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- Join the Patreon for exclusive content - - Listen to the Podcast - - Join our Discord to play games - For media inquiries - This video is not a sponsored video This game was provided by the Publisher In The Witcher: Old World, you become a witcher — a professional monster slayer — and immerse yourself in the legendary universe of The Witcher franchise. Set years before the saga of Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher: Old World explores a time when monsters roamed the Continent in greater numbers, creating a constant peril that required the attention of expertly trained monster slayers, known as witchers. Five competing schools trained their adepts through brutal regimes, and once fully prepared, these now-recognized witchers set off to explore the land, seeking trouble and adventures and helping others for coin. In this competitive adventure board game, 2-5 players travel across a vast map, embarking on masterfully penned quests, encountering and making ambiguous moral choices, fighting monsters — and sometimes brawling with other witchers to defend their school's honor! The game lets players construct their own unique decks of cards by choosing from a wide range of abilities: attacks, dodges, and witcher combat magic — known as "signs". Through card synergy, players aim to achieve powerful combos as they utilize their witcher school's hallmark abilities to their full potential. Quests, battles, and even dice poker allow each player to earn money, obtain new items, and train their skills. The first player to acquire 4-6 trophies, with the number being set at the start of play, wins the game instantly. You can obtain trophies by killing monsters, instigating and winning chaotic tavern brawls against another witcher, training attributes to their highest level, and resolving certain quests throughout their adventure. The game will include a Solo Mode that will allow for a solitaire adventure on the Continent. #Witcher #Oldworld #Gameplay

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Hello welcome to quackalope thank you for being here and alex from board gameco he doesn't have a voice ah no no but also in all seriousness this is how i currently talk i have my tea i may do a mid game break to grab another t it's true until then i sound like this also well and i'm paired up with a red bull so we're gonna We're in for a good night yes indeed i'm gonna make it harder to toss a kind to your witcher i can't i mean not that i can sing normally but now i can't sing even more it is normally i would do that it's inherent but either way that's true that's true welcome to quacklobe thank you for being here today we are doing a gameplay of the witcher old world uh this is on kickstarter It will be on kickstarter on may 25th make sure to check the link down below for all that's either going to be on kickstarter currently on kickstarter or already off kickstarter depending on when and where you're watching this sorry whatever the case uh i've spent the last what four or five days here with you we've been that's the reason your voice is gone Yeah we've played way too many board games never such a thing you've cried a little bit we've shared some intimate moments this has been a very good it's been a very good week a very good holiday uh you mentioned this game to me i did and specifically i i wasn't slated to cover this no no you were not why uh what did uh what so i had the Opportunity to play this game and this was a game that i was incredibly excited about and then i saw the gameplay and i was less excited about it not not excited less excited about it and then i played the game and i was incredibly excited about it and then i was like jessie this is your style of true this is accessible in all the right ways mimics the the experience of the witcher on the tv show the books The video game all of that it mimics the experience it carries things over it does a solid job it has narrative elements to the cards the story the the choices you are given in the game not a full campaign storage of an experience but rather localized moments as you deal with the villagers encounter various locals have people attack you and make fun of You for the witcher that you are and all those things i was like jesse i don't know if you're gonna like this game but you better like this game because if i have any degree of taste as to what you like you're gonna like this game so this arrived today we sat down and played it this afternoon we are now diving into a game play and then a full review over on your channel board game code so if You're although clearly no reason to jump over there at any point uh because you already know how we feel about it instead head on over to quackload's patreon make sure to check that's not how this works there's gonna be a lot of people coming from the witcher welcome to the world of board games we're excited for you to discover it through this Because it does justice and now we're gonna we're gonna hang out and play a game to be very clear i want to make one review statement before we start if you are someone who's new to the designer board game space get this game it is a great introduction if you are someone who is an established veteran board gamer looking for something that is fun and interesting get this game It is it really is it's a solid blend of gateway we have we have our feedback we have our criticisms we have things we'd like to see all of that's going to be over on your channel for now we're we're just going to have some fun you're going to interrupt in the middle you're going to go get a t maybe uh i'm going to continue sipping on a red bull and maybe and we're going to we're going to play a Game can you give us a 60 second on what we're doing it's timer i want a timer you want a timer i want the time i like the timer it feels rewarding when i do it well there's the there's the last one that i and i'm going to reset uh the witcher the old world is a board game which you are going to be navigating across this board every round you're going to play cards for their icon in order to move to various Locations you're going to take the actions at said locations those would be actions around the board different things like drawing cards drawing potions getting more cards uh tracking the monster all of that eventually at certain points you will feel powerful enough to take on either other witchers or alternatively other monsters yes there is a solo solo slash co-op mode For those who don't want to take on other witchers we'll deal with that later but you're going to go ahead and engage in combat with witches or other monsters at which point you're going to use your deck to be able to basically chain together cars perhaps i play this car to deal on damage and i change it together with that which can deal another damage plus a shield over there uh that's basically a situation over Here at the end of every turn you are going to have an encounter either an encounter with a witcher or monster or having a story driven a counter where you will read off a card be given a choice which has consequences basically mechanical energy of consequences finally you get to step three where you get to add to your deck this is a deck building experience after all rinse and repeat until you have four Trophies and that is basically the old world the weather or the witcher old world you almost lost it on the name itself good job solid 60 solid 60 presentation i can't even i mean i've that's 30 seconds of my time gone already i tried anyways let's go ahead and jump into this okay so i'm going to go ahead and start off i'm starting first i have 30 cards cards You start with so with five cards five cards i start with three cards and two money you start with five cards and four money and i'm gonna see what i'm doing over here just for the record in case you didn't get it yet this is a prototype oh yes prototype rules prototype understanding prototype components monsters are tokens instead of miniatures miniatures are brittle and Frail prototype everything yeah if we get some things wrong if things change between now and you get your game this is meant to be an example of play and not a teach yeah that's a good reference point especially because of the 60 seconds let's go to jump into it so i am going to start off and i think i'm going to go ahead and start off by upgrading my alchemical uh So many choices over here okay so i have money that's not bad there i have that i have that i want to did you mention fighting other witchers i did am i allowed to punch you in the face yes you are i'm going to go ahead and play this card down over here i'm going to level up over here so i'm going to if my alchemy is less than my level or less than or equal to my level which my alchemy is one my Level is one then i can level up my alchemy when you do that you automatically draw on a chemical potion those useful to do things do in combat we'll get to it later uh from there i'm going to go ahead and play another ooh that's actually a really solid chain of events i like this i'm going to go ahead and move down here to over here taking the straight path Downwards are you fighting me i am not okay no no no checking i'm just curious i like too much money oh i'm going to go ahead and pay two money i cannot upgrade my own inherent uh uh specialty because that i can only do over here yeah but i can go ahead and upgrade my defense which i'm going to do that's gonna upgrade my shield as well to defense and that's gonna cost me two Money it's basically cost you one money it costs you equal money equal to the level you're moving to and then finally i'm gonna go ahead and move down over here where i'm going to go ahead and level up my sword so basically i got three things leveled up already leveling up for combat prepping for all the things that will happen this game seems like a rational thing you just go Into my discard pile over here let's shift that over a drop and then i go ahead and get to move to the encounter phase i believe that i would like to have an encounter in the city because i see that monster over there henry the card good sir you encounter a dwarf outside the city walls when he removes his hood you see his face resembled hammered beef someone did a number on him the city Council has declared that non-humans are no longer welcome within these walls i've been operating a forge for here for years and i thought maybe i could make a deal but no damn it i'm left with nothing it's a shame option a yes give him herbs that should help his wounds heal option b ask him if he has some place to go um i'm going to give him uh i want to know if he has someone's place to go Option b i have family living in the area i'll be fine us dwarves always do fine getting to them might be tricky though they say something's out there hunting travelers gain any one trail ooh that's pretty good that's pretty cool trails are important because trails basically enable you so two things happen with trails we're gonna go tuck This underneath um i would like to deal with yeah i think i would like to deal with this monster here so i'm gonna go ahead and take a re uh trail for that monster which means i had to head to over five five is gonna be over there and so i get a coin attached to that when i head over there i basically have to start finding out more about the monster It's kind of like the villager's idea of tracking and gaining information like you do in the game but simplified to a point where when you encounter that you're going to get the opportunity to strike first instead of it surprisingly which is striking considering the monster can do five points of damage in a single attack absolutely huge and now one of the things that like i'm mind blown that this type of game Is it is time for your deck building portion yeah so i'm gonna go ahead and draw three cards first so over here we got three cards and then i'm going to choose one of these cards to add to my deck paying the cost in the bottom left corner cost some modifiers depending on where it is so for example if i want this card over here i have to discard two of the cards i just drew which is interesting Because you can still get it to your deck but your next turn might be lessened because you spent more to study but it's a cool card it's a cool card so that is part of the experience that's why i'd like you to leave it my guy is a big fan of comboing that's what his thing is his