Huawei FreeBuds Pro vs Huawei FreeBuds 3

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Today we are comparing the Huawei FreeBuds Pro vs Huawei FreeBuds 3. The Huawei FreeBuds Pro and the Huawei FreeBuds 3 are both very compelling offerings. The FreeBuds 3 was the best that Huawei offered until they released the FreeBuds Pro. Sit back, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the show. ►►►Giveaway link: Purchase them here: ►FreeBuds Pro here: ►FreeBuds Pro here: ►FreeBuds 3 Here: ►FreeBuds 3 Here: ►FreeBuds 3 Here: ◆ Follow me on social networks. ◆ ►🐦Twitter: ►📷Instagram: ►👍Facebook:📩 Check out the gear I use to make my videos. Nikon Z6: Nikon Z 14-30mm: Nikon Z 50-250mm: Atomos Ninja V: Aputure LS C120D II: Aputure Light Dome II: Audio-Technica AT875R: Zoom H4n Recorder: Glide Gear Teleprompter: JOBY GorillaPod: DJI Ronin-SC: Disclaimer The links provided are my Affiliate links. A tiny portion of the commission is given back to support the channel if you purchase using those links. Thank you for your support! #techunraveled #Huawei #HuawieFreeBudsPro #HuaweiFreeBuds3 #FreeBudsPro #FreeBuds3

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Video Transcript:

Triple blops what's up guys dave here back again with another episode of tech unraveled and you know what's going down today you read the title you clicked on the video it's a huawei vs huawei challenge free buds pro versus free buds three you know what we got to do right we gotta get this going we gotta get this party started grab that popcorn let's do this let's go Up first is the huawei free budget three let's get this audio test started i'm gonna open up the youtube music app jump into my playlist and let's hear what we hear highs are nice loud not distorted there comes the bass all right guys so the bass is good i've always said it's good it's pretty solid now these don't go in your ears so it's very hard to compare These two earbuds right because the free buds pro they're going to go all the way in my my ear tubes these kind of sit on the outside of my ears so the base is good i really like how they sound but let's see how the freeboats pro work i think it's gonna be a different story i think i think i already know who wins but let's listen here we go music is cranked To 11. oh yeah highs are ultra crispy the bass i gotta say guys so the free buds pro the base definitely hits harder but the highs and mids are pretty close they're both very clear they both get very loud but obviously because these are further inside your ear tubes they're going to hit a little bit harder i'd have to give it to the free buds pro they are definitely the winner in this Challenge slightly louder slightly crisper and the bass hits slightly harder definitely the winner in my book and to me when you're comparing two earbuds of this caliber you know that they're gonna sound good so that is easy the hard part is the mic the huawei free buds three definitely have a good mic but you Know i've been listening and using the pros for a while and i've been blown away by how well the mic is i'm very curious to see how they're going to stand up in this challenge if there's going to be a bigger separation in the two and that's where i'm gonna need your guys's help i'm gonna need you to let me know which one is the winner down in the comments all right guys this is the sound of my Voice with the huawei free buds three how do they sound is it clear is it crisp it should be all right guys this is the sound of my voice with the huawei free buds pro how does it sound is it clear and crisp i believe it is again this is the sound of my voice with the huawei free bugs 3 how does it sound with the ambient noise In the background this is the sound of my voice with the huawei free buds pro how does it sound which one is the winner let me know everything down in the comments below alright guys so that's what i have for you today if you like this video or i helped you in any way smash that thumbs up and if you haven't already subscribe and hit the bell that way you get Notified of my next video i'll talk to you in the next one peace [Music] you

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