Three cousins argue how to divvy up money their grandfather left for them. | Short Film

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SUBSCRIBE to watch the best short films: The world’s best short films from OSCARS® & BAFTA qualifying film festivals. Short Film: In The Basement There's Some Money Directed by: Gianluca Randazzo Written by: Jake Wells Produced by: Mad Frolics Cast: Joseph Cordaro, Lauren Hines, Jake Wells Three cousins of varying socioeconomic status struggle to divvy up the money their grandfather left for them. ABOUT For 25 years we have showcased the world’s best short films at our prestigious film festivals. Now for the first time, you can watch these films and more on our YouTube channel, THE SHORTS NETWORK. THE SHORTS NETWORK features short films from film festivals accredited by the OSCARS®, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, BAFTA, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Our signature film festival is the LA SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, which ranks among the most prestigious and largest short film festivals in the world. FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Note - Short film used with permission from filmmaker. #shortfilm

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Um [Music] so as they start lowering grandpa into the grave aiden sees this big hole in the sand and he's like i want to go in i want to go in oh my god so then kelsey sees her older brother getting so excited and she's like i want to go in too it was humiliating but i'm not a bad mother you didn't let Them go in the grave did you jump where were you by the way everyone at the funeral was asking and your parents really didn't know what to say i thought i texted you i really i couldn't get work off you have a job yes really i do have a job like a job job it's a job why is this so hard why are you smiling No offense it just seems like you're the type of person who the moment he finds out someone left him some money would quit okay grandpa probably left us like ten dollars for three of us i mean he was a super he lived in a basement for 50 years hey luke joni how are you rich luke shall we oh wow I've forgotten about the ceilings in this place do you guys remember playing down here yeah not really my kids would love it it's like a big fort oh luke i totally forgot to thank you aiden loves his little litigators play courtroom set you got him such a thoughtful birthday gift well you know i had one when i was a kid i look at you now you know what's that Supposed to mean nothing i mean you're a very successful lawyer probably because you played the litigators you know it's kind of creepy right yeah it is he died right there he died in the bathroom we missed you at the funeral oh sorry i really wanted to be there i just couldn't afford a plane ticket no i just had a lot going on happy to spot you It wasn't that it wasn't the money man okay i i really wanted to be there do you not have a suit i have a suit is it black it's navy well you can't wear navy to a funeral dude what colors you're supposed to wear you always do this [ __ ] to me do what [ __ ] how many of grandpa's funerals have you missed just the ones dear luke joan and richard congratulations You have outlived your grandfather look behind the boiler and you'll see a red leopard print bag from neiman marcus that belonged to your grandmother i have it tucked away pretty well because sometimes the boiler explodes and leaks steam inside the bag you'll find 500 dollars wrapped in foil split it up between the three of you however You see fit love [Music] grandpa so should we just split it equally it's the math on that 166 666.67 each is everyone cool with that three people three-way split that seems fair three cousins three sides of the family makes sense you sure yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah because this is It speak now or forever hold your peace going once going twice wait yeah i don't want to sound greedy or anything but um but what well luke no offense but you're doing pretty well for yourself already i mean you make what like three four hundred thousand dollars a year not including my bonus yeah okay and joan i i know you have kids but todd Makes what like about the same give or take that's personal but yes and you guys just sold your starter home what does my starter home have to do with this nothing just i don't have a starter home or a regular home or or a job or a suit so what are you trying to sell me here buddy you need clothes I'm just thinking maybe grandpa wouldn't mind if if if i if i took a larger share of the money like like maybe half you know that's not what the note said i'm just throwing it out there you honestly think you deserve more money than me i have two kids you have kids because you could already afford to have them i can't i could barely afford the subway down here And you think 166 000 isn't enough for a house a car savings retirement unplanned medical expenses no i don't yeah that's exactly why i am not comfortable giving up more money you know i want to get married to something no no maybe you luke rich this isn't negotiable i'm not negotiating i'm asking seriously how about joan and i split four hundred thousand dollars and you Take the last hundred doesn't that sound fair no that doesn't sound fair how is that not fair what are you gonna do with two hundred thousand dollars gamble it away buy a bunch of crap you don't need i no you've already proven yourself to be irresponsible with money how because you don't have any you couldn't even afford to attend grandpa's funeral maybe because someone here decided to have it in the bahamas Grandpa wanted to be buried at sandals resort it was in his whale i didn't get to read the will okay i'm not some lawyer with vip access to his estate i'm 