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This Powerful Motivational Compilation can set a right tone for the rest of your Life. Let everybody else lead a small life but not you. Let everybody cry over small hurts but not you. Deal in things that matter - Jim Rohn Subscribe to our channel using this link for a constant flow of instructional and motivational videos from great speakers like Jim Rohn : #MotivationalStories #JimRohn FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 1) This video has no negative impact on the original works 2) This video is also for teaching purposes. 3) It is transformative in nature.

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Let other people lead small lives but not you let everybody else cry over small hurts but not you let everybody else argue over non-essentials but not you deal in things that matter make sure what you do is the product of your own conclusion take advice but not orders let everybody around you be helpful but Then put that through your own mental computer and make sure what you do is the product of what you've concluded based on all the input all of us should be students of inevitability without kidding myself if i keep up my current daily practices where will it take me in 10 years without being disillusioned i don't want to just cross my fingers and walk the wrong Road i got to learn to look into the future called inevitable human beings can alter the course of their life human beings can live one way for five years tear up that script live a totally different way the next five years the first six years of my economic life i wound up broke second six years i wound up rich someone says don't you have to do the Second six years like you did the first six years and jot this down no no you don't have to live the second six years like the first six you can use all the information and all the advice and repairing all of your mistakes and adopting a new and refined philosophy so that the next six years can be totally different than the last six now here's the next note to make five years from now you will arrive The question is where this is for mature people now if you keep up your present disciplines and keep up the present pace that you're on where will you be in five years boy it's easy to say hey i haven't really thought about that so now make this note in five years here's the probability you will either arrive at a well-designed destination or an undesigned destination Well designed or undesigned and i promise you five years from now you you really don't want to arrive at an undesigned destination because you may very well wind up wearing what you don't want to wear driving what you don't want to drive living where you don't want to live maybe doing what you don't want to do simply because you didn't design a better destination Five years from now i wish for you to arrive at a well-designed place a place of productivity a place that'll make you feel good about yourself a place that'll give you honor and respect a place that'll give you influence to touch other people five years from now that you couldn't do today where will you be in five years the first thing you start changing is What your philosophy you start changing your mind you start changing how you think you start picking up new ideas and information gather new knowledge make better decisions about what's valuable and i'm telling if you'll do that your whole life will change your health will change your relationship with your family will change your ability to cope with challenges and Problems will change i'm telling you income promotions all of it will change if you will change it'll all change if you won't change it isn't going to change you can keep your fingers crossed if you want to and hope they'll straighten it out you can wish for the wind not to blow quite as severe but i'm telling you wishing for the wind to change in your favor we call Naive at best don't do this any longer wish for a better win the key is to wish for the wisdom to set a better sail utilize whatever wind that blows to take you wherever you want to go that is the philosophy i picked up at age 25 and it revolutionized my whole life and here's what i found i found it was easy i got rich by the time i was 31 and it was easy now here's my definition of Easy gotta jot this down my definition of easy meaning something i could do i figure if it's something you can do it's easy now here's a parenthesis parenthesis i worked hard at it i found something i could do which was easy but i worked hard at it i got up early and stayed up late worked hard that six years But what i did was easy meaning it was something i could do you say well mr owen if it was so easy how come everybody else around you during that six years how come they didn't get rich here's why it's easy not to how else would you describe it that's it you say no no for all of the rest of them it was hard for them and it was easy for you that's not true you couldn't debate me On that in front of this intelligent audience but here's the challenge let me give it to you in the philosophical phrase i tend to be a little philosophical here it is the things that are easy to do are also easy not to do that's the difference between success and failure so you've got the choice here today of one of two easies easy two or what easy not to i can give you in one Sentence how i got rich by the time i was 31 here it is in one sentence i did not neglect to do the easy things i could do every day for six years underline i did not neglect that's the key i found something easy i could do that led to fortune and i did not neglect to do it major reason for not having everything you want in america major reasons for not having more of what you want in america more health More money more power more influence more everything major reason why you don't get it