swordsmanship ability is he likes to combo that and i think i'm going to go ahead and also i want to see where i'm Going there that seems reasonable there i think i'm going to go ahead and draw this card over here which could potentially allow for some fun combos plus some shield okay the cars are gonna shift down new cars will come out and now sir to you on to me now i have five cards in my hand which is sort of ridiculous at the beginning of the game and i am so wealthy i don't know what to do with myself now Where are these located these are going to be over here we have admiradron we have one by banard and we have one i see them now the tokens a lot more evident when they're represented by miniatures instead of that is true tokens that is and the based off of how nice the little uh prototype which which are miniatures already are oh these miniatures this is gonna be This is gonna be an insane game i expect some fun minutes all right i'm looking at all the options i'm gonna think i'm gonna swing over here i'm actually i'm gonna gamble a little bit with some of the money that i already have that so you should not do so so playing this you can't go straight there you're over here oh i'm not that guy yep i forgot i was the crouching oh then i actually have something i'd prefer to do More anyway playing this down so i can move here into the mountain region please hand me a potion postcards are great these cards are going to be one-off powers and abilities that you get to utilize during a combat sequence for the most part they i mean and we'll explain combat more as we get to them they can be make or break Oh and for the record if you're still watching to this point and you think you might not stay for the entire gameplay make it through a combat round or fast forward until you can get to one they're so good yes it's the tainted grail style chaining and sequence of play with a little bit of agency between both players so yeah all right moving there i think i want to go upgrade now So playing this card down to move to a forest location okay that's going to cost here okay and i'm going to go ahead and push up you know i'm gonna go ahead and push up my defense okay uh does that change this at all that will change it yes you're gonna go up on defense okay what do i want after this you know i'd love to go to another Mountain region so playing the wild over here another potion for me please okay you can have four potions at any time when you draw a fifth potion you must discard down to four not me i can have as many potions as i'd like no matter who you are what channel you have your subscriber count any of those things do not affect your uh it's a little potions yeah uh if you're above 26 000 subscribers you can have that's an exception yes Seven potions yes sadly i'm still at 25.8 and you're above 26 though not the same so you can have seven uh let's see here i'm going up here i'm going to play dice find play dice so go teach me teach me how to play poker poker okay you're going to roll five dice i'm gonna roll five dice you have to wage your one money and the bank's gonna join in with two money double money We're gonna bowl five nights at the same time now i have to choose a real first based on seeing your role and figuring out what to go for you're gonna get one v-roll after we're gonna go ahead and i have a one two three four five so i think my re-roll is going to be nothing i'm gonna stick with my v-roll that's terrible that is terrible yep i mean uh three fours would beat it you would need uh no no high straight's Gonna be higher you would need uh four of a kind or full house four kind or a full house or a higher straight i'm not going to get a higher straight it seems unlikely you have three four five you can roll that one in the four and hope for a two and a six it's not gonna work it's not gonna work one four of a kind before what did the world If you're gonna do that let's go for the ones so close to a full house and yet not a full house so uh you're gonna lose that money to the bank okay you're doing this with you yeah no that was fun uh and i got one card left i got my liquid card here now i could hold on to cards through rounds but why would i do that that seems like the logical thing to do This is a level up of your personal stat does that defense defense level up of defense now can i go there and level up my defense because i'm not level but you could in retrospect given where you are you could change this to be a different uh a stat ah let's do that so i'll change that to be weapons i'll move down here and then level up my defense and call it a day and call it an event Please can i do one of the wilderness events wilderness events indeed so you may the locals speak of a strange hermit living in the woods near the village they say his mind is little more than that of a goals and all that he does all day and that all he does all day is sit around and wail you visit the wrinkled man who regales you with stories of his past travels to distant places of power Now that all they just caught up with him he has little life left only fatigue longing and hallucinating hallucinogenic mushrooms i do believe you enjoy listening to other people tell stories thank you option a learn more about mushrooms and alchemy option b learn more about places of power places of power the old man speaks of the land he once visited in the magic obelisks he found there Quest forest enter okay we're going to add a quest on a fourth location which means you have to enter card 18 and when you do so we will read card 43 awesome so that's another thing with these locations very often something that might seem like oh well i'll remember that or this and that he has to go to 18. it could have been an entirely different thing depending on which goes on Anything's down here so i actually have to head up there you have to head back down here that's all right that's all right go ahead and deck build time okay draw three cards so let's see here what am i going to i mean that that triple slash is pretty attractive but it doesn't change it's not change it's a good it's a good finisher though let's see and this is going into my hand or in my Discord into your hand so that could also affect things if i want to go mountain forest water forest mountain forest uh mountain mountain water mountain forest water exactly that's what i thought uh that's a great trail for this video mountain mountain forest water water mountain forest water yeah that double slash purple is pretty nice over here no this one right That does not it's blue it's very purplish you know what if it were yellow i would inherently trust you just because you know yellow i do know yellow but it's my turn okay so i am going to go ahead and head over to dice poker but sadly i cannot play dice poker because i am all out of money i'm a lot of funs i'm so lost without You um then from there that one ooh don't attract the monster that doesn't help me quite as much oh what are you what did you what are your if you got that i would have given it to you but that's not that's not the game that's how you toss the coins but that's how you cross it toss a coin to your witcher that's fair yeah i'm going to go over here and head down here to take a alchemical potion Then i'm going to head up to here where i can get a coin if i have no coins and i have no coins you have one coin oh no no it's not like i have one question but that also allows me to trail another monster so now i'm seeking to find out more information this time about whismia so wizmia is going to be over which one is it that one's this one over here so i need to draw a trail for this One and that's going to be a coin if i can get to 17. and then with my last card i'm going to go ahead and play my last card as wild head down over here to upgrade my specialty if i can't if it's lower than my level at which point you already have a little two here which also means now i draw a card so i can do one more thing now But the one more thing that i want to do is not that intriguing so i will just hold out this i've never seen you so successful yeah that's reasonable okay i'm not gonna go overhead and i'm over here i'm gonna have an encounter this time in the outskirts if you will sir sometimes monsters are not the scariest things you find that voice is the scariest thing as you Cross a wide clearing you encounter a man whose village renders you speechless he looks exactly like you if you ever get the chance to grow old it's reasonable option one some things are better left unknown rush to your horse and get out of there or i think we should talk i'm rushing out of here that voice is creepy rushing out you slow down only when your horse begins to gasp for breath That's when you realize that as you were running away from your past you lost something important to you in the present lose any one trophy if you have zero trophies instead trash a card with the highest cost from where from your hand does it say trash a card yeah okay i don't have a card in my hand when do you remember must be my discard message quest your own school enter The player to your right reads you 53 you're now looking to go back to your own school okay so i'm going to go ahead and trash this one over here it has to have the highest cost i know they're all zero they're all zero so trash this one convenient yes that's actually not terrible yep okay and then we're gonna go ahead and you're looking to go back to your own school that's going to be Care for them up there so i'll leave this over here okay as a reminder my quest and then at the end of my turn i go ahead and i will draw up to three don't discard this first i will hold on to it i do not mind either way okay actually do you want to start it first i do want to discard it first one two three okay and then from there i need to acquire a card ooh i do not like these options at all At all but you know what i do that is really really brutal i don't like these options okay because i would rather get somewhere else but i'm gonna have to go there then there this is not helpful i do not like this okay i can't get what i want unless i play all through my cards but i do think that's a cool card but not going enough to get right now so we are going to do No this is very much yeah i am actually going to go ahead and reluctantly and sadly i'm going to discard all three cards to take this card why all right talk about the card you just took though so this is going to be a chaining card with two double hit plus potential more chaining on a and you said you like chaining on a pink and a red i'm pink and red but also it gives me a water which i need more Water so we'll figure things out it's all good that's a slow next turn slow next turn okay i'm gonna move down to nine over here draw me a potion please do you want your potion i like these potions having these in your pocket is makes you feel like you can do stuff oh so valuable moving down to glenn why bless you uh i get to level up And that is for what symbol is this for a level yeah and your specialty your specialty my specialties so this one yep okay and could i punch you i think it's actually wild you can do anything there if i wanted to punch you in the face you could absolutely punch in the face it's not like i just drafted a card that would help me in combat all right i'm gonna keep moving uh down here Where i could gain a coin if i didn't have a coin i already do have a coin but i am going to start seeking a creature which one i'd like to seek the ones that you haven't yet okay so the mountains this mountain so fun fact when a creature is defeated any trails you have not accomplished get white oh because the monster is that who cares about the one for me one for you okay so you have to head on over to nine nine oh back the way i came Yeah i feel that i feel that all right and the last thing i'm gonna do i'm gonna play this first card i'm getting my fourth potion potion for me please potion me up my friend potion so i'm so focused on the fact that i have to head back to my original school double potion duty okay okay i'm going to have a city event card in a librarian and an amateur scientist from a from oxenfurth invite You to his place to show your sizable collection of books among them you notice a few ver vedim manikia books about witches that are notoriously hard to come by hey do you read about the witchers or b do you read about the monsters i think i read about the witchers some of the techniques detailed in the volumes