THE PODFATHER | True Geordie Podcast #52

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True Geordie

'The Podfather' aka True Geordie & his 'Consigliere' Laurence are back in Episode 52 of the True Geordie Podcast to talk about many topics. Having sex with pregnant women. Rob Kardashian 'the king of the cucks' and Blac Chyna, his slutty ex girlfriend. Wearing condoms during sex and how crap it can be. Fame and the fact you don't need talent to have it anymore. Love Island and the failed models that populate that and other crappy MTV shows. Geordie taking on the subscribers wives (if requested). Instagram girls. Men who have explosive relationships with their girlfriends. Middle class people making working class content (SoccerAM). Jay Z's new album and how it lacks heart. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE for FREE on iTunes HERE - Got a problem you need Geordie's help on? email follow Laurence on twitter @lozcast TRUE GEORDIE INFO! THE TRUE GEORDIE: THE TRUE GEORDIE 2: WEBSITE: TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: TrueGeordieNUFC INSTAGRAM: TrueGeordieNUFC FACEBOOK:

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