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Hello hello and welcome to no okay jess is like i can't start this way okay i'm gonna need that i'm gonna need that all i'm saying is we make flutters each other nobody's gonna be paying attention that's true hello welcome to quacklobe thank you for being here i know we're not in the appropriate studio space in fact this is At board game coz studio i have no idea talking about alex from board game co devon the lead writer for the quake loop hq and shira who's basically been adopted by you uh i mean first of all if we watch our viewers then yes half the people think she's my daughter my wife depends on the day she's saying she's just a family not just that's mean she's a family friend a very dear and close family Friend who also apparently likes to uh make videos on your channel occasionally don't know why that's weird i don't belong to a channel anymore i'm an independent person you never belong to a channel that's a whatever the case we're going to be giving you a four-player game of robot quest arena by wise wizard games this is going To be a helter skelter uh sort of lightweight uh but very very fun uh deck building and skirmish simul simultation game if i could get words out simulation game simultaneously uh simultaneous selection worker placement the way you know this is a quack quality video is because of this beautiful piece of artwork that alex's daughter drew it's funny but Here's your artwork it looks i was gonna say it looks so much better than the one she drew for my channel whatever the case we're gonna go and dive into this now if you're interested in our first impressions final thoughts at the end of this we're going to be doing a video over on your channel over on board game co breaking down this kickstarter talking about what we like what what else we'd Like to see uh and sort of our first instincts here and mom i'm gonna be writing about it on the website so i will send you the link to your email soon sounds good so let's go and break down how this is going to play the object of the game is going to be uh to knock out as many of your opponents as possible collecting their health as Victory points the more damage you deal the more victory points you have the game will end when these five higher level respawn cubes are no longer available for people to draw from we're going to be doing that by taking our standard hand of cards spending things like batteries for energy to purchase from the market move around the board and triggering other items like our hammer or our jump jets which are in all Of our base decks to get additional movement uh have special movement icons or deal direct damage either ranged or directly adjacent for a physical attack yep uh we each have custom player characters and player powers and abilities but all of our starting decks are going to be the same and there is a universal market over here with an advanced battery a heavy hammer and a rivet gun This is going to be pretty classic when it comes to deck building games so you should know what to expect you're going to be spending cards playing everything that comes into your hand drawing up from the marketplace the thing that's going to make this unique is going to be kind of positioning and maneuvering over here on the skirmish area uh doing your very best to deal damage and avoid Devon as much as possible it's an inside joke from our earliest effective game either way there's also a couple options there's also going to be locations on the board here where if you end your turn you're going to be able to score some additional benefits or victory points the middle area here if you start your turn in this area you'll get one additional victory point taking from this resource pool Here if you start your turn you'll gain one health back placing it onto your board over here you'll gain one energy which is move or purchase it's the value system here you can spend an energy to call or discard a card purge i believe up here into this area and here you'll be able to draw and then discard again giving you a little bit more debt control Outside of that i think we need to fill the market and am i overlooking anything uh yeah just it's worth mentioning considering exactly how close the four of us are to another oh that's fair that i was gonna mention that when i was started introducing us and you forgot it was in the direction of saying we've all been shot at least once wow it does not sound good i got the j and j it's not sound good we've all been Shot at least once yeah it's not that's not the phrasing i would choose but we are all not only is this group uh already a self-contained bubble uh we all have the vaccination and we're all you're a stay-at-home dad uh with six or seven vaccinations with vaccinations yes and so please understand we're doing a four-player gameplay here to display how this game works and to have a little Bit of fun but we are all being cautious and responsible with the way that we're getting together and the way that we live outside of this video yeah and with that being said elbow to elbow at all we said elbow down on a regular foot yeah constantly yes wow you're the third wheel you know what i'm okay with that let's go ahead and start filling this so the Shop card i'm gonna read through these so everyone's aware of what's available dash this is gonna give you one additional move and draw a card