How To Create Binance Account and Verify with Your Phone [Step-by-Step Binance Tutorial]

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In this Detailed Video on How to create Binance account, I have gone a step further than others to also show you how to verify your Binance account and increase your withdrawal limit to 100BTC which is an equivalence of 5,453,340.00 USD. you can read more here ? Click here to join Binance now ➜ Cryptocurrency millionaires are everywhere these days as more coins emerge and gain popularity almost on a daily basis. The first step to making money on the crypto space is by creating a crypto wallet, this is like your crypto bank account While there are lots of options out there, Binance is one of the most trusted options out there, The company has been around for the longest time with a presence in over 100 countries around the world and practically no downtime which means that your assets are safe with them. It also gives you the option to swap coins, which is what I will be teaching in my next video as this is a strategy I have used to make a lot of money in the crypto space. There are over 100 coins listed on Binance which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chiliz, Filecoin, Cardano, BNB, Dogecoin, Ripple, TetherUS, Polkadot, Uniswap, Litecoin, ChainLink, Bitcoin Cash to mention only a few. Unlike most cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance does more than just promise strong security and performance. They walk the talk while maintaining an amazing and very easy-to-use interface. This is achieved with an architectural system that is both multi-cluster and multi-tier. Supports multiple devices including ios, Android, HTML, etc. With about a 1.5million orders processed in each second, there is no better definition of high performing You can find more about the benefits of binance here or on the binance blog here GET IN TOUCH! ?Instagram ➜ ?Private Facebook Group ➜ ?Website ➜ ✒️Twitter ➜ ?Quora ➜ ?Pinterest ➜ #HowToCreateBinanceAccount #BinanceTutorial #OnlineHustleTV ABOUT ME I have been introduced more than once as a seasoned web developer, an Indian trained ICT expert with various international IT certifications which include Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) from the US-based EC-Council plus and ITIL certification from the UK government and most recently, a Google certified Digital Marketer. The one I like most is being called an internet entrepreneur because it comes with vouchers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend in my videos. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Some people will never get results online. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. Please don't buy my products if you are in financial hardship. Signed Umeh Gerald Offordile

