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here's what i'm wearing this summer. i hope you enjoy. i love you. have an amazing day. follow your dreams. etc etc ✩ CHECK OUT (my company) CHAMBERLAIN COFFEE ✩ ✭ website: https://www.chamberlaincoffee.com ✭ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chamberlaincoffee ✭ twitter: https://twitter.com/chamberlaincof ✭ tiktok: @chamberlaincoffee ✩ MY PODCAST ✩ ✭ search "Anything Goes" on spotify, apple podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts... ✩ MY SOCIAL MEDIA ✩ ✭ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emmachamberlain ✭ tik tok (lol): emmachamberlain ✭ spotify: http://open.spotify.com/user/emmachambie I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

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Hi [Music] never in my life have i received more comments about something in my life i feel like my comment section on every platform for the past month or so has been the exact same and for whatever reason it's people asking me to share what i'm gonna be wearing this summer i It's like a phenomenon i don't get it i like i don't understand how this happened i don't understand why everybody's asking me but i'm so honored at first i was like okay guys i don't even know what i'm wearing for summer i can't do this i can't make a video about this like i don't even know what i'm doing i don't even have a plan yet i decided i was i just have to get it together figure it Out and i have to share it with you guys because you know what if this is what you want from me i'm going to give it to you because i care about you you're my best friend i will do anything for you so if you want to know what i'm going to wear this summer i'm i'm in i'll tell you i'll share i'll share a few months ago i did a video where i where i did 21 outfit ideas for 2021. i Kind of hate those outfits now like looking back they were not great some of them were good and then like half of them were like really bad and that was because i thought it'd be a good idea to pick them out as i was filming and then that in that ended up making the filming process nine hours long and so by the end the outfits were getting a little bit weird I can promise you that won't happen again um i've been picking these out over the last few days and i feel very proud of these summer outfits and i think that you guys are gonna love that the thing about summer and summer fashion is that it's very minimalist you know what i mean you're not wearing a lot of clothes because it's hot out there's not a lot of room for creativity but there also Is you just have to think outside of the box a little bit so i'm really gonna try to think outside of the box this summer and um you know what let's waste no more time let's get into what i'm going to be wearing this summer outfit number one this is the outfit this is my summer outfit nine out of ten days six out of seven days a week levi's shorts white tank top the reason why this is my Go-to is because the opportunities are endless let me show you it looks great with any shoe you can pair it with a birkenstock you can pair it with like a simple little sneaker okay compare it with a little loafer a little doc marten the opportunities are endless not to mention you can spice it up add a little top a cute little button-up cute little detail you know what i'm Saying like that's cute you could take a sweater if you're maybe going to the beach and it might be a little bit chilly little sailboat detail because it's summer baby it's time to start going on sailboats something a little bit more elevated like this sheer button up it's pretty it's flowy you can literally wear this outfit with anything and you can accessorize it too throw a hat on You look badass any hat looks good literally any color hat because it's neutral so you can do anything if you're like hey you know what i want to do a crazier hat you still look badass or you could throw things on top of it easily this is kind of a sheer sweater it still has the tag on it so please ignore that oh you could throw something kind of sheer on top i don't know if i like that Actually at the end of the day if you're ever stumped on a summer outfit and you're like i don't know what to do this is your fit this is your go-to staple summer fit you want to know what i wore to the beach the other day and it's perfect just get a white tank top and get a pair of denim shorts that you love and the rest is history but if you're like emma i don't just want to wear a white tank top In denim shorts every day i have some other ideas number two number one i'm obsessed with the beach pant thing like i know it's a little bit reminiscent of your least favorite aunt on beach vacations i understand that but i think there's something kind of fun about them and listen i made a controversial choice and decided to wear the birkenstock clog Things you don't have to do this and you don't have to do anything that i'm actually saying ever so just getting that out there but anyway you can pair these with other shoes this is just what i like the best i like these for summer they're a little bit frumpy they're a little bit ugly they're a little bit vegan looking i love little knit hats little lace detail here and this is it throw in