Joe Rogan reads Hunter S Thompsons daily routine.

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Removed and re-uploaded video of Joe Rogan reading Hunter S Thompsons daily routine.

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Video Transcript:

Alright here's here's his daily routine 3 p.m. rise 3:05 shivers regal with morning papers smokes Dunhill's 3:45 cocaine 350 another glass of Sheila's another Dunhill 4:05 p.m. by the way first cup of coffee and a dunghill for 15 cocaine for 16 orange juice and another Dunhill for 30 cocaine for 54 cocaine 505 cocaine 511 coffee Dunhill's 530 get more ice in the Shiva's cocaine at 5:45 6 o'clock smoke and grass take the edge off the day 7 p.m. a day three hours into and three hours in lit 7:05 Woody Creek tavern for lunch Heineken two margaritas coleslaw a taco salad double order of fried onion rings carrot cake ice cream of being fritter Dunhill's another Heineken cocaine and for the rest of the ride home a snow cone a glass of shredded ice which is poured over for jiggers of Shiva okay so snow cone is Shiva okay 9:00 p.m. start snorting cocaine seriously test 10:00 p.m. drops acid 11:00 p.m. chartreuse I don't know what that is cocaine and grass 11:30 cocaine etc etc 12 midnight hot arrest Thompson is ready to write that's when he sits down to write 12:05 to 6 a.m. he writes chartreuse cocaine grass shivers coffee Heineken clove cigarettes grapefruit Dunhill's orange juice gin continuous pornographic movies 6 a.m. in the hot tub with champagne dove bars fettuccine alfredo 8 a.m. Halcyon to sleeping Co not 8:20 sleep

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