WHO: Guardian of Health

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World Health Organization (WHO)

Health is essential for people to reach their full potential. That’s why the World Health Organization works to make sure everyone everywhere has access to health services wherever and whenever they need them. WHO serves a unique role as the guardian of health. Watch this video to find out more. And visit http://www.who.int for more information

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The world is rapidly changing it is home to 800 million more people than a decade ago more people live in cities and travel than ever before with many new partners working on global health political leaders are realizing that health is essential for people in countries to reach their full potential and that's why the World Health Organization works to make sure that everyone wherever they live has access To medicines and essential health services when they need them based on research w-h-o sets standards and makes recommendations that protect people as they grow live work and age it's all linked enable children to survive and reach their full potential ensure their mothers have healthy pregnancies and can continue to contribute to society to ensure people enjoy longer healthier and more productive lives we find new and better Approaches and then work hard to put innovation into action we've seen results HIV mortality has been cut in half from 2005 to 2015 measles vaccines have prevented more than 20 million child depths in 2000 whu-oh is assisting more countries to move towards providing the universal health coverage so that everyone has access to affordable health services but there's still a lot of work to be done whether it's rapid response to an epidemic or cultivating local Partnerships with people on the ground waho is a driving force for a healthier world boosting the trajectory of lives saved and laying the foundation for better health for all solutions for a healthy world for everyone everywhere WH o stands as the Guardian develop you

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