are new to you and seem absolutely lethal you take advantage of your host moment of inattention and tear Out the page leave this card in front of you once when you train any attribute in school reduce the cost by three gold to a minimum of one when you when you train you can choose to discard those cars to the car to reduce the cost by throwing at one of these locations yes okay yep that's not terrible it's not terrible at all uh and deck building time i'm gonna draw three cards up okay Oh i'm reshuffling my deck at this point seems reasonable and am i murdering anything anytime soon or it's it's a slow build initially but you start picking up steam i know i'm just debating like what do i want to start filling my hand with you know this is actually an interesting opportunity to get that uh powerful one go first but i think i'm Gonna take the purple which chains off uh burgundy okay cool okay you guys come out and it's my turn i'm going to have a very short turn because i'm going to play one card i'm going to head down to locker and i'm going to engage in some dice poker and two and two and we roll our first hand one two three six okay and go ahead and roll away i like mine just as much as Yours honestly okay choose your re-roll yeah i just need that five yes you do but if you don't get it beautiful okay so that's gonna be that and then i will have a outside encounter as well okay while you're while you're tying your horse to the hitching rail outside the inn the innkeeper's wife approaches with a bucket of cool water and a loaf of dried bread We look after all our guests here she explains petting the horse and placing the bucket under its snout you have a beautiful horse my sister breeds them you know why not go see her maybe you can make a deal ask just to stay the night you and your horse have a bond more precious than money or ask where you can find the woman's sister Hmm ask where i can find the woman's sister you learn the location of the horse farm the owner might be willing to trade you for a new mount quest forest enter draw card 16. okay this is gonna be a quest for that specific location over here that's gonna be eight which we'll deal with whereas eight eight is up there there i'm gonna be heading that way apparently so from there i have different things Trying to do lots of different things here you just went yes you were drafting i'm drafting a card now remember how you spent all your cards no you didn't have anything to do on your turn no you don't remember no no i'm gonna buy this card for a discount of one because i like how much now deals i know but it's got a discard on the top of it though doesn't it yeah it does That's not a discard it means you draw one less card than you would otherwise at the end of the round oh yeah that's my bad i talked to you wrong earlier well okay so it would be nice if you told me that before i decided not to get it that is reasonable there's another one over here you have this one oh thank you okay um arguably benevolent i am very benevolent i'm gonna end my turn to scar down and Your turn i got rid of a card to buy that card okay we've got to move to the forest forest in quest 18 is triggering when i arrive there after i pay for an upgrade okay paying i don't have two coins hmm no you could do you could discount you could discard a free discount i'm going here first we're gonna gamble for it gamble away i like it that's how you go from One money to zero money excuse me excuse me you've never seen me roll i actually i literally just saw you wrong no twice both times yes that's just a victory that's just oh you have doubles yeah that's just a win okay so i need a you've got a three a three or a six no a six six cleans house a six i can do it if you do this I get three will first no yes thanks okay finally money now i'm down here which allows me to go ahead and pay two coins yep you what are you doing you have to do it that way to toss it no i'm pretty sure it's in the rules costs better once they have metal coins there's no way they don't have metal coins also pay attention to the witcher kickstarter from metal dice i think there was a witcher dice kickstarted Recently uh i kind of want to get metal dice for this game all right 18 for me sir can you imagine tossing six of these d6s for this game don't think a nice there's a nice half to it yeah anyways go ahead 18 for me 18. i don't know what you're looking for that oh you got to it yeah ooh you're pulling card uh 43 oh 43. Yeah i forgot that it was on the location 43. and this goes back in the shuffle do i mean this players right beats 43 you do okay the old man wasn't lying you take a detour to find a location for one of his stories as you approach a massive oblique medallion just vibrating you find a place of power or die oh No raise your legs no no no no raise your lowest attribute level by one what what's the good result uh they just choose different options there's no good one well the option if you if you've done a six you could choose but since you're a bonus i get to choose to choose anyway i get to choose i was gonna say that is classic i should have just said oh yeah if you roll the six or eight Three [Music] you stumble and break your neck on the ground below and i'm like what no i'd probably believe you i have played kingdom death okay alchemy up okay you draw a card what the hell can we do for you a one well you drop you could hold more but you could play more potions in a fight you could have four potions but you Could only play potions in a fight equal to your alchemical level i draw every time i do an l every time you raise your alchemy you draw a potion so i should have drawn two and now i need to decide to discard the scar too yeah all right on your turn i'll read through these then and um make a decision okay i still have three cards to play though where do i want to go i can't redo an action right So here's what uh i mean i kind of want to fight that but i need to go i need to go to nine in order to justify it so i'm going back to the fishing post okay even though i'm not gonna be able to double up on actions there i'm then going to the next fishing post and then going up to nine which is going to complete my quest give me a coin uh in this place i could have done Any level yep is that right yep is it based off of my level yeah anything that's equal to a lower than your level which means anything's like alchemy uh and then when i get up here i'll draw another potion yep and i'll choose to just start yeah i'll choose to discard down three of them now and i have completed this so do i hold on to this until i fight No no oh um this one is a childhood yes you hold on to the trail token you've now earned the trail token so now i can go slaughter the uh demon okay it's okay you encountered do you account yet i have not okay we're in encounter or i would encounter give me an in encounter in an encounter okay and this is resolved yes that's gonna go back to the bottom of said deck What a fine evening this was there's nothing like delicious ale fine food in a comfortable bed in the morning you are awakened by a knock on the door of your rented attic room will you lend an ear to the tail of the prophet libya there are two men waiting out to the door do you close the door and go back to bed do you a little philosophy over breakfast never hurt anyone a little Philosophy over breakfast or brunch specifically never hurt anyone you fall and break your neck you realize something was it's not right for a moment i was like what you realizing is not right the moment that you went into the room you've no chance to reach your sword and it's hard to defend against a dagger at your neck with nothing but bare hands all you can do is watch as the other man rifles through your bags lose any one Trophy if you have zero trophies instead trash a card with the highest cost you did from your discard pile quest water yeah i did quest water enter okay the player to your right reach 25 so you haven't given a quest though what if i need all the um the game does have an accommodation for need okay it's called nothing yeah like what if my cards perfectly chained Together that's beautiful it's a beautiful story yeah heart-wrenching you know this one's actually less valuable than the others okay trashed you can put this one i have trashed go back to one i used to go back to one of everyone's up there though it's in the opposite direction where i want to go behind i hear what you're saying that Defense card's not bad it is not bad but i need to move across water that'll cost you two or one you know give me that defense card i was hoping you would not dig it because i wanted to defend scarf yeah i honestly it you get so brutalized in battles yeah and that goes into my hand right yes it does okay and it's my turn it's my turn i'm gonna have to go places it's always Fun to go places i'm gonna ignore you for a second cool cool well i think through what potions i'm gonna go over here and i'm gonna head down to glenmuir where i can upgrade any one attribute i do like my swordsmanship i'm going to upgrade my swordmaster because that seems very helpful um although actually i'm heading up there either way hmm i think i will stay with my sources Are upgraded then i'm going to head over here i'm going to grab a potion so my three potions now and then discard the juice please um this what am i doing here did i do this wrong did i discard the wrong card i discovered the wrong card when i was building my hand i needed one of each type i'm back and i assume you're already cheating no i do this right yeah That's not what it sounds like i go to here with water i go here i play the wrong card i go here with mountain and then no i do need water twice how did i mess this up no idea how did it mess this up i'm embarrassed honestly okay i hear you that chain though would be great if you were fighting something yeah it would be but i did not think this through okay with water that's gonna be mountain i messed this Up somehow pay a card in a coin okay let me do it slightly differently pay a card in a coin to move oh interesting that's a good idea yeah i'm gonna go ahead and pay a card and a coin to go ahead and move up over here where i can get over there and upgrade my defense by one which upgrades my shield stat yeah and then i'm going to go ahead and i will take Uh what's it called i will be able to get this coin over here and i now have a hunting token for that creature okay that's my turn i'm gonna go ahead and have an encounter in the um city this time a richly dressed nobleman with a saber at his side bars your way on the main street while he speaks loud and clear to make himself heard You have absolutely no idea what he's talking about you're all wrong good people it was i who got rid of the monster this witcher is trying to claim credit for my deed admit admit i'm the hero not you reasonable you couldn't get rid of the pimples on your own face never mind a monster that's what you're responding no wait wait wait okay you can say to him you couldn't get the dots on god's You don't want bloodshed on the main street so you admit he's right nope nope i'm not i your insult calls for blood but not yours the nobleman charges but a quick blow from a sudden studded glove brings him crashing to the ground quickly cooling his burning need for satisfaction raise your specialty level by one intriguing that's pretty cool i like that You just beat up an old guy on the street you know what that's one way of framing it i don't choose to look at it that way now i'm going to go ahead and draw three cards and deck build one two three and i am very intrigued by this car which allows for a lot of chaining costs too but very cool i think i'm gonna go ahead and i am tempted by that card i'm gonna go ahead and discard these two To take this card okay very cool card i have a really hard decision to make cinderella and i would appreciate it if you would help me uh you know make up my mind sure think of my mind do i go hunt a creature yeah or do i keep going down my quest hmm all reasonable things i'm like slowly prepping i think in a turn or two i'll be ready for A hunt i'm getting there yeah i think you're right i think you're right a hunt it is moving down to this location where i could pay two oh it's three coins now yeah but i'm going to discard this to pay one coin to reduce the cost by three minimum one and can i move up any of them yes you can oh no i don't want combat off that high drawing four cards per