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World Health Organization (WHO)

"COVID-19 can only be defeated if we cooperate. Vaccines aren't being distributed equitably. Vaccination hasn't begun in many developing countries. Health workers and vulnerable people remain at risk in those places. Together, to save lives and livelihoods everywhere" - Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General Learn more:

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[Music] together that's it together and that's what we're also saying to the world this virus could be defeated if we cooperate if we work together if we unite if we're divided then the virus actually exploits that division so we need to fight it together and it's a common enemy Enemy for everybody vaccines are not being distributed equitably so we have to still continue to fight in many developing countries the vaccination didn't start but i am one of the few lucky i had the choice i have underlying health condition and i should have taken the vaccine earlier and i'm really glad that i had my vaccine [Music] [Music] today [Music] you

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