uh advanced ai plus two moves put a card from your discard pile on the top of your deck a little bit of debt control there yeah we have the pit stop oh my god this is going to be oh my gosh one victory point which comes from this area here two Energy and three heal heal now we do have a health limit uh we're all maxed at four your special ability maxed at six yeah uh 3d printing uh purchase a card that costs three energy or less for free or three points three points uh we have a laser cannon this is going to be a ranged weapon see that with the six distance the three damage heavy cost but this is going to hit all Enemies in a line uh ending at walls you just gotta drag everyone within your life then then finally the hydrogen fuel this is gonna be five energy straight out of the bat now last thing my character here petri uh and jari this is gonna be the green robot i get the opportunity if i knock someone out which didn't happen once in our previous games uh i get the Ability to gain an additional victory point and i draw a card can i interject we've we forgot my second half of my ability it costs one extra energy to push me interesting our entire first game is completely invalid devin you didn't win i don't know he didn't steal any victory points from her immaterial i pushed her once and i did use three you know you didn't use two energy He pushed me a whole bunch but but the other 85 points i've got from successively killing jesse i think are valid strider and viola once per turn i can spend two energy to make a two-range one damage attack okay and uh pug and ria since jesse decided to forego at this time i'm going to read the flavor text oh pug is extra lightweight wait you're so ashamed of myself You missed it i right over it i read it internally but yeah so it's cute my pug right here who's starting in the center via her ability is extra lightweight and eager for battle it'll jump right into the middle every time that's right which is what ability if you die all the time just you should have this car yeah you should have this card i can spawn in any empty space in the center Even on my first spawn petri is great for aggressive uh bot pilots the more bots you break the faster you build your strength it's a shame you weren't very aggressive last game no that is a shame ouchy favorite strider has some springy legs but don't stand in front of them they pack a wallop that that internally hurts him when he has to read that stuff crate is tough and built on a really Super chassis they won't find it easy to push around okay uh and as far as theming goes i believe there was flavor text in the video that i watched breaking this down or the rule book uh but for the most part we are going to be a group of of teams that have started kind of robot tinkering and crafting and this is our little arena pit uh where we set them all down this teenage robo wars Like who didn't did you guys watch robo wars no no it's no one you can keep going if you want did you it's amazing you had robots like destroy each other in the middle of a battle arena like this is that oh yeah i watched that on youtube like after yeah yeah it's just like yeah it's awesome all right who's who's starting me okay let's roll four Four seven i mean roll roll roll seven well you can't do worse than me you just need eight six seven you're going devin you're going first i don't think you'll take it you know it's just my problem the good news is there's only three of us have the opportunity to get to before you uh no we're going the other way we're going the other way If you're in the front of the table you go to the right if you're around the table you clockwise clockwise this was clockwise that's interesting yeah all right four energy okay and a hammer for energy and a hammer i'm gonna use a single one of those energies to grab this pit stick makes sense automatically refills we're pulling a crossbow three damage at a five range makes a loud whoosh sound when fired Which i believe you do have to mouth that is we'll do it we'll do it i call you done let me know down sir are you just ready to go what are you buying i don't even know yeah crossbow i can't possibly have the crossbow i know can't um i'm actually i'm gonna take the advanced battery advanced battery okay yeah okay and then um i'm done all right cool um i am going to go ahead and clockwise Grab the hydrogen full one two three four five i'm gonna take the hydrogen fuel i was gonna have well not even more not one of those comes out instead we have a grand grappling clamp there's going to be one damage and a full range pull an enemy to a space directly in front of you and then i'm going to go ahead and move one our thighs are aggressively touching so Let's see here i i have five energy just a pile of energy in my hand and i see why you would have wanted that battery and i have yes and i have been told that my character is supposed to be aggressive so i'm gonna go for defensive i'm going to do the ghee i'm going to do the grappling clamp for four leaving one energy over which means i can go ahead and do a move as well and we're going to start Shifting down this way okay refill this just in case you have a market we have a pneumonic piston pneumonic did you know i didn't know how to say pneumatic dramatic yeah yeah i was going to read it with a four i feel that could we we do that we pause a hard take and just pretend we didn't cut out draw a card