simple answer neglect neglect and here's the problem with neglect it starts as an infection and if you don't take care of it it becomes a disease and here's what else is the problem one neglect leads to another neglect to do wise things with your money you'll probably get to do wise Things with your time neglect to do wise things with your time you'll probably neglect to do wise things with your business one leads to another leads to another pretty soon neglect has you by the throat emptying your purse emptying your heart emptying all of your chances for equities and power and all the good things neglect what if you should be walking around the Block every day for your good health and you don't i'm telling you you're on the wrong track you should do it you could do it you don't do it that's called formula for disaster all you've got to do is let that and a few other things accumulate for six years and now you're driving what you don't want to drive wearing what you don't want to wear Living where you don't want to live doing what you don't want to do maybe having become what you really didn't want to become i'm telling you that's it just neglect along drift along and it's got you by the throat it'll take all your values leave you with just a little bit of dust in the summer wind and it'll soon be gone i hope i said that well that's it that's where i found myself at Age 25 until my teacher came along and said mr owen up until now you've messed up let's see if we can't clean that up change it all i did changed my life not just the money all the rest of the values that came pouring in when i understood that it was me it was me we intend to when the idea strikes us we intend to when the emotion is high but now if you don't translate that into Action fairly soon now the intent starts to diminish diminish diminish and a month from now it's cold year from now can't be found so act set up a discipline when the emotions are high and the idea is strong and clear and powerful that's the time to set up the discipline somebody talks about good health and you're stirred right i need to get a book on nutrition get the book before the idea passes and Before the emotion gets cold go for the book start the library start the process fall on the floor do some push-ups action gotta take action otherwise the wisdom is wasted otherwise the emotion soon passes unless you put it into a disciplined activity capture it disciplines is called how to capture the emotion and how to capture the wisdom and translate it into equity Disciplines now here's what's important about disciplines all disciplines affect each other in fact here's a good philosophical phrase everything affects everything else nothing stands alone don't be naive in saying well this doesn't matter i'm telling you everything matters there are some things that matter more than others but there isn't anything That doesn't matter we all pity the man who says well this is the only place i let down not true key to take home every letdown affects the rest of your performance every let down affects the rest this is part of the educational process on personal development if you don't take the walk around the block you probably won't do the apple a day if you don't do the apple a day you Probably won't consist you know start building your library if you don't build your library you probably won't keep a journal and you won't take pictures and you won't do this you won't do wise things with your money won't do wise things with your time won't do wise things with your possibilities and relationships and the first thing you know six years of that accumulated and we say you have Messed up so the whole key to reversing that process now is to start picking up these disciplines now here's the positive side every new discipline affects the rest of your disciplines every new one affects the rest that's why action is so important the least action the smallest action take it because when you start accomplishing and the value starts to return from that one action it'll Inspire you to do the next one and the next one and the next one you start walking around the block it'll inspire you to get an apple get an apple it'll inspire you to get a book get a book it'll inspire you to get a journal get a journal it'll inspire you to grow develop some skills all disciplines affect each other every lac affects the rest every new affects the rest the key is to diminish the lack And set up the new and you started a whole new life process also one more thought on discipline here's the greatest value of discipline self-worth self-esteem people are teaching self-esteem these days but they don't connect it to disciplines the least lack of discipline and it starts to erode our psyche one of the greatest temptations Is to just ease up a little bit right the slightest lack of doing your best starts to erode the site instead of doing your best doing just a little less than your best sure enough you say well it's just going to affect my sales no it's going to affect your consciousness it's going to affect your philosophy now you've begun in the slightest way to affect your own philosophy here's the problem with the least Neglect neglect starts as an infection and if you don't take care of it it becomes a disease and one neglect leads to another and the worst of all when neglect starts it diminishes our self-worth our self-confidence our self-value you say well how can i get back my self-respect i'm telling you don't have to go to 29 classes all you have to do is start the smallest Discipline that now corresponds to your own philosophy like i should and i could and i will no longer will i let neglect stack up on me so that i will have the sorry scenario six years from now giving some excuse instead of celebrating my progress that's the key to discipline you

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