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emma chamberlain

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Oh my god it's so sad what happened my mommy's in town your guys's favorite look at my hair no no no more mommy content the people love you [Music] good morning everybody i woke up this morning to my espresso machine being broken it's been making my coffee a little bit weird but i haven't been able to figure out What the problem was so i was just kind of ignoring the problem and then today just like everything blew up in my face i no longer have an espresso machine that was upsetting but in other news today is my last day as a teenager when you're watching this my birthday will have far past and it will all be a memory my teen years have been something else it was really quite a decade for me and it's kind of sad to See my teenager years end but also not really because i don't really care but i want to live it right today i'm going to have a fun day and i'm going to [ __ ] make it fun and i'm going to force myself to not lay in bed all day like i have been for the past six months i have a few things in my mind a few ideas but first i'm Going to the gym i know it's kind of out of character i'm turning into a gym rat like i've been really genuinely like unironically genuinely enjoying going to the gym recently it's almost like one of these things where i'm like i don't want anyone to find out because i'm like embarrassed for some reason there's really nothing embarrassing about it it's extremely normal but i'm I don't know like there's something embarrassing about it for me like i'm embarrassed i can't put a finger on it i got my birthday nails done yesterday they're these 3d bubble color bubbles i'm not a big birthday person and honestly it kind of makes me anxious it makes me anxious when people do nice things for me so you can imagine birthdays for me are kind of Anxiety-inducing because it's just people doing things for me and saying nice things to me all day so i'm not the biggest birthday person i don't really care about doing big stuff i don't really have any big birthday plans it's probably just going to be like any other day maybe go to dinner this is kind of a big birthday i mean this birthday you know i'm going from teen hood to my 20s So even though i'm not really planning anything crazy i still want it to be a good day and i definitely want to look good which is why today i'm going to try to search for a birthday outfit i have not gone shopping in probably a month and a half but i do want to try to find a birthday outfit i don't care if people wish me a happy birthday couldn't care less i just want to wear a [ __ ] dope outfit on my birthday i also was Thinking i kind of want to get another piercing i also want to change out my nose ring which i can't do by myself i need to go in and then they do it so i'm gonna try to do that today but lord knows like whatever if that's gonna happen oh and i also want to go get myself a new espresso machine as my birthday gift to myself but first we're starting out with the gym because weirdly enough i actually enjoy going to The gym last workout as a 19 year old i need to go home and shower and then we can figure out what's next you know what i smell like i smell like a cup of instant noodles like instant ramen like it's not sweat smell it's like salt like i smell like salt i'm gonna google it does that mean something is something wrong with me it means i have a lack of sodium in my body Oh or i've been eating too much salt wait what's the answer okay i guess i'm not gonna worry about it anyway see you in a second i'm back and i'm clean what are we doing today it's 11 in the morning i blow dried my hair i don't know i was feeling fancy um i have a few things that i want to do today and i wrote them down on a list number one go shopping for a birthday outfit number two go to the container store And get a bunch of different little containers so i can organize my refrigerator i don't know how to justify that but i would like to do that today i want to try to find a new espresso machine and try to buy one i would like to get an ear piercing because i just like feel like i'm due like i'm long overdue for a new piercing i want to go to the grocery store and buy some sort of cake cookie Cupcake something fun for my birthday tomorrow but i want to pick it out myself because i'm picky and those are all the errands i want to try to run today i need to get some caffeine in me so we're going to go get a matcha shocker are you guys surprised okay hey what the [ __ ] oh my god this [ __ ] literally was just speeding down my street And he was like swerving around my street anyway and then he flipped me off um something's in the air in l.a bad vibes anyway i've been very unmotivated to do anything recently but i woke up today at 7am with this like burning passion for life and i was like i'm going to get piercings today i'm going to go shopping i'm going to go to the gym i'm going to do all of it and i it feels good Basically the reason why i'm saying this is because um if you're watching this and you're like i have no motivation to do anything right now and i feel like i never will again let this be comforting for you that i have literally not wanted to get out of bed for like a month and today i woke up and i just wanted to get out of bed it happens you can't predict when it's Gonna happen but if you just keep pushing through it'll pass and today i feel energized and motivated and happy and it's great i think i'm gonna go to one of my favorite vintage stores to try to find an outfit let me take this okay i'm gonna go into this vintage store crossing my fingers i'm going for