Joe Rogan on Virtual Reality in 2021

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On this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan talks about Virtual Reality in 2021, including Omnidirectional treadmills and haptic feedback vests. There were some pretty funny Joe Rogan Clips in this JRE episode so make sure to watch the entire video!

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Well you know what you do um you you get a uni-directional treadmill and bolts have you seen how they do that no it's wild yeah they um pull that up jamie in this conversation joe rogan gives his opinion on virtual reality in 2021 with rock climber alex arnold on episode 1626 of the joe rogan experience joe talks about how virtual reality has Not progressed as far as he thought it would by 2021 joe was expecting virtual reality to be indistinguishable from real life however we all know this is not the case this conversation was pretty interesting so let's get right into it it's really wild how relative relatively fast things have moved because in our lifetime we recognize that things move fast but They seem normal it seems normal to have an iphone honestly it feels slow as it happens in your life doesn't it because it's like oh you know is it like doesn't it a little bit i don't know um the only thing that feels a little slow to me is virtual reality because i've i assumed that would be way ahead of it's pretty cool right now but i assumed it would be like Impossible to detect by now that it would be like you put this thing on and you'd be like in this new world yeah it's not quite there i'm supposed to be shooting a vr climbing thing this year oh wow i'm pretty psyched for it i think it'll be cool but uh does one exist currently not really so the guy that i'm working uh with it on uh shot an everest vr experience So like he went to the summit of mount everest in vr and it's these totally incredible episodes and that's actually because i'd always felt like it wasn't that cool and then he sent me the headset and and his episodes like the content that he'd made and was like watch this and then i did in my living room and i was like i was fully blown away super immersive which is is pretty Impressive in a way because you know i'm like a pretty discerning viewer of climbing content you know and i was still fully into it i was like this is this is crazy and i've like read so many books about everest and things in my life but then to do the vr experience and actually feel like i'm there i was like this is this is incredible anyway so i was like I'm on board like i'm totally going to do a project with him did it make you want to go to everest i mean yeah little i mean really i was like oh it's pretty cool isn't it funny that even a guy like you who has done all these experiences loves climbing still licked the climbing everest like [ __ ] what's that all about well it's like i would be i mean i like Climbing things and you know if it's the tallest thing to climb you're like oh that's cool there's a rumor there's a new uh apple headset coming out that's gonna be lighter than a iphone really might make viewing these things easier better i don't know the word that would be but like more immersive cumbersome but isn't the issue really uh yeah immersiveness is the issue and and also programming Like the real issue is like getting people to develop these to make their content yeah to make the content which right now i think is pretty hard because i don't think the the market like the market for something like call of duty is spectacular right like so many people play those kind of games for fortnight i mean these markets are immense yeah but the markets for vr Are relatively small comparatively but that's also because nobody has the headsets yeah i mean that's so chicken in the egg because like once there's great content more people will get it but but you know which has to come first next joe rogan explains to alex arnold what omnidirectional treadmills are and how they are used in virtual reality joe explains how an omnidirectional treadmill lets you walk around As you would in real life but without actually going anywhere joe and alex pull up some videos of people using these treadmills while in virtual reality and it was pretty cool but anyways here's the video you're a bunch of people our games are bumping into each other well you know what you do um you you get a uni uni-directional treadmill and bolts have you seen how they do that No it's wild yeah they um pull that up jamie vr with a uni-directional treadmill unidirectional treadmills essentially you have like a halo around your waist and it's got these cables that connect you to like these uh the circular post that goes around you and then on you on the ground rather what you're standing on is uh this circular treadmill that's self-propelled Like have you ever do you run at all i mean i have yeah there's a thing called air runner where you are it's it's like 15 percent harder in my old studio i had one it's 15 harder than running on a treadmill because you're actually propelling the treadmill yeah you're keeping up excuse me 15 harder than regular running not not just running running on a treadmill is a little bit Easier than regular running so this this uh idea of these omnidirectional treadmills these people are on these things and you're you're actually moving them so as you see how that guy's running yeah see how it works there so you're running into this vr world shooting things i wonder if uh gamers will be less into it if they actually feel worked after playing for An hour too sure i mean because if you're actually running through all those games for like two hours you'd be like oh my god i'm so pooped it really depends on if the juice is worth the squeeze so if you have a game that is as wild as doom right especially the new doom what what what number is the newer five or they did yeah they stopped calling it numbers again right who's the dude that We had on that was the doom guy that worked on doom and he showed us like the most immersive hugo yes hugo martin hugo martin came in here and whoo the the it's so wild it's so gory and crazy like you're