गोरा बनाने वाले FAIRNESS CREAMS का काला सच | Fair Skin Business in India

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Hello friends, did you know? Indian fairness cream industry is worth 2000 crore today!! And what's more surprising is that market experts believe this industry will reach 5000 crores soon by the year 2023! And you know why this fairness and makeup industry is soaring high? Because of Indian's obsession with having fair skin! 7 out of 10 Indians, male and female both use fairness products. Heck, they even use dangerous bleach-containing products in order to have clean and clear, and fair skin. And because of using all these fairness creams and therapies and all many Indian youths get skin cancer! And last year when in the USA's New York City, "Black Lives Matter" was trending, we Indians proudly said that India doesn't have racism. I mean, is this really true? Knowing how harmful such products are to our sensitive skin, why do we still use them? And how are these fairness industries making so much money out of it? Stay tuned to know more such interesting facts about this fairness and beauty industry in our today's video. FOLLOW me on: Instagram (Personal account) → http://bit.ly/2xGbu6d Instagram (Channel account) → http://bit.ly/2vpq7Kq Facebook Page → https://rb.gy/mtwum1

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