Earn $50 Per Day From Google (Step by Step for Beginners)

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In this video, I will be showing you exactly how to Earn $50 Per Day from Google as google will literally pay you if you do exactly what I have taken my time to show in this video. This video will pass for a full course and is essential for anyone who is serious about making money online as I have taken my time to explain everything in great detail on how to start step by step and make money online from Google Adsense. *************************** USEFUL LINKS *************************** ?https://www.flippa.com ?Create Fiverr Account ➜ https://fvrr.co/3ANBhET ?My Number 1 Recommendation To Make Money Online Here ➜ https://discount.geraldumeh.com ?How to Create Fiverr Account ➜ https://youtu.be/Cbk8ribxIZY ?Earn Money With Google Adsense ➜ https://youtu.be/h3ysTW8La3k If you love to read like me, you will find this very useful https://earnsmartonlineclass.com/how-to-make-50-fast-or-more/ GET IN TOUCH! ?Instagram ➜ https://instagram.com/onlinehustle ?Private Facebook Group ➜ https://web.facebook.com/groups/614955705963492 ?Website ➜ https://www.onlinehustle.com.ng ✒️Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/gerald_umeh ?Quora ➜ https://www.quora.com/profile/Gerald-Umeh ?Pinterest ➜ https://www.pinterest.com/OnlineHustleTV #GoogleAdsense #EarnMoneyOnline #OnlineHustleTV DISCLAIMER: All the videos on this channel as a whole are for educational purposes only. Individual results may vary. It is very important for you to know that everything you do and get from this is at your own risk and depends on how much work you are willing to put in. Some of the links in videos on this channel are affiliate links, meaning that some of the purchasing made through the links will give us a commission, without any additional cost occurring to you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signed Umeh Gerald Offordile

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Okay so this is my adsense dashboard in my last video i explained exactly how to make money with google adsense in this video we're gonna be taking a different approach here where you don't have to build this blog yourself or you can use an already existing blog to actually start making money on google adsense from the one guys so guys in this video i'm gonna be showing you guys exactly how to end fifty dollars every day with Google right like google is gonna pay you literally teach you the last every day into your bank account i'm gonna be showing you guys exactly how to do that right now now like i said this is different from my former video where i showed you guys how to create an account on blogger and apply for google adsense this is completely different that you're going to be seeing in a little while now guys before we go forward continue my name is gerard and what i'm doing this Video is that i make videos around making money online so i try something out it works for me and i come here and show you exactly what i've done hoping that you can do the exact same thing and get the exact same results i'm not like those youtubers that will tell you to do things that they've not tried themselves which is why i always show you proof right i will show you before i start my videos and i've done that now let's go to my screen right now but before that i Want to encourage you to leave a like on this video leave a comment in the comments just say thank you gerald or i can go ahead and ask any question that you want to ask me as i'm always there to answer all of your questions and finally please make sure you subscribe and also um hit the bell notification button now what that bell button does is that when i drop on some videos just like what you're watching right now center around making money online Youtube will send you a notification instantly guys right so i'm gonna go to my screen right now right and i'm gonna be walking you through the process of making fifty dollars every day with google like google is gonna pay into your bank account right now guys so let's go to my screen and get this video started guys so the first thing you need to do on my screen right now the first thing you need to do is to click the first link in the show box below now This is very important right and and this is the link also pinned in my comment section once you click on that link it's going to bring you to this website called flippa.com so um you come to flipper.com it's completely free to sign up for an account so what you need to do is to come here and click on sign up right and click on sign up to sign up for an account on flipper and you know that's the first thing so let's walk through the process step by step like i Said this is going to be a step-by-step tutorial for beginners right so i'm walking you guys through everything so i'm going to put in my name right here in this case you're going to be putting in your name not mine so i'm going to be putting in my name here gerard then my email address i'm going to choose an email address online hustle channel at gmail.com right so when i hit continue i hit Continue so this is loading loading loading give it a while to finish loading up okay beautiful so it says create your flipper account what are you hoping to do now this is very important so you must pay attention very close attention to this so it says how do you think you you use flipper so i am looking to buy this is where you should go not here all right this is where you should go i am looking to buy now accompanying this is optional you can Use online hosted tv which in my case you can use whatever but it's optional it is not um composer it's optional so you can leave it blank if you choose to so i'm going to leave it leaving it blank right here so how did you hear about flipper and we can choose anything google search right now you're hearing about about this on youtube so you choose youtube that's what you should choose right now where are you located you select your Country your country should be here by default but eventually there's a mistake please change it and put your country right here right remember guys this is a step-by-step tutorial and i'm walking you guys through to tell you exactly how to be making money with uh 50 every day you know without having to build a website yourself you know i'm going to pay this money straight into your bank account so it's important that you watch the video to the very end right and Don't not miss any step now my advice