pulling heads out of people and stuff and it's but if you are in if you get to a point where A game like that if you have an omnidirectional treadmill and you they you know comes with some sort of a like a gun that feels like a gun has some heft to it and you can actually shoot things but if it has heft to it then you get worked after an hour playing so it's like yeah but then you get in shape next joe rogan talks about how a lot of people lost weight and got healthy by playing dance revolution back in the day Joe thinks that vr would be a really good way for people to lose weight nowadays i think joe brings up a pretty good point as a lot of these vr games require a lot of physical activity to play alex honold also tells joe about how his in-laws were playing a game in vr and they broke a sweat playing it but anyways here's that like you know people plays dance dance revolution you know a lot of people lost a lot of Weight playing that game yeah it's a it's famous for it for people who are just gamers who like would love to go to the you know the amusement park and or whatever it is arcade and put money in and play dance dance revolution they got obsessed with it and they they lost like [ __ ] loads of weight because it's cardio yeah cause you're doing this [ __ ] i Know it's actually uh uh my in-laws have been playing vr games uh something called beat saber i think we're basically using the lightsaber to like cut blocks but it's kind of the same deal where it's like quite there's a lot of movement yeah it's a lot of movement yeah it's totally it's pretty close to see my father-in-law like sweating while he's like yes You're chopping blocks and it's in virtual reality and it keeps you in shape john carmack who is he speaking of doom he actually designed doom the original doom for id software he worked for oculus when the last time we saw him and came into the studio that's what he gave us an oculus and and showed us he's an expert at this thing Like he he's a martial artist too and so he's like really got great hand-eye coordination and he he has his ramped up to expert level and so he's these these [ __ ] things are coming that's like totally okay he's moving around like this i'm like my god he's like it's actually quite a workout i'm like yeah i think so like it's like you're shadow boxing in the air against like five people that's what it looks like There's nothing they do too that's speaking of shadow boxing they have these boxing games and that's one of those that dana white was uh advertising recently because not even advertising just saying that he did it so you put on the uh oculus headset and you have these little uh hand things that you hold on to now you need the headset to constrict so it feels like you're getting punched in the head over and over Right haptic feedback you do get a flash of white like when you get hit oh interesting the glove hits you you flash like so it actually would kind of feel like it kind of without the pain yeah yeah but the workout is intense because you're really throwing your hands like you're boxing someone huh yeah next alex honnold tells joe about a rock Climbing virtual reality game that he will be featured in alex explains exactly how this game works and what people that play the game should expect alex also talks about how the experience must be made in a unique way so that players in the game don't get motion sick motion sickness is a huge problem that a lot of people face when using vr and alex addresses that here yeah well The vr thing if you know we're supposed to be doing this year it would be more like a film that you you know it's less like a game and you're just like watching something in vr so you don't move at all um well you can move as much as you want like looking around right you know but um but basically you're you're sort of experiencing a climb from you know a bird's eye view where You can either watch somebody climbing through the frame or like look at the mountains and see the exposure and see the scenery all right so will they see your hands reach up and grab no no no they would see me climb through the frame basically they'd be able to watch like an entire climb from a certain perspective oh okay so like uh the perspective of a drone like something hovering and yeah though It can't be hovering because that's the thing what you're talking about with software um for vr for like full 360 video you can't really do it from you kind of have to have it on a wall i think so it's like bolted in place to be more stable because i think the challenge of like watching things in vr is that um people get really motion sick if if the whole frame of reference is moving non-stop So ideally you have the filming sort of stationary and then interesting things happening around you so that you feel like you're stable when you're watching it but you can see other things happen around you you know what i'm saying because like if you did pov in vr it would make you super motion sick because then when you're the viewer everything would be rushing all around you at all times you'd be like holy [ __ ] I feel like i'm going to die you know but if a lot of people get really emotion saying in vr like my wife is like full hard no like won't do vr there's a company called sandbox and they have these warehouses set up and you do these vr experiences and they have this one that i'm obsessed with called deadwood mansion and uh i had uh third place in the world at one point in time In this zombie killing game it's [ __ ] wild man you're in this zombie experience where you're in this haunted house and zombies come falling out of the ceiling they come running at you or there's rats that run at you if you have to shoot them it's wild [ __ ] but it gives you a taste of what it's going to be like because this is you're actually moving around so you Have a haptic feedback vest you have the the headsets on and they give you plastic guns and then you're running around shooting zombies and you bump into each other and [ __ ] like my whole family does it thanks for watching everybody subscribe for more videos and tap these videos on the screen 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