32 years old luke and i've never had more than 600 in my bank account yeah well that sounds kind of like a personal problem rich i know how to manage money that doesn't make me evil excuse me child care in the bay area is 55 000 A year alone not to mention treatment for aiden's hyperactive dissociative disorder kelsey's scuba lessons college funds mortgage car insurance i think you should consider giving me more money i mean come on grandpa would be so happy knowing his money was going to help his great-grandkids he specified grandkids not great-grandkids Shut the [ __ ] up you've never even met them i believe they exist in seven years you have never once tried to arrange a visit i have sent you huge needs for not pulling across countries out of my assets joan i think i deserve at the very least three hundred thousand dollars joni please take a seat i think the best plan of action for everyone And to be honest i should have just started with this is allowing me to invest the entire 500k hear me out my roommate from law school works at citadel their returns are insane but the minimum investment is 500 000. if we can be patient we can turn this money into a sizable nest egg but it requires the whole amount joni do you need the money right now i Would like it but do you need it i suppose todd and i are i don't have time to grow a [ __ ] egg right now you're just gonna have to keep treading water rich trust me on this we'll split the equity at 33 and in 10 years 10 years no no no no no let's return to the original plan a clean three-way split but luke is right in 10 years the money will only grow Yeah i'm thinking sugar commodities syrup and sorghum are on the rise right now and if we get in before any big regime changes i want to spend this on sorghum stock it's a commodity i don't know the difference which is why you should let someone who understands the markets deal with the money why don't we have a vote there's three of us that seems fair right excellent idea we should have a vote you Can't argue with democracy so who here thinks that rich should have more money and who thinks that joan should get more money okay and who thinks that i should invest the entire 500k for maximum returns with my friend at citadel right it settled what the [ __ ] she voted twice that's voter fraud it's two against one Rich majority rule that's democracy democracy is just the wealthy people here teaming up to keep me poor i'm not wealthy i want to be wealthy that's why i voted with luke you voted against your own interest richard if you would just understand that long-term growth is the surest way to build wealth it makes sense but you're only interested in instant gratification A quick fix which is why you can't be trusted with money richard what are you doing i know we're family or cousins if you consider that family but i have a chance for once in my life to not be broke i gotta take it you're broke because of the choices you made in life go back to school learn to code or some [ __ ] be competitive in a modern economy [Applause] Calm down i'm gonna kill him we're fine [Music] you what i invested in you already invested it came down here yesterday what the [ __ ] luke well i knew you would agree with me that investing the money would be the financially responsible decision you know in case something like this happened i mean you know richard he's a deadbeat why are we even here then Well uh legally i had to honor the will us coming down here and all plus i do love seeing you you are not the chief executive grandkid okay you cannot just do whatever you want it's okay well i did i'm sorry it's just that sorghum was at an all-time low so i had to get it who cares about your [ __ ] sorghum you really want to deal with this guy i have investment strategies too you know Okay okay i'm sorry also uh there was a one time ten thousand dollar fee that i had to pay to join the fund with citadel i mean you know i'm okay paying it but if you want to split it be five thousand dollars each five thousand dollars yeah it's a one-time fee you know what forget it let's go out the back yeah so i got a 25 percent off uber so i don't know if you wanted to Raise the [ __ ] money calm down richard where's the [ __ ] money i invested it you what i gave it to citadel no no no no no sorghum baby it's a solid bet write me a check for 166 000 right [ __ ] now you touch me like that again and you won't see a single [ __ ] set of that money I'm in charge of the fund and i can cut you out like that for once in your life just listen to people who are smarter than you i'm living in a friend's car you even know what that's like i i can't afford to be homeless in my own car i i can't eat i can't sleep i i i can't go on like this please john can you spare me a couple hundred bucks or something just Just just something to get me through the end of the month please i uh i really can't right now nothing i'm sorry rich i'll tell you what i can do never mind the fact that you just tried to run off with the money or that you just physically assaulted me i'm gonna give you a monthly allowance deducted from your share on a quarterly basis i think 600 a month is fair Yeah that should be enough for you to buy some clothes save up for an apartment 600 anything more than that would be kind of a waste you know i mean what do you think joan is that fair it's more than fair people would kill to have passive income like that here had this e-contract drawn up this morning why don't you just Uh you know with your finger come on i'm doing you a favor terrific so joni i still got that uh 25 off if you want to split an uber to the city i'm good thanks you sure i think i'll take the train come on let's celebrate all right suit yourself actually luke wait up that's all i have on me so You

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