ICELAND देश दूसरे देशों से ICE क्यों खरीदता है? Why Does Iceland Purchase Ice from Countries

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Download Duolingo For Free - Hello friends, why the hell is Iceland, a country full of ice, importing ice from other nations? And ever seen artists' stool getting auctioned? I mean this is so gross, but in Milan, this auction was actually conducted in 1961. And did you know during the end of World War 1, French Military Planners tricked Germans by creating fake Paris? And have you ever seen the world's longest car? No? Well, look at that 100 feet long, Limousine Car, which holds Guinness World Record! And did you know, NASA once actually created a machine that would produce clouds and that clouds would even make it rain. So cool right? And you'll be shocked to know but Hollywood's famous and handsome hero Brad Pitt actually has an illness called Prosopagnosia? Well, stay tuned to know more about such interesting and shocking facts in our today's video. FOLLOW me on: Instagram (Personal account) → Instagram (Channel account) → Facebook Page →

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