is always what you do the first time now the second time when you're watching it you can actually begin to implement so you open it in the new browser and you know your own browser and you're not on the second browser so um come here then you put in your phone number right here what's your phone number so my country um calling code is here by default so i'm just going to put in a completely phone number Right so it says um yes send me one email daily showcasing flippers top picks invite to webinars and more exciting offers now if you want to get these emails please check this box for me i don't want to get this email because i think they just like you know like a whole lot of my emails and it keeps giving me a lot of emails to go through so just click on create my account that's what you want to go to next click create my account so it says Your you have successfully registered check your email to activate your account so i'm just going to go to my email right now so this is the email from flipper it says welcome to flipper activate your account so i'm just going to click right to open this email it says activate account so i'm just going to click on this activate account right so please pay at click close attention and do more do not miss any step so it says please choose a password this is Where you choose the password your feedback password is where you choose it so i'm going to choose a password right now right and i hit save this password save this password so the password is being saved right now for flipper and this automatically becomes my flipper password so you see i'm logged in right this is i'm logged in right here and the dashboard you go to dashboard you go to your account you go to all these places you're going to see a whole lot of um You know you can set up start selling and buying and all of this thing but that is not where you want to go where you want to go right now i'm just going to go back to flippa's homepage okay so we're back on the homepage of flipper right now so what i'm going to do right now is go to browse right come down to websites then go to content then come all the way to blog that's where you want to go click on blog so that's why i'm taking you step by step so that i Don't you don't miss any steps so i'm showing you guys everything step by step so if you look at this place you're gonna see that this website makes about two thousand one hundred and forty five dollars every month it's three years old and it's monetized with google adsense right jira knowledge and this modern day manifestations that come and they want to sell it for 60 dollars sixty thousand dollars right which is a very high compared to the budget i know that you Have so if you buy this website it means that it will take you about um to this divided device sixty thousand by days to actually get the number of years a month it will take you to actually make your money back and start making profit but i'm going to be showing you exactly how to scale your website so you can buy a cheap website and start and triple or even even quadruple or timestamp the um the profit every month so that i can make our money almost Instantly so um let's come here to keywords revenue generating yes um websites of offline let's click on this place yes you need to select this uh come right here and select blog right that's where you want to go then come all the way down to the bottom monthly users you're not concerned but shouldn't be concerned about this page use you shouldn't be concerned about this monthly profit you shouldn't be Concerned about this then you should be concerned about price range how much you want to spend on a website let's say our project is 500 for instance right we want to spend 500 right now so age how old is website please go for a website that is at least one year old right so that you are sure that it makes emits the um um the google adsense uh requirements requirements rather so i'm just gonna come here um okay authorities call you shouldn't be Concerned about this uh location it shouldn't be okay so beautiful so let's see what's going to happen right now it says that this one makes about 246 dollars every month starting price is zero so you can actually place a bid on this and it has analytics verified traffic analytics and it has a google adsense data is verified also right so that's um this is a kind of website that you need to actually pay attention to now look at this one this one is Sutured.com they are asking for 260 dollars ten percent have placed a bid on each right now 260 dollars and it is making 57 dollars every month right now right so it means that 50 if you buy this right now it will take you the way it is right about 60 dollars it will take you about um maybe four months to get your money back no no five six months to get your money back right and you start making profit so this is a good deal right but mind you when you Buy these you can actually triple you know or quadruple the um the the profit every month using the strategies i'm going to be showing you in this video so um if we look at this one uh the bid is 25 right and this website makes about but moderation is amazon not not um adsense so we are focusing on google adsense right now so i'm just going to come here again my Nation is adsense look at this one it makes uh 10 days left that 310 uh 210 dollars is the bid on this right now and it has adsense verified at this verified two years old website food and drink right and this is the amount that it makes every morning this is amazing right this is amazing and of course it's based in italy so um you can buy any kind of website that you want just take a look at all of these metrics and decide on what to go for now this is no No this one makes one dollar you know every month right you say no no this is not something that you should unless you go through the website and you think that you can actually unless you go to the website and you think that you can actually get it to make more profit un uhd uhd led tv comparison right uh U hd led tv com power raising dot com let's take a look at this website for instance and see what it looks like so it's loading loading loading give it a while guys okay beautiful so this is a tech website compil writes article comparing different um uh tvs and stuff now this is google adsense Right so on this page right now it has um this number of ads it has one um to uh let's go all the way down to the bottom you just had just three adds on this page right and it's making how