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Hey guys so in today's video i'm going to be showing you guys exactly how to create and verify your binance account with your phone with just your mobile phone you can actually get this done and this method works both on ios and android devices right so let's go to my screen right now and let me show you guys how to actually get started with binance by creating and verifying Your account right now guys let's go okay so the first thing you need to do because i'm on an android device so i just go to play store which is this so if you are on an ios device you have to go to apple i am the app store right that's where you need to go i am on an android device so i'm just going i'm going to come here right so i click on play store and it opens And i say search bar on top of this place and that's where i need to go so i click in there and i type in binance b-i-n-a-n-c-e by nance and you are going to see the app shows up right here on top right so i'm just going to touch it i'm just going to tap on it then i hit install that's the next thing i'm supposed to hit install so i thought up install and the Installation process starts so this app is being installed on my phone and once we are done with this we are going to be setting it up right here on my phone and we're going to be doing the verification me and you guys together right we're going to be doing it together so it says installing as you can see it stays it says installing So i'm waiting for this installation to finish so it has downloaded now it's installing and that's why that's why this stuff right here is rolling because it's installing now if i getting any value from this video i want to encourage you to hit the subscribe button below button because what i do on this channel is provided to provide real solutions right i find out something that works and i come on the channel show you exactly What i did hoping that you do the exact same thing and get the exact same result guys right so um let's continue so it's done installing that is why you have uninstalled here and you have open right here yeah so uninstall it's going to remove the app from your phone but i'm going to type open because i want to open the app and start the process so i click open And binance the app is opening right now so the next thing i'm going to be tapping right now is this entire app right so i'm just going to tap it and it's showing me a register so it says mobile number plus 86 is china but i'm in nigeria right so if you're in the u.s you have to select the us select your country or for country region so i'm just going to find My country right here which is this right then i'm going to put in my mobile phone number right here so it's this right so the next thing is to choose a password i want to choose a password so i'm just going to choose a password all right which is a password and this password must be what would be at least eight characters with uppercase letters right so and the next Thing i'm gonna hitting right now is this button right here which is basically submit so i click on this arrow button and it says loading so you're just going to give it a while to finish whatever it is that it's doing so it says the security verification we are going to be doing is to basically uh drag this and make make sure it fits into this that's what we're going to be doing Right so i'm just going to place my hand on this and drag it so i'm just going to drag this i'm dragging it into place right drag it into place then i remove my hand right so it worked so code will be sent to the mobile number that you which is my phone number so you're going to send the code to this number and that code you can code is Here it's 149 576 so i'm just going to put it in right here 149576 right you guys saw it coming i'm just going to hit submit so i tap on submit and it says have you purchased crypto before yes i have no i haven't right so i'm just gonna because um this is like a a tutorial and it's it's it's a no like somebody that doesn't know anything About this i'm just gonna say no i haven't right so i'm just gonna tap no i haven't then i'm gonna hit the arrow button at the bottom which is basically submit so um it says please select your country or region so i'm just going to tap right here where it has china which is this place right so i'm just going to tap it And select my country or region which is this right so i hit you if you're in the u.s you're in canada wherever you are you select the appropriate one so i'm just going to hit this arrow button again at the bottom of my screen right and it says what kind of fiat currency do you use to buy crypto right um ngn that's fine so i'm just going to um Which is nigerian era if you use dollar whichever it is that you want to use uh you can select it but i would advise you to select your local currency every country that you are in select your local currency so i'm just going to go this is my local currency ngn right it's nigerian error so verify your identity in two minutes that if next we're gonna be doing right so um he says that we should verify our identity in two minutes So i'm just going to be hitting this arrow right here so i'm just going to tap it and it says identity verification that's what we are right now so i need to verify my identity so it says um basic information and the identification recognition so the first thing that i'm going to be doing is that is this one basic information after that we now do this so this is one and this is two Right so um let's i'm gonna tap here first so i'm just going to tap basic information i'm just going to tap it right and i'm going to tap start at the bottom of my screen so i tap start at the bottom of my screen start and it says um first name i'm just going to put in my first name which is gerrard so you put in your force your first name goes in here and your last name goes in here your middle name is Optional you can use it when you put it or not so i'm just going to i'm not going to put anything i'm going to leave it blank because i don't want to put it now i'm going to put in my date of the month and the day right so after i fill it in i'm just going to tap this place so i tap it it comes in right here so i scroll up and the residential Address i'm going to put in my residential address right here so we're going to put in my address right here okay i put in my address here it post our code right then city uh leaky okay so i'm just gonna hit submit and continue submit and continue so it's loading loading loading okay so he says that identity have been verified you know or we can buy crypto or we can Uh deposit crypto but the thing is that let me show you guys this uh buy with higher limitation through pmp only you need only need to finish advanced identification so um with where we are right now we can actually use finance but the problem is that there's a limitation to things that we can do there are certain things that we cannot be able to do on balance right and we want to get our full verification You know which is why i'm going to be tapping this good verifier right here this way it says go verify so i'm just going to tap go verify right so we do we do the advanced verification so it says um select document type and they're giving us three options right here which is our id card um national id card industrial passport to driver's license right so national id card international Passport or driver's license so i'm going to be using one thing i found out is that international passport is actually uh better and faster to use you know that's something i've found out and we're going to be i'm going to verify with my international passport so what i'm going to be doing right now is to click on passport where he says but i'm gonna tap where he says passport I'm gonna tap it where it says passport right then i'm gonna hit continue at the bottom of my screen and it says upload a valid passport page right so i'm just gonna tap this place where you see this place i'm going to tap it so i tap it and it says either take a picture or upload photo so i want to take a picture of my password because i have my passport right here i'm going to take a picture if you already have Installed on your on your phone you can actually you upload but i think taking a picture is actually faster so i'm going to tap where it says take take photo then of course i'm going to um i'll allow banners to access my phone camera and everything so i'm just going to put a y using the app which is this and i hit allow so okay um this is not actually my face okay so this is my international Passport so i'm just gonna take a picture of it i'm just gonna take a picture of it okay which is this right okay so i've hit okay this is fine i like the way it's positioned so i say okay right so it's been uploaded right now so just gonna give it a while to finish uploading so it has been uploaded as you guys can See it has been uploaded right here yeah so i'm just gonna hit continue at the bottom of my screen so it says the next thing for us to do is to um um you know take a picture of our face and put it right here so i'm just gonna hit um this place again i'm just going to tap it so i tap and it says take a picture of the picture i want to take a picture of my Face so this is me right here so i'm just going to position very well and take a picture of my face okay so i think this is fine so i hit okay i hit okay okay beautiful right so i'm just going to hit continue uh continue i think i like the photo so i'm going to hit continue and it's loading loading loading loading Okay so it says facial verification right and you are not supposed to be wearing hats before you do this no hat no cap or hat no sunglasses um and use enough lighting make sure there's enough lighting where you are and also avoid using filters like snapchat and all those kind of things you don't need all that right so i'm just going to hit begin verification so and Okay so i need to position my face carefully inside this place please open and close your mouth okay says timed out i think there's something wrong so i'm just going to try this again so begin verification please nod slowly verification time out so i'm just gonna do it again so this is a little a little tricky okay begin verification Okay facial verification i'm gonna hit special verification begin verification so let's try this again please blink now okay looks like you walked this time around right so it says um okay let me show you guys this quick i say that to verify it's pending right it's pending and what happens is that when you verify You increase your um your withdrawal limit to 100 bitcoins right that's a lot of money that's like billions you know so um and the next thing uh okay there's also address verification which will include increase your deposit limit by so for some fiat channels you know and with your limit you also increase by um you can do to btc within 24 hours you know and Everything so the more you verify the more you bought right now what you have done your physical verification i bring bought your id card and stuff you can withdraw 100 btc which is amazing which is amazing right so there's not a lot of persons that actually do have 100 btcs so that is exactly how to create and verify okay i just that's a text message right on Balance it says your identity verification is successful right your 24 hour btc withdrawal limit has been increased to 100 btc which means that our verification has worked right it has worked so they have told us that we have been successfully verified on finance so you get this exactly how to set up a balance account create a balance account and verify it from the comfort of your Home using only your um using only your your your mobile phone right i did everything and this actually works both on ios on android on every other device that you can actually think of right that's exactly how to get this thing done that is exactly how to get it done guys so um so thank you guys for watching this video and in my next video i'm going to Be making a video showing you exactly how i've been getting cryptocurrencies bitcoin and all that utilize that is free of charge right if you look at this email it says you have received 0.02 usd 0.01 usd um 120 usd but these are all free um cryptocurrencies that i've been receiving and i want to make a video showing you Guys exactly how i'm able to do this so that you can do the exact same thing and probably get the exact same result now this is something that you are interested in let me know in the comment section just indicate your interest in the comment section and i will make that video and post it for you guys right on youtube free of charge right just like i always do uh real value free of charge and i'm not Charging anything for it right so if you're interested in seeing that you're gonna be getting free um cryptocurrency just like i've been getting right here let me know in the comment section and i'm gonna make that video until i see my next video keep winning and don't forget that gerard actually does love you guys

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