and then discard a card it's gonna be one punch I will probably actually take this okay okay can i see what comes out absolutely presumably this is going to be a pit stop [Laughter] so the pit stop is a very powerful card if you have a lot of health if you have only four health there's only so much heating you can get out of it which is why she's so excited now i still have two we have rev motors that came out dropping Hard stop push these two and then that would actually be thematically appropriate okay i'm done you know alex i feel like we're in this together we're in this together all in this together so this is a quack little video i shouldn't be saying system upgrade purge a card from your hand then acquire a card costing up to three more energy inside car you're done that's kind of nice yeah i like that purge ability three Four five four batteries and a jump jet okay move to this location did you get your victory point for starting in the middle i did not give you two moves because all you need is more victory points yeah um and this location that i went on if i'm still there at the beginning of my next turn i'll get an extra energy too we can do that system oh I really liked that i loved that card it was a good card um two moves i love i love when you know he's in both both shots he kind of like switches no you can't even he can't even cut around it okay all right we have another phenomenon hey sure will you do me a favor next time when you go will you need something over here and just i'm gonna add uh two moves i'm gonna go all right one Two i'm gonna do a pounding mechanism so i'm gonna hit you for one cents good job go into my whole team here and then i'm gonna go ahead and i have three left and there was a card i wanted i believe i wanted advanced ai okay i'm a bed card let me have sure um reprogram move any robot up to two empty spaces and you get plus one i like that if you're gonna be shoving them up against a wall or Something you get a bit of a control over to me we're gonna have three battery played down then i'm to trigger my jump jets and hammer question is do you want to purchase anything right off the bat still supposed to be aggressive still supposed to be aggressive [Applause] i think i'm going to talk very slowly until i decide exactly what it is [Laughter] i forget it's not actually tuesday by the way i don't know why i chose that day why i keep people in my life do you really forget that yes uh at the moment i feel like we're the goonies three uh i can't even uh well i'm trying i was really trying i was going i was going far to try to Punch one of them in the throat it's not gonna work though i'm gonna pick up the dash i'm gonna pick up the reprogram with my free energy you don't want to wait to see what comes out uh no i can't find all right malware attack deal two damage to all enemy robots in range one let me add any points gain to your health that's nice and rocket punch you scrap a card in your hand and at it's Um i'm assuming it's energy to this yeah yeah all right uh jump jets is going to move me over this hammer's going to swing and miss but i look very threatening from far away and sure it is your turn all right i've got four batteries and one jump i am going to move one to start inching my way over and then with my four batteries i am going To did you everybody can you buy two of one card can you buy two of one card absolutely from the main marketplace yup those are unlimited well those are limited but not that limited cool as long as you don't use them on the player sitting directly to your left right left just all the way just it's devon yes i do too really really i genuinely i am all right devin i am 32 I still do this on a regular basis left is right pit stop i'm gonna get a point can you stop i'm gonna heal maybe why why oh oh god sir can i stop i stopped go go go so five energy yeah and two movement um i am going to well shove alex into the shoe for one yep there we are so it takes two energy to push someone If they run into a wall a barrier or another robot really take a damage i'm facing the wrong way energy to push me well we're going to forget that and we're going to forget that i'm going to remember it this way i'm going to move here and then grab something for three i'm gonna grip uh did you get your bonus energy from starting on that tile center thank you welcome thank you Welcome so it's actually four yep that might make a difference uh you could get the rocket punch i'll get that and then you want to scrap the card in your hand uh tackle comes out knock an enemy back one space one energy to purchase and they get one damage it's what uh you're gonna add its energy cost the card that you're scrapping oh cool okay next car next card is going to be uh electrified Plating plus three energy whenever you push an enemy robot this turn deal one damage to it okay i'm going to go ahead and i'm going to use i know what you're doing advanced ai to move one don't the point or do you want to be there i want to be there i think okay so i'm going to go ahead and do that and then i have four unfortunately so i can't do what you think i would do yeah I'm gonna go ahead and buy tackle for my first one let's see come out this comes out next drawing up we're going to have a dash i'm going to draw a dash go ahead what's next josh's plus one move draw card we're going to have an advanced ai plus two moves i think i will