much does it make every once again let's find out it makes 1.1 dollar per month right so this there's a whole lot of ad opportunities right here as well a lot of other opportunities right here let's Continue what we're doing uh okay so this one at 35 dollars is the bid 22.2 dollars per month now look at this one don't touch the dial.com this website is not monetized right no monetization and it makes this probably with um affiliate marketing so but that's what we're looking at google adsense that's what we're looking At right now so let's find something and we can actually go through or draw this list you know um little by little and see what happens right go to this list and see what happens so i'm gonna buy grade pro.com yeah they're asking for ten dollars and this website makes nineteen dollars per month right so this is a good buy you know if there's an opportunity there so this is so you have to go through all of This you can actually do this um 100 items per page right so you have a lot more to look at this is an educational website okay this um and i i also prefer going for websites that has adsense verified right it has verified adsense on it it means that flipper has verified the adsense on this website so they verified google analytics data and that's them so you know you have no need to worry about Whatever data you're seeing hey it's because it's that's exactly the way it is so let's um come here and let's say we want to go for this website this website uh it doesn't have google adsense perfect okay this one does but let's say you want to buy this suture.com s-u-t-u-r-e-d so let's go for suture.com so we are right here on suture.com right and this is what the website looks like So um this is i actually sell stuff right so but our focus is on the blog let's look at the blog so this is a website that sells sell stuff and uh coming here you see that there's google adsense here right um just an ad here just an ad there's several ads on the bottom so there are opportunities for more ads you should actually that actually means more Money so this could be a very good website if i own this website buy it right now i'm going to put ads in between all of these places and that means that i'm going to be making more money at the end of the day all right so you need to check the traffic data everything on this website before you actually go for it so let's say we decide to go for this right it has adsense it has a hundred dollars per month Premium health blog network making about hundred dollars per month with unique uniques uh with unique experiments five website park uh owner is based in finland blah blah blah so let's say um if you want me to make a detailed video about how to actually use flipper and you know how do you make sure to check and how to maybe actually buy a website live let me know in the comment section and i will consider making that video guys so i'm Just going to come here right now unless you want to go go for this right i can click on watch i can click on view listing so let's take and take a look at view listing for instance let's this right now so this is it right here so it says right here you can make an offer to the seller or you can contact the seller directly right so you decide exactly what you want to do so this person wants To sell this for 260. um this is normal person that have seen it this these number of persons are watching right now so the owner of this website is richard or matayo he's based in finland and uh okay he verifies with email address phone number and government id so this website runs on a content website runs on wordpress 5.7 it's 30 years old and this is how much it makes in revenue in profit so and this is the Traffic data of this website it has paid views of this per month unique visits of this permanent are financial gross profit and net profit right so it has this number of backlinks and information brush and blah blah so this is everything that you need to see about this website right everything that you need is right here so let's say you have decided to buy this website so what you're going to be doing right now is to Either contact seller or make another okay so you can still um hello richard hello richard i am interested in buying your website i can go ahead and ask any question that you want to ask right and the current price is 260. 260. you can say i'm ready to pay the 200 or something something like i can Send a message to him right and he will respond right here or you can just click here and make an offer right click here to make an offer and if he accepts it you can pay him on this website and he hands over the website to you completely so before we can do this we need to verify my identity before you can before you can confirm your offer i need to verify your phone number and all of that so i'm just going to hit a send code the code is going to be sent to my Phone for verification all right okay so um it could have been sent to my phone so when the code arrives i'm going to put in my code right my command code right here and click on verify number and that's exactly how i work then i can make an offer to richard your free child accepts it i'm going to be buying this website so let's i'm going to assume that i already bought this website right now so after this i'm going to start Changing a few things on this website so i can have to change it put an install a working ss certificate so this thing changes from not secured to a communication secure website now this what will help with ranking on google right that's the first thing i'm gonna do now um this is a space and it has an ad right here this is beautiful this is perfect and then i would put an ad after each um each article right here each blob right here so i'm going to put an Ad here right i'll put another ad here i'll put another ad here i put another ad here right and on the side here it has if you add all this one okay yeah this is good right it has a few ads so i'll put more ads right here so the more ads means that there'll be a lot more ads on the on the website and people are gonna click have more options to click on more ads to be served and that means more money for the blog that's the first Thing i'm gonna do now um if we open um this place right now let's look at one article okay this is also beautiful there's an ad once you click i'm gonna close this okay so i'm just gonna uh close okay beautiful so this is an article right this is the single article page and if you come right here you're gonna