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What do you know about the center place, the city of Zion, the land of promise, the city of holiness, the New Jerusalem? This week in Come, Follow Me we will be studying section 63 of the Doctrine and Covenants. In a time of so much unrest, uncertainty, apostasy and questioning, this section focused on the promise of what would come, the end goal. The resting place. Here is what you have to look forward to this week: The Center Place of Zion When the Son of Man Comes Again This is a day of warning We love studying with you, David and Emily Sign up for the Don’t Miss This newsletter at #dontmissthis #doctrineandcovenants #comefollowme NEWSLETTER LINK: The Don’t Miss This Video, Conversation Cards, and tips for kids, teens, couples and individuals can all be found in this week’s newsletter. Sign up link in bio if you haven’t had a chance yet!! Instagram: @dontmissthisstudy Podcast: Don’t Miss This Study Follow Emily Instagram @emilybellefreeman Facebook: Follow David Instagram: @mrdavebutler Facebook: Don’t Miss This Study Guide Journal Don’t Miss This Devotional Book: Doctrine and Covenants Other Don’t Miss This products can be found here: Don’t Miss This Study Helps Come, Follow Me is a resource offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is designed to be used in the home to support personal and family scripture study to build faith in Heavenly Father and His plan of salvation and in the Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Come, Follow Me is self-contained and adequate, when used properly. Products and materials designed to supplement this resource, though they may be helpful in some instances, are not necessary for a successful home study program.

