Scott Eastwood Talks About His Dad, Clint Eastwood

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The jurgen experience my dad eats a lot of salmon he's big into salmon yeah but your dad's like a hundred years old he's doing great 91 91 yesterday yeah yeah yeah how badass is he's born in memorial day bad [ __ ] i know i know he you know he almost oh my gosh this is a crazy story i don't know if you know the story but he was about two seconds from being Deployed to the korean war and he was in a plane crash off san francisco when he was 21 years old wow he was he was in the army and he was doing a flight somewhere he had done some like a training flight or something they said oh you know hop on this thing and uh he said okay cool last minute i'll go do it he was in a plane crash the crash landed In san fran outside of san francisco bay and because um he ultimately ended up there i think one person died him and the pilot or co-pilot i can't remember had to swim to shore like at night over two miles i want to say something crazy and you know there's tons of sharks tons of [ __ ] out there san francisco and this was you know 1950 so at the time my grandmother uh They had told him that they told my grandmother that he had gone down in a plane crash i thought he thought they she thought he was dead and there was no cell phones there was no social media there was no anything it took a week for him by the time he got back and got back to the thing to be able to call her after i don't get made to go to the Hospital i can't remember um for him to be able to call his his mother and say hey i'm alive wow and that is what kept him from going to the korean war because he was supposed to be deployed but because he was in his plane crash he had to stay and testify and do the whole do this whole thing and that they had just deployed without him wow isn't that crazy how One moment in time can change the whole course of someone's life yeah and a moment that's completely out of your control there's there's these weird like sort of pathways that you come to in life gateways and you go left and you're okay you go right and the trip ends the trip's over yeah my dad was born in 1930. that's great before the Before world war ii that's crazy which is nuts what is it like talking to him first of all what is it like being clint eastwood's son and also being a movie star yourself that's gotta be weird it's well look i'm i'm stumbling through it just like anyone else in life you know you're just you're trying you taking the information you have trying to make the best decisions at the time Speaking to my dad it's like there's a wealth of knowledge and fork knocks and you're trying to just like pull little slivers out when you speak to him because you he'll just say things casually like yeah and everyone shuts the [ __ ] up like a dinner you know you know finally you'll know he's about to say something and then he'll say Yeah well that was you know back in the 60s i was with uh frank sinatra at that place at the time and oh yeah we did we met her and the thing and you go wait what did you just say you were with frank sinatra like wait hold on let's stop stop like more and more give us more and then he'll he'll be on to something else and you know you can't get it out of him but It's like it's he's just lived this incredible life incredible incredible so it's i you know i'm trying to right now i'm trying to just soak up every piece of knowledge i can from him listen to him sit with him as much as possible so i know he's not gonna be around forever and and that's that's terrifying you know to think About but it's um it's like oh man this is i gotta like spend every moment i can does he exercise yeah he's super active um obviously he's 91 so how old do you 35 so he had you way late in life but he had three kids after me whoa what's the youngest the youngest is 220. [Laughter] 20. he has had some younger younger Wives he has a 20 year old kid yeah 23. holy [ __ ] yeah shooting live rounds deep deep deep into the 60s machine gun rounds wow that's crazy yeah that was that newscaster lady right was that her it was it was yeah yeah she's she's great actually she was great but yeah yeah yeah you know he had a few few younger ladies around he's such a throwback Yeah he really is you know and what's interesting though is like what people think about him they think they see this bigger than life character but he's so much more complex than what you see and the movies he's in he's there's a lot of nuance it's like humans you know it's like i'm sure all humans people would think about you just because of whatever and they're like oh Well he's just this thing they don't know about your personal life they don't know about how you are with your kids how you are you know how you think you know esoterically about things and you know when you're speaking to your wife like he's like much different than just that he's got a lot of shades and he's he's very i think middle of the road a lot of things he Looks at issues and says well this is that and it's that and maybe there's a middle ground and i don't know you know well there's always this this urge to dismiss people any any person you have this reductionist perspective of who that person is and it's hard to just go to just be curious and it's just to say huh like abandon all your preconceived Notions and go uh imagine imagine being that guy like imagine being clint eastwood yeah imagine being lived a lot of lives lived like a lot of lives lived a lot of lives did you ever talk to him about what it was like to be the mayor of carmel he was the mayor when i was uh when i was a young kid i was uh you know a few years old um i think he had his fill of politics that was it Because they asked him they they were kind of like well you know you've been the mayor now why don't you you know go for governor you know and he's like nah this [ __ ] ain't for me let's just give it a shot yeah it was you know i think it was good it was he did what he did but you know you can never please everybody everyone's there's always someone pissed off there's always some conflicting point of View always ever talk to him about that time that he uh pretended obama was sitting next to him that was bizarre it was it's like impromptu you know like he just like was winging it he's wigging it yeah yeah he's doing a bit crazy thing to do well tv live i mean you do the same