something not too crazy but something a little bit out Of my comfort zone maybe let's see what we find [Music] did i buy things yes i actually had a relatively successful shopping trip i didn't get like a full outfit like a full birthday outfit but i got a few pieces that i can mix with pieces that i already have time for a haul first thing i got is not really for A birthday outfit although i may wear this on my birthday because it's very me it says it's a vintage tee that says leave me alone i love it next i got this is another this i'm definitely not wearing on my birthday because it's not warm enough but i bought this long sheer black skirt that i can wear as a bathing suit cover-up It just fit really well okay this i want to wear if i leave my house past 7 p.m on my birthday this jacket it's so cute and i was thinking if i'm feeling really spicy i could wear this underneath it's a lot i love that i think that's so cute like the colors match perfectly with some black jeans or some black leather pants Or a black skirt oh black skirt that's possibly my birthday outfit and then i also got two birthday gifts for myself two pairs of sunglasses little vintage sunnies first we have these i don't know i just like them and i know that they're dior but i can promise you that they were only a hundred dollars which isn't that bad it's my [ __ ] birthday okay i also got these Cute wait these are so cute i'm happy i'm a happy girl okay next i think i'm going to go to the container store which if you don't know what that is it's exactly what it sounds like it's a store that sells a bunch of different kinds of containers and i think i'm gonna get refrigerator organizers because let me tell you i saw this photo on pinterest of like a super organized fridge i saw this photo And i was like i have to do this with my own fridge because now that i cook for myself it's like it's time and i was gonna order everything and do it but then i was like you know what i'm just gonna go to the container store pick out everything it's gonna be an absolute ball and now that i'm turning 20 i'm basically a grandma so doing things like organizing my fridge fits My new vibe i remember when i was younger my mom was obsessed with the container store because she was like this is the best place on the planet because it's just a store with a bunch of different containers and ways to organize things like a bunch of different drawer organizers like all kinds of organizers that you can imagine any kind of plastic organizer that you can imagine The container store has this store was like my mom's favorite store when i was growing up and i was always like can you shut up shut up and then now i'm older and i'm like girl i'm sorry for everything i said i get it tell me why that was so fun tell me why i just had the most fun i've ever had in the container store it's the most bizarre concept for a store it's literally just Containers but i got so much good [ __ ] i'm gonna organize the [ __ ] out of my refrigerator later refrigerator later but i do have some bad news the espresso machine that i want is only available in a store that's 45 minutes away from me not worth it you know it's actually been so awkward today i've gotten like multiple birthday texts for some reason everybody thinks that today is my Birthday it's not my birthday today it's tomorrow do i tell them that it's not my birthday or do i just play along now we're going to the grocery store so i can pick up some birthday sweets because at the end of the day the only person you really have is you and i'm not going to rely on somebody else to get me a cake or to get me cupcakes or something i'm going to get them myself because i know What i like best anyway i also want to get more apricots because apricots are in season and they're absolutely [ __ ] delicious right now the grocery store is very busy right now and i'm contemplating going later but i'm also like i'm here what do i do what the [ __ ] is this person doing somebody's literally trying to park in a spot that's not a real spot oh my god you're so [ __ ] stupid Seriously am i having road rage today or is everybody just driving badly this is like the most errands i've ever i've run in probably six months like i have not been to three stores consecutively in like two months like normally at this point i'd be tired and i'd be like [ __ ] it i'm going home but i have like energy today so this is like natural i did have an energy drink but i drink these every day so Emma turning 20. maybe emma's turning 20 and her depression is going away but i'm not gonna get wishful thinking because it has not gone away for six seven years so but i'm having a good time so grocery store time [Music] grocery store run was a success i got some cupcakes that have ingredients in it that won't hurt my Stomach look what else i got are you [ __ ] kidding me i also got strawberries and broccoli and two nectarines but i'm not gonna pull them out of the bag because you've [ __ ] seen those fruits and veggies before like you don't need to see them again wait i kind of want to try a little bit of the cupcake now but i'm like emma no save it for your [ __ ] birthday i'm gonna save it for my birthday Some girls watching me film right now and judging me so i'm gonna drive away before i discuss how delicious that was oh my god she's [ __ ] telling her friends she's like telling her she's like whispering to her friends right now as if i cannot see as if i do not have two eyes i see that you're talking [ __ ] about me to your friends did you know it's my birthday week [ __ ] i bet that girl does not know it's my birthday week And she's [ __ ] bullying me i try to buy desserts that have ingredients