burn my less energy nothing else i can bother okay on to me pulling three energy i also Have a hammer and my jump jets so my deck should start getting better from this point i think uh three energy what is this do i want to become quick do i want to become violent probably all of the above i'm going to purchase the rivet gun and then i've got my jump jets to move two i've got my hammer to swing one we're at the moment not going to be able to do too much with That i think i'm going to push i'm going to push right over here i'm going to start my turn and see if i can cycle cards a little bit faster because i want to get down to some of my good stuff nice okay all right i've got a whole bunch of cool stuff um i can remove two moves one two ignoring obstacles that was this i get to draw a card and discard a card so Hammer i will probably discard this and then i am going to move one with that energy i like this steel i don't know two pounding to you i just have a feeling like last game like apparently left feelings can we all agree i get a point because this is my um yep stop my pit stop i still have one more target I have one more energy which there's nothing to purchase for one energy and luckily i don't have to heal right there's no history that scripts us wanting to do that no no all righty that's my turn all right all right i have the street card off the side devon's user was this mic yeah i think so that's yours oh yeah then i could purchase a card that cost three free or i can take three more points is there anything Yeah like that advanced ai i'll take it new car comes up and we have a rocket booster draw three cards plus four moves also fun fact the cheapest car in the market is now five fun facts the shiva's card in the lower market is now five fun fact i'm not sure i even can draw that many fun fact i have a five somewhere in my deck fun fact your name's alex sender How do you even like you just you started something hoping you'd come up with something all right speaking i'm going to go ahead and i still got there hmm so anything if only devin would go it hurts your your feelings make me hurt i'm going to move here just all of them not joyful they just hit you with a hammer sure seems reasonable and then um i'm going to use all three of these to get an advanced Battery cool cool my turns just yes sir all right cool cool so i'm going to go ahead and i am going to what do i want to do here because you change my moves a bit i can do up to two jump two moves ignoring obstacles i do start with an extra energy because of my situation over there the extra energy may or may not help hmm i don't know if it very much helps in terms of what i'm trying to do So i think with four energy i will go ahead and buy an advanced energy sure can i have an advanced energy advanced battery uh you know what one second let me take a look here i think i'm actually going to go ahead and buy the rivet gun i like the idea of having a little more damage going on here so whatever kind of is and then i'm ending my turn okay i'm starting on a location that allows me to Discard and draw i drew the same exact card that's all right i'm okay with that i got three batteries happening here and then i've got a reprogram and a grappling grappling clamp so i'm thinking and i got four total four total cost anything in the market that i can do for full total cost not a lot we're gonna buy ah we're gonna buy an advanced battery so That i can start buying things from the market again uh i'm going to start by moving a robot up to two empty spaces so shira really reprograms moving you there then i'm going oh no sorry i'm gonna do it this way i'm starting by using a grappling clamp uh has a range of four pull an enemy to a space directly in front of you so i'm going to hit you you could pull Alex off of his spot not diagonally one two three no i mean it's totally possible let's go ahead and do it what's what's the what's the most fun i could have here uh if you get us all in a straight line all right here's what i'm gonna do i'm not buying the advanced battery i'm going to leave my energy where it is i'm going to start with a grappling clamp pull an enemy to a space Directly in front of you uh for range for one damage alex i'm pulling you it seems reasonable here well this is this directly in front of me or is this exactly that way that's directly in front of it um is this directly in front absolutely okay then i'm pulling you to that location that is going to give me one of your health By oh yeah gotcha then and i'm gonna put this right here so that we denote uh this is a prototype by the way just in case people were yeah curious um then i'm going to activate double batteries to push you into a wall which is going to give me your end health which is actually going to score me another victory point because of my own special ability then i'm going to move any robot up to two empty spaces Away and i have two battery left at the end of all of that i'm going to move you two spaces away from me [Laughter] uh and then uh i was considering moving myself two more spaces away from you but i think i'm gonna sit right there uh and i'm gonna i'm gonna have to purchase this with the last two energy that i have All right shira can i have a point i'm starting out in the middle you're allowed to have a point thank you welcome i just have five boring batteries so let you buy from the market buy the electrified