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Hi everyone i'm david butler i'm emily freeman welcome to don't miss this another one of our field trips dmtft i'm gonna get so good at that uh listen we're starting section 63 today and we're gonna finish back in kirtland where it was given but we wanted to start in section 57 because this is kind of where we've been the last several Revelations and what we've been talking about and we wanted to make sure that you got a good look at it and we could introduce just kind of everything that happened here so let's catch you up section 52 remember the lord says i want you to hold a conference in missouri and when you get to missouri i'm going to tell you where the city of new jerusalem where this zion city Is going to be built so they follow that commandment and they come out here remember all the missionaries were headed out here joseph and sydney and martin harris and oliver cowdery they all came out here and when they met out here uh section 57 is the first revelation given in zion that's what they call section 57. um and so if you would go there that is where we want to look and see like what did they Receive here actually in this actual spot where we are and we love we wanted to bring you here because we want you to see independence remember how we talked about how the church is being run in two different places at this time kirtland and then there were people coming to missouri and we kind of want you to have a picture in your mind of what missouri would Actually be like what are we talking about what's the ground we're talking about here as we go back into 63 which we'll talk about that assembling of the saints so in 57 verses 1-3 it is a revelation that was given here that talks about this land that was appointed and consecrated for the gathering of the saints and in verse 3 it tells us the place which is now called independence Is the center place and a spot for the temple is lying westward upon a lot which is not far from the courthouse wherefore it is wisdom that the land should be purchased by the saints and also every tract lying westward even to the line running directly between jew and gentile so they're going to start purchasing the lambs we are standing right in the place where he talked about the where the Temple would be on the temple lot which is right here and in a well let's just talk about so if you were to come right from here the very first thing they did was to lay out where the first temple would be built that would be built here and if you look you'll be able to see that it goes straight out from us here and then Back from us here and then over to here and we'll be able to show you on the drone a little bit better what that looks like we're going to stick some people right there so you can kind of imagine in your mind what that temple would look like but it's interesting because on the original plot joseph drew there's actually 24 buildings that are set apart As houses of god that will be in this center place right here and we'll talk in a minute about what those buildings um what joseph had envisioned for those buildings but let's just first talk about the properties right here and what's happening on the properties right now yeah you know when they come here they are just being introduced for their first time this whole Zion concept i mean they came because they saw that word in the book of mormon they saw some of the prophecies in the book of ether and everybody is so interested in it in fact if you look in the heading of the section they're asking these questions when when is the wilderness supposed to blossom as a rose and when is zion going to be built up for her glory and where is the temple going to be That all nations are supposed to come unto in the last days these are the questions that like has the lord go out to this place and they get here and when they come their descriptions are so funny because they get here and they're like well joseph's like they're about a hundred years behind their time here uh missouri was the place that if you were an outlaw or a criminal you came to Missouri because you were right on the edge of the border of the united states and you could flee the the sheriffs and stuff by just jumping over the border let's just stop for a minute and think about this back in new testament times um because in new testament times where was it that the lord wanted to be and it was where the outcasts were it was on the places that were on the border you think about That our favorite wedding supper where he's like go out to the hedges and go out to the people in the margins and bring them in and do you a little bit love the symbolism of where am i going to build zion it's it's going to be right there on that border where you would you know want to welcome in everybody which the welcoming end didn't go as well but i just love The symbolism of that yeah that's actually a super rad thought so it began there back then and as you know those of you who know a little bit of church history it's not going to end super well in this place and we'll talk more about that in in a later section but currently as as it stands it is sort of just this waiting place a land of Promise still right in verse two that's one of the names of it this is a land of promise and and we're just kind of waiting for some of those promises uh to come to pass right yeah and we and you a little bit hinted toward this but it's so fun to think that what started on that day it was august um third yeah in august of 1833 is when they came and started looking For where this place was going to be and on that day yeah august 3rd oh 1831 yeah there were eight elders who are here and it's fun to just talk about who came for that joseph smith oliver cowdery sydney rigdon peter whitmer jr frederick williams william w phelps martin harris and joseph koh and sidney rigdon is the one who Dedicated this ground for that first temple for the city of zion yeah the city of zion and then this is going to be where the first temple it would have come from and they used a log who thinks that's so awesome that they just laid logs first for their like dedication like you compare that to a temple dedication today where you have like everyone's all proper and they've got the little tents and like You know they lay the you know it's just like this like oh you know and then and then you have this like group of guys and they lay alongs they just wanted to be ravions they just got over here and they're like this is what's gonna happen here i love it it's so fun the lord tells them to buy up all this property but then with everything that happens with all the mobs do you call it mobbery With all of the mobocracy everything that was happening um then we left here and