5 Best Moments from Josh Rogin on the Joe Rogan Experience #1640 (JRE)

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Today we look at the most interesting moments from Joe Rogan's Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience that featured Josh Rogin. This is Episode #1640 of the JRE and is a very interesting podcast about politics.

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[Music] we can talk anything you know i have a uh uh instagram influencer watch account do you really josh rogan has finally made his way onto the joe rogan experience and had a lot of great conversations with joe rogan about current political problems for those of you who aren't aware josh rogan is not related to joe rogan Josh is a political journalist for the washington post and a part-time worker for cnn this episode had a lot of great information in it so i did my best to take all the best moments from the episode and put them into this video i'm gonna try my best to make daily best moments videos for the most recent podcast episodes so if you don't have time to watch the entire episode you can just come here And see all the best moments in around 10 minutes but let's get right into it so we were talking earlier about the there was a there was a real problem with the lab leak hypothesis in that trump was so he was so adamant in calling it the china virus the chinese virus that there was a lot of people that wanted to resist the idea that it was possible that this thing had Come out of this level four lab that just happened to be coincidentally in wuhan well the argument that i make in the book and i think i lay out a bunch of evidence to support this argument but you be the judge is that we have to investigate the lab accident theory in other words not that we know it came from the lab but that there's enough circumstantial evidence that we can't rule it out And when i understand very intimately actually how this story got so [ __ ] up and it's in here we are in april uh 2021 and it's been a year a year and we have no information uh that is getting us closer to the virus all the investigations have been crap oh wait this is really dangerous because this story is not the chronovirus origin story is not just about blaming china Because of course you could blame china for a number of things in the pandemic for hiding the science for hiding the scientists for telling the journalists we're not locking down if you want to if you're just about blaming china and i'm not you have ample reasons to blame china the origin story is about figuring out how this happened so that it doesn't happen again you know in any disaster in the world if it's a plane Crash or anything the obvious thing to do is to figure out what happened because otherwise how can you inform policy and politics to make sure that it doesn't happen again it seems pretty obvious talking about the chronovirus origin was very considered very impolite and now add to that the fact that the chinese government called and this is in the book called the State department and told them if you talk about the origin publicly because some of it had begun to be discussed you won't get your masks you want your masks you want your ppe you you you like you remember those plane loads they're coming from your fact it's like the american factory in china but like in the crisis it wasn't an american factory at all so so there were some people inside the government were like Wait a second you're telling me the outbreak happened next to the these two two labs there's a bunch of labs but like these two major labs the wahana institute of virology and the wuhan center for disease control like we have a cdc they have a cdc there's a muhan you're telling me that this outbreak happened next to these labs and what are the labs doing oh they're making back coronaviruses more violent through what's known as Gain of function research and they're doing that they're they have the most back corona viruses in the world and the the research that they were doing was to make them more infectious towards human lungs next joe rogan and josh rogan talk about just how powerful the chinese government is over their people as you will see next joe and josh talk About certain chinese businessmen being jailed and punished for criticizing the chinese government in specific they talk about the situation with alibaba owner jack ma who disappeared for quite some time and many people believe that this was because of the chinese government which are adverse to ours that they wish us harm in other words not the chinese people not the i'm talking about the party not Even the chinese government the party right which operates like a cartel it's like the gambino family if they ran the largest country in the world okay that's what it is okay and the the factions and they kill each other and they hate each other and they're secretive and you know they're they're more scared of each other than anyone else because they're constantly killing each other really oh yeah it's vicious i mean if You get it's just like the mafia if you get too famous you get whacked whacked uh it happens all the time the just look what happened to you know jack ma and alibaba right but jack ma he's still alive right or yeah no it's not him he did better than most the head of uh angbong insurance group the guy who met with jared kushner in uh 2018 they tried to work out that alleged corruption Uh he had an 18-year prison sentence uh the head of uh hna which is like a multi-national conglomerate he fell off like a four foot wall twice twice just to make sure you know there's a if you google like china and like falling people like falling out of windows like what do they not screw their windows in right people constantly famous businessmen constantly falling Out of windows there's like they're they're very uh nasty to each other but that's again if you think of it just like a mafia family that's sort of how it operates like they're they're they're working together and and xi jinping is the head of it now what that means for us is that uh getting back to the issue at hand is that our scientific collaboration may be with These chinese scientists who are very nice people who also want to solve the pandemic who dedicated their life to solving pandemics and their that's what they've been doing for 20 years they don't get to make the decision okay they've got a party guy standing behind over their shoulder who's got a general standing over his shoulder who's got a another party guy standing over his Shoulder who's got xi jinping standing over his shoulder and that's what a lot of americans don't understand next joe rogan gives a little speech about his political opinion