This Psychological Trick Will Make You Rich (Animated)

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Mitch Manly

Want to learn how to get rich quick? Or how to become wealthy? Or the EASIEST way to become RICH? Well, you’re about to learn the psychological trick that will make you rich. If you want to learn how to make money online then click here ► In this video, I will tell you the quickest way to become rich. I got this idea from the book rich dad poor dad. And believe it or not, the way to become rich, is not something that you would expect, because it is totally related to self improvement. There are always habits, that all rich people on in common. Yes, they all work hard and yes, they all have self discipline, but there is one psychological trick that many people do not talk about. And this really is a psychological trick, and it actually goes against what most other make money online guru’s say, when it comes to becoming rich. Getting rich, and achieving financial freedom is not some mysterious thing, that only rich people know about. There is actually a process on how to do it (like most things in life) And this psychological trick to becoming rich, is something that can be applied to almost anything in life, not just trying to become rich and successful.

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Video Transcript:

What if I told you there was a psychological trick that literally would make you rich and no it wasn't something silly like to work hard or to be disciplined what if it was actually something that literally could make you rich well in this video I'm gonna tell you exactly what this thing is and exactly how to implement it in your life and I'm going to tell you what it is by sharing With you a quick two minute story this is Dave and Dave has just made the decision that he wants to be more financially wealthy because he wants to live a life like the people on Instagram who were always traveling to the coolest places and doing the coolest things and eating at the nicest restaurants by the bluest water Dave wants to live a life where he no longer has to think about money or worry about money in any kind of way so the next day David went to YouTube and typed in how to make money online and he started to watch all of these YouTube videos about people talking about all these different online businesses and some people talked about how to make money on the stock market and others talked about e-commerce or coaching or affiliate marketing or Amazon and it really did seem like there is an endless amount of options and David really didn't know what to do he didn't know if he could trust these People he didn't know if they were lying about how much money they're making because all of them wanted Dave to buy their course so he really was confused and on top of that everyone in David's life had a pretty normal 95 job so he couldn't really talk to his parents or to his friends or to any of his teachers because they really didn't understand what type of life they wanted all of them just wanted a quote unquote normal life all this uncertainty and confusion Led David to not really doing anything and he was just overwhelmed with options but as the week's went by David was still gone to social media to see what all of these makemoneyonline gurus were up to but he would always see the exact same thing they were all claiming that they were making so much money even thousands of dollars every single day and they would always talk about how easy it was for them to make that money and then they would say something like If you follow my simple 7 step system then you can make money online too but seeing other success didn't really make David feel good if anything it made him feel it really bad not because he was jealous or something like that because he felt kind of like a loser because dave was struggling to make one to $2,000 per month let alone make thousands of dollars every single day and the fact that they all claimed how easy it was for them to Make this kind of money just made David feel kind of stupid and useless so over the next few years David continued doing research into these different makemoneyonline niches and he would sort of try one online business for a bit but then when it didn't work or when it got hard he would jump to the next business and then the next business and that pattern continued for a really long time so David never ended up living that Instagram life he never drove his dream Car or lived in his dream house and he never ate at those five-star restaurants by the crystal blue water as someone who has been involved in internet marketing for a long time now this is a really common story that I've seen in fact I would say it happens to roughly 99% of the people who quote-unquote want to get rich by making money online they go to YouTube they get overwhelmed with options they quickly become skeptical of everyone and they should be because There are a lot of scammers out there but no one ever really takes deep action into one particular area and the reason why this happens usually is because it's kind of scary to commit to something like that and it's also scared to put yourself out there and risk the chance of you failing or wish the chance of you looking stupid in front of your friends or your family or even the Internet's you know I talk to a lot of people who want to start their own YouTube channel And I would say the biggest reason why they don't do that is just because they're scared of putting themselves out there and on top of that it's also really scary putting your own money on the line like that and risking the chance of you buying some weird course and then it's a scam but the thing that you need to understand is that even if you try something and it doesn't work you're not a failure in fact you're really the opposite You're a winner a failure is someone who doesn't even try to pursue their goals it's someone who knows what they want in their life and then they choose not to go after it and by the way it doesn't matter what goal you have if you want to be that person who lives in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills that's awesome if you want to be that guy who lives in a igloo in Alaska or something that's amazing personally I love it all and that's why I always encourage you to Just do you and do what makes you happy but right now if you know the type of life you want to have than you need to start going after it whenever you get the feeling of oh I don't feel like doing this or oh no I'm not ready it has to be perfect or maybe you're just overwhelmed with options you have to do something just do something do anything because if you continue to take action towards a single goal and you constantly are course-correcting Along the way meaning you are always trying to look out for the next best action to take you will become rich one day as long as your goal is realistic and you want to become a millionaire or maybe you just want to make twenty or thirty or fifty thousand dollars per month that is a completely realistic goal okay maybe it's becoming like a billionaire or something like that that's not as a realistic although still possible all you have to do is Just walk in that direction the psychological trick that will make you rich is not just taking action although I still do think taking some action is better than taking no action at all but the trick that will actually make you rich is taking something called purposeful action and purposeful action is not just aimlessly walking around and doing random things it's walking from point A to point B because if you keep putting one foot in front of the other Every single day how could you not get to your destination will there be obstacles yeah of course you may even get lost halfway there in which case you may need to buy a map which would be the equivalent of hiring a mentor or maybe you run out of money and you need to rest somewhere which is the equivalent of picking up a temporary job to save up some more money to continue on your journey but if you just keep going how could you not get there It's impossible now if you want to learn how I personally got there and how I personally create a life where I travel around the world and do exactly what I want to do and when I want to do it and no it's actually not just through YouTube by the way I've been making money online for years now then you can sign up for my free email list by clicking the description box of this video and simply putting in your name and email only sign up for this if You're serious about your success and if you're serious about your life if you enjoyed this video then check out my last video where I talked about the real truth about success and I'll see you there [Music]

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