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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson broke the internet with this powerful motivating speech. You will be inspired and motivated to go out there and achieve your goals. He states that you need to remember the hard times in your life when you are working towards your goals. He also says that you need to have a vision and stay focused on your vision no matter what obstacles get in your way. I hope you all enjoy this motivational video. :) Subscribe to our channel for the best motivational content here: https://bit.ly/2T7goR6 If you found this video helpful and know of someone that would benefit from this video, please share it. ______________________________________________________________________ ▶︎ Speakers: Dwayne Johnson YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/therock/videos Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DwayneJohnson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TheRock/# Twitter: https://twitter.com/therock _______________________________________________________________________ ▶︎ Sources (Full Interviews) : https://youtu.be/Su7iD-Hytc8 https://youtu.be/zdtTyCJGuSw _______________________________________________________________________ ▶︎ Music: Secession Studios https://www.youtube.com/user/thesecession _______________________________________________________________________ ▶︎ Disclaimer: This video was edited by the team at Alpha Leaders ________________________________________________________________________ ▶︎ Follow Alpha Leaders YouTube: https://bit.ly/2T7goR6 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alpha_leade... Our Mission: Our goal and mission at Alpha Leaders is to motivate, inspire, and educate through our content. You will find anything from motivational speeches, educational content, ideas from innovators and entrepreneurs, and much more! #alphaleaders #leavealegacy #motivation

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One of the keys is Remember where you came from? Keep that shit in the front of your mind and when shit goes bad and it goes sideways a lot of shit Does you're getting booed out the fucking building or coming through this injury or people? Are you writing you off? Are you guys gonna fucking make it you know any of that shit? You got it. You got to keep it in here The and it really has to It should Drive you This idea and this notion that you could be anything you want you can accomplish anything you want, right? We hear that you've heard that from the time we were little boys You hear that now, you're already incredibly accomplished You can win an NBA championship MVP of the league you could become president You could become governor you can have you could be in in in in You could be an entertainment you could do Charles and you do Shaq you lose that you could do whatever you want to do. You guys know that? The thing that has worked for me is to remember The hard times so And I'm sure you guys all have your processes. And again, I'm going to tell you what to work for me. So before A big movie comes out before back in the days when I was wrestling with WWE a Wrestlemania match Anything big that would happen. I would always take a moment and I just remind myself All right. I was evicted when I was 14. We were kicked off the island. We couldn't live in Hawaii and no place to live a Lot of shit happened then when I moved to Nashville I was arrested multiple times by the time I was 16 years old. I got remember that If I were playing on this team Which might you know? my skills are what's that term all the shit's so I never played but before I lace up before I get on court before I playing these big games before I go to the Staples Center Where history says those are those are historic will Hall Sahara at the Staples Center I would remember that and it allows me then to be present in the moment and understand. Holy shit. That's the stuff I have around me right now. This is this shit that I dreamed of when I was a kid I am here. I played for University of Miami played great teams Warren Sapp where Lewis there were my teammates. They were ballin Warren Sapp was playing tight end that time. I was starting defensive tackle. They moved him over to d-line And he looked at me. He's like yo, do I'm gonna take your spot. I said, you ain't taking my fuckin spot He's I'm gonna take your spot We battled and he took my spot They can imagine how that fuck with me cuz there goes my opportunity He went in switch to defensive tackle lit the world on fire Well what that did it crushed me to crush my dreams. I had a piss-poor senior year zero production No NFL no combine invite Nothing finally went to the CFL Calgary Stampeders making $250 a week Canadian Canadian I had to send that shit home To my to my wife at that time I had no money so I remember that I got cut from Canada. I had 7 bucks in my pocket And I always tell that story. So now my production company 7 bucks advertising agency 7 bucks. Everything is 7 bucks I always remember that what helps me is to keep the hard times in the front of my mind Because it allows me to go into these big Moments that I've worked my ass off and you guys have worked your ass off It allows me to go into these big moments with a different perspective What it also does for me and again this just this is what works for me like I Keep my back excuse my language. My back is up against this motherfucker Every day it's against this fucking wall. Excuse my language But it's a begins this motherfucker because it's what I believe in and when my back is against this motherfucker then there's nowhere to go But that way that's it So I feel like this could be something an ideology mindset that could help you Could if you look at it that way Because you made it already we made it We're successful boys and we're lucky boys to be we're at oh you guys made it everybody in the room Nobody's gonna get evicted anymore Anything you got there's no more money problems, right? You got a lot of hands out now I get a little bit Can I get a little bit right that happens? But when you make it For me I need this I need this So every day my back is up against this motherfucker and this is how I operate Now doesn't mean don't smile. There's me to laugh and joke Right happy I'm happy. I'm a happy guy But when it comes to business and when it comes to executing what's up against this? And I gotta go that way And I don't give a fuck who is in front of me. They're not gonna stop me. I feel like for me it feels seamless Because you prepared for so long, but it's just like you guys