New SuperSource Transitions | Blackmagic - We Need More Macros

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Hey everyone we're giving away more transitions for the atem super sources okay these are animated transitions completely for free stay tuned to the end of the video so you can see how to get them let's talk about it all right i'm brandon peltz from a to z productions uh and we're going to go over a little bit about the super sources here a disclaimer this is not for a10 minis Pros or isos hd studios uh the 4k atem studio this is not for them okay this is you need a super source for these things to work just a disclaimer right off the back let's get into this uh so not only did we add more looks and different ones of them we're now able to transition between any of these looks at any time and full screen Any box that's on screen alright the other thing that we did is we made it so that basically you can't screw it up so if you look down at this stream deck here uh i basically set it up so that no matter what look you're on it's only going to show you the options to get out of that look as you can see i'm pressing different buttons here and the screen Is changing okay the boxes are moving around i can full screen any one box here i can go to a two whatever maybe so that's one thing that we changed we basically made the whole system dummy proof so you can't click on the wrong transition whatever transition you click on will work for the look that you are currently in okay so that's that 24 different looks Ends up being about 99 different transitions in here that we pushed out to the atem software why only 99 well we couldn't do the 400 plus that we actually wanted to do because the atem software and the atem switchers have a limiting factor of only 100 macros per switcher okay so that meant we had to keep it Under a hundred now would i have liked to do the 400 yeah i would have and it wouldn't have been that much more work because i have code that pushes this out for me but because of that i'm now going to make the switch to see if i can do this completely in companion and avoid using macros on the atem switcher altogether okay if i can do this completely in companion and With my initial test i believe that i can that means i can use all 99 pages and all 32 buttons of those 99 pages which you do the math that's a lot of transitions okay so if i can do that that means we don't even need to upload a file to the atem switcher i just need to send out one companion file with all these transitions in it it's just gonna you just load it into your Uh computer and it works right then maybe i can do once for the a10 minis and things like that once i have that code um so that's that a little recap we can now full screen any individual box that we have on screen um and you can't get them wrong okay more looks free transitions right let me let me tell you how we're gonna get these out to you All you have to do is just send us an email all right you send us an email say hey i want those transitions that you guys did we're happy to send them out we do need you to subscribe to our youtube channel and follow our instagram okay and we are checking this time a lot of people got away with it last time that's fine but we are checking if you want to help us out send us a screenshot of your follow And your uh subscription to our channel and we can send those out to you even faster because it makes our life of checking even easier so send us an email you'll get these transitions two files and uh upload them to your atem put them in companion and you're good to go uh these are pretty good i will be making some changes uh to attempt to get these completely in companion without using the atem and i'm Excited to do that and i hope you guys enjoy i hope you like our transitions and we do listen in the comments that's what caused uh being able to full screen any individual box so yep that's that i hope you guys enjoy thanks

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