Corporate Live Stream With a 2 Person Crew

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Behind the scenes with Brandon and Brian showing how we produce our live streams just 2 people. Get the latest from our instagram: Gear we use (we earn commissions from these links): Elgato Stream Deck XL Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO: Blackmagic Design UltraStudio HD Mini Recorder Blackmagic Design Micro Converter SDI to HDMI 3G Blackmagic Design Micro Converter BiDirectional Rhode Wireless Go II Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K: Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f2.8: Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone VIVO Microphone Counterbalance Arm Mount Timecodes: 0:00 Que to Que 0:30 Onboarding Talent 1:35 Going Live 2:10 Looks 3:01 Mid Show Responsibilities 4:21 Talkback & Audio 5:34 Switcher Station 6:09 Graphics 6:55 Things Going Wrong 7:52 Keeping it Simple 8:26 Wrapping Up 9:01 Outro/Announcements

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All right q2q here we go first up is going to be playback one a loop then we will be going to janet in a one box hey everyone i'm brandon from a to z and we wanted to show you a little behind the scenes of a stream we just did last week uh and what we're going through right now is called a q2q where we just run through the runner show before any Talent gets on hope you enjoy all right back to five box we'll always go back to five box to david and i will have that in a thank you and we on the show what's up all right we are 20 minutes out a lot happening in just for a one hour stream now we sit and wait for talent to show up do our tech checks with them and run a great show so at this point Talent is joining we are pinning them specifically brian i'm kind of talking to them and getting them through the tech checks uh and we are waiting i think for two more people all right waiting on two more sterling and ted so one of the guys joined from a golf course so that was interesting um and then as soon as ted showed up there is we Got him pinned immediately and within 30 seconds we were going live and starting the show i got it i got it uh hey ted can you hear me uh i can't hey everybody perfect awesome we are gonna get started right away janet is gonna go ahead and open the show for us and then i believe she's gonna throw it to you to talk you'll look great you sound great do you have any questions for me real quick jan are you ready I'm ready and then janet as soon as uh i say you're live go ahead and start here we go in five four three two one you're live good afternoon notice how i didn't have to cue brian at all and he's the one who triggered that stinger we're always listening to each other and we're always on the same page that's how we like to run our streams all right 15 minutes in got through a lot of moving pieces at the beginning we're now in a panel discussion we're bouncing between a five box and a one box and we just swap whoever's in the one box whoever's talking so we really utilized our 8k constellation for this show we had a one box look in me4 and in emmy2 we built those using upstream keys with dves in upstream key one and our Luma key overlay for the lower thirds and upstream key two then we could bounce between those and bounce between super source one which had a five box that had its own upstream key with a dve to give us that fifth box for the host finally we had our last two box look in super source two this way we could preset everything from the Beginning and we didn't have to switch anything besides who was in the one box looks this made life really easy and one clicks on the switcher the entire show all right so here's what the shows look like in the middle of the interdisciplinary sense brian is over there and he's switching the show it's just two of us that's it just two of us running the whole show today We don't talk a lot in mid show we both know what we need to be doing focus on um and you can hear generations the program feed happening we like it loud so we know what's going on at all times i have graphics computers in front of me i also have an ipad for audio everything is at our fingertips it's out of control we don't get up from these seats usually in a stream i'm Monitoring the live stream right here so it's right next to me brian's always paying attention to the stream and if he needs to cut he cuts he doesn't wait for a call for me or anything like that we share the whole technical directing role we have nine live talent and we have nine zoom drones here uh we actually never rewire which means i used one of my graphics computers never moved it never unplugged The cable i simply just instead of using it for a powerpoint or something i'm using it to pin a person on zoom so that's how we did today uh and that definitely speeds things up and allows us to do our four streams this week uh and this is number four just making sure the transition goes well oh he's muted muted you're muted this happens sometimes during a stream where The talent thinks they're talking but they've actually muted themselves so we need to somehow communicate to them that they're muted sometimes we get the host to tell them and we can talk to them on our mic and the audience never hears us this took a painstakingly long time in this instance but thank you it happens um and they recovered no one live on the Air heard me tell the talent that they were muted my mic does not go to the live stream it goes directly to the talent and if you want to know how to do that watch our zoom hacks video where i talk about mixed minus feed and how that works that's why we use external mixers things like that the internal mixer we're using because we're running a stinger today And that stinger has audio so when we transition from look to look usually like a five box to a graphic or something like that we'll do a stinger it'll move across the whole screen has a little audio with it but it's subtle but we run that through the atem software let's take a look at brian's setup here you can see him clicking the cut button On the control panel he's switching between a one box and a five box it's that simple for a lot of the show he's using his stream decks over here to switch who is in the one box and we've labeled just for this show all of these keys along with all of our zoom drones so he just clicks one button and the box changes and another button for the lower third to change brian can run the whole thing switch all Of who's in what box just from the one stream deck over here is my setup where you can see pro presenter for lower thirds on the right brian's controlling that using the stream deck as well and you have the other computers there for pro presenter slides brian also is monitoring the record as well as the scope if we see something that we don't like In the q a like like someone's making a face or doing something weird then i say let's go one box we always want to make sure we make our clients look good or make sure we don't make them look bad right so even though we're told stay in a five box we still reserve the right if we think it's a better idea if we if we should it won't move Of the united states and we conducted a series of workshops last year and that yeah what's happening to josh so if you noticed in our five box look the upper right hand box the guy turned off his video camera so in zoom he went to a black screen with just just his name brian was on his toes and cut away from it as soon as it happened so that was great he noticed it faster Than i did and then you see me get up and go check on the computer to make sure the guy turns his camera back on everything's still pinned everything's still good to go no one freaked out business as usual those things happen but you want to make sure you're on top of it it doesn't stay on camera or on the live air that long if at all and you just roll with it it you got to be a professional You got to keep it going it's live tv things happen so yeah you end up having to listen to a lot of different audio things happening you do have to pay attention to all of them these guys looks really complicated but this is how it simplified it for us because we have nine panelists only five of them are ever on screen at a single time but we have to switch between them very quickly instead of trying to use Just five and then re-pin and things like that we just separated every single person out to their own source pin them before we went live that way they're good to go they're ready and all we have to do is click a button on the switcher thank you very much all right closing slide music all right we are out thank you everyone that was great Hey go team you were so great we're good streams over went great uploading to vimeo now clients happy and now i go pack a truck because we got a bunch more events happening and we're just rolling this whole weekend so on to the next one i hope you enjoyed that little behind the scenes of our live stream if you like this style of video go ahead and give us a thumbs up and while you're At it hit the subscribe button so we have more videos coming soon with giveaways of all of our companion files our atem programming and just a bunch of stuff that you're going to want to see we're working on making all of our programming and things that we do here in our studio available for everyone to download for free um let us know what you want to see next or le if you enjoyed this video got it no no i Got it let us know what you want us i'm gonna do it without slap let us know what you want to see from us next in the comments below thanks for watching have a good one

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