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Affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. alone is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022, this is more than triple what it was 10 years earlier. Globally, it was estimated in the Awin Report that advertisers invested $13 billion in affiliate marketing in 2017. These numbers together with the consistent upward trend demonstrate that affiliate marketers will likely continue to thrive in the 2020s and beyond. There is an opportunity for everyone in this business which is why I decided to make this video and share some basic truths about affiliate marketing that so many people need to understand. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 50% DISCOUNT ? ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe to the “Online Hustle TV” YouTube channel today and give yourself the same opportunity that has helped thousands of people across the world launch their online businesses successfully. GET IN TOUCH! ?Instagram ➜ ?Private Facebook Group ➜ ?Website ➜ ✒️Twitter ➜ ?Quora ➜ ?Pinterest ➜ ✒️Udemy ➜ #AffiliateMarketing #MakeMoneyOnline #OnlineHustleTV DISCLAIMER: All the videos on this channel as a whole are for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary. It is very important for you to know that everything you do and get from this is at your own risk and depends on how much work you are willing to put in. Some of the links in videos on this channel are affiliate links, meaning that some of the purchasing made through the links will give us a commission, without any additional cost occurring to you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signed Umeh Gerald Offordile

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Hey guys gerard here so in today's video i'm going to be telling you guys about the truth that nobody talks about in affiliate marketing now there's a lot of beers right here on youtube you know and i want to begin to correct some of those things now um but first of all let me let me tell you guys let me show you guys something real quick the other day um a student of mine contacted me and he Said um he said i'm one of your old time constrainers on youtube i was the one that asked a question on the collab with franklin emmanuel you just finished the exam he said i said i made 20k actually i have met over i have made 48 000 with your strategy alone on clickbank right and that's the point i'm trying to make this guy has made for 8 000 alone by watching my youtube videos right here on youtube you know now uh today again i Today again i got another message from another person he said um he just said this just about a few minutes ago he said uh so these messengers eberson just said i really want to appreciate you for introducing us to affiliate marketing i met 50 000 naira july which they need travel and tours for referring a client to process his visa and book and boots book flight tickets with them before they even launched their website right and the Person showed me showed me a screenshot of the money that 15 hours sent into his account by this company and he's a company that i don't know right and i'm going to be showing you why this is interesting let me show you guys another one real quick this message just came in now this guy apparently made just eight dollars each point there's about nine dollars on um warrior plus by using the same strategy i've been teaching right here on youtube so what is the Point i'm trying to make it's very simple right people come to me all the time and say gerard i've tried all your strategies and it don't work you know i i laugh sometimes when i'm you know like less busy i i said i say what have you tried i want to see what you've tried now and when you begin to communicate with them you because you come to understand that they do not even have the basic understanding of affiliate marketing right People will come and say gerard did receive by only providing me right now is clickbank once i have a clickbank account i'm gonna go i'm gonna clean affiliate and i laugh because the truth of the matter is that when people talk like that give them a clickbank account and they would not even know what to do with it that is the truth if you understand affiliate marketing you understand the fact that you can start with where you are this guy that made Money with a local company right here a little company right here he has a basic understanding of magazine that is why he's able to do that somebody that doesn't wanna suffer marketing will be looking for clickbank i've shown you guys this before on on piggyvest right now i've made over five million error you know just referring people we pick and this is a local app right here in nigeria that you can use to make money online right so People are looking for things that are there because they don't have understanding instead of looking like things that are around them you know like yeah their apps gt bank will pay you for referring people to gt bank yes right there's a lot of banks like that's like senator i'm gonna make a video about snapchat that bank you know i think they give about one five for everybody that you're bringing that if You bring it a hundred percent at one five that is a 1.5 million right easy money easy money that is affiliate marketing so you do not have to wait for clickbank so when people come to me and they say gerard um i'm not making money on affiliate marketing because i don't have anybody abroad to create a clickbank account a digital account for me that is a lie that is not the truth about affiliate Marketing that is a lie that is not the reason why you are where you're not winning juve mia has an affiliate program right there are local companies that have affiliate program if you go on gmail right now sign up for the affiliate program these are things that i covered in my course and if you go to discount you're going to get that course i covered all of this right my focus on that course was not clickbank And um and and digital my focus on that course was helping you understand affiliate marketing right then showing you independent affiliate programs that you can begin to promote i showed you how to find them you know how to find more and i gave you at least about 10 or 15 of them that you can actually start promoting right now you know so there are lots of visa companies like this that what you need To do your friend is traveling you just get them to um buy tickets from all of this company get a commission from it there are local companies that that are bluehost referable to buy domain and hosting and you guesses five dollars for bringing one person that's if i had the last times 10 that's 650. 