that is not a high five boring card that's that's a fun card i like that it is wanna put a new card out this is crushing jaws If this defeats a robot gain two batteries and draw a card okay ready i'm going to purge a card from my hand i'm gonna purchase hammer and get a card costing up to three energy more card costing up to three hammers so just three yeah it'd be just three i'm gonna get this rivet gun hammer for the rivet gun and then i'm gonna use my two advanced batteries my battery to get something Worth seven hmm you've got you could get the laser laser cannons are going to hit everyone in a straight line rocket booster is going to draw three cards and move four the rev motors draw three cards then discard a card i'm gonna get the rocket booster okay drawing a card overclock free energy or purge this card and get four energy seems reasonable I am going to go ahead and start on the board somewhere i don't know exactly just where we spawn in any open zone i think i'm gonna head over here nice and safe away from people yep um i don't like people they're they're kind of interesting okay then we're gonna go to the following i have to move closer to you to be able to hit you with this attack so i'm gonna do that i mean or no no i'm gonna move that one mm-hmm And i'm gonna go ahead you're owner devin's low devin's low yeah yeah that's reasonable i'm gonna start over here i mean i think revenge makes sense i think i'm gonna say one right i'm gonna move over here you're being way too rational about this so then i'm going to play this which is going to hit you for two and that means you're dead and you're respawning with your full yes health and A blue chip which this like we said is the timer of the game so essentially you have eight characters can be knocked out throughout the course of it but no one is ever without a turn or an activation and then i have this which won't help me if anything because i don't have anyone jason to me and i'm going to spend six buying a card and i believe that the crossbow is intriguing Yeah let me get to i'll go ahead and do that okay crossbow new card what do we have another crossbow another crossbow out there in the marketplace all right my turn three energy i have a dash which lets me move one and draw a card which i'll probably use immediately and then i can move any robot up to two empty spaces away so four by value uh total playing my dash first and i'm going to move actually i can Discard and draw again i'm going to discard one of the batteries to draw up because that's wrong it's another battery that has not worked for me so far i'm going to be honest let me try purging your deck i'm going to move one and i'm going to draw again about another battery five total by power that actually gets me to a good place though because i can purchase the malware Attack oh and then i can move any other character two spaces i'm going to move you one two that wasn't super that was so that you could attack alex because he's vulnerable and why don't you do that he's kind of a grump it's kind of it's kind of a problem we've been too nice we've been too nice to recently do that i wouldn't i didn't do anything okay There's more obstacles i'm gonna do this i'm gonna deal you poor damage that's why i do that because i didn't want the four damage um and then i still have two left here's the funny thing it doesn't actually negatively negatively hurt you i'm right here anyway yeah you're good honestly i storm off and walk out but the amount of energy you would take to extract myself from this space did you buy a card I'm replying i didn't buy a car that's expensive oh that's almost like five damage five damage it's great for flattening stubborn objects like robots or me because that would completely decimate all of you i still have six health it would it would actually knock someone out it would be good for someone who had like a four move card All right throwing up another one we have a acid blaster one damage three range deals one extra if you have full health to you devin okay i was going to spawn in the middle yeah in order to get the victory point from spawning in the middle yep but i like the idea of spawning here you push me out of the middle i just think that that's a i think that's an interesting place to be this is a very it's a very interesting Place to be i'm going to use the pneumatic piston first to kill you um and you go there and that goes here and then i'm going to draw a card and choose the discarded card and i'm going to discard this rocket punch i don't feel the need to hurt anyone else are you done are you done no i need to buy something he's also occupying the space that you wanted So with four you could purchase the acid blaster or any of the standard cards uh i will take the acid blaster and the heavy hand master and the heavy hammer wow going crazy right away see one cost good card popping out yes draw a card then discard a card i'm gonna go ahead and spawn over here i'm gonna play two move one two i'm gonna play one move and draw a card that's gonna make that coming After me then i'm going to hit shira in the back with a punch mm-hmm you know i'm fine i got beat up so much for the last one i'm good i'm gonna grab another rivet gun another rivet gun yep i'm going a very different strategy at the last game i can tell last game you're doing like aoe damage uh this time it's double energy You're gonna give me a little