Levi's 501 Day | Coffee Talk with Emma Chamberlain and Hailey Bieber

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Emma and Hailey sit down for a cup of Chamberlain coffee and chat about how they like their coffee, the beauty of YouTube, favorite style era, favorite look for summer (501® cutoffs!) and so much more. #501Originals #501Day Director: Yong W Kim, http://www.yongwkim.com/ https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/blog/article/levis-501-originals/ https://www.levi.com/

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[Music] hi haley hi happy 501 day i'm going to have coffee with haley and i'm gonna ask her questions so i can get to know her a little bit better to celebrate 501 day cheers cheers cheer survival one day cheers to five oh one day okay first question coffee hot or cold this is something that i've thought About before in life yeah majority of the time it's cold mm-hmm but it depends on the weather same and also i prefer hot coffee in the morning yes if i'm up at 6 00 a.m if i'm just cold i don't eat a hot coffee and then by the afternoon it's a cold it does depend like it'll be like a cold day in new york randomly and i'll be like i need a Hot coffee right now if i'm eating a bagel i want a hot coffee not a cold coffee that why is that so true i don't know literally are you from new york no okay but to me that's a new york thing but i don't know it's maybe just like a global thing and no unaware the last time i was in new york i got a bagel and i rarely drink hot Coffee but i got a hot coffee and i was like everything it's everything okay so tell me about your new youtube show who's in my bathroom or just the whole thing in general all of it just talk about all of it whatever you want to share tell me about everything so i started a youtube channel which i honestly never thought that i was going to But i felt like i needed to venture into the space and i wanted people to get to know me a little bit better and i felt youtube was the perfect platform for that the way it happened actually was that the idea for who's in my bathroom came first and i for a long time kept saying i have this like idea where it's not really like an interview setting but i have people that i know Come on and we just do the weirdest stuff in the bathroom make food or play a game or we're just talking and first episode we actually got drunk in the bathroom and that was like a real thing so now we've incorporated that every episode involves eating of some sort a game of some sort i can't drink with everybody because that would just maybe be a lot and not everybody's 21 So right it just kind of grew into this thing and i really have found myself enjoying it more than i ever thought i love filming them i have so much fun it's it's been it's been really good we need to have you on oh my god i love that no it's so awesome i feel like youtube that's where i like started everything and i love it because it is so it's like it can be whatever you want it To be there's so much room to like show your true self and i've watched almost all of your videos so far and i love them like they're so good like all of them like i literally was like watching your skincare video and i was like writing down everything that you do there's no way that's true it is true but no i'm so excited i'd love to be on yeah i would love to have you we're Gonna finish this we're gonna go talk about it but amazing i think what's cool about youtube i've not always really been super comfortable with opening myself up because it's scary when you open yourself up to more people on a new platform it opens you for more judgment and opinions but it's been a really fun process and that's amazing it's like if you love it it's like that's the best news ever Because you never know you know when you start something i really wasn't sure yeah totally like it could go so wrong you could hate it but like you love it yeah and there's a lot of freedom with youtube i control what goes out i put out what i'm comfortable with if i'm not comfortable something it doesn't see the light of day i'm in charge of everything that goes on with that part of my career so It's cool i totally agree with that it's so nice that like you get to create whatever you want and it's not because i feel like with your career outside of youtube there are a lot of things that aren't in your control mm-hmm and so it might be it must be nice to like have that control with youtube yeah that's really awesome how has your style evolved over this Year well obviously it's been a very different year for the entire world i think the way that it's evolved is i just had a lot more time to find a lot more inspiration that's how i feel okay this is actually really funny so i'm obsessed with pinterest now same recently yes and i have found So much cool fashion inspiration hair and makeup inspiration nail inspiration and then i'm making all these boards and i was like where have i been now i'm just addicted to pinterest and that's honestly where i found a lot of new inspiration yeah for a lot of different things i literally feel like we're the same person because i i do the exact same thing because pinterest is like Positive you know what i'm saying there's no comments you can't see anything you're just looking at pictures and it's opened me up to a whole new world i made like a whole board for like home decor then it memorizes your algorithm so then it's putting stuff that's exactly what you want to see yes it's everything no it's so like underrated like the best in case pinterest wants to Sponsor me and emma we love you no pinterest is great yeah i know we can collab on a board together 100 should collab on a board i love it throw whatever in there fashion inspo nail inspo yes let's do that i love it okay next question what is your favorite style era fashion era definitely the 90s i'm a 90s baby mm-hmm i don't think you are i'm not and that's Okay i know i love like supermodels of the 90s i love actors and actresses in the 90s and kind of looking back on their vibes and what they wore i even look at my parents in the 90s and i feel like i'm like okay you guys look major in the 90s totally um and i think it was just the style then and i think a lot of stuff that was big in the 90s and a lot of the trends that were big in the 90s Are still really big to this day and silhouettes from the 90s are still really big to this day and i think that says a lot about that era because it's still cool now totally just as it was back then so for me it's definitely in the 90s i know i like i was two years away from being a 90s baby but i'm a 2001 baby and you know what no brother Proud you should proud say it loud and say it proud amen no but i love the 90s i agree it's a cool it was a cool time i'm saying i'm talking about the 90s like i lived it like i was literally born in 1996. but honestly though you totally get to use that though like i can't like i'm a 90s baby totally you've earned it Ish yeah but i think there's probably