a little jacket Just in case because you know even when it's summer it still gets cold sometimes but i love this you can really pair these beach pants in so many different ways too like these are so versatile you can literally just throw them over a bathing suit and go to the beach they're so great and they're comfortable i don't know if they're trendy but i like them for some odd reason moving on what up number three this one's a little Bit more goofy but i love a good pattern knit short vintage tee a little hat maybe a little glasses to pull in the shoes i decided to wear these loafers oh my god i've not shaved my legs in forever ew okay i honestly like it the best like without accessories i kind of just like it like this you know like i picture me at a barbecue Or something of that sort um it is kind of bothering me that these blues don't match this is very barbecue outfit you know what i'm saying this is giving me very this is serving me very i barbecue me a good vintage roxy vintage quick silver beachy vibe i have these beachy pants i paired it once again with the controversial birkenstock clog i feel like these may Be the shoe of the season don't take my word for it this is just such like an effortless but comfortable outfit i love taking inspiration from california in the 90s and earlier i just feel like a beachy gal right now you know what i mean like i'm i'm playing into the beachy stereotype i enjoy doing that and this is kind of cute right see the other thing Let's take it back to my first outfit the white tank top and the denim shorts you can mix and match you know what i'm gonna show you okay do you see my point here this is your saving grace you can't go next we're playing into two things i love here number one denim vest are you kidding me it's nice and breathable some air can get circulate through it so that you don't get too hot Also some cut off shorts obviously a staple but these are a little bit more spicy because they have some painting on them paired with some little doc martens and you've got a summer fit baby not shamed my armpit recently either i'm really not i'm not very clean shaved right now it's okay though i'm just being mean next uh this one is interesting because I am getting into skirts this one's see-through and i think it would look cuter with a bathing suit underneath but i'm wearing shorts for obvious reasons super light flowy comfortable this would be a great like these cute little skirts would be a great cover up for the beach add a little jacket just in case it gets cold Some fun 70s patterns i don't know i feel good about it the shorts do look a little bit weird huh pretend i'm wearing a bathing suit or something but also look i don't know what it is but i'm loving these longer skirts especially with these i don't know why i don't know i can't explain the phenomenon i just don't like how short skirts feel i constantly feel like i'm Gonna flash someone if i move my leg i feel safe secure comfortable in these longer skirts and they're actually quite chic let's get long skirts going i'm into it i'm all about it baby next this is just perfect 90s vibes we have these cute little track shorts touristy sweatshirt little ball cap matching like cover matching little yellow sneakers i mean This is comfortable cute come on you can't go wrong with this i love these shorts so much i love the kind of like retro track short look oh my god would wear it every day if i could and maybe i will so yeah how are we liking this video so far do you guys like it comment down below and give this a thumbs up subscribe watch every video i've ever posted Before comment on every video i've ever posted before follow me on instagram like every post i've ever posted comment subscribe and turn on post notifications all right back to the video i don't feel like i need to make a comment on this one i think it speaks for itself god bless you sporty look why not okay listen i know you guys Might be like emma why are you wearing biker shorts i thought that you hated them i kind of do hate them but sometimes they're cute for a little sporty look you know what some days i am feeling this way like some days i'm like i want to be sporty spice i know nothing about the spice girls i was born in 2001 it just isn't my generation but if i was a spice girl in this outfit i would be Sporty spice probably biker shorts are very hit or miss for me i kind of hate them cute little white tank top although this one has some details so it's a little bit different and then this is just a cute little whatever and then some cute little platform sneakers have fun be yourself i can't help myself i love a little Preppy moment i do i really do these shorts are so cute to me i've been wearing them for years i think i've had these for probably two years and i bring them out every summer because they're like the perfect golf dad preppy shorts and these as you can probably tell are my favorite shoe right now because they're like a dog martin but a loafer it's like my Dream shoe i don't know why i didn't buy them sooner this outfit works well with any knit vest cardigan let me show you cute i love the aesthetic of golf dads i personally didn't have a golf dad my dad did not play golf but for some reason i'm obsessed with their aesthetic and i