Joe Rogan on Micro-dosing Psilocybin

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Joe Rogan talks to Dennis McKenna about people who micro-dose psilocybin. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #946.

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Hello freak [ __ ] that's amazing you know what's really incredible is that uh people are using psilocybin these days in what they call micro dosing taking very small doses and seeing these profound benefits ya know one of the things that I'm aware of his kick boxers are using it and kick boxers are using it a good buddy mind is using it says that he can see things happen before they happen like it was almost like he's Reading people's minds when they're about to do something even on micro tosyl yeah that's very interesting in an intense environment of sparring and in the the intense physical kinetic interaction of kickboxing as any seeing what people are going to do before they do it in a way that he's never able to do quote-unquote on the natch right no I'm not surprised at all I mean and why are you surprised like what do you think is happening because I think that these Things let you step out of your box a little bit they let you step out of your usual reference frame and notice things going on in the environment that again this gating mechanism we were talking about were programmed to filter stuff out psychedelics temporarily disrupt that they let the background come forward and you notice things about the environment that we're that normally you would suppress because they're not relevant to immediate survival I don't Know if you've read some of the work by Simon Powell he wrote the psilocybin solution he writes very intelligently about suicide them in this latest book the magic mushroom Explorer he talks about how psilocybin is a lens essentially you can think of it as a lens through which you can look at the world you can look at natural phenomena and you will notice things about that those phenomena that you normally would overlook because we're programmed to do It so in a sense he talks about how psilocybin is a scientific instrument you know it's a lens through which you can look at the world and see aspects so that are always there but you've never noticed them before because we're programmed not to for example you know Kary Mullis is famous because his discoveries in molecular biology he attributes to his insights about molecular processes that he got from LSD that he could get down with the Molecules as he put it and see how all this is working and obviously he invented a polymerase chain reaction which he got the Nobel Prize for so it's not like this is a delusion it's a real thing that he was able to notice that no one else you know what I'm saying he was able to put himself in a place where he could notice these phenomena and I think I think that's really true if you if you go to take a walk in the forest with an indigenous Person you know who in some ways is in this less of this sensory gating in a more open place all the time they will notice things about the environment you know that you are completely oblivious to until they point it out you know and then that's it yes I never noticed the leafcutter ants are behaving this way or these different things their sensory sort of experience of a environment like the forest is very different than ours you know because we're used to we're Just not out in nature the same way and I daresay I think one of the things that in some ways inserts a barrier between us is literacy you know we're all literate right and we like being literate it's good that we're literate but in order to be literate you have to have this separation between the self and the external environments you know you have to pick up a book and read it I am here I'm the point of view here's the book you know so that creates that Relationship and you sacrifice you focus on one particular sensory modality and you sacrifice all the other input that is coming in I don't know if I make it say no yes absolutely but but that's that's what these substances can do they can essentially reverse this background foreground relationship that we're so used to suddenly what's right in front of you is not so important and you can pay attention to the things in the background that you're normally you're Programmed to suppress and ignore because you know you have to be ready for the saber-tooth Tiger to come across you know over the mountain or whatever you know what I'm saying but it's good in that sense they teach different ways of perception you know and I think that's a very useful thing to learn you know in business people call these psychedelics plant teachers and they call them teachers for a reason you know much of the what you experience comes Directly from the experience but much of it also comes from your change perception and suddenly realize there's a different way to be in the world there's a different way to perceive what you experience that normally you don't you know were programmed to filter out I don't know if you've ever read or had Steven Buhner on your show now he writes very intelligently about this stuff he's written a book called plant intelligence and the imaginal realm and it's all About this you know this essentially what his rap is you can learn this you know you can learn this way of perceiving whether you do it with psychedelics or not you can actually learn it and it's it's an interesting it's a better way to relate to nature or more an alternative way to relate to nature in any way I feel like we have these pre assumed definitions of things that we rely upon instead of seeing things what they really are And you kind of yeah you box them up and you package them and you go oh well there's a car there's a sand then one day you look at the car and you go that's a box that has a controlled explosion encased in iron that rolls on rock higher that's exactly what we're talking about all right there's a different way to look at things if you step out of the box and yes it is all those things and it's also a car and it's if you did that all the time you'd Never get anything done that's right that's right [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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