in it that won't hurt my stomach because like if it's my birthday i don't wanna have a stomachache you know what i'm saying but these like you know gluten-free vegan uh dairy-free sweets sweets that are gluten-free dairy-free vegan stuff like that when you get those they're hit or miss like you don't know if it's gonna be good or not luckily That one was good you know it's kind of funny how like freaked out i get when people watch me film or like judge me because in la people are judgmental sometimes it's just you know what do you expect right but it's funny how i like care sometimes because then when i really think about it i'm like they're never gonna see me again there's no reason for me to care okay so my mom's in town she wanted to try the Cupcake because me and my mom have similar stomach issues and so she can eat this but also don't eat too much of it because this is my birthday well i have another one no you have to have the frosting i know no the frosting oh my god that's amazing right are you cutting a piece how am i gonna put my mouth on them it is hard it's so did you just say that's what she said no Isn't it so good you can have the rest i know that's fun very delicious thank you for sharing you are so welcome queen how did that just take my day you know what time it is it's time to organize the fridge i feel like this is gonna be fun but i feel like also i might start getting bored after 20 minutes so we will see okay so first i'm gonna put all of my Fruits and veggies into these little containers that are supposed to make them last longer so first we have some raspberries i don't know if this is efficient like i don't know how long i'm gonna be able to do this you know like before i start getting frustrated we'll see maybe i'll be able to keep this going okay my strawberries don't fit this is already going bad i'll eat one oh wait those are moldy Are you kidding me i just bought more i just spent like 20 dollars on moldy strawberries okay this is my next container strawberries wait look how nice this is all of my little drinks in their own little container i put all my sparkling water all my sparkling waters into one is this a waste of time all my coffee creamer is this am i what am i doing oh my god they're Too big for my refrigerator guys this is quickly backfiring oh no nothing fits nothing fits i'm not gonna let this ruin my day because it's my [ __ ] birthday but i did get to organize this it's honestly a little bit less messy than before so that's kind of exciting but for the rest of the fridge um i am in pain mentally um but i'm really gonna try to make it work so give me another like hour and we'll See what i come up with this is not going well it's just not helping like it's not making my fridge more organized like it has made no difference but on the other hand this is actually kind of amazing there are special containers to keep your fruits and veggies fresh so at least we have that i'm going to put everything back in my fridge And move on to another activity for the day because i'm a little bit devastated and frustrated um so i can't i don't want to think about this anymore okay wait honestly i just rearranged things for like an hour and i feel really good like i just wasted half the day doing this but i actually feel like it looks good now you just have to ignore the fourth row because that's not organized right now but the rest Looks pretty good i mean it's kind of good like i have all my almond milks here and then i have all my fruit juices here there's like cranberry in the back and lemon and lime and then i have my creamer the ones in the front are my mom's but you know then here i have all my sparkling waters then i have some of my homemade egg white bites then i have some hummus and then i have My mom's leftovers and then i have some drinks here all of my fresh fruits and veggies and some leftovers and then vegan meat and vegan cheese and some salsa and pickle i mean it's kind of random it's still random but it's better than before like i think it's more aesthetically pleasing i mean that's pretty aesthetically pleasing i mean listen we made it work i actually Ended up using all the containers too i found a place for all of them so this wasn't useless hi um do you guys have any availability today for two ear piercings and um a nose ring change yeah when are you gonna come in i could be here at two yeah they're at two okay perfect great see you at two okay so we're getting piercings now i think i'm gonna get I don't want to get anything on this ear i think i'm gonna get wait what side do i sleep on i don't remember um i think i'm gonna get one right here and then one i don't know i don't really know yet to be honest i really don't know i'm literally gonna wing it i'm just gonna wing it and then i'm gonna get a gold nose ring because i've had this silver one For way too long and it's pissing me off but anyway i need to literally leave right now because it's 1 40 and my appointment is at two am i spontaneous today guys literally when have you seen me with this much energy i am on one today so the funny thing about me and piercings is that i get piercings all the time but it's really like hit or miss whether or not they get infected with me because i have Very sensitive skin so like my body doesn't react well to piercings so i like get them and there's like a 50 50 chance that they'll heal so i've gotten like this cartilage up here done multiple times but it's gotten infected every time and so lord knows whether or not these are actually gonna last or if they're gonna get infected but i i don't know all my piercings right now Are healed up pretty well so i feel like there's a good chance there's