round is not Satisfying for your combos ah it is but it also cycles my deck faster yeah i'm moving up combat okay okay then playing a mountain to move a cross another potion please okay potion yep there you go and playing down i don't like doing this playing down two cards to move back here uh and i can move one that's equal to my level up right yes Okay is that anything where's that sword that's a sword ah my sword is not equal to my okay all right uh and i'm discarding that potion that i got okay that's it that's gonna be my turn i'm going to do a outdoor activity okay oh sorry go ahead okay the sight of a dead witcher is enough to move even the heart of someone seemingly barefoot of emotion Bereft of emotion especially when the disease is a witcher from your own school well he's currently barefoot of emotion you dig a grave in the middle of a small force clearing decide not to leave his death unanswered a take the fallen which is medallion and sword to place them on display at your school in a place of honor b try to find out what killed your friend i hope he chooses b probably a creature Probably hurt him i'm gonna i'm gonna take the medallion sword coward thanks to your actions the memory of your friend and companion will not be forgotten quest your own school so it's myself you have to get wait aren't you by your own school yeah i'm right there let's that's meaningless go ahead and deck build so what would benefit me right now that gives me a green and a yellow i Wouldn't mind that i hear you yellow chaining to blue blue chaining up nothing changed down i'll take that uh i'll take this one here this one and i gotta pay two for it it looks so cool i wanted it i gotta pay two yes you do it does actually look really cool okay i think i'm ready to like murder something i'm getting there i'm getting there okay To my turn to my turn i want to murder something okay the question is do i try to murder the thing i've actually tracked or not because i haven't i'm currently working on murdering the thing i've actually tracked i haven't i've heard that's a reasonable idea yeah um i'm i'm tempted by that i think i probably should you going back to your school first Yeah i'm gonna go ahead and i'm gonna go ahead and wander one over here and then i'm gonna go ahead and play this one oh yeah diced first let's do this first you bid oh yes i am oh we gotta put one in the bank and two from here nothing of substance oh those double twos one two three that's not helpful at all nope let me see what you go for One one four two that's nauseating is what i say okay well then i'm gonna go ahead and roll for doubles we got two twos and that's not enough two twos submits to a one-one it does i lose my money i lose my money okay then i'm gonna go ahead and along with one card i'm gonna pay a coin along with that card so i think change of one you should wander over here where i can reduce two cards from this row I think i'm going to go ahead and burn this card from this room i can't get there i can't get there my school's over there uh yeah i'm one way sir okay i'm gonna go ahead and i'm gonna remove this card from the row and put that out there and then another one as well i like this one i think i'll go ahead and get rid of this one okay okay which means all these cycle Down cycle down cycle down and cycle down and then i go ahead and have an encounter i'll have an encounter in the city this is a creature in the city i want to find out more about it in the city in the city a local scholar invites you to his laboratory he sits there listening to your stories hanging on to your every word and taking ridiculous notes Pausing only to nod his head and breathe deeply happy with the new knowledge that will be useful for his research the scholar asks what you would like his compensation ask for teaching ask for payment um i would rather teach you right now the scholar gleefully shares his knowledge raise your alchemy level by one during phase three draw one card less oh come on that was so cool a Second ago okay you wasted too much time yes so i draw two cards which means instead of the one i wanted which is unfortunate because i'm trying to find it okay so then i have that which you're gonna have there hope your cards let you go to your home and then back to the monster all right here you go i hear you now i'm fighting that monster Over here oh you're gonna move over there yeah cause i get first straight against that monster so you need a mountain and water yeah i would change that into that that won't help me so i need that one that won't help me either i need a car that i can chain off of this one which is going to be a red or blue which doesn't help me no that's not helpful no i'm so sorry About it nope i could get this one which will cost two but then one won't help me either i get that one nope doesn't help me either that one's the one to go with okay i'm gonna go ahead and discard this card to get this one which won't help me i realize okay either way it's fine i'm all good okay cool i am go i'm good to go these are stuff Down shut down and it's your turn sir okay uh i'm fighting go first so deck is reshuffled yep three cards in my hand yep uh please set up the deck for that ghoul and i'm going to be here over there yes sir the ghoul the ghoul's ability which you didn't ask about i didn't need to know it doing the player's first turn only the monster may only discard up to two cards regardless of how much damage you deal What yeah that's what i said but i'm attacking first doesn't matter you're gonna yield two damage two at the first turn that's ridiculous the material i've got a i have i've set up a three four five six damage hand next turn maybe go ahead sir i'm not happy about this that's not how this game works well that whole going first thing just doesn't Well i should look at the monster i'm gonna be fighting all right my first turn is just as bad it makes you feel better well this is okay i mean it might it might as well be time for me to use this then just because deal one damage and i can only play one card and that's reasonable this card so two damage Two damage okay boom two damage down flipped out and flipped out okay okay and i'm going to go ahead and i want to know you need to choose either a bite or charge oh i'm biting four damage to your head so go straight down your shield down and then remove any health do i draw it first though yes i believe so and then two damage yep there are my shields yep okay attack back Yeah hit hard yeah let's see if i'm able that sequences uh plus one card not too bad although i'm a little bit of a gamble a little bit of a gamble all right let's try it purple playing it down followed by that so you draw only at the end of your turn it's both things with the draw and the scar only at the end of it's right you draw one more But can ask a silly question why aren't you doing this than that oh you just oh you just pulled it back in mind your head sir i know i just wanted i just wanted to watch that change to that change to that okay drawing one extra card that's five damage to be clear don't okay that's five damage it is five so one two three four five Okay uh drawing up to five now okay and let me see if there's a five y five because i draw one extra so you draw three and you're oh you're at four wow okay okay all right we'll go for another bite again straight to the head or don't oh five damage then it comes from your hand next one two three i need a pair no i'm gonna Get my i don't if you don't think i'm getting myself i think i think one damage should be doable at this point is that all i have to do yeah sadly okay well then that's i mean to be clear i think we buffed up a little more than we need to for the initial fights against these monsters i was going off of our last play well that's yeah where where it was like to the wire Double hitting uh-huh murder beautiful monster's dead you go ahead and defeat the monster you're going to go ahead and get two gold yup for defeating the monster you also get a trophy so you are up one now which also means you're worth more if i hunt you you're worth two gold if i hunt you instead of one now okay uh but then you also get to you read a card from your deck that's fatigue so you're gonna go ahead and look through your entire deck And discard and get rid of a card and then proceed to the next step of deck building along the way i'm gonna go ahead and up a level two monster we're gonna have that dragon creature which i need to find in the stuck here okay we have the dragon creature a 15 health monster okay and we're gonna put that there and we're gonna draw a mountain token to illustrate where it's going And it's gonna be on three so this goes ahead two three where's three up here oh look at that look at that that's not fun at all okay now i have the deck building portion yep now are these what are these what's this top level action on these uh cards this one let's draw a card for you this card draw a card from your discord yes indeed i don't hate that [Music] Okay i'm gonna draw four cards the occupation is used goes over here i think i'm gonna take the i'm gonna take the slightly cheaper option of this okay discarding one down okay cool i am debating encountering the monster where i am instead and this is resolved now yeah the monster where i am would go first but it could be a better turn for me i think Yeah i'm gonna count the monster i am this is gone yep okay this is back yeah okay so i'm a country monster i am a monster that i have not hunted i am not doing anything else to turn i'm going straight to the encounter phase and i'm gonna fight off against this flowery monster over here which ability says any player may just must start any one of their unused potions with no effect To initiate a fight against the monster i have multiple potions so i'm fine with that i will discard i like that one i like that one let me take a look at this okay i'm going to get rid of the black cord over there that one you played and i'm gonna go ahead and start my turn by shuffling my discard set up there and my deck together okay you need a deck of 12 Cards yep and it's gonna get the first turn sadly yeah because you haven't you haven't scouted it right correct i'm hoping i can do stuff here okay we're gonna start with a charge she's reasonable how about it charge the player trashes any one card from their hand empty hand from the top of their deck that's not what i wanted i will go ahead and trash this card Trash it says trash trash wow brutal okay great my turn i'm gonna go ahead and play an alchemical potion to uh okay not that one lower your shield level by one and draw two cards from your deck so i'm lowering my shield level my entire shield level oh my shoulders over here no that's my defense blowing my shoe level to draw two cards to hopefully have a stronger first turn Not as strong as i was hoping i could chain into that um i guess i'll chain that into that okay that's okay i'll do that so i'm gonna go ahead and do a two card chain okay it's gonna be plus one card draw and then deal one damage plus two damage so two damage to you and i will draw three cards at the end of my turn to your turn okay uh i'm following up With another charge okay uh player takes three damage be two damage to my shields down to zero and one damage to this okay that is not cool okay uh let's see okay i'm gonna go ahead and do that so i'm going to do the following i think i'm going to be able to chain to that chain that okay we're going to go ahead and chain i keep changing the same colors i don't like it i don't like it At all i will change that and then to that okay cool i'm gonna chain a combo as follows ready i'm gonna do one card that's gonna be one damage and then i'm gonna chain that into green okay so i'm gonna get a shield level goes by one i get to the then i'm gonna chain two red which means i'm gonna take back this green card to my hand and that's going to be why do you use The greenback because of the symbol over here oh okay and then i might show them is that from your discard pile or from your play for my that one's for my uh area yeah specifically the cards you played so this one this one goes back my hand i do one more damage juice did you have two damage if you didn't try to do one okay and then more importantly that was a three card combo Because i have swordsmanship once during a fight when you make a combo of three or more cards you may perform your ability to deal additional damage and your additional