A homeless girl prepares for a school concert but is thwarted by her family’s unstable housing.

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All right you guys settle in here we go one two three four [Music] what is it now sonny why are you stopping you sound fine they're flat never mind what they do you keep playing it sounds bad listen i don't care if an asteroid falls through the roof keep playing okay Let's take it again from the top one two three four [Music] sunny keep playing guys keep playing [Music] follow the check how'd it go ready for tomorrow sucked hey easy with that thing you wanna tell me what's up no i don't in the back [Music] me Get your stuff ready we're gonna get to the gas station soon not eric come here brush your teeth what are you doing i said brush your teeth how you doing sir good how are you how can i help you today what are you doing can you stop stop leave me alone you know go with dad now What the heck is this there he is hey where's your sister in the bathroom [Music] sonny we gotta go we gotta go give me five minutes we don't have five minutes hurry up man sonny now sonny don't you ever come back again yeah okay we got it thank you [Music] hey what's up How was it tonight [Music] we won't be here alone yeah that's what i said huh why do you have to be a total pain in the ass just forget it you know why don't you like read a book or something okay until i sort things out [Music] [Music] Huh [Music] no dad i'm sorry i didn't mean to you know what maybe i'll sell this thing you do and i'll go to the cops and tell them what a crappy dad you are you can't touch it it's mine all right calm down give me the mouthpiece i won't play it i'm not asking hand it over [Music] [Music] um you're hurting me [Music] you guys are gonna have to hang out here today where am i gonna play use the van it's too noisy i can't help you sonny i don't have any better ideas but the concert is tonight i'm sorry please you got to help me out i got to get to work All right i i i can't afford to lose this job your worst look none of us want to be here why don't you just give me a break please no look the beach is like three blocks away all right why did you check it out with eric here's five bucks all right it's the beach All right it'll be rad right okay all right keep an eye on each other take my cell phone i'm calling when i'm done okay hi dad grab your bag lock hey hey come on useless [Music] [Applause] hey [Applause] [Music] it's a good spot [Music] go [Music] can't be down here [Music] so [Music] so [Music] Whoa whoa whoa hey hey hey hey you can't take this that's my van what are you doing no no no no put it put it down put it down put it the down [Music] [Music] hey come on what happened to the van i'll explain later hop in what happened you want to make the concert or not this is ernesto he's bailing us out say Hi kids you need to hurry go ahead i'll meet you in there you're not coming are you shaman i'll meet you there in a minute i'm going with her go ahead then you're being childish there you are i was getting a little worried you didn't have time to change [Applause] so Um [Music] bye [Music] [Music] me [Music] so [Music] you

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