Mitch Manly’s Epic Night Time Routine (Animated)

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Mitch Manly

What is the best night time routine in 2018 for men? There are a lot of night time routine videos already out there, but not many actually list the scientific benefits of the things they do in their night time routine. The reason my night time routine is the way it is, is because I have researched what the best practices are, and of course I have learned things on my own. There are 6 things that my night time routine consists of: 1) Turn off Electronics 2) Turn off lights & light candles 3) Reflection 4) Escapism 4) Warm Shower 5) Meditate I think it’s important to remember that you have to develop your own night time routine, of course when you are starting out it’s good to copy someone else who has a night time routine. But getting the best night time routine will come from trial and error. How successful you are for the day will be determined how successful your morning routine is, and your morning will be determined from your night time routine Morning Routine Video: I am not going to list all the benefits of the above six steps, but if you are interested in learning more about it simply google things like “Benefits of a warm shower” I would also recommend looking up “What are the side effects of blue light?” In order to maintain a great night routine for men, you need to have some self-discipline. So if you are looking to gain more self-discipline than check out my most recent video: Subscribe to masculine man for more videos! Daybreak by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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- [Narrator] How can you wake up in the morning and not feel tired? How do you have so much energy in the mornings? How did you go from being an insomniac to sleeping like a baby every single night? These are all questions that I get asked a lot, and the answer is actually very simple. I have a very specific nighttime routine that puts me fast to sleep every single night, and in this video, I'm going to share with you the whole routine, specifically the six things That I do every single night. The first thing that I do is very important. Let's assume that I'm going to bed at 11:00 p.m., when it gets to 10:00 p.m., I shut off all of my electronics, like my phone, my laptop, et cetera. The reason why I do this is because your phone and computer releases something called blue light. And blue light causes your body to release less melatonin. And melatonin is a hormone created by your brain. It helps your body know when it's time to sleep and wake up. Normally, your body makes more melatonin at night, but when you expose yourself to blue light, Or artificial light, it prevents your brain from producing this key chemical that helps you sleep. The next thing that I do is I turn off all the harsh white lights in my house, and I will turn on all the soft lights, and I'll even light some candles. Similar to blue light, really harsh bright lights will trick your brain into thinking that it's actually still daytime, and it won't release as much melatonin. This also relates to something called your Circadian rhythm. There was a time in society where there was no electricity, And people would go to bed when it was dark, and they would get up when it was light. The sun was basically their alarm clock. So it's ingrained within all of us that there is a natural time to go to sleep and a natural time to get up. And exposing yourself to a bunch of strong artificial light late at night will trick your body into thinking that it's actually still light out, which will cause harmful chemical reactions within your body. I know this might sound like I'm making all this up, But I promise, it's actually true, and I encourage you to do more research on Circadian rhythm. And, aside from all of that, lighting candles and having soft lighting just gives off a really nice vibe. I'll even show a quick picture of the candle being lit in my apartment. Like I said, it's pretty good vibes. And you might even be able to see my reflection in the mirror. The next thing that I do is a I spend some time reflecting on my day, and I think about what I could have done better. I do this for a maximum of 10 minutes, and to be clear, I'm not going down some crazy self-development rabbit hole where I'm analyzing my life and why I'm not reaching my goals. I'm simply looking back on my to-do list that I'd made in the morning, and I think about the things that I accomplished for the day, and the things I didn't accomplish. I do this because I find it helps me be more productive for the following day. For example, if I asked myself, How come I didn't finish writing the script for my YouTube video, and I realize it's because I spent three hours in the gym, where I was talking to people and messing around on my phone, the next time I go to the gym, I will keep it shorter and I'll be more focused. After that, I no longer want to think about anything productive. I just want my brain to relax. I'm somebody who has a very active brain, and in the past, I've had a very hard time falling asleep. So one of the worst things for me to do is to read a self-development book or a business book or a book that will spark my creativity, because if I do this, my brain will light up, and I'll want to start working and creating, and when that starts, I cannot stop it. But, because I am more creative at night, I do let myself write down ideas. Specifically, I actually will just talk to my iPhone, and it will write it down for me. The next thing that I do kind of depends, but it has to be something That does not require much brain power. I could read a fictional book. I could clean my apartment a little bit. I could even listen to some music. Just something that lets me escape a little bit. Everyone has a different method of escapism, so you'll have to figure this out for yourself. The next thing that I do, is I have a shower, but this time it's actually a warm shower, and not a cold shower like in the morning. Studies have shown that increasing our body's temperature before bed can help us feel more sleepy, And it can even help you get a higher quality of sleep. Whether it's a bath, a warm shower, or a sauna, or even just running your wrists under warm water, this will help you sleep better. After that, I blow out all the candles, turn off all the lights, and I finally head to bed. And now we are at the very last stage of my nighttime routine, which is meditation. Although it's not like the meditation that I do in the mornings, at night I just meditate until I fall asleep. Doing this last step is what really takes me to sleep, And I'll even do this when my girlfriend is over, because I take my sleep very very seriously. Most people have a very similar nighttime routine. It's getting late and you want to go to bed. So you decide to take your laptop with you, and your cell phone with you. And while you are laying on your bed, you are watching some YouTube videos, maybe you're watching some Netflix, and while you are doing this, you also are checking your phone. Maybe you're checking your Facebook, Your Instagram, your Snapchat. Maybe you're responding to some friends. And you tell yourself that, I am going to do this until I get tired, and then you check the clock, and it's like midnight, maybe 1:00 a.m., god forbid, 2:00 a.m., and you tell yourself, wow, it's really time for me to go to sleep. So you close your laptop, shut off your phone, and then you expect yourself to just very calmly go to sleep. But the reality is, is that you will not go to sleep very quickly, and even if you do go to sleep, Your sleep will be a low-quality sleep. Something that is important to note is that your nighttime routine is only as good as your morning routine. If you want to achieve that superhero type of energy in the morning, you need to have developed both. So definitely check out my morning routine video. Click the card above, or click the link in the description. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to the channel. Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you in the next one. (calming music)

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