[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) 'Butter' MV Shooting Sketch

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-Now -Now everyone, why are we here? We're here to shoot the MV for "Butter" -Butter! -Butter! [BTS is here to shoot the "Butter" MV!] -The lips... You know what I mean, right? -Yeah -Hobi's shoulders are so eye-catching -I know, right? -Look at j-hope's shoulders -Your shoulders will touch the sky -Wow, the shoulders are so... -They're pointy That was a stroke of genius Whoa! My shoulders are very high, aren't they? They represent BTS's confidence [j-hope returning to the set for the shoot] j-hope, what did you do to your shoes? [Hahaha] Hobi, what did you do to your shoes? Wow, Jung Kook looks like Terry Grandchester Jung Kook! You look like Terry Grandchester Jung Kook, the hair looks good on you It looks really nice Please use this cut! [Jung Kook likes the result] -It looks nice -Thank you, everyone. I can leave now When we do the side steps I don't like my hair [Jung Kook doesn't like the second cut] [Camera director was impressed at Jimin's results] Thank you Please use this one! No, please use the first one! I'm okay with either one [Pfft] "Butter" is our single in English When you hear "Butter" it has that buttery vibe, right? Just like that, "Smoothly" "We'll approach you" It's something like that... It's that kind of MV It's V! It's V I'm going to be the host talking at a press conference and introduce the members I told Jin, "Come in, Jin!" [Slither] -Wow! -Wow! Why are we here today? We're here to shoot the MV for "Butter" -Butter -Butter -Butter, butter -Butter Music video It's our first single, our new song of the year -Butter! -Our hair is all very... -Fancy -Hobi matched his hair color to butter Hobi is the butter -Yeah, kind of -j-hope is the main of this song Please look forward to Hobi It's Day 1 of our MV shoot, right? -We have till Day 3 -Yes, we're shooting for three days Please stay tuned Should we move on to Day 2? -One, two, three! Whoa! -One, two, three! Whoa! This is Day 2 of the MV shoot for "Butter" It's Day 2 and I was probably the only one who jumped, meaning I'd be the first on screen, right? [That's correct!] This cut is... Monotone, so I'm shooting it like a video for a high-fashion shoot Can I get sunglasses too? Sunglasses, wow It's not because I wanted to look cool I didn't know what to do If I had something, I can play with it I asked for sunglasses because it was too awkward -Sorry? -Sorry? [Director suggested that it would look cool if they take off their jackets] I can take off mine. I think I should -Whoa! -Whoa! My shirt? Oh, Yoongi Min? Yoongi can hang it on one shoulder [Solo free-style choreography shoot!] First, I'm starting the shoot inside the elevator [j-hope watching V's shoot] Oh, Taehyung! [Next up is RM's solo shoot] Well, I'm not that good with freestyles so I thought a lot about the dance moves We also took the elevator in "DOPE" That elevator took us up from the basement And this one takes us to ARMY's hearts I saw you and Jung Kook watching me My mind went blank because of the pressure [Jimin was nervous because j-hope and Jung Kook were watching] [SUGA choreographing before the shoot] That's right, do the hair wax! Finger guns! Flip the jacket! I haven't done freestyle in a while It's hard Well... Freestyle shoots always make me nervous They said they'll edit into bits So, I hope it'll turn out nice That's right! [Jin's ring came off due to intense dance moves] Cut! One more time! Actually, I didn't do freestyle I just chose moves that weren't on the MV I've danced all the key moves Look at the camera at the end [With Jung Kook and j-hope's shoot the solo shoots ended!] Members all said that it's difficult because they're not used to freestyle but I think they're all good I think the result will turn out to be fun So, I'm also excited about the MV release I think today's shoot went great Tomorrow will be our last shoot We have group dance scenes We'll try to dance better than our first day, see you tomorrow! Today's is Day 3 of our MV shoot Right now, they're preparing the set We decorated the set like a select shop, what do you think? Please stay tuned! [Today's the last day of the MV shoot!] -It does look pretty -Yeah, it's pretty It's cool The diagonal formation We need to straighten up the formation [j-hope meticulously checking the choreo through monitoring] In the beginning, we do it gently and then when we do, "And you know, we don't stop" go all out -Huh? I am doing it like that -Oh, really? -Okay, let's adjust it like that -Yeah, let's adjust it I didn't know We gotta dance even harder later on in the song We've reached the end of this journey I didn't wear Butter just because it's yellow (?) Wait, what? I didn't wear yellow just because it's Butter Thank you for waiting such a long time, ARMY I have no trouble dancing "Butter" So, you don't have to worry about me Please enjoy [End of the MV shoot!] Cut -Wow! -Wow! We're done with "Butter" Butter, butter Great job, guys -I think the MV will look great this time -Yeah, it'll turn out great I think Yoongi will look really nice in it SUGA! As the "Prophet", do you think this song will top "Dynamite"? Of course -Oh -Oh -We can't wait to show it to ARMY -Right -Exactly -We worked hard for the shoot I think we'll look nice We slimmed down too Taehyung, do you eat butter these days? Yeah, I do. With morning buns -With morning buns? -Yes, that's right Should we go promote "Butter" then? Should we eat buttered morning buns in the morning with butter while we promote "Butter"? -Okay, let's go -Should we go? On count to three, let's shout "Let's go!" One, two, three! -Let's go! -Let's go! Butter!

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