a prom well not really there's not really a promising chance maybe i'll just get one today i said two but maybe i'll just do one because i need to kind of cool down i'll do two [ __ ] it like whatever chances are one of them will get infected so then at least i'll have the other one i just got here i'm warning you i'm not Gonna film in there because i am very intimidated by people who have lots of tattoos and lots of piercings and i'm going into a tattoo and piercing shop therefore i will not be filming in there because i'm always scared of the people in there like they're always intimidating without fail so i'll see you after wish me luck here are my ears now here's my nose ring now and i'll see you after You guys okay number one look at my little gold nose ring so much better and it's also smaller so it looks better on my nose see and then i got this one on top right here that's the only one i got because i was like i'm not gonna overdo it today i'm not in the mood to overdo it today so i just got that one but i'm obsessed with it i love it i think it looks so cute and i like my new little gold nose Ring so that was very successful another little birthday gift to myself some new jewelry and a new piercing just two besties chilling in bed so ow my ear piercing is hurting i am planning on reading my book i'm reading 1984 by george orwell i'm almost done i have approximately 40 pages left i'm gonna read some of this right now and then i'm also going to write in my journal um for the next say probably 45 minutes and then i actually am going to dinner not really like a birthday dinner but like kind of a birthday dinner with my friends three of them i don't know that's actually all i have we can get ready together and it'll be fun but for now i think i need to have some chill relaxing bedtime with my book and my journal it's good for me i got dressed and it only took me an Hour only an hour let's see if you can see it in here so it's time to get ready i i don't know if i like i might change my shirt the shirt might change guys i swear to god i've done i did more today than i've done in two weeks so i'm actually exhausted and the thought of going to dinner right now is scaring me because i'm exhausted i also kind of hate my outfit so i'm gonna Have to really think about that i think the reason why i'm confused about this outfit is because it's not comfortable today we're doing quick makeup quick and dirty i don't think i like my outfit i don't i hate it okay well i will be changing my outfit after this but i will finish my makeup first and then we can have an entire another crisis about my outfit i don't want to be predictable that's why i was like Okay today we're coming out with the plaid pant but the plaid pant is giving me a wedgie in all areas every time i use this cream bronzer i'm really like risking my life here because i'm like this could either look really good or really bad and like i'm i take a risk every time i use it see that like looks not good oh it looks so much worse on camera it looks bad in person too but Listen nobody said it had to be perfect i tried to pluck my eyebrows a little bit last night because they were getting out of control and i think i might have actually did a good job and i've never in my life been able to pluck my eyebrows but i tried last night and i like really took my time and like really was methodical and thoughtful i think i actually did kind of a good job i mean they're still a mess but like They were like bad yesterday like they were really bad birthdays are always crazy because it's like who's gonna come out of the woodwork and text me that hasn't texted me in like a year like that's exciting it's like what [ __ ] is gonna decide to come out of the blue and text me happy birthday my makeup's not going well today Um it's safe to say that but it's okay cause i'm gonna blend it with my finger until it looks good it's fine it's fine i'm also getting irritable because my ear is aching from the piercing and it's like the most frustrating ache because it's like not that bad but it's just like dull we're doing some highlight i'm mad about having to change my outfit like i don't want to change my outfit But i like know i need to because i hate it once my lips get drawn on everything changes like i am a brand new [ __ ] every time brand new [ __ ] add a little shimmer and shine last but not least mascara listen i'm quick how long does that take me like 10 minutes ow oh [ __ ] out we did it we're ready i'm gonna go change my outfit but i'm not taking you with me because you don't need to go through that like it's going To be excruciating for me so like i don't want you guys to have to go through that go through that i'm not happy i was so tempted to wear my birthday outfit a day early because it looked so good sorry i didn't show you we settled on this boring [ __ ] black skirt pink purple shirt in a little cardigan whatever i'm done but anyway i need to go to the oh my god i'm like talking too fast and I can't get sentences out correctly i need to go to dinner i'm excited even though i don't like my outfit that much lord knows i'll probably change three more times even though i don't have time anyway i love you guys thank you for hanging out with me today on my last day of being a teenager by the time you're watching this i will have been 20 for probably like two weeks So the hype will be over but i'm glad that i got to spend today with you and i love you so much and i appreciate you so much there was your forehead kiss there's another one just for good measure i'm out of here i'm gonna go to dinner now in my boring outfit bye love you [Music]

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