Samsung Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds Unboxing and Review

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#Samsung #GalaxyBuds Hey whats up guys, Here is my unboxing and review video of the Samsung Galaxy Buds . These sound really great and will make an amazing addition to your pocket. ◆ Follow me on social networks ◆ ►📷Instagram: ►👍Facebook: 📩 ►🐦Twitter: Check out the gear I use to make my videos. #davethephoneguy

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Video Transcript:

What's up YouTube Dave the phone guy here back with another video and today I have the brand new Samsung Galaxy bud pluses what we're gonna do today is I'm gonna get these things cracked open we're gonna see what's all in the box I'm gonna do a quick sound test let you know what I think and we'll also do a mic test so that way you can hear how they sound while you're talking on the phone let's just jump into the video Alright guys so you can see on the back of the box these things will give you 11 hours of playback time there's a two-way speaker for a rich sound it has a triple mic for clear voice calls which we're gonna test out and they are wireless charging compatible alright let's open [Music] so in the top of box here looks like we got our Quick Start Guide Terms & Conditions we don't really need a look at that any further in this little box You have USB C to a cable and this is probably all the tips to get these things nice and snug and secure in your ears alright let's check this out this is what we've been waiting for check that out Samsung logo pretty nice right off the back guys these things feel solid the case feels solid feels nice bright in hand I like how the smoothness of the case you got your USB charger in the back bang alright so first thing we need To do is we have to get these paired up let me go into my Bluetooth settings here Perrineau device galaxy buds and while the access that they need they're taking a minute to pair so they should be paired up never had the opportunity to use one of these before so let's see how they go in the ear fits pretty snug right off the bat alright let's get the other one in my ear bang so these are whoa these are blocking out all the sounds Around me guys like I'm talking really loud so if I am I apologized so what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna go ahead and open up the YouTube Music app and we're gonna listen to the top 100 and see what it sounds like bass sounds good not too strong it's really crisp sounding the mids are nice and clear feel like I can hear everything that's going on I like them okay okay so my let's see if that pauses yeah double tap the pause so right off The bat I can tell they sound really good really crisp the mids are nice the base hits super hard but one isn't out powering the other everything seems to play really nice together highs the mids and the bass so in the next test we're gonna check out the mic now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna play some background sounds of a city so that way you can kind of get an idea of some ambient noises going on in the background what I'm gonna do now is Start the voice recorder that way you could start hearing the mic test so right now I've activated the voice recorder the audio that you're hearing right now is directly from the galaxy bud plus microphone and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a second one in okay so now you should be hearing audio from both of them what do you guys think it sounds like because it is it crisp is it clear let me know in the comments the next step is we're going to Add a little bit of noise to the background alright guys so now we have a little bit of noise going on in the background how do the mics respond are you hearing a lot of noises in the back it's still clear and crisp like I would hope with the sound of my voice so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to remove the left ear bud put it back and just use the one at this time with the noises running in the background again let me know what are you hearing What does it sound like tell me in the comments below cuz I haven't heard this back yet alright guys so that's all I have for today let me know in the comments below what you think of the audio of the galaxy Bud pluses also give me a thumbs up if you like the new wall I think it looks pretty dope so if you think it looks go give it that thumbs up and if you haven't already please subscribe hit the bells that way you'll get notified of my Next video and I'll talk to you guys in the next one peace [Music]

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