in the political polarization in the united states joe mentions that politics is not black and white and that a person can support ideologies from both ends of the political spectrum in the past joe rogan has referred to himself as socially liberal but also Supports ideology from the right as well and they'll have the person who's right debate the person who's wrong and let's find out where the facts are let's find what's also agreed to disagree occasionally isn't that okay i mean destructive disagreement it's not it's not anymore if you're in this country now if you are in any way conservative you're a nazi and you're a racist and you're A terrible person and you you know you're against history it's like that's not the case there's a lot of people that are fiscally conservative but socially liberal there's a lot of people that yeah yeah i i think i am as well i'm certainly there's a lot of me that leans towards like i understand human nature right and this is one of the reasons why i'm a big proponent of the second amendment I don't understand why people don't understand that there's times where you can defend yourself with a firearm and how is that not how's that when you when you see people saying that oh if you are in favor of the second amendment you're in favor of mass shootings you're in favor of horrific acts of violence and crime against people that's no that's not What i'm saying what i'm saying is the reality of human beings like these ideologies the problem with them specifically in this country is that you get lumped off into camps and if you don't agree with one side it's teams yes and chris rock had a great bit about it years ago about gangs that you're in a gang you're in a you're in a liberal gang you're in a conservative gang And he's right it's like his he he did a great job of putting it into comedy and chris does an awesome job of doing that with a lot of subjects but next we have one of the only conversations that wasn't about kova 19 or politics so i thought i had to include it in the video joe rogan tells josh rogan about when he was at a car dealership in california and saw famous rapper offset who is a member of the rap group migos Joe rogan has a weird story from that encounter that is pretty funny but here's that okay can i tell you i'll tell you one crazy story and then we got to talk about it or something like that crazy story i should probably tell this but who cares then don't tell it okay was it about tommy no okay kenny and ivory wayne's demanded like 25 grand or he wouldn't go on they had to pay him out Like the entire thing and he was like i need it all in cash right now or you have no shots they had to like scramble and go get like 25 000 cash out of some vault somewhere they didn't even know what to do like these were the types of things that went on that's a crazy thing why did you need that money right away you wanted to be paid up front in cash i don't know Gosh is a weird thing to want i want it the eggs of it yes thank you have any no but uh i went to a place once that sells cars and um offset that's the dude who's married to cardi b right was he was there with a dude and the dude had like this uh designer bag filled with cash nice and they were looking at like lamborghinis and [ __ ] yeah i was like damn this is the rap World yeah irs will come get you though well i don't think it was it wasn't that he wasn't paying taxes is that no this the place that sells the cars is very legit you have to pay taxes they're not [ __ ] around shout out to fusion motorsports is it about where he got the cash is that the no he got it from rap gigs i mean it's just they give it to them they just love paying for things Yeah i think it's just a fun thing to do i imagine so yeah let me know if you want dudes if you want to try it sometime call me up but he was looking at lamborghinis and he was looking at muscle cars he was looking at a bunch of different [ __ ] good for him man yeah no shame in that game no this uh it's it's fun to watch though like i walk in with a duffel bag filled with cash like wow Yeah yeah anyway that's the improv that's the dana story sorry daniel lastly we have josh rogan summing up what the majority of the episode was all about investigating a potential lab leak of copen 19. josh rogan reiterates that the origin of the coronavirus is not a political question and that both parties should come together to find the origin of the virus This final clip does a good job at summing up the point of this whole episode so here is that is that we have to start here we have to start investigating our labs the gain of function research that we're doing here you see that happening a little bit now you see some congressmen uh some more scientists like jamie masterjohn muscle by the way uh you know took a lot of [ __ ] man when he Started talking about the lab accident theory a year ago he was you know he was just getting attacked all the time uh i mean me too to a lesser extent but like i'm journalists like that comes with the territory that was one of the problems with trump is that everything that he endorsed was so problematic that even if it didn't make any sense to pose it people opposed it just based on the fact That it was his exactly exactly and you know but i don't i don't like being on trump's side any more than anyone else you know what i mean you're not on his side you're on the side of the truth thank you yeah thank you thank you that's uh and i like the way you just weaved your way through this it was brilliant the the the thing that scares me terribly is that there's still people despite the fact that this evidence is Slowly emerging there's still people that are ideologically opposed to a ping true so they're fighting it hook line and sinker yeah here's what i say those people uh the origin of the coronavirus is not a political question right it's not an ideological question in fact it's not even really a scientific question it's a forensic question Something bad happened we need to find out what happened right it's not it's not for scientists obvious for forensic investigators to solve and we're actually impeding that investigation with this adherence this blind adherence to ideology of course that's what's dangerous and that's what scares me and it's getting worse because i mean we're a year and a half into this Thing and we don't know [ __ ] okay thanks for watching everybody once again i'm gonna try to make daily best moments videos for all the podcast episodes so if you don't have time to watch the entire episode you can just come here and see all the best moments in around 10 minutes but i'll see you guys in the next one

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