in that process three different churches bought the land so let's talk for a minute about those three different churches we're standing on the church of christ property which is just this beautiful white church so simple i love um coming and visiting here and and looking at this property here And then um directly diagonal from us you would have what the lds church owns and that goes all the way up to the mission office is what you would see at the far end of that property and then the community of christ owns these two properties this would be their main headquarters here and um behind us is their auditorium yeah their auditorium Where they meet um so that's what these properties look like now and there's a lot of prophetic revelation of what is going to eventually happen here everywhere in the old testament in the book of mormon in the new testament in the doctrine and covenants you can see the new jerusalem talked about in all of scripture and modern day prophets also share a lot about what is going to happen here Is there one favorite that you have of those revelations i love the one that talks about um i wish i would have looked this up before but um the word of the lord will come from both jerusalem and the new jerusalem that that's how the church will be run when it comes to the second coming when when that part of mortality is happening and this place is a central part of everything that will be happening there We love the names of this place that you might find through all of scripture and we've pulled just a few of those out yeah listen to some of these places the center place the city of zion a land of promise a new jerusalem the land of inheritance mount zion new jerusalem and city of holiness and i'm sure there are some that we miss there and you remember back in section 58 and 59 we talked about what a zion people Looks like that it was a zion people that had to be readied before a zion place and we're going to keep that coming up again but you know when you're asking what one of my favorite things is i just love the name jerusalem that it comes from shalom which means a wholeness which means a peace you know and and a unity and that description uh from the book of moses seven of what zion Actually is like i think that is it's beautiful and and this there is that spirit of that here it's interesting to me we were talking as we were getting out of the car that like over back behind there is a um a little plaque for the start of the united nations which has this mission of you know uniting all the nations and the temple that is over to our right every day They gather for a prayer of peace uh for the people of of the world and it's just powerful that nothing physically is happening here as far as building but the spirit of holiness and unity um is still like permeating yeah it's still here yeah waiting for the promises um that same thing when we got out of the car because you look around and and there's nothing that is like Um i don't know that just would thrill you maybe as you walk in here except for this feeling of anticipation yeah and i always think to myself when i get here it's not so much what is here as much as it is what will be yeah here and and it's just that um what could come thinking about the potential of this place and what will come here is what fascinates me We're going to move into 63 in just a few minutes and as we go there we're going to talk about this assembling of the saints and and joseph is going to go back and talk about this zion all these questions he's going to answer the win and the where and talk about what that's going to look like and and talk about the how how he's going to the lord is going to raise up a zion people but One thing for me that every time i walk into this location the thought that is always on my mind is jesus christ and um the belief that we have that he will come again we had the opportunity in kirtland to sit down with a man by the name of carl anderson and spend some time talking with him and one of the questions we asked him was if you could tell us anything about kirtland he's um i should say this he is Mr kirk yeah he is the expert of church history in kirtland he just has a wealth of information and we said to him if you were going to tell us one place we want to make sure we visit or one thing we make sure we don't miss while we're in kirtland what would it be like what of all the knowledge that you have what is the one thing you want to make sure we don't miss Here and i'll never forget what he said in that moment and it was jesus just make sure you do not miss jesus when you were in kirtland that there were more words spoken by the lord in kirtland than any other place in the world and i love when he said to us they were words of comfort and words of promise and words that the people could hold on to in a Time of great tribulation and poverty he talked to us about how many times jesus christ appeared in kirtland over and over and over again he wanted to make sure we understood how much a part jesus christ played in that city in kirtland and as we go back there and walk through there you'll hear us talking about him but as we stepped on to this Property today i had that same thought what's the one thing you don't want to miss here and for me every time i come it's the promise that jesus christ is going to come again that our belief in the second coming is real and as we talk about preparing a zion and building up a new jerusalem and the part each of us has to play it's it's that that should be foremost In our minds is is the fact that jesus christ will one day be here with all of us yeah and you look at an empty field and it just reminds you of a promise yet to be fulfilled right that he's like i haven't given up remember he said that too he's like it's just all those words are testimonies like he had their backs he was with them through All and he still isn't done with his work that's what this empty field says he's still not done uh he's still involved and there's still more yet oh and good things good things that's good things to look forward to yeah um we will be back here at the very very end of the video after the kirtland part to just to celebrate that idea okay now here we are uh back in kirtland and we're at the isaac morley farm this Place we've talked about a couple of times already but we really wanted you to have a chance to come here and here there is going to be one of several important revelations about the land of zion in independence that's why we started there but we wanted to bring you to the place where that happened and let's just remind you about this ground here because if you ever come to the Kirtland area for sure you want to visit this place it's where joseph and emma come they kind of have