thing more or less like yeah but i do it in comedy clubs But what's the difference right it's like you go out you practice material you're working material out right it's like you know there's you're getting up in front of people doing something it's it's it's like we call it different because it's like oh that was that thing but but i guarantee you obama would not have said the things that he thought obama would have said obama would have Probably had some pretty nuanced perspectives himself sure you know like again same sort of thing that people wanted to do to him or want to do to other folks like he was kind of doing it to obama look maybe he didn't work out his material you know no i'm sure he didn't but it was it was a bold choice i was like wow how badass is clint eastwood and richard pryor did that too If you go back and listen to richard pryor's old cassettes there's like there's some of them that are available from the red fox comedy club and you could find them online but i bought them from a gas station one day in like the the 90s these cassette tapes and they were all like him at red fox's comedy club and it was just him like you could hear drinks clinking you could hear things in the background And ice and [ __ ] and you could hear people talking and it was just like this small crowd where he was just [ __ ] around and that's where a lot of like his most brilliant bits came from interesting so it's similar to what your dad was doing but different [Laughter] hey look i don't i don't pretend to speak for him that's you know listening he can do Whatever the [ __ ] he wants he's clint eastwood you know and you know what one of the things i love your dad did unforgiven because like he went back and made like this i mean he did obviously he did all those great spaghetti westerns all those amazing and they call them spaghetti westerners for people who don't know because they did them in italy they just yeah and so he did all these american Western films but they were all done in italy and they were all like people didn't think those are going to be like real successful at the time right yeah he he was coming off a show called rawhide if you remember that yeah and he was actually sick of doing westerns at the time because he was like been known for seven years and he got an offer To do this spaghetti western it was like in italy he was like i don't know you know what should i do the guy i want to go to italy never been there okay pretty good he goes out there and he works with sergio leone and crazy story he comes back actually i think he might have done all three or he came back and did one and he came back and people started talking about this Movie but it was the movie he had done he'd known was an italian so it was like you know and so he was like people were saying you know this is great movie out you know fistful of dollars whatever it was and uh he's like oh that's cool i want to go check it out no no no no no no he didn't even know he didn't know he didn't know it was his Movie that was catching fire in america and so he's like oh i gotta check this movie he realizes it's his movie that it caught fire and it was overnight sensation um and then yeah he just kind of just i don't know fell into doing those movies did a few of them um and then he did his own then he started directing and doing his own westerns But bringing it back to unforgiven what's really i think most interesting about that film is that it is it's an amalgamation or it's it's the whole history of his westerns but but really looking back as what would be like to be an older man and having regret having things he did wrong you know looking back and so it's kind of using the history that he had created And talking about you know what it's like to look back at life and you know one last ride to do things different for his family so there's like a lot going into that movie you know what i mean yeah well it was a uh a much more sober and realistic depiction of like uh a killer in the west yeah you know william money being paid yeah you know probably not That much money but like hey like we need this person dead yeah and you're the man to go do it and it's like also the there was a much more realistic depiction of the way some people react to the idea they're about to be killed yeah or that they're gonna have to kill someone they're gonna be in a gun fight where they might they might die that's a [ __ ] great Movie man it was almost like uh he wanted in my my the way i felt to me is like he had all these amazing westerns that he did but then there was this one is like yeah you know what let me do a real one like let me go back and make this [ __ ] thing where it he sat on that script for 10 almost 10 years wow before i made it yeah he was like this is amazing i don't think i'm old Enough yet oh wisdom wow yeah wow you know what else i love high plains drifter yep i watched that one every couple of years that's a good one that's a [ __ ] great one i like outlawed josie whales oh my god yeah [ __ ] loved that loved that movie that's a great one yeah that's a great one but there's Something about high plains drifter that's like a ghost movie you don't realize it it is you don't realize there's a supernatural element to it yeah what is happening here yeah yeah yeah about that one [ __ ] it's one of my favorites yeah your dad made some goddamn classics and then he also made some comedies you know every which way but loose i mean it's what a crazy career That's one i think they should remake haha with who how about you maybe would you do it that would be weird why not could you imagine though you know yeah big old orangutan i don't want to [ __ ] around with orangutans bro you just piss it off for the wrong reason it rips your hand stuffs it up your ass they're dangerous they're so dangerous catch new episodes of the joe rogan Experience for free only on spotify watch back catalog jre videos on spotify including clips easily seamlessly switch between video and audio experience on spotify you can listen to the jre in the background by using other apps and can download episodes to save on data cost all for free spotify is absolutely free you don't have to have a premium account To watch new jre episodes you just need to search for the jre on your spotify app go to spotify now to get this full episode of the joe rogan experience

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