Tik Toks That Found Out What The Dog Doing

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[Music] oh bro that's a huge ass paragraph bro how do you feel about joe biden winning presidency [Music] my friend found a cockroach in the rbnv airbnb requested video proof this is how it went you know i still don't understand why back in like 2014 i never blew up on vine Especially because i was posting comedy gold like this hey what are you listening to drake oh i listen to josh you want something i do not yo is that a mushroom it was all going good until oh [Applause] so maybe we shouldn't just park here what the hell is this all right bro good night good night All right oh shoot i forgot to get my water okay so we all [ __ ] and shower excuse the [ __ ] we do what now so maybe we should just park here what the hell is this really good for you um do you guys have popcorn uh yeah it's right over there you stupid [Music] Oh the celebrity that i would like to meet the most um is probably kendall jenner because i would because i would tell her that people tell me that i look like her they do not tell me that but i genuinely think that it would ruin her mood for like two or three days hey bro you wanna ice one all right it's time to boot up my new nintendo 2ds wait what the [ __ ] You like how you look the commercials that get on my nerves the most are the ones that be like with one penny you can feed this starving child like why are you killing him like i know you got snacks in the van i can see his ribs like give him food and i know you got clean water like why don't give you a penny if you're gonna die before i get hey guys so only 11 of you are subscribed to the channel so make sure to subscribe if you enjoy the Content and if you like and comment a title idea i'll give you a shout out if i use yours i don't get why this is like back the blue flag when it's obviously white and gold what are you doing in my house what are you doing in my house i want waffle fries alright just got home from work i walked home don't ask why i'm sweating it's like 110 out But [ __ ] if this is below 90 you boy get some sugar 30. sorry bot i can't serve booze to a miner it ain't right i'm here to buy fireworks oh hell yeah they say you can give your dog an egg and they know to be gentle with it guys check out my cat i think there's something wrong with her though she's been making like weird sounds Like come on let's go um this is how straight people eat swedish fish this is some good swedish fish how gay people eat swedish fish this is some good swedish fish but i'm gay nice thank you this [ __ ] cream and i mean cream and i mean cream creaming i mean uh cream i just Found this baby lullaby in nature sounds video and apparently like makes you like fall asleep so let's just try it [Music] oh here is your sign to start making your own fishing bait love some fishing we are just beginners at it but one day we will be [ __ ] what how far would you drive for the girl of your dreams i would drive Anywhere what about to nebraska oh nebraska no no here we go welcome back to uh fracture cap where we uh test out tick tock trend video hey bro can i get a drink i mean like yeah just like once well no no no no no let's let's talk about it what happened you think it's so [ __ ] funny huh Funny funny funny all right guys we're here at the mall and actually this mall is really cool like the food court is over here we've got a victoria's secret over here a newberry and a children's place i'm actually not allowed in there anymore there's a haagen-dazs so this happened on frontier airlines this man got the right dentist that's all i'm going to say Oh my god my friends always told me that i should never get a tattoo of somebody else's name because if i ever stopped loving them i would regret it and i should have [ __ ] listened to him because now i have to remove my kid's name fat it was literally just like a fraction of a second but yes someone still meant watch watch look at it how do you catch me this badly bro oh my Gosh hey let me get them in hey let me go on too let me hold on yeah right there what the dog doing he's just wondering if you got your photos printed what he's got like 10 french fries in his mouth have another how many french fries can you eat have another Oh we dropped one come get this one [Music] when you're a full-time voice actor but you scare easily and there's a spider on your face in 1958 a road construction crew discovered the [ __ ] [ __ ] god damn it in 1958 my mind said i got two daddies but my other one in jail Watch this mother so look it's supposed to make your um your are my am i fixing to be on tick tock no but look it's supposed to like make you your uh hey send me some booty pics you slide oh my god don't read that who is that who's grant so maybe we shouldn't just park here what the hell is this who the [ __ ] trying to play cool math games and roblox on the bridge That ain't even the best part nah that ain't it who the [ __ ] does it make you feel good ruining people's birth you're [ __ ] sick what's your name what's your name [ __ ] just get someone are you a girl no do you need help right now all right help is on the way how did this happen how did you feel if you're a guy with a Big butt don't you dare don't you dare do all my videos okay that's i'll really get annoyed and i'll really get mad if you're a guy with a big butt and you do have my videos so don't oh [ __ ] another train not only is frozen honey cutting diarrhea oh no here we go we got new text to speech characters hey guys i'm chris from the uk Shut the [ __ ] up you fish and chips [ __ ] joey be nice chris has feelings eddie you're from australia joey they can't help them no way it's real it's real no it's not say tomato tomato holy [ __ ] back to the computer oh my gosh i'm such a nerd let's see if i got any new comments the difference in size But they both pack a mighty punch let's [ __ ] go would you look at that somebody spilled gay on the floor and didn't clean it up sloppy if you like smoking weed gotcha get these [ __ ] guys imagine could you be with a guy whose lips look like this and he was like come give me a kiss baby girl Would you kiss him i wouldn't i would ride run for the hills oh you're gonna be nice now you were so [ __ ] mean for what what you get her bubby she bit mommy she'd be your mommy she bit me bubby she bit me it hurt what no i walked this lonely street on a Boulevard of burger dreams for the crowd no how about you daddy yeah i got one you're a fat [ __ ] hi welcome to walmart always those tampons thank you walmart i love tampons taco bell what can i get for you today listen i just want to let you know i got my baja blast i got my [ __ ] baja blast i got my baja blast i got cheesy quesadilla too A dead ass i came back just to tell you i need to meet you okay i'm coming up you want a cheesy quesadilla are you sick of this place you want to casey cheesy quesadilla are you sick of this place yeah a little bit of the second one but all right i got one last bite i'll give it to you i'm coming up people on tick-tock are always talking about menace to society This menace to society that like [ __ ] all of that bro the only real menaces to society is the [ __ ] who eat coleslaw why i have a question for people that sleep on their side so when you're sleeping on your side right do y'all let your ears just go flat on the pillow or do you all fold it yeah bro chrome device is going like really crazy right now bro not even Lying bro but i don't think they're going to close the school bro it's really across the country bro how is it going to come over to us but you're honestly dumb if you think coronavirus is going to last more than a month but you honestly think it's going to last bro are you serious but i don't care if they gave us monday off bro will lilly be back in school tuesday bro nothing is going to happen bro i don't even think corona virus is real i don't care what You've seen on the news bro the news is literally caving to you bro there's no way we live in new jersey bro it's illegal i want the west coast how is it gonna go to us bro tell me that right now exactly bro you don't know how bro then how is it gonna come for you never mind i looked it up it means suspicious fool you get it like imposter because imposters like a majestic baboon so When he finds his rod what is he going to pull up actually he just starts beating up a bass why does he look like a whale there's someone cast he'll play oh hey oh my god he did it really reel her in oh no no [ __ ] way if he catches something did you get the duck thing oh i think he got the duck Oh my god no way dude what did you catch that looks like a bass oh hold that is that a catfish that's a catfish that's a catfish here's your foot long time thanks 12 inches of deep hey yo what the [ __ ] why did that anger me why did that anger me that made me angry i know you're probably like where the [ __ ] is it but it's coming it's gonna be here any Second my therapist would say pause and just release it you know it's coming it'll be here any second if it's not here yet that's okay and it will be i promise it is coming any second i've discovered a new duck filter that i can utilize to its fullest potential you have to blink and catch the duck inside of its silhouette [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] with he not me i swear to god to my teacher it's the first day of school introduce yourself hey [ __ ] no i'm i'm showing my best friend chris one of my new beats [Music] so when you hear i was at the store today and these Caught my eye it's pretty sticky um but if you don't know what these are used for then i'll show you oh oh you want to get [ __ ] up you just want to get i said again again you've been cheating on me with the guy with the bigger lego what is he 2x3 2x5 oh goddamn part one of walmart yeah i almost got me why am i what's going on baby what what Y'all doing they got the air minimums wow mark what come come on man got the crooks got the crooks man oh mark come got the bus not the vans the bus the [ __ ] is going on the [ __ ] is wrong with the cameras man sure the ankle's right [Music] oh all right i'm going to look at some Cringy ways i have tried and failed to cull out of work so a couple years ago i popped a disc in my neck and i couldn't turn my head i couldn't move my left arm i was in so much pain and so i texted my manager hey it's emmy i this happened and i can't come into work i'm going to the cairo hopefully i'll be good tomorrow which manager goes do you think you could man the great stand the other host could see and so i sent him this And then this legend replies okay so yeah i got written up before covet i got a job at outback for like three weeks and this one day i was super drunk and so i texted my manager hey i just got back from the doctor i have pink eye i can't come in and she says this you know very nice very sweet very caring for some reason my drunk self felt that i should set some photographic proof so She wouldn't think i was lying so i sent her this horrible picture that i edited drunk she goes did you edit that i say no i have pink eye i no longer work at outback i love when the elder community hits us with the whole you know back in our day we didn't have phones i know back in our day we didn't vote it was great we know that they've done fred don't stress we Know we see that size 92 font we see those apple emails every day saying oh i forgot my user id don't worry we know it's not your strength so go back to what you're used to smoke signals tying notes to pigeons and menopause what the [ __ ] y'all doing y'all rationing around here come on hook me up two little [ __ ] string bangs Give me the head string bangs can you take this no why not it's not tender tender what do you mean by that currency money tinder like the app no it's not actual money oh are you positive either give us real money or leave i thought that was real money are you 18 no but i can be 18 will that make you accept it no if you're 18 you have to have an adult in the store oh so i've Got to get out yes since they want to say i'm not 18 i'm proven wrong we know you're not an adult i just got in here what are you talking about you see my mustache and then the fake one gets slapped on your face to come in here are you blind this is real can i can i order do you think i'm like stupid or something i don't think you're stupid son i'm just ready you should have given My snickers now you when you're hungry am i right now jesse that does not for real sound like your girl sounds like a [ __ ] toddler talking about among us and this sounds annoying too how to be a sussy baca in three steps why the [ __ ] would i want to know that what even is a sassy baca i know it's from among us you don't need to [ __ ] Tell me that your boy's a tank head among us what is that though never mind i looked it up it means suspicious fool you get it like imposter because imposters are sucks [Music]

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