cards so i'm drawing two additional damage to you and then drawing an additional card okay and then i think that's the situation there and then i'll give you one second let me see how much healthy that uh four I hear you i hear you so what i will do then yeah i think you're fine is i'm gonna go ahead and do uh after you finish your combo play one additional card from your hand i'm gonna finish it off with this and then i'm gonna chain into this which gives me another damage and another shield and draw this back to my hand i was gonna play bite too and your turn i dropped i draw two cards bite again The player takes damage equal to their alchemy level my level is three ouch i'm gonna take two damage my shield and one damage my card how much else are you up to two two that seems doable probably maybe not necessarily okay there's no way you don't have this i'm gonna do this to i don't i have it but it's not the same as i like okay i got my show level by one and then i'm going to go ahead and go straight to This one probably should have started with this i start with this i chain into this and then i've changed that okay and that's going to be the damage yep okay got it boom monster's dead i've taken it out and i recycle this into my discard and that's my turn i draw three cards which i need to shuffle on this card now i'm gonna go i'll set up a new monster In a second and i'll put a new card over here and draw a card you go up on this track i got one of that track as well which means i burnt oh i have to cycle two cards from my deck as well one card for my back i'm gonna burn one card from my deck and i think i'm gonna burn this card from my deck okay great and then i go ahead and buy a card time i really Like being able to change that i think i'm gonna buy this card that's a useful one for me just discard a card and i will discard this card okay okay i will set monster and you can go ahead and do your thing moving up to water triggering this card here yes oh this goes away by the way because i've gotten that and it's done there this is going to trigger book number 42. okay one second to put this monster out for me book 42 we need a green token over there and do a monster on 18. hello monster triggering 42. so every single witcher in the area comes to the school stronghold the medallion and sword are placed on top of the table in silence you and your companions raise a psalm toast the memory of a fallen friend The next day you use your presence at school to visit the training room the witcher with whom you went through the trials offers to spar with you like in the old days play level one to two what's your level level is two raise the attribute raise the level of any attribute by one okay defense up by one okay does my defense go up to three now uh yeah ups by one wherever your spencer Was that officer by one all right okay that's that okay now back down to mountains uh and what do we want to hold on to here i think this over the forests now could i have redone this even though i started here i didn't you can only activate each location oh if you started you can do it and you're fine so one of the swords i can't i don't qualify for it though but I can go ahead and spend two coins yup to do this here okay i'm gonna push this one up great is that possible too yeah that is possible you immediately draw a card level three draw a card oh how interesting okay i'm stopping there okay discarding this down and drawing back up to my hand okay my turn is my turn okay i am going to go ahead and initiate an encounter against Another creature a deadly beast okay i'm gonna go ahead and walk uh these cards that one changed that one i have a coin so i think that's the right move that's a cool combo i like this combo okay i'm gonna discard oh i didn't do my event or my deck building oh you should probably do those things uh wilderness event okay the three horsemen ride in a column one After the other and the rod in the middle has his hands down with thick rope he can't be older than sixteen when you pass the riders on the trail the boy yells after you help me witcher you kill monsters right what do you call men who can have the son of a combs for ransom hey entrepreneurs i call them entrepreneurs b attack the armed escort we're gonna fight them The first rider dies quickly with other proofs more problematic the boy thanks you as you cut through his bonds tell my father i am free i will hide in the area and wait for his men lower your shield level by one and discard one potion okay that doesn't seem great quest mountain enter okay i hope that's worth it generally when bad things happen in the game the following quest is as a better Payoff yeah okay 16 16 is right next to me and you have okay what's the chain i have right now so here's the thing i've got a green into a blue a blue into a red and i don't mind that sequence all these little things green into a pink nothing nothing's following up for me that's the problem red is there a red out there is there a burgundy out there that follows up into Anything i don't think so it's broken to hear the fault nope nope nope there's no burgundy is there a purple there's purple it falls it follows up into a pink but my pink doesn't carry through i think for the sake of the game i'm gonna pull this one okay dropping this one out and uh guess who's going fighting next turn i'm going fighting this turn are you yes indeed okay I'm going to tell you how many fights we have to do to four total four total so this might be end game what we're pushing towards engaging four each oh four each four each trophies just got to the top of the trophy shock both of us do yeah well whoever wins gets there okay only one person needs to get there okay i'm going to go ahead and i'm gonna go ahead and discard this card along With a coin to move into that region yeah that's gonna be over here i sadly cannot up my alchemy level which is unfortunate but what i will do is i will initiate a fight going to war against this creature all right before the creates that creates their lifeboat they discard any one card from their hand so that's not what i wanted to do so let Me just change it i'm gonna still do what i'm doing but i'm just gonna start i should probably check what i'm fighting too but i'm not going to okay i'm gonna go ahead and discard this card over here and i do have the trail for this creature which means i strike first so you ready oh this is the one you hunted yes indeed ready how many health uh ten health That's less than the last one and i am starting syrup with a crushing blow for three damage wow yeah that's what i thought wow okay at the end of my turn i only draw one card sadly because i have one less draw so you're safe i need to trip you up i'm going with a charge ah three damage not as much of a trip as i wanted so that's gonna be one damage to my shield and two damage to my deck okay One and two okay i have this which is not what i want over here what's my potion um not helpful either uh oh actually it's not the worst it's okay i'll take it i'm gonna go ahead and use this potion draw the top card for my discard file and then i'll go ahead and go one and two burgundy into purple and blue and burgundy two damage to you there are two damage two cards Okay your turn head ah that's not cool at all five damage yep one two three four five how much health you have left uh three three oh boy that is going to be a close close battle okay um that is not what i want all i can do that oh my gosh that's horrible it's gonna be tough okay i'm gonna go ahead no you're gonna kill me you like so i think so I hope so how much do you have three three left okay so i just need to make sure i'm not my shoulder but okay i'm gonna go and it's gonna be close it's gonna be very close i'm gonna do two damage and then i'm going to chain that into a shield so i bump a shield up and then i turn i draw two cards the question is whether you can deal three damage to me if you can i'm dead what are you announcing bite go ahead No one and then two three and i sadly die what do you do when you lose so i got him down to zero or one health when you do that you do get two gold you chase away the beast the beast is gone okay and we go ahead and draw another monster of the same level to replace it but you don't get a trophy oh should i have one of these trophy cards Um yes you should you should want to sell the cards are they all the same or no yes they are all the same at the moment okay once per fight when your opponent discards one or more cards as a result of your attack do the following deal one additional damage and mandatory draw one less card at the end of this turn interesting okay so we're going to put a new one over here It's going to be it's going to be with 13. so where's 13 13 is somewhere over here where do we have it underneath your deck of cards over here underneath my deck okay so that's gonna be there that creature goes there the new creature over here and boom okay cool that's going to be this guy he's gone and now it is my turn to deck build okay so deck Building happens this is my deck it's my luck yes okay these go here and i could choose to shuffle my deck and then draw up to three so give me a second to see what i have okay one two three cards we have i would like to have one of those i do not which means i am tempted by different options here but i think i need to choose this one i'm gonna go ahead and choose this one Adds my hand okay okay your turn sir okay uh i'm going to war could you please uh bring down that griffin it looks like level two creature level two creature oh no during the entire fight the player's combat level is reduced by one oh no yep so your combat is just by one i shouldn't have fought it give me the 15 cards You know the best part of this is because its health is so high all i need to do is draw away five cards i don't need to count to 15 i see a count down to five that's a bad idea yep and you don't have any track tokens for it right no yeah get your hand all set and prepped ready yeah bite two damage to you sorry bite this bottom level the player lowers the common level by one and takes Damage according to the most level so lower your common level and take two damage to the negative levels two then the lower two three it's a fictional reduction now to two so you're fictionally at two but you're actually at three and take two damage this is a bad idea we got we got confident we had two good fights and we're like we got this covered guess what we don't have discovered This is this is this is a poor idea all right shields up by two reasonable chaining into a slab you'll get that card back chaining into a slash okay oh wait i get that card back you do because if you chain it you get it back interesting at the end of the round i believe i don't think you can use this in combat okay that's gonna be four damage okay i draw minus two i'm at a Combat level of two s so i don't draw anything at the moment you draw nothing and you get three damage to the beast one two three uh hold that hold that there cowboy hold it there cowboy d ah raise your shield level by one at the end of your turn and draw one less card i'm already not drawing any cards yes so it Doesn't matter okay okay ready i'm gonna bite five damage you lower your shield by three down to zero and you drive discard your cards okay to you sir you shouldn't have gotten comfortable shield yep play an additional card yep actually let's do this we just hold it you can just you can just not do anything the whole fight and draw let me do this pink yep draw from this Right yes you have a pink uh no well that doesn't help you can just not do anything and draw two cards it might be the right move hope for a better comment next turn go first it's not like i'm being damaged in the meantime i'll draw two cards go ahead okay we're gonna go ahead and charge two damage to you sir no no no no i felt so and there's my Pink but now you can draw the pink i felt so i felt so good about what was happening i was thinking to myself sonny you got this yeah don't worry about it baby boy and i didn't the whole time ah that and yellow into pink but pink doesn't chain into green all right let's do it this into yellow into pink into the potion that allows me to play an Additional card without it matching into the sequence okay can you follow up the blue shield's up by two reasons you didn't play this first no there's not a reason i didn't play that first do you want to play with something else which means