see there's an ad here which is good now and okay so Uh okay after this after this first thing there's an ad here which is also good but i don't really like i would prefer this ad coming right here right so this text stays together and the ad comes under it or maybe under the image or something that this image has to be better right i'll make it better and make it bigger so and uh okay there's another ad here which is good and okay and there is none anymore so i Will put more ads inside the articles themselves right in between the articles and text ad works a lot better you know with this now um these are the ads on the side i think that okay the way they are so another thing that i would do differently is the fact that i will make my articles longer but now to get more more um to get more readers and more ranking and more stuff you actually need more uh valuable articles right so what i would do is to go on fiverr.com the Link down below for you to create a fiverr account if you don't already have one so i'll go to fiverr.com right here and search for people that do keyword research keyword research right um hit enter so i find them and um and these people here their budget is going to be a little high high twenty dollars in fact the last twenty dollars twenty twenty dollars so i'm just gonna come here to Budget and set my budget for five dollars which is lowest you can go on fiverr.com so i set this budget at five dollar five dollars and you see all these people right i'll look for somebody that has um a lot of reviews already and get them look at this person right here you must say i will do keyword research and another analysis for top rankings right the person has 500 um reviews so i'll most likely hire this Guy this guy has over 1000 reviews this is a good hire right all these other ones with low reviews i tried i tend to stay away from them in most most cases because people can actually buy reviews for themselves or get their first family to actually get reviews for them you know to make it look as if but for somebody that has a thousand reviews there's no way you can buy a thousand reviews right so i just come right here and i am I click on this guy to open him in the new tab right so uh okay so i'm not logged into my fiverr account if i'm logged in if you click here i can continue to actually make payments and everything and there'll be a box where the person will ask you for um the things that he needs so this person for five dollars is gonna do 50 keywords reset now these are 50 articles that you Can add to your website so um you can pay this person to actually do this thing for you to do the keyword research for you give him your blog your new blog the url of the blog uh which is uh suture.com give it to him and he just gonna go to the blog understand what it's about and and produce keywords right that actually do have search and i will make your your i will skyrocket this blog which is gonna mean more money for you right so you'll be making a lot More money than this blog is making right now before you bought it so um after getting the article the next thing is to actually write this article so i will go back to fiverr.com come right here again and search for article writing all right and hit enter so you're going to set the budget again to five dollars because if you come here you're gonna see that the person will write for ninety dollars and five dollars this is A this is pricey right but in most cases the people that actually charge charge that higher high because they know exactly what they are doing so so i'm just going to put this at five dollars again and apply to get the people that are actually within budget so i find somebody that has quite a number of reviews that also does for five dollars so i'm just gonna come keep coming all the way down down down this person has 384 right But he's specific for dogs cats and all pets so assuming that you bought a a blog around cats beds you know dogs and stuff like that maybe this person would really drive person that you do this thing for you so i'm just going to keep going i keep going this person has 97 i will write perfect reset proposal article and somebody so this could be a good buy 55 okay this could be another good buy um 69 124 look at this guy i will write article rewriting blah blah blah zero percent plagiarism and stuff so let's assume i want to buy from this guy so i'm just gonna click here right come all the way down and this person is writing maybe like a one thousand water tickle for us right one thousand water article for us ten dollars only right so i'm just gonna click on click on continue pay him you know once you make payment and he has Eight dollars in queue so he's getting jobs these are jobs that he's working on right now so click on continue and give the person and one of those keywords that you will give that the keyword guide presented to you and this person is going to write a wonderful article for you so take the article and post it on this website that is like 50 articles now 200 articles and that means more ranking more exposure you know and more money on the at the end of the day so That's exactly what i would do to actually make this um vlog very profitable if i if actually buy this so like i said begin this video if you want me to make a video where i actually go on flipper buy a website and you know turn it around into a money-making machine let me know in the comment section and i'm going to consider making that video i'll if a lot of businesses actually do so interestingly because i'm going to be spending money on that video I'm going to be actually buying a website and and turning it around to actually make more money than it's making when we project so it's gonna be a total and detailed tutorial if you want to see the lemon in the comment section and i will consider making that video for you guys thank you for watching this video to the very end if you've gotten any value at all from this video please consider subscribing to my channel because i will Be dropping more awesome videos like this and if you go and look around my channel you are going to see that i have lots and lots of other videos that's going to help you especially in affiliate marketing because that's where i make like the bulk of my money online guys right so thank you for watching you guys are very angela see my next video guys keep winning and don't forget that gerard actually does love you guys from here guys

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