don't even know where that obsession came from but i'm not i never fight it i just let Myself be me the white dickies are making an appearance because they're a really great summer pant white is very summer vibes wearing these shoes again nobody's surprised i mean it's simple it's easy it's effective it's a little bit unique but it's still comfy i mean so i couldn't decide what shoe i liked better so i have a little slide these are so Fun i also have a little sneaker um this is just a super comfy like cute on the go outfit the little fabric shorts are so great because they're so comfortable this little striped mock neck is giving me very much sailor vibes which of course is summer af rock ah let's keep it moving people i couldn't help myself i can't stop being preppy literally i'm dressed like a golf Dad a dad who plays golf who loves cheese and wine like that is my aesthetic i have this like little button-down knit lightweight kind of well it's actually kind of thick cute little baseball cap new balance sneakers that match yes i was a cheerleader when in doubt channel your inner golf dad that's what i'm learning from this Say hi to your friends how's my golf swing come on how was that i feel like this outfit gives me automatic form seriously well i'm wearing a button-up and i'm wearing denim shorts and i'm wearing a terry cloth hat and i'm wearing my controversial birkenstocks and i feel like i am a mom that's about to go water my garden love a little unbuttoned button down Like buttoned in the top half and then not in the bottom it's fun it's flowy i'm getting into hats now i used to hate hats like when i tell you i used to hate hats like you would never see me in a hat i hated them but they're really growing on me and i'm really about it now so give hats a try this is a very cute colorful playful fun outfit with the zebra print and the little pops of green Little track skirt little doc martens platform i just feel playful i'm not a huge fan of animal prints but i feel like occasionally throwing in a little zebra print for fun never hurt anyone okay we're kind of back to preppy a little bit love the little pops of plaid i've always been a plaid girl also these dad shorts are back in a different color i have them in three colors They're just so cute and then y'all i'm really a broken record at this point i mean fun little pop of glasses to tie the whole thing together seriously it's a party over here we're going preppy mode again cute little sweater vest with the collared shirt underneath it a year-round staple cute little sweatshorts that have this little detail and i literally can't believe i'm saying this But i'm wearing these again if you learn one thing from this video it's that you might want to get a pair of these i have nothing to say about this okay i'm just severely i'm severely comfortable in this outfit like i'd go to sleep in this but i'd also wear this to the beach and that's when you know you found your perfect summer fit these are another staple you can wear these with anything jeans Shorts like these are unstoppable and a little bit less ugly than the clogged version love a good pair of soft sweatshorts and a cute little cropped tank top that's not white i feel kind of like a little polly pocket right now in these with this color scheme like this color scheme is giving me very polly pockets rock on moving on i thought i had a sneeze now this outfit Is very vegan this trio here i mean i look like i'm about to go plant a tree like it's next level but i feel like it's cute i love cute little dainty tops like this and they're kind of hard to find like it's hard to find ones that are perfect but i thrifted this one and i do love it i feel so delicate in this shirt and i feel so gentle i feel like a gentle person in This shirt and i paired it with levi's because i just they're just my they're my day ones last but not least this is it this is all you get this is the last one it's preppy again no shocker little tennis shoes little plaid vintage random shorts that have built-in underwear that are very uncomfortable but whatever cute little collared Pink and we're done that's what i'm wearing this summer that's it that was really fun you guys i had so much fun i'm actually really excited to wear a lot of those outfits i feel like this summer is going to be so much fun i'm really manifesting it because last summer was a little bit iffy so i'm i'm really crossing my thingies that we have an amazing summer i hope You guys enjoyed these outfits even if you hated every single one i at least hope that you enjoyed hanging out with me because i enjoyed hanging out with you and here's your forehead kiss i love you so much i'm manifesting the most gorgeous hot girl summer hot boy summer hot everybody summer can everybody please not let me say hot girl summer This year because last summer all i would say all day long every day was summer it's hot girl summer oh it's hot girls shut the [ __ ] up don't let me say that this year anyway another four i guess i love you okay bye i hope you had fun i advise if you like this type of video let me know also if you don't like it let me know also let me know how you're doing like are you are you good Okay bye i'm out of here

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