Multifandom || The Fear (Collab w/Red Jelly Edits)

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The Warleader Productions

Red Jelly Edits: Video Editor: Cyberlink Powerdirector 16 & Sony Pro Vegas 14 Song: The Fear by The Score Description: Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new collab between me and red jelly edits!! We decided to do a selective multifandom and honestly I think it came out really well. Editing vikings and the 100 was a ton of fun, and his parts for twd and john wick were amazing as well. Go check out RJE if you haven't already as he makes some great content :) The Warleader Productions can only grow with your support. Like the video to help spread it across youtube, and subscribe to join our ever growing community! Become a warrior. Join The Warleader Productions. #twd #the100 #vikings #johnwick

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