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Well did you read the fouchy emails yes the freedom of information emails that's really crazy because well he first of all he's admitting in these emails that masks don't work he's wesley yes yeah he talks about it talked about it openly oh wait i didn't know that part i know i only here's i thought you were going to talk About the uh that too but here's the thing but part of the email was look part of the masked conversation with fauci has always been that at the beginning of the pandemic he said masks didn't work but then he said the reason he said that is because there wasn't enough mass for first responders and hospital staff and he didn't he wanted to make sure that the supply wasn't damaged so he said that he Didn't tell the truth right okay but in these emails he's also this is private emails he's saying masks don't work for real yes he's saying that they're not effective for what you outside of a hospital setting these masks like for personal use the kind of cloth masks and paper masks that everybody's wearing they're not effective they're not they can't exactly what did he say let's Let's pull it up exactly what he said but that's not even the big part the big part is he's talking about gain of function research in the wuhan lab and he's concerned about it and thinking whether or not they had paused that and whether they're still doing that and he's trying to connect the gain of function research in the wuhan lab with this covet breakout and whether or not that's where it came from Right and why is that a big deal because that's they funded it the nih funded these people who funded the gain of function research in the wuhan lab which means they're responsible for funding the very research that led to this outbreak if that's where it came from right so all this time when he's been saying it came from nature there's no way it came from a lab well you know That's shifted right now everybody's saying from a lab right right right but they're not confirmed right but the evidence is pointing yeah as it's most likely that it came from a lap this whole time fauci has been saying it didn't but you see in his emails that he was concerned well concerned but isn't that but isn't that like just trying to Figure out what the information is not really because he doesn't definitively know either right there's a lot of indications according to the email he's talking to another scientist right and the scientist points out the variables or the the the um the components of the virus that seem to indicate that it possibly came from a lab But publicly he's been out now dismissing that because yeah he's connected to the very research they were doing there uh-huh it's really complicated [ __ ] it's confusing because rand paul's been grilling them have you seen those things hey girls typical mask you by the drugstore is not really effective in keeping out the virus which is small enough to pass through The material it might however provide some slight benefit in keeping out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you i do not recommend that you wear a mask particularly since you're going to a very low risk location see this is just him saying that these drugstore masks are not really effective but this is this is in an email after he has said Publicly that you didn't have to wear masks because they didn't really help and then he's saying this and after that he said well he wasn't telling the truth there because he didn't want people to buy all the masks but then he's saying this after that right in an email that they don't really work but yet he's wearing them but that's kind of like that's there is shades in That there's like the gross droplets gross droplets and if you're in a low risk location like what's his motivation to like why would he profess masks if he thought well because the narrative is everybody needs to mask up but why like well because it makes people feel safer a it helps people get back to work b and it Obviously is providing some benefit something listen this is my take on it something's happening because the flu cases are down so low oh yeah so is that because of people wearing masks is that because of social distancing because everybody's kind of freaked out and stayed away from each other for so long washing their hands everywhere they go getting having having Purely everything i don't think that every spot i don't think that's it because it's a you're talking about something that's airborne well for that but for you to get a cold you know your hands and your [ __ ] all those things all those things yeah maybe but there's something something there's very well likely something to masks that maybe we weren't Aware of so even what he's saying there that it might just keep out gross droplets yeah but isn't it all about like viral load because like that's the thing they say about a hospital workers like hospital workers when they're they're exposed to so much right that's when they go somewhere and they really get sick yeah maybe that's what these masks are good for What is this yeah get that there you go um which are the protective measures anyone should take against the new virus do mass work he said the vast majority of people outside china do not need to wear a mask red the fouchy approved response a mask is more appropriate for someone who's infected than for people trying to protect against infection right well i mean what's but like what's My whole thing with all of this is it's been very confusing we're all every governor's making decisions everybody's around the world is trying to figure [ __ ] out and calling a lockdown and calling not a lockdown everyone's like unlimited information trying to make the best decisions that they can like i don't think that as a governor of a state you're making a decision to screw up the economy on Purpose i don't think that i don't think that fauci is talking about mass to like harm people you know what i mean like i just feel like i feel like they're just have limited information and are trying to muddle their way through the best that they can like what that's not the real problem is the mass thing it's a small problem the real problem is this gain of function Research [ __ ] this is the the very research that they were doing where they were just what they were juicing up these viruses to make them more infectious and they were practicing like trying to use i think they use human lung tissue and try to get the virus to be more the idea is i mean i'm going to butcher this for sure but i think the idea is when they're doing this research they want to find out what makes these Viruses more infectious and they were doing it on the original sars as well yeah which has like a 10 fatality rate wow it's very scary wow this stuff is less than one percent yeah that stuff is way worse yeah and by doing this gain of function research they run the risk of people getting sick we just found out a couple of weeks