people who are like i was born in like 1985 so i lived in the 90s but then they're an 80s baby true that's actually true so it's different okay so next let's talk about your go-to summer look let's talk about 501s do you like them cropped do you like them long how do you style them for summer get into it I think my go-to summer look is definitely a pair of denim shorts so for me it's 501 shorts you know a little cheeky oh moment i'm the type of person and some people think this is really strange i like to wear sneakers with my bikini and everybody i literally by the way i was driving in the car one day and i was listening to kiss fm on the radio And they were talking about me wearing sneakers with my bikini on the radio is it like that crazy that i wore air force ones with a bathing suit because i guess the internet was like why is she wearing sneakers with her bikini but to me it's like i wear a bikini i put on 501s and i put on sneakers that's my vibe in the summertime well i like it because sandals i struggle with sandals like it's hard to find really cute ones and Like when you're on the go it's like you don't want to wear sandals like i'm more like a slides i can do a slide same but i love sneakers with bikini i i like you probably inspired me to do that like you were probably on my pinterest i'll take that honestly it was that was probably you because i totally am into that and also the 501 cut off shorts like you can wear the same pair all summer and it just A hundred percent if i'm packing for a trip in the summertime if i'm going away to the beach for the weekend it has to be a pair of 501s okay next question i'm actually so curious to hear your answer new york or l.a 100 new york okay i'm from new york though even more yes so i feel like i have a lot of new york pride east coast pride i do live in la now but If i like had it my way it would probably be half the year in new york half the year in la isn't that the dream that's i think that's like by coastal is kind of just the dream overall for probably most people but i i love new york so much i grew up outside of new york city and then i moved into the city when i was 17. so i just feel so attached to new york all my family is still in new york other than my sister And you know like my parents still live there and i just feel like i'm always going to be a new york girl at heart east coast forever i love that where are you from i'm from san francisco area like south of it it's like more boring but i like to say san francisco because it sounds cooler but um but you're from california yeah but i still would choose new york Probably over la you know what's interesting is that well you're not from san francisco but i remember the first time i went to san francisco and thinking that there was a lot of aspects of it that reminded me of new york totally so i could see similar vibes yeah i just love new york like you can't go wrong you can't the food everything the vibes Everything she's perfect she's perfect okay so my last question is tell me about your nail routine how long do you like them what color what shape like give me the whole rundown so for me with nails i think nails are really fun because i'm really into nail art and stuff i feel like it's the one thing that can be a bit more over the top i feel like i actually always equate my Nails to when i was like a teenager and i wanted just long acrylics and my mom always like hated it when i would come home with these like long nails i'm just like how you can do anything with those nails but i felt like it was a form of self-expression and i still feel that way about nails yeah so for me i've gone through a journey with my nails my natural nails were always getting Filed down and cut i think a lot of the time when you work in fashion they want nothing like nubs they want just a short short short nails with their nail polish i totally get it it's very clean it's very classic so right now these are my nails oh those are so sweet and pretty they grew so much during quarantine and i was on a mission during quarantine to keep my hair and my nails really Really healthy let them thrive let them grow so i would say it's hopefully like a little bit longer natural nail yeah but when they're not long and i want them to be longer i'll do a little gel extension yes to give a little bit of length yes other than that for like the summer i love like a avocado green color a pop of color and then in the more cold like fall Wintry months i love coffee color nails burgundy i love hunter green color on my nails dark deep and i also really like which i've done a couple times little oranges on my nails i like fruit nails yes and like flowers on the nails little daisies all that kind of thing i find so many nail inspos on pinterest i know for like coachella every single Year it's time to go off it's time to go with the coachella nails yeah i would always do really long nails and then glow-in-the-dark nail polish that was my theme every year for coachellas i would do glow-in-the-dark nail polish i love that each year it's so fun when you go to the festival at night and it gets dark your nails are glowing and it's Really fun very fun and you have is this all your nails oh these are so beyond fake like this these are as fake as it gets because my nails are broken to the max because i've had acrylics since i was in like eighth grade okay like i've been going right um so my i don't even know what my natural nails look like okay so for 501 day we have these Special little cards of me and haley yes these cool 501 originals commemorative trading cards which we actually both have not even seen yet no so this is really exciting so we're gonna open and also you guys could get these so check that out oh these are cute there she is there she is emma chamberlain hey everybody is it chamberlain or chamberlain Chamberlain it's okay i said it right the longest most annoying last name ever um i'm getting used to it though these are cool these are so fun wait this is so fun hi queen that's me i know these are really fun love it guys make sure to get them pick them up pick these up these are perfect for a bookmark i just started getting into reading Actually true so so did i really we're like really kind of the same person i know it's actually freaking reading hate but then i started getting into fiction novels and i was like this is so fun we need to talk about books after this because i actually just read such a good book and i really think that have you read east of eden by john steinbeck no is it great You need to read it okay we'll talk we'll talk about recommendations more down here because i have one for you too amazing haley i love talking to you this was so much fun kisses mwah happy 501 day this was really fun this was thanks for having me thanks for having me who's having who's having you i'm actually not sure but i love it this was great bye see you later i'm i'm taking this Actually oh wait yes [Music] bye

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