bit of my pit stop again up to two moves ignore obstacles and then i got some cards right here so i do gain a victory point for being on the tile and i'm going to go ahead and do two moves up into that space uh one energy is gonna let me push forward one more time take him out uh ideal for punching holes in surfaces From afar i dare you what's amazing what's amazing is seeing his reaction to having happened to him what happened to you last game it's not supposed to happen to me and and i'm gonna do four damage to you thank you thanks which doesn't actually remove you which might actually help shira finish me off more than so happy i'll take your last damage bye-bye i'm glad i'm glad this is the game that We're recording i can get something that costs up to three for free um alex seems to be having fun with his rivet guns so you know but they're not working for him they're not working yeah but i have much more points so hopefully that'll work for me and then i have another three um i will probably get another rivet gun they are it's like five range three damage because uh three diamonds Shoe damage pretty good okay you done cheering i am done all right i'm gonna grab this victory point from the pit stop i'm gonna have two extra i don't need to heal at all but i've got five from there and i don't think i'm actually gonna move because i don't want alex to not spawn i think i'll just grab something i'm good i got i got movies he's got plenty of people in his path Do you want to get him here just let us know he's healthy all right i'm gonna go well i'm taking this first and then we're gonna go ahead a little bit i'll just give him a back rub instead of the health keeps just a little bit out of new cards i can see gentle uh let's see here grappling clamp pull an enemy to a space directly in front of you one damage for range i've used that before i don't i don't remember when Intriguing specifically so i used it i'm gonna go ahead and play advanced ai to move two i'm gonna spawn over here yep i'm gonna play at advanced ai to move two one two i don't know unfortunately if i can do much else that is what i want to do so i'm gonna go ahead and you know what i actually like being over here it is much safer i mean you want to come close to me now i'm going to go ahead and target shira for three Three damage from where i am mm-hmm so three damage oh i'm five five away but i'm i can shoot five i'm gonna stay where i am not gonna move at all just gonna go ahead and deal three damage and then i'm gonna go ahead and spend three to grab another rivet gun okay i'm just hoping to attack maybe weed your decks of the river guns come out By deck the cars the pool of cars this time did not seem to incentivize so i am going to start with a grappling clamp which will pull shira in front of me dealing one damage along the way i'm then going to follow up with a hammer to the throat which is going to pull one more over here then i'm going to use double batteries to kick in the teeth To knock you out uh i'll go ahead and give you all your health that you need please i'm going to go ahead and trade in five for a oh no you need one more to push me i use my one additional one on my card uh and then i'm going to also i'm gonna remember this game so you're off and my program card is also going to be able to move someone and i am going to move myself away from both of you All these spaces are not oh oh and i get one additional victory point because you killed him i knocked her out yeah yep here's a fiber yep can i try that for five i'll consider it all right well that was not how i imagined my turn going it wasn't how i imagined it going but listen pleasant surprises that's surprising both of you have done exactly what i thought you would yeah Plus two moves put a card from your discard pile on top of your deck i will probably put one of the rivet guns on top of my deck i like my little cybernect like plankton crab just sitting in the center waiting very angry i saw a spider but i do now see a crab i can move too i imagine he's like steaming a little bit just potential energy and then i'm going To use three more one two three and almost cube from you almost like she wants to attack you or not she's setting herself up to be murdered to you devin all right i just think that this will be a beautiful turn i'm going to move three spaces [Laughter] then i'm gonna use my rocket punch and scrap this system Upgrade to add four damage that's five you took five of these cubes i know it does one innately and then i added four so i have auto killed alex um the good news is you can stay right where you are and then i'm actually going to use this rivet gun to uh take two from jesse that's not as much three that's not we were laughing before but is there a one out there Um yeah and i'll just take a new minute for a moment like it's not cool it's my channel all right i can change the flash yeah can we can we rework that and are you done sir okay okay i am going to go ahead and spawn over here because why not apparently and then i'm going to i like to do two there's no consequence you're just being bullied a little bit but there's no there's no actual Response so one of these is nice i have a very ranged deck if you if you have a very uh melee-based deck then you could potentially be stuck in a corner but i have a lot of range melee move or range you want another card i'll consider it okay and then i