Top 5 Best Fitness Advice on the Joe Rogan Experience (David Goggins, Robert Oberst, JRE)

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Hey guys, I made a compilation of the best fitness or lifting advice given on the Joe Rogan Experience. This compilation includes people such as David Goggins, Robert Oberst, Andrew Santino, Pat McNamara and Firas Zahabi. Subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Please like the video :)

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Hey what is up guys and welcome back to your daily dose of joe rogan today we will be looking at the five best pieces of fitness advice given on the joe rogan experience if you're a fan of the joe rogan experience then you know that the podcast has so much great fitness advice joe rogan brings on some of the most knowledgeable guests in the fitness industry Over the years so much good advice has been given and i think everyone should hear these five best pieces of advice so make sure to watch the entire video to not miss anything also make sure to subscribe if you're a fan of joe rogan on this channel we cover everything joe rogan experience related also please like the video if it helped you in any way but anyways let's get right into the video starting off at number 5 we have david Goggins explaining to joe rogan why he doesn't listen to music while working out goggins explains how you won't always have the music there to pump you up in certain situations so he encourages that you learn to train without music david goggins is one of the most respected guys when it comes to the fitness industry so his advice is definitely something to seriously consider joe rogan was extremely Fascinated by this concept and it was a really interesting segment but anyways here's the video and i know how to self-motivate a lot of [ __ ] don't know how to self-motivate man like we like to put the headphones on like before the big game and listen to the music yeah what the [ __ ] did you do when the headphones come off bro it's you in your own mind Right i know how to do that that's that's the hard part do you ever listen to music when you run never never it's just let me hear this let me hear let's play this so i never trained with music there's a reason why i don't do that the music's not going to always be there the tv the distractions all these external things i'm in the gym right now with all this live music people Needed to get fired up they needed to stay motivated they need to stay in the fight they needed to just go in the gym to do whatever they're gonna do what do you do when you have no external motivation it's about the internal what do you say to yourself how are you going to fire yourself up what's that flame inside of you that keeps you going let that keep you going not this [Music] next up on the list we have robert oberst explaining to joe rogan why normal lifters should not do deadlifts in this conversation robert talks about how detrimental deadlifts can be on the lower back for a non-experienced lifter and that if you're doing it for strength purposes then you should find an alternative lift i think this concept is very interesting and is something that all lifters should Consider robert does a good job of explaining it himself so here's the video and in football we've never done deadlifts it was all hang cleans and power cleans which by the way just quick little tip deadlifts if you're if you're deadlifting to be a better deadlifter fine if you're not doing that for deadlift's sake then don't [ __ ] do it the risk to reward ratio is a joke For deadlifts for deadlifts really and a lot of people aren't going to like that i'm saying that but if you go into any nfl gym in any division one college football gym in any athletics where people are actually getting paid and it matters what they're doing they're not dead lifting really they're hang cleaning and power cleaning why is that because the risk to reward ratio like there's it's so hard to be a great Deadlifter and to not risk your low back and to be using your upper back properly and you know just there's so many little uh chances for you to get hurt you know hamstring's dead next up on the list we have joe rogan and pat mcnamara talking about the importance of functional strength training for those of you who don't know functional strength training focuses on exercises that target all muscles of The body and are movements that can be done at home with limited equipment examples of functional strength training are exercises such as push-ups pull-ups and squats joe rogan and pat do a better job at explaining this concept than i do so here's the clip what you really need to actually with exercise is something that's going to mimic what you would actually do in real life picking up Things moving them around like farmer walks yep farmer walk very unglamorous carry a heavy ass kettlebell in one hand and just walk around for like a half a mile yep and your [ __ ] forearm would be dying your legs would be killing you your core is going to be shaking uh people that's another thing that people don't like to do because it's not glamorous and because The people get lazy they don't want to do that workout with the pre-workout they don't want to do all the skip and rope and all the just switching stances and jumping jacks and all that stuff but you really need to break a sweat a real sweat before you actually start lifting weights and then even if you lift weights or do anything like say if you're going to do kettlebells i'll start off with 35 Pounds i'll do everything nice and light at first i don't start off heavy there's a lot of stupid people out there when it comes to like not understanding the right way to work out right and i want to tell these guys hey man two things one is if you do if you do what you've always done you're gonna get what you've always gotten number two i didn't go home last night And smoke a bunch of crack and dream this [ __ ] up i mean there's i've i've done a lot of freaking research a lot of um there's a lot of time and effort going into this and um they'll say hey man you're gonna throw your back out doing that stuff no [ __ ] that's that's building your back yeah you know working that transverse plane is what guys neglect a lot Next up on the list we have joe rogan and andrew santino talking about how important it is to exercise they also say that people that choose not to exercise and work out are silly joe rogan emphasizes how important it is to exercise occasionally to maintain discipline and to stay relatively healthy joe also explains that just by getting out and moving around your body will feel 10 times better than Without exercise i think this conversation is great advice for people who are debating whether or not they should work out this advice is pretty awesome overall so here's the video well what's really terrible is when i mean i'm not saying you have to be a bodybuilder oh but you have to [ __ ] just it's you should keep your body it moving away it's just a laziness Thing it's a disciplined thing and like this idea there's some sort of nobility and humility and not caring about your body it's silly i know that jocks were [ __ ] and people bullied you i get it yeah but goddammit take care of your [ __ ] meat vehicle and people oh yeah you're vain that's why you work out yes that too i like looking good i like it It's better to me than not looking good now they've found a home in something that's disciplined it's good it feels good to move your body it feels good it feels good to do things whether it's taking a dance class i'm not into that but taking karate i'm not knowing that [ __ ] i like yoga i like running yeah i like doing jiu jitsu obviously I like all kinds of martial arts and but i'm just like moving my body man i like running up hills you move your body get it going you'll feel better afterwards i know you don't want to do it i never i [ __ ] hardly ever want to do it if i maybe want to want to actually do it five out of 10 times but maybe less next up on the list we have joe rogan and firoz zahabi explaining The importance of flow state training this is a style of training in which you do not use your maximum amount of energy when training this is done to reduce recovery time after your workout which over time will help you train more consistently biros does a great job of explaining this training method to joe and the viewers this is definitely some of the best advice given on the joe rogan experience And i think that everyone that is into fitness should consider trying it but anyways here's a more detailed explanation of the training first they never how is it possible to work out and not be sore no problem beautifully here we go so let's say i make you do pull-ups and let's say the max amount of pull-ups you can do the maximum amount of pull-up is 10. Let's keep a nice round number at 11 you couldn't do 11 if i put a point at a gun at you you couldn't do 11. should i make you do 10 pull-ups on our workout no i'm gonna make you do five why because i'm setting you up to work the next day the next day we're gonna do five and the next day we're gonna do another five and then we're gonna do six when six is really easy We're going to do seven why if you count if the if you did 10 pull-ups on monday you're going to be sore through thursday let's say it's really your max so thursday you've only done 10 pull-ups from monday to thursday you've only done pull-ups me i've been doing five pull-ups every day so i'm at 20 pull-ups already 25 pull-ups i have more volume than you now if you add up at the end of the year who trained more I've trained way more than you if this video helped you learn something today and gave you some good fitness advice make sure to subscribe to the channel where we cover everything joe rogan experience related so if you love the joe rogan experience you gotta join our community also please like the video if you enjoyed it thanks for watching everybody and i will see you guys in the next one

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