So uncomfortable its hilarious

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Speaking of sex uh can i i'm gonna just there's nowhere to go around this uh kalala texted me one day oh no oh god i bring it up can i bring it up i don't know i know just give me permission to bring it up you can do whatever you want it's america it's america bro oh bobby sweetie yes something happened last night so kalala texted me Something happened i'm sorry everyone freaky bob uh so she was is that the week she had fever brain when she was this is when i was having a fever last week she texts me and goes gilbert i had a weird dream and i went what and i'm gonna just say the thing and then you can explain it in more detail she said i had a dream that george ate my butt [Laughter] I wasn't gonna tell you i was only supposed to be for gilbert i'm so sorry george i didn't plan to dream that you would can i just tell you what the dream was there can i tell you what the dream was how it happened because i had to i had to unload it onto someone i had to like and i couldn't tell bobby because it would be weird you have a dream i'm so sorry babe let George eat your ball and you text gilbert and i don't know anything a [ __ ] about it because you weren't gonna wake up for another five hours and i had to tell you something she did wake up [ __ ] and you could have said hey i had this dream yeah but you were right but the last week you were you get upset when i dream about conor mcgregor or other people it could be fine But [ __ ] sad i'm so sorry george i'm so sorry george i mean this is what happened tell the detail of what happened okay so apparently we were in some like disney world resort type hotel jesus [ __ ] of course george would do weird [ __ ] like that yeah no but we were all there i wasn't i was okay i wasn't there so you guys all right so tell me about Tell me what else walk it through okay i got it it was really strange and i'm really sorry about this george but what you did was you did what you did was i was like every time you say what i did i get the death stare over here okay what you did was i was putting i was putting my i was i was putting my socks on like this on the floor like i was on the floor putting my socks on and then you kind of come from the side And you tip my body over like like this and you just started like okay so munching from sideways so i was like and then he stops and then i said i said i was like hey george and i was like whoa i feel really bad about this he goes you shouldn't kalyala cause guess what i can guarantee you that bobby cheats on you on the road he's like i can prove to you that bobby Has been cheating on you before and i would use then he like continued eating my butt and i was like what kid i'm so sorry number one number one okay you're [ __ ] down on your knees and you're and you're changing your sock yeah you tip over wow i'm not done i'm not done just listen okay you tip over right george comes in to Eat your butthole okay he tips me exactly just let me don't interrupt again okay which means that he tranquilized you with a gun because when you tip somebody right you mean there's struggle there's no struggle there so [ __ ] george [ __ ] tranquilized you ate your butthole right and you're like on your side now going Give me george what the [ __ ] is going on she can't move she she can't move right and then george pink dick goes and it's it says a lie he deceives me he tries to lie away right and he lies to win right [ __ ] you dude george look at me right now [ __ ] you man so uncomfortable george would you yeah because i'm gonna say right now i'm gonna say right now dude everything's interconnected and there's Thoughts going on right and there's some sort of visualization going on like the secret or some [ __ ] right and it seeped into a [ __ ] dream so go [ __ ] yourself you're still working for the show right but if you ever do that [ __ ] again i swear to [ __ ] guy when you're out if you tip her over don't ever tip her and don't eat her butthole attract will happen okay jesus christ and disneyland At disneyland this is a resort it was a resort hotel in florida disneyland in disney world [ __ ] you're like the city girl hates water hate disney world yeah oh wow was that crazy let me ask you this you flew george you flew calylla george look at me right now you flew my girlfriend to disney world why well i flew all of us obviously i wasn't in the dream [ __ ] that was an area That died yeah i think so you're so kleila all right that's your own thing that's fine but i'm just saying dude you know your thoughts are very powerful don't do that again and she did say george didn't have his normal voice yeah he you were very commanding and you know i think george you're like one of the sweetest people i know you were commanding and you were like Stop stop stop stop stop for a second okay sorry stop stop stop stop stop i'm beginning to think that george has nothing to do with it he didn't visualize it he's an innocent bystander and he's sitting here going wow i'm embarrassed this [ __ ] is subconscious within you [ __ ] yeah yeah there's some sort of [ __ ] there probably is with the whole butt Eating things yeah yeah yeah yeah yes i know and george so you want george deep down the side you want george to eat your [ __ ] butthole [ __ ] i don't think that's how dreams work that's how it's subconscious it's like inception it's a conception because i always always dream like i remember having dreams about like my fat swim coach and i like hooking up and i just yeah it was disgusting and you thought that in your Subconscious guess what it happens no i think that it's it's more of like um it's it's just a you know an amalgamation of random subconscious thoughts i think it comes from different things it's like i i have i have feelings about butt eating and then the last person i saw before i slept with george okay i'm gonna tell you this right now okay Throughout the history of my life right and in the future i will never have a dream where george eats my butt do you know why do you know why i don't know about this it's not even the realm of my thinking right there's nowhere in my brain at all where this [ __ ] face is gonna even go anywhere near my [ __ ] butt does he tip you at any point no he doesn't tip me Nothing because that's not in my brain right this [ __ ] right here that shit's floating around in her [ __ ] brain and in her dreams she's like grabbing things and pasting it all together like she has an editing system in her brain which she takes different tipping and george but and all that's disneyland disneyland and puts it all in one dream like a mishmash of ideas and [ __ ] That's you that's on you man that's on you please forgive me the [ __ ] out of here please forgive me so um that that happened and you know what's so funny i would have never known if you didn't bring it up no no don't pound me because i'll tell you why i'm looking out no from now on this is what happens okay okay She texts you any dream right with this [ __ ] guy in it forward right away right you tell me right away okay from my you know yeah personally hang on one second gilbert who's are you loyal to him or me gilbert look at me right now dude gilbert look at me right now gilbert look at us right now all right can i just say can we just get back on george your girlfriend's butt Yeah disneyland look at this i'm not offended bro i'm not affinity who are you loyal to kaleila or maine you can't say bald you can't make me out say that yeah be real and i'm not going to be offended you're deep in your heart of hearts who are you loyal to i need a scenario no no there is no sense this is the scenario i'm not no offense and i'm not going to Take it out i'm not choosing one i'm not choosing one i decline how dare you i'm offended by that then yeah oh you're offended are you offended by it no oh then i'll choose you because you're not offended oh feel [ __ ] and then you know that's the truth right there but no don't be mad at me that's the truth and you know that let's move on okay george the rich man always wins i know And also can i just say this all right before we move on look at me right now dude okay look at me right now george all right i swear to [ __ ] god when i said in the beginning of the podcast was true i really do i love you man you're a good guy you [ __ ] work hard okay and the first day i met you at maker because i used to be set with makers studios and i used to that's when i met You and i looked at this guy and went wow this guy i could tell right he's 100 pure yeah right if you ever eat kalela's butthole at disney world you don't even know what i will do to you okay i will devastate you okay so that's out there you too yeah nobody eat her butthole disneyland that's a girl or disney world yeah okay that's it you Can tip her yeah you can tip her over that's fine okay wow you feel better klylov that's out there now no not not in the slightest

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