prepping for a game. That's the fun part That's where it's like fuck is fun and people are paying their hard-earned dollars to come see you. They're cheering. They're going bananas They're booing the shit out of you or on the road. It's that's fun. That's what you live for I mean, that's the juice right there The prep is where the characters made and I just don't mean the character I play I mean the fucking the character in here So for me the prep is getting with the director getting with the producers getting with the writers getting with the getting With so in essence it's like getting with all your coaches and your different position coaches and and all the Meetings that you have to have right? So that's the work you put in the key for me was Where does it start? What's the anchor? What's the anchor so I could have all these ambitions and you guys have all these ambitions, which is great It's important. I'll play this role. You'll play that role. I'll execute this thing and it'll come out this summer you guys will execute this thing during the summer right what it's time to really put in a lot more work But the key with me is just always finding what the anchor is and the fuck and anchor is Getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning everyday before anybody else and Grounding. My thought process is in the no one will outwork me No one I love and I respect you guys Motherfuckers one that worked me I'll start with this Two hands putting it'll work. The anchor for me has always been the work in terms of the weight room training So when I first started wrestling I was six years old rolling on the mats with my dad my old man. A lot of you guys will know this Yeah, Rocky Johnson My old man was Rocky Johnson was the first black WWF tag WWWF at that time first black WWE tag team champions were Tony Atlas back in 1983 My uncle's were wild Samoans. I come from a long line of pro wrestlers but before the wrestling part happened I was just in the gym putting in the work at six years old rolling around on the mats and finally when I could touch Weights at 13. That's what I was doing But the weight part for me and the gym part Has has always been has to be the anchor look at the end of the day like again That's it's the kind of stuff that I talked about at top is I have to hold on to My dad in his pickup truck came down four o'clock in the morning Pick me up at in whoo in Miami from Tampa. We lived in a little shitty apartment in Tampa He drove down in his little pickup truck to Miami to get me when I was cut from the CFL. I was driving up I 75 I don't know if you guys are from Florida any of you guys if you know It's I 75 is like especially down in Florida, Alligator Alley I'll never forget it's four o'clock in the morning, and I thought well fuck that. I leave home like you guys left home I'm ready to tackle the world to get after it achieve my dreams and goals fucking crushed by 22 23 years old I'm now I got to move back in with my mom and dad. I played on great teams. Oh, wait a second This is not supposed to be my future. I'm supposed to be in the NFL right now I'm supposed to be making a lot of coin and behind my parents shit buying me shit taking care of my wife But it never happened. So I pulled in my wallet. I thought well, let me see how much money I have I opened it up. I had a 5 a 1 and change I'm not fucking around and I Rounded up to 7 bucks But I thought God ain't this a bitch. I got 7 bucks in my pocket. Where the fuck do I go now? What'd I do? I can't go back to CFL coz I are you know? The point comes where you hear that voice big runs over like you're done, right? So I heard that voice so as coach was saying man. I hold on to that shit. I'm telling you I keep my back as Perkins's motherfucker. We laugh we joke, we have a good time Press is always fun to do sometime. You got to make it fun That's another thing he had to do your best to make press fun Who as you can but my back is still up against this motherfucker I do not forget it what this also helps me do and again it works for me is At some point you got to be fucking tired of not being number one You have to be and you got a fucking plate angry and I play angry now I'm cool and calm with my approach and when I step out on my field, which is a set or you know like There's something you're always gonna have haters and haters like well Yeah, man, how many movies you're gonna make her how much shit are you gonna do like you do a lot of shit? I say yes Cuz my ambition of course why not I could do it Yeah, I love what I do and not only that but in what world do we not work every day? It doesn't mean it's just like you guys in the off season. You got work every fucking day Doesn't end my back is up against this thing, you know, and I and I and I started to play Angry, by the way, and and I still I still play angry my last match Brock lesner Transition and I realized if I had to be great at something I wanted to be great in this world of Hollywood and movie making and producing and entertainment I had to commit and like you guys have to commit obviously you commit to something commit to the goal So I quietly retired two years later. I thought what the fuck did I do in my career? Cuz my movies were not doing well I was written off I was like Around 2006 2007 I was like goddamn. I left I pulled a Jim Brown I left when I was on top like number one in the wrestling business and I left it was a ballsy gutsy So I'm called it stupid move, but I had to commit and I had to follow it wasn't my god And at that time I'll share this with you guys and Will Smith is my boy And I sat down at that time with the agency I was with and I said, what do you want to accomplish? I said I want to accomplish the world. I want the world and I want I want Will Smith's career But and I said and I mean this respectfully because I know he's here at this age. See with us I want to do it bigger and better? and They looked at me like I had three fucking heads and they were like. Mm-hmm. Okay but I still stayed focused and I still had these still put in the hard work with my two hands and That's it. And that's what it comes down to with you guys. One of the keys is Remember where you came from? Keep that shit in the front of your mind and when shit goes bad It goes sideways a lot of shit Does you're getting booed out the fucking building or coming through this injury or people? Are you writing you off? Are you guys gonna fucking make it you know any of that shit? You got it. You got to keep it in here And it really has to It should drive you

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