this can pull back a car if you discard that's blue that is blue specifically well no but why would you do a blue oh because it's At the end after you finish your combo play one additional card from your hand it does not need to match so you can continue the combo is the question i don't i can't no it's just it's just draw an additional card back but this is also life this is this is how you live center sure so you have two shields and you have one two three four five six i'm gonna hold this Right so you not do that so you have six damage though right is that a fair statement yes and two shields one two three four five six looking a whole lot better for you right but how many cars you have in your duck i hope you hope you're feeling confident there okay we're gonna go with a bite okay bite the player lowers the defense level by one and takes damage according to the monster level You take one damage you are lucky isn't the monster level two nope most levels two but that's only one damage okay feeling confident now no you do two damage two numbers all you need i hear you you can do two damage yeah i've seen your cards that doesn't matter if they're drawing back either way the moss is dead defeated wow wow did not think you had that i did not from the very moment i did not Think i had that yeah okay so you go ahead and you go up another trophy and i get two coins yep that i'm gonna go level up a little bit two coins you took your coins yeah all right cool i'm still not using my special ability yeah so i should have been dealing one additional damage and drawing one less card Yes i think i still would have won yep maybe i don't know okay i missed that are you not using venomous deal uh i missed this viper school trophy ability which i actually have mine as well by the way speaking of which where is mine you are passing mine over here because i killed the monster as well okay so these actually by the way these handy Dandy slide into over here okay little slot where they slide into okay you ready yeah i suppose i think i'm encountering that monster up there wait wait wait no i have to resolve oh deck building deck building oh and i need to put a new master for you and the level three monster comes out ooh that monster okay the lesson you know i don't mind this one take that one and i'll spend a card to Do so the lesson is going to spawn over here in henchka okay these cards come down and i think you inspired me sir i will fight them you're gonna fight the big one i shouldn't i'm just saying you inspired me you're gonna lose sure i mean that's likely true likely true okay that is a interesting combo i like the premise of this one I'm gonna try for this one okay cool so i'm gonna go ahead and i'm gonna play this okay which is going to plus a coin is going to let me move into this then with the monster okay and then i will attack the monster okay i'm excited for you hand me that down let's make sure i'm doing this right and then the first monster's turn the place calls one Random card from the hand that's a horrible mistake okay uh let's shuffle this up make horrible mistakes there horrible mistakes i've made you said i just need to get rid of five because there's 20 cards in this deck apparently there's 16 actually one more than uh the 21 guys yeah okay ready yep um so i did one extra damage than i needed To 100 your turn charge okay charge player trash is any one card from their hand uh or from the top of their if they don't have anything in their hand from the top of the deck um liking this turn less and less i will go ahead and discard oh i do not like this card this turn i do not like this turn i will not like trash or trash i don't want to trash these cards goodbye No goodbye it's nice knowing you don't want to trust this is it nice knowing you i'm gonna trash this card okay cool ready then at the end of the monster's first try to discard a random card with my hand please tell me a random card discard okay unfortunately cool that's a discard in our trash and then this should be by the way this should be my life pool okay if you weaken the weaver and can i go Finishing no it works full health full health okay i am going to go ahead and draw two cards and then it is your turn i'm doing nothing charge again three damage okay i think one two three probably should be better prepared for these fights cause i'm pretty sure about to get my okay then i'm gonna go ahead and i'm going to Attack you back this time i'm going to play this combo into a yellow combo into a red okay so i'm going to go up two shields which will help you don't forget to draw this card back in my wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait i deal four damage uh these two catches are out so that's gonna be one yeah god but then we're not done yet once during A fight when you make a combo of three or more cards and it performs so much ability to do additional damage that's gonna be from here and here so two more damage and then draw an additional card and then the end of my turn i draw two cards and it's your turn bite four damage four damage i go down by two and i lose two cards how much health you have how much health five That's gonna be tough can i do five i can change that i can chain into that um i can chain this into this into this into this cool let's give me that chain ready so we have draw a car back from my hand discard deal two damage chain into shields go up one two you got it then go ahead and deal two damage and damage and you are dead sir that was pretty close yeah it's close One more solid hit most of the fights come down to one hit back and forth okay i got two goal for defeating the monster and then i got to draw three cards and deck build i'm gonna draw two cards i will set the monster up in a second over there i don't know why i have this one over here i have that there okay and then okay also i did that also i have that Interesting forgot that okay i'm going to go ahead and get a card into my deck i don't mind this blue card it's not the worst i think i'll take that okay we're gonna move these down move these down and move these down and then it is your turn sir all right we'll deal with you set up so i'm gonna go ahead and start processing this oh and i go up here i'll just do Did you weed two cards to read that when you wipe level did i what destroyed two cars not you should be doing that so i'll get rid of that and i'll get rid of that okay playing a mountain to cycle myself up to 16 that's going to trigger this card could you please read me number 52. in a second let's build this new monster no we have on Nine this month is gonna be a nine over here okay 52. i'm getting i'm ready for this video yes this card goes back to the deck we read 52. okay it should be a good price the kuhn's meets with you in his modest chambers he's pale and thin and sweat beats his forehead rebels trying to overthrow the local lures of long cast shadow on the Everyday lives of his people do you a tell him about his son you rescued or be offered to help train his guardsmen peace and order in town are crucial i offer to train as guardsmen you show the soldiers a few tricks and find that as a positive effect on you as well if your shield level is zero is it it is not otherwise raise your alchemy level by one okay please give me a potion indeed sir And that's you okay okay forest two coins to raise my combat then water can i lottery without coins can you what you cannot no you cannot you cannot betting often requires money why weird well because usually when you they find that you don't have money they are unhappy with you i'm okay with that gamble okay so if you want to gamble without money and you Lose yeah then you immediately go down one of the attributes household just made it up okay you're doing it oh okay i'll let you do it i'll let you do it i don't know that i need money that much they'll cheer you down okay i won't do it it works fine when you win because then they'll need to find out yeah it's great when you're Winning okay all right fine i won't you dunzas it's a good rule though get encounters that should be the should be official rule i like it you done cities city encounter you are the guest of alvin a friendly maid you know behind the windows of his tower there's a panoramic view of the town and mountains that surround us the mage hands you a goblet of wine raises a Toast to your friendship then gets down to business i've done nothing to deserve for hate but the damned shield has it in for me i've been staying in the tower for a month now for fear of an ambush in town i know it's a matter of time before she finds me here would you get rid of her before she causes a great evil a evil is evil smaller greater middling you'd rather not choose b take care of the problem in the name Of friendship evil is evil while leaving town you're encountered the woman and elven mentioned the woman oliver mentioned grateful for your impartiality she offers to put you up for the night along with her companions doing phase three draw two additional cards oh i don't mind if i do i need to weed some cards in my deck what do i want what i want okay I want this one paying two for it and i'm gonna check my sequences before i pay those cards so if you want to go ahead and go whenever you'd like your okay i was just winning my two cards from my deck from leveling up a trophy okay great and now i'm gonna go ahead and i get a choice to make so i'm going to first of all have my encounter at my school quest enter your own school The player to right reads 53 here you go sir you keep telling yourself you don't need it but you can't stop yourself from visiting your old mentor at your school's keep you find him and ask about your past talk during training or talk over an evening meal and wine i would never talk to him training talk over an evening meal and wine you wake up with your head on the table And frown at the smell of stale wine in a cup next to your head you're certain that last night saw an important conversation but you remember nothing you stay awhile and rest during phase three draw one additional card i will take it okay that's gonna be quest 53 which we'll put back there 53 okay and then it's time for me to go ahead i can still go to eight I have eight over there quest forced um don't i head to eight eight's down there it's not the worst if i were you i would not go to h so i would like to head down a few locations okay fine don't listen to me i'm not listening to you i never listen to you i'll move down there to there that works a bit ish okay cool let's do it i'm gonna head down over here where i Won't do anything sadly okay then i will follow that up with moving down to here well i'll go to vengeberg vangerberg i'm going to discard a card and draw a card costing one more than it from the market so i'm gonna go ahead and burn this card from the game enter the car costing one which i think i would like another combo Tastic card this is always fun but it's not it's too many card draws that i don't like i will take this card over here um where's this one i like this one it's not multiple shields okay then i'm gonna go ahead and from there i can choose to head down further i think i will head down to over here too in order to get an alchemical potion Because i really could use some more of those for the next combats i have and then finally finally finally finally where are we here we have a forest i think i'm gonna use this along with a coin so i got one change to move down over here where i can upgrade my level on swordmanship and then therefore upgrade the rest of the level which means i draw a card And that means i can now move to a force as well and i think i will go ahead and i will move to over here and i will upgrade my stores um i will upgrade my defense which will upgrade my shield as well and then i'm going to go ahead and draw up here that's my turn okay it's my turn i Believe one of those already was a two yeah i paid one i paid three yep okay i will have an encounter in the city you are hired to kill a wraith hunting an abandoned warehouse haunting him down the warehouse while scouting out the location you discover that you are hunting a wraith but a powerful katakan you hesitate unsure if you are sufficiently prepared to take down a Vampire a attack a vampire a monster is a monster or b return to your employer and let him know that there is no wraith in the warehouse there's no this must off the board um a monster is a monster the fight is hard you lack your lack of