their first house here isaac morley lets all the saints come and they live on this land on his farm and he builds a little house for them this is that spot where remember her her twins will die she rides into kirtland pregnant and Here and it's actually isaac morally's daughters who come into the house and they take care of her and they take care of the house while she's kind of you know recovering from all of that and also not too long ago remember we talked about that first conference that happens here with the restoration of the high priesthood and all of the miracles and um just spiritual manifestations that Happen that all is like this place and they only live here for six months so it all takes place between march and september of that year all of those things so a lot going on in this little part of kirtland yeah do the new babies come to the two new twins yeah so you remember julia murdoch john and julia murdoch she dies in childbirth and john brings the two Twins um to emma and and those are two that she will then have as as her own and start to raise those babies we'll talk more about those twins a little bit later in a later section and everything but just really really neat significant things i mean we talked about consecration we're gonna keep talking about it But isaac morley is a man who just is the living breathing definition of that word right as he embraces the gospel he says oh i have a farm let everybody come and live here and funny enough he's one of the missionaries that goes out to missouri remember we talked about those who are planted in their places he's one that goes and while he's on his way to his mission The lord asks him to sell the farm and use the money to help fund the building of zion and he's like okay so it's just like he's just that that guy we do want to tell you one cool story about this place because this section deals a lot with this the grand scope of the work of the kingdom um you may have heard this story before but right before zion's camp which we haven't talked About yet but we will friends don't you worry um when they're about to leave on that they gather in that little school house that's here the same one that they held the conference uh that that we just talked about that i just reminded you about um they gather in there and wilford woodruff is the one who gives us uh this experience he said it's the first time i ever met brigham young first time i ever saw oliver cowdery and He said all the priesthood in this area gathered and they fit into that little 14 by 14 school house we wish they still have this schoolhouse you just have to imagine it right i'm gonna build it okay why should we not um and joseph asks everybody there will you please go around and share your your your vision of the work and your Testimony and they all do and when he's done this is what wilford says he joseph stands up he says brethren i've been very edified and instructed in your testimonies here tonight but i have to say to you before the lord you no more comprehend the destinies of this church and kingdom than a babe upon its mother's lap you don't comprehend it wilford said i was rather surprised And then he said it's only a handful of priesthood you see here tonight but this church will fill north and south america it will fill the world and in 2020 that's an easy prophecy to believe but in 1836 in backwoods kirtland in this tiny schoolhouse that's magnificent to think of joseph just giving him a taste of almost like i want to expand your vision i want you to see that this is Much bigger than you ever even dreamed that it was he was doing that in independence in zion when they were laying those foundation stones um and and he's trying to do it here so we love one of the things i love about teaching this section in this place is exactly who the morleys were that i imagine both he and his wife were the welcoming in they were gatherers they were everybody Come and do what you need to do here and the church needed people like that at the beginning it needed people who were that welcoming in um and the church needs that still today that same gathering in mentality and the common stay that we learned about in conference and just that that hospitality of bringing people in We were just in independence and we talked about that being the gathering place the center place the place that everybody would come to and sometimes we talk about that gathering as a place as a literal place in independence missouri but sometimes we talk about zion as a people and that we should be that kind of people the gathering in kind of people and you love that in 63 He's going to say just as they get back from independence and and he said this is where zion is this is where you're going to gather and then he comes back and do you want to talk a little bit about what was happening in kirtland because it's interesting joseph's going to come back and he's got this vision of zion and this gathering that's going to take place and then he walks into Yeah and i and i think just very much what you're saying it's just like man we've got zion the place but he comes back here to kirtland he's like we do not have zion the people yet and zion the people have to precede zion the place and while he's been gone in missouri which was not very long this place just became a hotbed a mess of uh just apostasy adultery like it just was like and he Gets back and he's just like what happened oh man and the heading is actually really neat because it says this in in the heading of this section which is part of the history says in these infant days of the church and so we ought to say like everybody ought to be really gracious and merciful towards other people at all times but particularly as we look back in History at these people and consider the infant days of of the church there was a great anxiety to obtain the word of the lord on every subject in any way concerning our salvation and also the building up of zion and so everyone is wondering right now when he comes back there's like well when are we moving there and do we sell our farms again yeah and what happens there and what's the Purpose where's the money coming from and yeah and then so many questions you know and then what about us personally and you can't help but think about like these like zion and all this kind of stuff you start thinking about introspection your own personal salvation so this section just comes at the heart of all of it all those questions are being asked um and it's interesting because The lord's gonna start out right in 63 and give you the why this is why you're going to gather this is why there's going to be a center place this is um the purpose and he says this hearken o ye people this is in verse 1 of 63 and open your hearts and give