would have tesla coil damage plus one damage for each energy spent That's beautiful i will spend seven energy and take the tesla coil that seems reasonable because you are able the fact you're able to buy that for seven energy means you're prepared to use it [Laughter] my turn yes let's put a new card uh no i'm overclock plus three or purge it for a plus four i'm going to have one battery i've got a dash which is going to give me a move and draw a card Which i'm going to go ahead and use so i mean i i just used it so i've got two i don't actually have to do the move though so i'm gonna use it just to draw the card um and i think you should go attack devon he's accruing way too many points killing alex i'm trying just looks like i have more points because you haven't traded yourself i can trade mine in for fives that will Only give me one five how many fives do you have devin two here we go so you know i think you're right i am going to use that move to move down i'm then going to use my jump boots to move down i gained one because i started in the victory point zone and then going to punch devin in the throat for two i'm going to follow up with a rivet gun to the face For two ideal for punching holes in surfaces from afar then i'm going to turn back and oh it's a range one never mind i'm getting you i'm hitting you with this one that makes more sense uh and then uh i'm going to turn around and use the rivet gun to shoot you for two all right you're doing pretty this is going i mean i'm very good at board games So you know it's been said before it's been said before i wouldn't have said it but yeah other people other people have uh and then i'm using my last battery energy to move back into that middle section i'll take a point first starting in the middle and then thank you for moving you can ask anyone honestly um i've got my pit stop so i'll take two more i think even my mom i'm not Sure i'm not sure what they would say but you can ask anyone i get a point i've asked them about jessie before and they know two um i am going so whenever i push an enemy robot on this turn i deal damage to it is anyone close by you're thinking of pushing curious so i'm over here i don't know devin's off the board i'm not even i'm not even an option right there is this guy who's oh that's jesse Oh i get this with a ring he is winning he's too damaged i i think you only have two two health left oh well you're you're dead uh that's gone um i thought i just it's a crap i don't flip upside down on my back i was mimicking rivet gun death i could drop hard and then discard a card oh do i want to come chase after someone um or just i'm the only person on the Board you can head this way if you want i root takes so much place to get there one two how much health you have so much health never mind i am not going to um i am not jumping towards you i have three four five six um anything for fun crushing jaws oh i want the whoosh oh i forgot i forgot to make the wish noise that he doesn't count how much damage do You usually use three damage nothing devon get through this uh tackle i'm not gonna be back one space yeah we're gonna if you end up winning we'll retroactively yeah i'm going to spawn here and you take your health all right next robot death is oh oh the game is over oh as soon as you would be oh you already took your hand yes you really took it okay next robot Death the game's over all right so i'm going to play rocket booster that allows me to draw three cards yeah you would and four move that's just what you would do uh let's see how much health do people have seven you have five alex yeah but if i tell him i do he might not pay attention i have eight yeah so i'm going to go i Have four movement i'm gonna go one two three seems reasonable then i'm going to acid blast which does an extra damage you're gonna have someone without end of the game by murdering alex in the corner yep go for it do it do it and then i'm going strategically sound heavy hammer attack him only if he's done the math that he wins push you into the wall for your last Hill um i won't and then i'm gonna buy something i think uh for five what do i want well it doesn't do anything for you no but it's just the full full use of the turn there we go okay let's do the math of it uh these are worth fives i have twelve blues are worth two and everything else is worth one you have twelve that's more than he had First first game yeah but it wasn't recorded um [Laughter] i don't think she realized 16 when she laughed so uh hopefully you all have enjoyed uh this four-player chaotic gameplay uh we are going to do a first impressions final thoughts kickstarter overview over on your channel so if you're curious what we all think about this after a few Plays and like digging into it swinging over there lincoln on the top of this video real quick i like i i'm having fun with this one yeah yeah superficially all right awesome swing over there i didn't want to leave them with nothing i agree well i know i know i know but this is my channel i don't you know it's the other thing is going on his he's already gonna get there there's a few more of us we don't have to tell him He'll get 10 000 views on his channel either way so whatever the case thanks for being here whatever you do remember to do the important thing get out spend time with alex we'll see you next time thanks

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