preparation means nothing about the fight goes smoothly the monsters fangs and claws leave you with several open wounds but you are victorious in the end Lower your combat level by one and gain two gold i really am not happy with that that outcome that okay was not i mean you won i that one is a relative term yep okay and then i go ahead to deck building so i draw up to three cards yeah okay and then i deck build so don't you draw one extra i draw one extra card thank you sir okay i have that at least that releases That so i'm going to go ahead and take that i will discard this card i will discard this card nope i will discard this card in order to draw this card your turn okay playing one to move all the way around here you fighting are you fighting yes ramping up end game leveling defense up let's fight okay so i shuffle my cards together Right except for my hand yep i keep my hand you keep your hand and then we are fighting against this creature over here the only not so scary one left at the moment yes doing the monster's first turn the player controlling it may inspect the top car the monster deck before they choose their attack i'm looking okay i don't know if i like that two three Four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve you get to hit me first too i get to hit you first i'll be looking at the first card um there are better times to have done this deal three damage either way was three damage not too bad okay i think i'm gonna be okay draw one for my discord pile uh [Music] none of these actually do great but i'll Do this for now pink goes to that goes to this those two cancel out six damage um i'd rather you not if all things are the same one two what if all things are different three four five six that's really just really not helpful i dropped four cards you dropped four cards even if i had two in my hand already yeah i believe so Okay okay i'm going to bite that's gonna be four damage to you no thank you okay lower defense yep and you go ahead and attack all right let's see what sort of sequence i can get into now that plays into there follows with this that ends a sequence okay let's try this this drawing up this one's coming with me plays into this Um that's not healthy plays into this plays into this that's enough damage call me is it not that much you get two gold for defeating the monster and sadly level three monster comes out you just remove three cards from your duck yep i'll hunt through it okay another monster comes out that was not i mean that was not too bad was it that was too too easy we have the striga Oh the striga do you know this trigger you watch the tv show do you remember this trigger yep okay that's gonna be a water so we're going to draw this it's going to oh show up on 12. goldther guard striker seems like it should be terrifying i probably should not attack it right i'm going after the one that's only 17 health that's all i'm saying yeah i hurry up i respect that i don't Know who you're fighting but before the crisis life will they lower the shield by one for each card in their hand that seems annoyingly frustrating so i am not quite as confident about this situation here i have two money i have that i have some things i think i'm going to go ahead and start wandering around the board i'm going to go ahead to over here I'm going oh did you uh uh build a card you jack built i didn't it's a deck build yeah i mean this has been fun and all but give me that big boy cool enjoy thank you that's what you ask for right no no no no no that one okay okay i'm going to go ahead and i'm going to wander over here where i can draw a potion because i think that'll be essential for Combats at this point i'm going to wander that would cost me a force i'm gonna use a mountain to wander into here and i'm going to not gain a coin but i do gain a tracking token a tracking token for i believe i will track this guy over here okay i'm gonna draw a green okay i have to go to seven seven's up there along with the coin if i do so Okay and then from there i think i will wander into here where if i get to upgrade anyone stat i will upgrade my stat over here um and then from there i will wander into a mountain area so i'll wander up here now you're worth how much if i kill you uh two two three um three coins a three coin bounty and i just draw an extra position should We fight do we fight cards against cards cards against cards just deck against that interest yeah if you want to come after me come after me bro come after me i then choose to have an encounter i will have an encounter at where's eight did i miss eight eights up there yeah okay um i'm going to go ahead and encounter in the city again okay The moon is still high in the night sky when you're awakened by the shrill scream you look out the window and see a woman rushing down the street into this disheveled state she snatched up my man that horned she devil help help devil incarnate took my husband reasonable go back to bed and rest before venturing on or investigate the case of the missing husband uh back to bed Peasants tend to see magic witches and devils and cohorts everywhere but it's true that there's at least one horned woman living in the village during phase three draw one additional card see i have a feeling that you might be tempted to have a battle with me and i thought it would be better to be well rested and i hoped that it would let me draw on this Card that's not a time for lower your this and lose to damage or something except for the fact that i'm i'm duck building i'm back i can move up there give me something back build here um what do i have here what do i have here i like that card i think i'll go ahead and discard this card to draw this card okay juicer except for the fact that if I can move up there i'm in a pretty decent position to just go ahead and try to take out the uh creature the creature go first so i'm gonna spend a card you're gonna try end game and a coin i hope you die if i win i win i hope you die if i win i win i hope you die you don't want to fight me i i'm interested what will our viewers say i know i'm interested in it i hope you die but if i win i win Uh i got three cards in my hand shuffling this deck back up please give me another potion okay another potion why are you potion because i moved into a potion region it seems reasonable um okay did i think i pushed my mother there nope i did nothing pushing you know i think i did i think i did take a question okay uh we then move ahead to doing Each turn the monsters only one or two cards in this deck that deals two additional damage that doesn't seem that scary all right you got a deck of 17 nope nope nope nope this is this is where i win this is where you lose which just cements your history of losing no no no no no this is where you lose and this is why i slaughter you next time oh yes still deck against deck i'm still Against that but i like that i like the idea of it i want to see it happen okay one two three four cars out of play and restart oh i didn't announce anything yeah i noticed we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna announce charge that's gonna be three damage to you i can take three damage you will take three damage oh oh i don't like losing crippling Strike okay this drawback a card into my hand luckily i don't have to lose crippling strike nice pink goes down next followed up with crippling strike followed up with that how much damage is that two four six eight eight one two three four five six seven i like to count one two three four five six seven seven plus an additional Draw of four plus my normal draw four one two three four one two my whole hand's in my deck so at least i get the deal i'm straight to your head okay which means i'm doing how much how many how many cars you have in your hand i have six whoa okay well we're gonna go with a bite for four damage now you have two Well let me do the math how much health do you got left one two three four five six seven suddenly things look a little less girl well i was calling cards that's what's happening you lose health when you call cards oh no oh no this is bad i wanna see what you gotta do here buddy can you do seven damage with whatever You have left i don't think so that i'm okay with this you see you do get to see which way's a visual convert because now that i know how weak he is guess who i'm attacking next turn i'm not sure actually i can beat him by the way his card combo is fairly powerful okay yeah i'm out of cards after this yeah it's okay i can do five not enough sir Still figuring out yes i don't see it happening yeah yeah yeah yeah okay here's what we're trying yep this goes down okay allowing me to draw a card from my discard pile yep oh well i needed to play wait what's the math here you need to do seven damage oh by the way you would have taken one additional damage As a result of the attack and the following do you want this damage can i draw one additional car's car but i already couldn't draw everything okay here's my this is going down first dealing three damage you can't combo that then i'm playing a blizzard that allows me to play one additional card this is going down that allows me to draw a card up okay but we said you can't play oh wait one Second blizzard we said that you can't play more cards after that but i can play another potion you can't you can play one potion per round oh is that it yeah i mean you could play multiple persons for combat but one person per round are you dead what's your risk what's your combat it'll be fun you know the good news about whichever push you call back either way you got a trophy Okay you're done you're done creatures defeat how much did you do deal enough to deal to bring it down to one health because if you did then you get at least two coins um so the creature is still there the beast is still there i forgot that i was calling health for my own death that's okay you now get a deck build that's important do you know why because i'm going to slap you I actually think i'm going to lose by the way what it's worth i think he has a better deck than i do but i'm gonna do my best to see what happens none of these stuff is chaining well i'm taking this one okay okay my turn i am going to go ahead and fight you it's that simple i'm just gonna fight you just straight up yep you shuffle together your entire deck and discard Yeah i'm going first okay and i am going to start off with um i think do or maybe i need a potion situation i'm at least glad you're trying this oh i'm definitely going to be embarrassed but i'm at least glad you're trying no no no okay i think i'm going to go ahead and i am just going to slap you for uh the following i'm gonna oh i guess these didn't work um that's interesting okay okay cool i'm Gonna deal three damage to you okay and just draw on this card so i'm doing three damage to you and then drawing two cards your turn okay where's the three damage part just forgetting that part [Music] uh starting with this which is gonna let me pull a card back okay which is fine with me Yep i think yeah it's fine with me okay now yep yep pink into yellow into purple how much damage is that two four six seven seven damage okay i'm gonna lower my shield down to zero and then take four cards into my discount pile one two three four okay oh sorry eight and i draw one less card Eight seems reasonable okay i draw one more card and i'm drawing six cards total into my hand it seems reasonable okay put this in your description okay i have my whole deck again all reasonable i'm not 100 sure we're playing that right i think we're doing it right but we'll find out but like i'm drawing four cards for this i think we're doing it right i'm not 100 i recognize it i recognize it okay so on go ahead i mean it feels it feels Badass so like it does feel cool okay i am going to go ahead and draw that back in my hand i think okay cool i'm going to play this sir okay this goes by this card i'm playing that which is going to fall let me pull a card from my hand if i discard my hand i'm going to play this to my scratch my hand um then i'm going to play this which gives me two shields and a Damage and then i'm going to play this which lets me draw three cards so effectively i'm gonna go ahead and deal uh two three damage to you up two shields and then i draw basically my whole hand into my deck okay how much health do you have left um i well did you take your three damage restaurant well i'm doing the math on my card three four five oh wait wait sorry