air from afar and listen you that call you yourselves the people of the lord i love that part that he's like you just Get that hint of moses coming down from the mount and the golden calf that's waiting there i love that and listen you that call yourselves the people of the lord and hear the word of the lord and his will concerning you yeah because if you're going to be his people then let's start acting like his people yeah this is sort of the yeah but that's going to be this part of this gathering and this gathering in and This preparing to go to zion and what we're going to get for 19 verses here is a voice of warning is what he tells us for what's about to come it's almost as if he's saying don't be thinking about where you are now and don't be thinking about where you've come from and the persecution and the hardship what i want to open your eyes to Is what's about to come and you need to understand why you would need a zion and you'll understand it better if you understand what's about to come so yeah and almost like let's stop thinking so much about land that's going to be practical and he's going to talk about it in the section but there's something bigger and deeper going on here that you need to see So on the study guide you'll see you have on that left side him talking about what he's going to call a day of wrath and what that what could result if if we keep following this path that we're on right now this is what it's going to end up at sin always leads to this and it does happen that as when we can look back over history and And see we see this actually really did play out but he was trying to protect his people from what was about to come it's fun to just pull out some of the words yeah and then you go find some other stuff in there but here's some yeah it's in verse six right yeah this is verse six so i'm gonna skip down there and then we'll go back up to the top where he says barely barely i say let the wicked take Heed and let the rebellious fear and tremble and let the unbelieving hold their lips for the day of wrath shall come upon them as a whirlwind and all flesh shall know that i am god so that's what he's telling you is a day of wrath is coming and he talks about let's just pull some of the words the wicked the rebellious um uh what other things do we see yeah well he brings up that adultery Verse 17 he talks about like just unbelieving hearts lying hearts versus warmongering hearts like you're just um in 15 he tells them repent speedily lest judgment will come upon you as a snare um i think it's interesting when we read that verse about like the one that you just read where it just says i want where was that oh let the rebellious fear and uh tremble um i don't ever think that there's a Place in scripture where god wants us to be afraid of him but he does say you should fear sin and you should fear the consequences of sin and and so just however scripture is nuanced i i think that's an important truth he is the protection from ourselves and he's the protection from outside enemies also and so as he gets in here he really is stern And right to the point on things because he's like you will uh like implode you'll self-destruct if you keep following this point this path let's go to 32-35-2 because i think that's important is that where we went yeah yeah we have it on here yeah so there's a couple things there where he just talks about he's because of the wicked he's going to hold his spirit from the earth in 32 In 33 he has decreed wars upon the face of the earth and the wicked shall slay the wicked so again that same thing and remember this is long before any of the great wars um we see in our generation this before the civil civil war and world war one and world war ii but i love that the lord is saying this is what i see coming and this is the reason for the gathering Both the gathering place but also for becoming a gathering people because that's where you're gonna find your strength right now um and not just then but even now and you love that in these verses he's also giving um the the how like how do you become a gathering people what does that look like he doesn't just tell them gather and leave them hanging there but he's like let me Show you actually how you're gonna find this protection that can only come within the gathering and we love these verses you're gonna find them in 23 through 31 and then 36 through 48 and we've split this up a little bit because this section is organized kind of where it's like this is why now here's some instruction and he goes back to let me remind you this is why and here's some instructions so yeah It kind of happens um both in there but this one starts in where are we saying 23. yeah but look at like things like this he's like i've given commandments in revelations and i'll give more mysteries uh of my kingdom and i love the end of that verse and the same shall be in him a well of living water springing up to eternal life That's so beautiful he's like the world is parched and in a famine for spirituality but you can become and have a well of water in you let's just i love that imagery and i love in 24 when he says they should assemble themselves together unto the land of zion not in haste lest there be confusion which bringeth pestilence um but so he's saying to them this is The plan the plan is you come you assemble yourselves you find strength here with everybody and and come as you can and you love the hint in there of come as you are that there's a place for you we've saved a seat for you you belong here that should be the language of the saints of the church and it's and he goes through and he just Keeps saying that that verse 25 estonia remember the lord keeps reminding everybody zion is in my hands like don't worry so much about it but just keep doing what you can slowly surely patiently he tells them don't fight with people don't like it will all work out so just as you can do and again it's so rad that that revelation comes On a patch of land that's already been sold for these purposes like it's neat that like that revelation would come to a place where a man has already said well i have this to offer and and kind of puts it on you know the altar of the cause and it's and then it's almost as if he's saying now what do each of you have to offer to the cause you love in 36 Where he says again assembled there is just something about that assembling and then i love when he says this in 37 you need to take righteousness and faithfulness you need to become that but that's not enough it's not enough to just protect yourself and your home i love when he says to them then lift a warning voice to the inhabitants of the earth like you should warn as many people as you can That this is what's coming that this day of wrath is coming