ago that in november of 2019 three workers from the lab in wuhan Got sent home and sent to the hospital rather really ill with coronavirus-like symptoms and this was before they had covid19 tests right uh-huh so these people got sent home i believe one of the guys wives died from kovid and they think this was the initial infection so these people in the lab got sick so all this time while they Were trying to dismiss this lab outbreak that had been hidden from us that these three people in the lab got sick the fact that fauci had something to do with that gain of function research and funding that gain of function research that had kind of been hidden from well that makes it josh rogan exposed that but that makes it seem like fauci's like putting on scrubs and walking down the Halls of that place you know what i mean like is fauci really like in there like you know what i mean like are you defending voucher yeah like i don't know i think that he's been put up as a someone we can take our fears and anger and throw it at but is he like he may be part of like you know these things are huge like there's a big board of people That decide what they're going to research and you got to read these emails you got to read these emails and now read so do you think that he's evil do you think no i'm not saying that so what do you what do you say i think someone [ __ ] up i think they're trying to cover up the fact they [ __ ] up uh okay i think the whole reason why they've been saying that this thing Came from nature it's a natural spillover is i don't think they're saying that because that's the most likely scenario i think they were saying that because they [ __ ] up right now they did they didn't want everyone to know that they [ __ ] up and i think having the position of power and having the position of authority that he had He could say it does no indication this came from a lab who is they who [ __ ] up like what is this well the lab in wuhan for sure [ __ ] okay so who runs that lab well i don't know but i do know that the nih funded an organization they gave money to an organization which gave money to that lab that's that's the official story got it and This is the story that paul talked about when he was grilling fauci this is also what josh rogan talked about right journalists that investigated all this what josh what rogan was saying was that during the trump administration everything was so chaotic that they just kind of they were able to restart this this kind of dangerous research that obama had put the brakes On obama apparently like what the [ __ ] are you doing uh-huh why are you why are you making viruses more deadly oh really stop and then try to do this trump was over there going home number one i'm the best and they're like i got an idea let's start that [ __ ] research back let it fly i don't know virus force some i mean it's interesting because uh some It's interesting news organizations are ignoring it completely and uh other organizations are attacking it's that's when you see like whether or not the news is really the news because you see the difference between the way the left-wing news is covering it which is a lot of them are just out now ignoring it yeah and the right-wing news coverage they're constantly bringing up these Emails right pulling them out and saying hashtag firefoxy and all this different yeah yeah well that's the thing it's like once you start once you start um calling out like this is our side's thing like i saw that there was a headline in the new yorker or the new york times that said why it's important to why it's so important to figure out whether this lab theory is correct Or not and it was like that was kind of the first time i saw it in those in those papers oh no it wasn't it was in newsweek a couple months ago no but i'm sorry that was like the first that was the first fire yeah yeah because you said when you see it on the cover of newsweek when they started to consider it again yeah yeah but it was political yeah it's totally political trump was such he was such a polarizing figure that And people hated him so much that anything that guy said everybody was like [ __ ] him let's go the other way right he said it came from a lab that it definitely didn't come from a [ __ ] lab yeah well that's the problem that's the boy that cried wolf syndrome right it became like exactly he kind of did that to himself he just keeps saying such crazy [ __ ] that everybody was just in making it and Calling out everybody and yelling meanwhile fauci just wrote a book so he's releasing a book on this now making money off of a book oh yeah and he's also the same guy that told us we wouldn't ever shake hands again i think he's adorable though he's little he's got like a little like a bronx kind of thing going i got an action figure somebody sent me a crouchy action figure yeah with a mask on it has a mask sitting on my desk He's adorable he's funny he put him out there he's like you know there's like oh look i would love to know what that would like okay so if we're trying to get into the truth of it which is what we need right we need to know obviously you and me are not going to get into the truth of it please i'll just you could tell me the fact right now and i'll forget it by the next subject But if they're trying to figure that out like who is behind wuhan like who is making those decisions to do all this stuff like and how far is that a global thing like is the u.s a huge part of it was was norway really involved like who well they have a bunch i don't know what it is apparently that do this kind of work yeah and they do uh different kinds of work at different kinds of labs and the Real fear is that in like some labs in the world some places in the world they do weaponized virus work god which means terrifying that's terrifying which is terrifying they did that in russia for sure we actually covered that on this sci-fi show that i hosted years back oh yeah it covered the idea of weaponized viruses But the thing that they told me when we went to uh the cdc down in uh galveston texas they have this big building where they house basically every [ __ ] terrible disease known to man big thick ass walls and ventilation systems and everyone's wearing spacesuits and me and duncan are high as [ __ ] wandering around this place you brought duncan yeah i mean duncan went down there oh that's great And uh the guy was saying that what he's really worried about more than anything is the things that come from nature he's like we could worry all day about weaponized viruses and he goes but the possibility of that is low compared to the possibility of something jumping from nature which is very high catch new episodes of the joe rogan experience for free only on spotify watch back catalog jre videos on spotify including clips easily seamlessly Switch between video and audio experience on spotify you can listen to the jre in the background by 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