The Girl Without a Phone - Series Trailer

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Follow the adventures of Lily and Sierra - two high school misfits whose lives are controlled by the forces of fairytales. Watch the series: MORE YAP PLAYLISTS: SHORT FILMS: CHEERLEADERS IN THE CHESS CLUB: YAP SKITS: LATEST UPLOADS: YAP MUSIC: SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Merch Store: #YAP #YoungActorsProject

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Video Transcript:

I'm the only one in the school who doesn't have a phone [Music] what's going on this doesn't make sense a fairy tale has taken over your life i'm steve i'm lilly [Music] good morning sierra don't you see it the same thing that happened to me is happening to you want to go to the Dance with me you know what you have to do no i am not kissing him my life is not a fairy tale maybe it's two fairy tales or a whole bunch of fairy tales think about it she's acting so sweet like a princess there's no prince well every fairy tale has to have a princess i'm just saying that if there was a princess i have so many secrets [Music] What are you doing show us that stephen who are you i deleted your account these are bad how did we let this happen is he breaking up with me i don't believe in wishes anymore i have a crush on someone else okay he stopped the frog i am there is no fairy tale sierra okay true love doesn't magically appear just because you found a phone we can't ignore these things it's just a phone It's more than a phone it's a glass slipper [Music] you

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