and you should bring as many as you can with you so he ends kind of the section well it's just really hinted throughout the entire thing that yes there's gonna there are these little like conflicts that we're having here and there and there will be large world conflicts he says but underneath All of that there is the great conflict uh between good and evil that's been going on and all of this is just a manifestation of it and a promise that um of one day the son of man will return again and all of this is is going to end and at the very end of the section he talks about that in 53 and as you're going there let me i just want to grab this one other verse I love to that we're standing here on a farm where the morley's had so much to give so much they gave the whole farm and there might have been other people who were in that schoolhouse and in that congregation that that didn't have this much to give but still wanted to be a part of the work and i love in verse 40 when he says it mattereth not unto me whether it be little Or much that you give what matters is just simply the fact that you give and i love that lesson here because as we're preparing for the second coming and that's where we're going to go right now and he's going to ask us bring your righteousness bring your faithfulness and give what you can and as we bring those things that's how we're going to gather People in and it's also going to be when we have that mentality with ourselves that the lord is saying i'll take whatever you have to offer it can be little or much that's what we should be saying of every person who walks into our church buildings will take whatever you can give whether it be little or much the point is that you're here And there's protection here for you for what's about to come and and we love also that this is not 63 is not just for the saints here this was not a problem for their time these wars and this voice of warning was not just for that little group of people that were here because we get to the end and he's going to talk about the last times and the last days and preparing for the son of god To come it's a call to all of us 63 is it's a it's a preparing and a gathering and a voice of warning and then assemble yourselves together that's for everybody even now right 54 just hints at like all second coming stuff the the 10 virgins and let's just remember from new testament year that those who have filled their oil and we saw this in section 45 it's those who've taken the spirit to be Their guide particularly in the man matters of taking care of other people so it just is like keeps bringing back to that and it just ends with this line verse 58 for this is a day of warning and not a day of many words he was just like just here is the warning here's here's the potential here is the warning and then he just ends it with okay so now you choose Which side you're going to be on um and we love in 64 and this is a great place for us to and i love when he's telling to them this is what the most important thing you can do is take my name he tells them and just beware when you take my name how you're doing it like what are your intentions and and is it genuine you know are you going to be intentional about that and i love in 64 when he says Remember that that which cometh from above is sacred and must be spoken with care and with constraint of the spirit and i just love as we think about the lord and the lord's people and as we gather those people into this place and as we prepare for the second coming and and the day of wrath that's going to come that Those are all sacred things to the lord each of us are and he is and how we speak about that and the gathering and the people who come in those are sacred things and and we need to just do that with care that's how we protect that's how we protect the church that's how we protect the people and that's i think how we become ready for the second coming is just exactly what you Were saying by um by our love love god and love people the end okay we're gonna go back to independence and let uh jason dear from nashville tribute band uh sing this song as we like anticipate the coming of the son of man particularly in in those places where there's where so much to look forward to and and prophecy so we're going to end on that song as we Consider uh w where where am i going to what am i going to give and where am i going to you know stand during this time of preparation for that so good see you next week [Music] i'm far from the man that i want to be but i'm trying and finding my way one step at a time [Music] When i close my eyes i ask myself am i ready to stand in the light of his glory that day with nothing to stand in my way when the trumpets will sign as heaven comes down with angels surrounding him shouting his praises out loud [Music] comes again [Music] I hope that i'll know when i hear the sky open wide and i'm feeling my soul [Music] drawn to the east and if i can't speak standing in all frozen in time as he who was crucified and rose from the grave or wakes the world to a new day and the trumpet will sound as heaven comes down With angels surrounding him shouting his praises out loud [Music] with all that was wrong we'll be right in him when the son of man comes again [Music] every niche about every tongue confess when jesus welcomes each heart to come and find and rest [Music] and the trumpets will sound as heaven comes down with angels surrounding him shouting his praises and loud oh and all that was wrong will be right in him when the son of man comes again [Music] you

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138.9k - 3 months ago - 1 hour, 5:29

Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants 135 (Nov.22-28) Don't Miss This (136 Martin's Cove next week)

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102.4k - 2 months ago - 46:6

Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants 124 (Oct. 25-31) Don't Miss This

Don't Miss This

111.5k - 3 months ago - 44:22

Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants 125-128 (Nov. 1-7) Don't Miss This

Don't Miss This

140.3k - 3 months ago - 1 hour, 6:1

Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants 133-134 (Nov. 15-21) Don't Miss This

Don't Miss This

134.1k - 2 months ago - 46:30

Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants 121-123 (Oct. 18-24) Don't Miss This

Don't Miss This

107.8k - 3 months ago - 45:53

Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants 109-110 (Sept. 27-Oct. 3) Don't Miss This

Don't Miss This

95.4k - 4 months ago - 42:17

Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants 111-114 (Oct. 4-10) Don't Miss This

Don't Miss This

98.5k - 4 months ago - 40:38

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