we can exchange if you want when I'm done sure I've got this cool believe it or not one it's got a picture of the world's fattest man they have to use a forklift to move him great here I've actually finished it thanks I'm still reading this one oh no problem no rush on the romance the book yeah Why are we watching this heels like in nature documentaries Club is weird man feel free to leave oh no please don't so yeah do you know boyfriend do I know what I mean have one no I don't have a boyfriend why I'm doing a survey oh no actually I was wondering yeah if you could pass me that garbage quickly I made a bar it could have been something he ate maybe he just doesn't Like me no barfing is good it's a sign of what of all of his past crushes releasing from his body that's not a sign a sign knows wasn't something impossible happens like the fire alarm rings or there's thunder see nothing it's not gonna do it I will talk to him again I can fix it don't talk to him enough damage I'll fix it so how do you like chess club so far I thought there'd be more oh no Chess yeah well most of us just do what we want nice guitar what is that a Telecaster you know guitars I grew up around music as a roadie for my dad's band sweet what kind of music do you like classics mostly Hendrix what's up stones hell yeah I sound live no well my mom did when she was pregnant with me so you got like rocking her blood ain't coming out she come to check on my band that'd be cool That'd be totally cool cool cool this is cool yeah very cool all right what there's a man out there he's looking for poopsie I think he means you know get lost okay so uh what were we talking about classic rock right so what you okay yeah don't mind [Music] what's the matter crap hey poopsie who's this hey Bootsy you forgot your lunch Lunch is actually three hours ago better late than never and who's this young man can you just go sure I wouldn't want to embarrass you in front of your friends Thanks a little late for that hey hold up I know you from that band maybe oh please don't ya yes for my first concert I was a lot of people's first concert Bri you never told me your dad was in the squiggles Sami squiggle at your service First I learned to play was really go there you want a jam totally [Music] downtown smile sometimes your friend like a friend [Music] no is here ever I call Spiegel there's Fagel there splick oh man I'm never alone you're always there that's why you're my sweet dog [Music] are you gonna say anything we should go clean up is that it what do you want me to say I can't tell you what I want you to say I'll just humiliate myself even more I'm sorry if I made you feel bad it's not your fault it's mine I've known you since kindergarten you think I know you by now but you're still gonna stay in chess club though right is that all you care about what You know what you're a selfish jerk Oh Howard everyone left freeze cleaning up Thanks hey I'm we're going to a party tonight do you want to come pennies no Steve Cooper's he's on the football team yes so what you can still go we'll be there we'll introduce you to everyone it'll be fine come on you gotta do it I mean how often are you gonna get an opportunity like this so what boys are coming most of them didn't respond that's okay what kind of stuff are we Gonna do it'll be fun just some game the kind of games Wow I dare you to spend three minutes in the closet with Garth [Music] [Music] Hey hi small closet yep is your stomach okay uh yeah I think did you text in there just said [Music] did you finish your math homework No [Music] [Music] hi do you want to work on the science project sure did penny tell you anything about me she was spreading rumors what are they true are you sure she didn't tell you anything they were a little bit true do you want to what you know whatever you want whatever I want yeah like what people do when they play Truth or dare I've never played before I think they want us to kiss I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable no I'm okay you're okay yeah so you don't want to no I mean I'm okay as an I won't feel uncomfortable Oh hey spigen this is just a little something I've been working on [Music] can I get this see [Music] When I look into your eyes [Music] never takes me long to see the you and still this heart of mine [Music] time's up that was fast yeah that was cool [Music] lighten up my [Music] didn't take me on To see their you make these wrongs feel they say there's something hard to find they say heart will break a million times they say [Music] but here you are I want you to be my boyfriend [Music] yes good I was gonna be the one to ask okay I promise not to tell Thanks they say Love is something hard to find they say heart will break a million times they say shouldn't lay it on mine [Music] here you are [Music] here we are [Music] I'm never going to one of his parties again I can't believe it was so lame we should have known when all of his little Brother's friends came in so annoying seriously I think guys suck no matter what age they are not yours what this this chess set oh that was a birthday present that my brother gave to me when I was like 5 what are you doing do you want to play are you serious yeah well oh my god I can't believe this is our Friday night okay fine but I'm gonna kick your butt okay don't be so sure I'm getting pretty good at this bring it on [Music] [Music]

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