good point um i deal one more damage to you And one more damage to you you know two more damage too sorry three more damage to you i deal 12 six damage because i have my first three card combo once per fight a three card combo does an extra three damage so i have six damage to you and i have one two three four five six health left is it looking good for me it looks like it's looking good for me based on the face you're making What are you even doing that sounds right you know it doesn't sound about right my voice my voice does not sound about right that's true can you do it can you make me hurt i gotta try yeah how much damage should you do to me i did six what yes you did six to me once one way street Actually i think you did seven to me actually you did eight to me i just had more cards and i had more shields yeah what exactly are you done no i'm gonna start using potions okay go first i don't think i ah why am i losing well because you showed me how weak you are by having a failed fight against that monster You got the first swing that's true yes okay very helpful that's four damage to me should i cry now yeah how much healthy that's your last that's it you're done right yeah so i all i have to do is just hold on to a card you drop your shields though um oh that's a good point so i dropped my shields intriguing so i guess i'll hold on to that so i dropped my shield and then i Lower a few cards so that means i only lose two cards man and then my finishing combo is going to be this this i'm going to don't even know it's relevant because i love myself one two three okay you're done okay i go up one the good news is i'm now weaker i believe you reset to your home base i believe this will stop you from just Attacking me after i'm weaker over here okay and there's a gorilla there and then i go up one tier i get three goals for hitting you and now i what's it called i have to weed three cars from my deck which means i'm suddenly afraid of that monster that i was prepared to fight okay and it's oh i get the deck built down my turn so i will weed three cards give me a second here I'll weed i will weed this one and it's one and two and three i'll read these two and keep this one okay cool i've weeded three cards in my deck which makes me feel very not powerful and then i will shuffle and draw three cards and one two three okay and i get to draw a card from this Situation here i like the idea of chaining into some blue there i think no i already have changed to blue a lot i don't need more of that i need some pink and yellow chaining that seems reasonable i'm gonna go ahead and draw this card for free okay or green chaining i like this one on a green chain okay your turn okay mountain please draw me a potion okay Thank you uh mountain raising my i can't raise my sword level because it's not equal to my level is it usable back to water paying i only have one coin all right okay uh drawing up yep encounter four encounter ah village encounter please you're okay you don't immediately notice the person addressing you in a poorly lit alley the Halfling's head barely reaches above your belt buckle would you like to sample a potion that's all the rage throughout the city he asks offering you a vial filled with clear liquid try the potion or force the halfling to tell you more about the ocean trying it you spit out the mouth of a liquid tasting pop's mold in your tongue why do people poison themselves for a few hours of pleasure Fearing your wrath the halfling offers you room at the end ran by his friend a local dwarf lower your defense by one but doing phase three draw an additional cards okay what am i buying these are the cards what do i desperately need right now um a little bit of revenge i need stuff that sequences um this will sequence this will sequence before i see that What do you want sir give me very little stuff actually sequences into red it's one of the challenging things yeah that's yellow is there a purple card available up there there is no purple card blue otherwise on this blue that yellow that that that that [Music] Play a pink into a yellow yeah give me that pink card this one right here this one okay perfect you done i'm done okay i am going to go ahead and move over here where i can go ahead and remove two cards in the row i'm going to do that a second let's see what i want to do i'm going to discard a card to do that i'm moving that one there That's going to let me get this token over here which means i got a coin and i'm now uh ready to attack that person with tracking so i moved to the village there and then i'm moving two cars to the row what do i want to have access to i think i like a little bit of this over here so i'm gonna discard this and this over here okay and discard those and this throw is gonna come down a bit Okay two new cards come out let's see what we got okay and then i'm going to go ahead and i'm going to move down one by spending a coin with that to move down over here and then i am going to do i dare end my turn by attacking it who do i try do i try and attack now no okay well i will not attack now okay i'm going to end my turn And i'll have an encounter in the city oh wait no when i moved in there i get to level up i will level up my my alchemy so i'm going to pay three coins i'm gonna level up my alchemy which means i got another potion and i could now play a fourth post in this fight and i'm gonna have a city encounter the woman on the bed is waiting in pain is wailing in pain Fresh burns on her face look terrible and it's unlikely she'll ever regain her sight her son informs you that the woman isn't from around here he took her in after she fell victim to a band of youngsters who came up with a way to kill boredom they would sneak into the den of an old manticore and collect her venom then they would pour the corrosive liquid onto pedestrians The woman's story was simply unlucky soothe the woman's pain or find out where the woman is from soothe the woman's pain the ointments and dressings you prepare bring relief from pain the woman falls asleep and her son is grateful discard two potions gain three gold and gain any one trail that doesn't help me at all i don't want that i need my potions you soothe your pain i need my potions Very nice of you no you sir are a gentleman i need my potions well she also needed them because someone had poured manticore venom on her face i need my potions that is not cool okay i'm gonna keep no i'm gonna give her that one okay and it was again any one trail well i i guess i'll take the trail for this one just in case i end up going down that route okay so i'm taking that one Okay your turn sir you have to deck build oh deck build no i didn't i did i did out of order i did out of water okay yeah i'm fighting oh no i didn't i didn't build i'm gonna talk about i did not build i did not i saw oh i got rid of cars in the cargo that's why i feel like that build okay i think i'm going to go ahead and That would be that one is the way to go absolutely okay and oh i have to draw my up up okay draw a draw upper card first then a deck build so i have that into that into that that can go into nope that can go into nope nope nope nope that can go into that that can go i'm gonna stick my original plan and stick with this okay cool Done okay these come down and it's your turn sir okay fighting the uh the ape you're going for it you're going for it you know you have to because i'm gonna i'm gonna trigger you oh my gosh this is it this comes down to the wire i should have found him last turn okay fighting the if let's find what the ape does before the player creates the light pull They lower each shield level by one for each card in the hand or your shoulder right down to zero yep that's meaningless that doesn't help at all well 18 cars that helps you haven't built your deck up enough you're just doing this out of desperation i don't think so i think so you're scared you know i'm gonna defeat the the the less ash i mean i yeah sure I don't know okay one two three cards gone and i fight first ready ready ready ready bite wrong choice two damage from your deck did you build your build your deck and discard okay all right okay so that into that no where's my order here's the order i have how many cards you haven't had uh one two Three four five six seven you explain explain to me how that happens uh well i had someone i ended and then i drew cards up where where then i bought cards why'd you drop to four cards you shouldn't have there's no way you should have more than four cards in hand well no i bought cards so and then i had extra cards so i don't know you don't draw you don't I think they're going to draw up to three and then you can deck build you could have maximum four cards right now there is no way you have that many cards well i'm not sure how it happened well it doesn't happen anyway so you need to get down to four cards there is no way i had i had i did have a quest didn't i have a quest that resolved with something extra um drawing three extra cards no yeah i Assume not i had something that had extra cards in my hand already like i ended i ended i ended the round with a certain amount of cards i don't know yeah four cards five you can do five if you think you got an extra draw i don't remember what's happening okay with these i hope these work together White purple no you yellow hmm okay let's see here that that that oh both of those are yellow but i get to draw one up either way draw you okay four damage okay plus a shield for me yep this thing here now i can draw four cards well you're at this level Four cards and discard one you see four cards yep and you get the scarred one your card's all mixed up okay okay discard that one uh then once for a fight when your opponent discards one or more cards a result of your attack do the following deal one additional damage draw one less card at the end of the turn okay so now i'm drawing four well one last card now i'm drawing three Yeah i think that's what i did okay i like ended with three cards or something and i was i drew on my combat instead of drawing on my hand sizes right because my hand size is what your hand size is for yep okay either way that's probably ready to be smacked three up okay we're gonna go ahead and smack you now you ready for this no i'm gonna go ahead and charge that's gonna be two damage Not as satisfying as i want oh okay oh yeah go ahead okay purple into yellow into purple into green into red no it's a decent hand size a little intuitive pink into purple into green pink into yellow into purple into green that's the uh that's the sequence how many How many how many things you do in that sequence because that's what's going to determine this yep yep yep pink into yellow into purple into green those damage one two three one two three four five six seven seven and two shields i'm down to three health so okay this could be close uh hold on there my friend i'll do the blizzard Another one damage okay so you are having how many cars left do you have i'm drawing my whole hand that's just how many three three so this this is it but i've got three armor oh no there's nothing that i know the deal is six damage i'm going to go ahead and bite because at least that does five damage four damage one two three and then get rid of Another card and i imagine you can do one damage i imagine you can that lets me draw up which of course i can draw and play boom that's the game that's the game i didn't even cheat by having too many cards wow i reset to four that's this hardship i would have totally killed that guy i should have gone for the last round it is that close cool so this Is the witcher the witcher uh you know old world i think we think we got a few things oh we definitely missed a few things that's again there there's a stuff that this is like you know this is a prototype we just got and i don't have a whole set of rules three player yeah well a little bit slower yeah i do find even more interesting than two player yes dubai is fun I like seeing everything sort of creating developing a little bit more cycle in that top deck more interesting more creatures being killed out here on the map so there's more uh this is so cool it's cool yeah yeah uh this is it basically make sure to go head on over to i'm a mess right now it's late at night make sure to head on over to my channel And board game code and for any of the full review for the two of us and talking about the things we like

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