65 times 100 that is 6500 and if you bring a lot of business they're going to Bump it up for you right so um i started affiliate marketing without knowing what affiliate marketing is i found out that when i started fiverr i found out that payoneer was paying 25 for everybody that you bring into pioneer and what did i do i started writing about pioneer i started getting people when i when i gave you my my favorite course to get into forever i Tell you to sign in with this with my my league and make sure that you enjoy it so once you get about about it was about 200 then of 400 then once you get that bring that gives me 25 25 now i have end 25 over a thousand times and then i didn't know what affiliate marketing was i just saw that this was an opportunity and that is what i'm trying to communicate people think that affiliate marketing is clickbank and Affiliate marketing is digital african marketing is warrior plus no it's not you you are focusing on those platforms because you do not have the basic understanding of what affiliate marketing is if you understand the marketing is you find out the fact that you you understand that you don't even need to focus on those platforms there are platforms right around you you know what once you see them you're looking out for opportunities you want to see ah There's an opportunity here okay if i refer somebody i can't give you a hurricane error okay that's beautiful i am um uh chidi we've been trying this okay my sister um bro alpha i want to release reason with this link on social platform and do this and do that and blah blah blah before you know it the money's is coming in that is affiliate marketing basically you just refer somebody to take action And you get paid for it it is not clickbank clickbank is just an affiliate marketing network so if you have a basic understanding of clickbank of of affiliate marketing you will you you will excel because what's going to happen is that you begin to see opportunity in everything around you your friend wants to sell a car affiliate marketing that's an opportunity right help him take that car put it on put it on websites Classify it as website and say that where people can actually find those cars and buy them and once that happens guess what's going to happen you're going to get a commission for it but that's affiliate marketing that's that that's basically what it is right that is basically what affiliate marketing is you're going to get a commission once that happens easy money right easy money so i i want you to see What's going to happen is that i think for those of you who want to take action right now and understand the the nitty-gritty of affiliate magazine i'm going to be giving you guys a 50 discount on my on my course just go to um the first luncheon box below right if you go there it's gonna that link is gonna be there for two days for 20 for 48 hours after eight hours the link is gonna expire so you need to take action right Now so just go there click on that link and grab that course so you see look up local programs local companies local opportunities around us right here that you can begin to promote right now just like the guy that made money that i just read his email right now that he made money um from a company i don't even know about but he mentioned the fact that this company is a visa company right so all the only thing that he did Was to promote he said i met 50k july which they need to travel and tours for referring a client to process his visa and booking and book flights flight tickets with them before they even launched their website so this guy because he has listened to me he saw the opportunity he saw that a friend of israel is traveling if he refers him right now he's going to get a commission and guess What he did he took that opportunity he took the boo by the horn and this is success right this is success this is exactly how it works you know so um okay so they've launched our website right now and the guy just showed me the 50k that he just made um actually his balance is 50 000 26 naira i think i think again yeah that that's what they sent to him you know so Oh they even gave him a job they even made him an affiliate consultant too right so this is good news this is good news this is understanding the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing so i want you to understand affiliate marketing which is why i'm going to be giving a 50 discount on that course for the next 48 hours so what you need to do is to click first initiation box below go there grab that course right now right so you can begin to understand This and you're going to see i i talked about a lot of programs just like the one that he made 50k with right i talked about a lot of programs so just click there grab that course right right now and if you have any questions my comment section is always open i'm always open on there to answer questions right so until i see my next video guys keep winning and don't forget that cheer out those love you guys bye bye from here guys

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